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  Log Cabin EXTRAS

Log Cabin EXTRAS

Lots of products here, some are perhaps essential, others are nice to have and others do not matter unless you are undertaking a project and customisation of your building - Log Cabin EXTRAS.

Essentials - Extras for your log cabins could be  a Storm kit, especially bearing in mind the UK storms. A storm kit is necessary if you're in exposed areas. Bearing in mind the storms we've suffered felt glue is also becoming an essential.

Perhaps you would like a higher eaves height. In which case an additional layer of wall logs will do this for you.

Guttering is important to protect your building as well as diverting water to where you want it.

Apart from storm kits and glue the next essential is treatment for your log cabin. It will need treating as soon as possible, we ONLY recommend the very good treatments such as ours listed below. Sikkens, Kingfisher and Sadolin are also highly recommend.  We do not recommend any other treatments for smooth planed timber.  Please do not use anything cheap on your cabin as it will dry the timber too quickly resulting in cracks it also will not have the properties to cope with the movement of a log cabin. Do not use anything beginning with C on a log cabin.

Finials are next in the list and are a nice to have item. They finish the roof off splendidly.

Everything else here is for projects or nice to have depending on your log cabin choice.  We do recommend the felt shingles though over standard felt. Sometimes we have FREE offers on for certain shingles, keep an eye out! EPDM or Easy Roof Membrane is also highly recommended for flat roof log cabins as it will last for a very long time and is certainly worth considering over the limitations of standard roofing felt.

Maybe though an extra door or window? We have lots of accessories, please have a scroll through this category and add what you require to compliment your garden building.



Aluminium Guttering Parts
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: Aluminium Guttering1

Guttering parts for any garden buildings and are ideal for our log cabins. Parts are available for two sides and four sided roofs. This guttering is 0.7mm thick.

Bespoke Log Cabin
(3 Reviews)  
Cat No: BSP-TD0

If you cannot find a log cabin that suits your exact needs we can make one for you. Log thicknesses available are 28, 40, 44, 58, 70 and 92mm thick wall logs. Bespoke buildings are only available in Apex, Pent or Flat roof configurations.

Please Note: All of our standard buildings cannot be modified or changed in anyway. They are all made, in stock and available for very quick delivery. Any amendments to a standard building including glass, sizes, is a bespoke building. Addtional doors and windows can though be added. Doors and Windows in a standard building cannot be changed.

Additional Note: We only offer a bespoke service for our log cabins. No other product is offered bespoke.

Carefree Protect Wood Cleaner
(1 Reviews)  
Cat No: 38.2851

The ultimate wood cleaner, extremely fast acting and perfect for cleaning dirty ingrained timber very quickly and efficiently. Available in 2L and 5L, optional extra bottles are available for ease of application.

Immersion Treatment
(6 Reviews)  
Cat No: LGPT

An immersion service for log cabins in Green or Brown. This is an immersion - diffusion process used to impregnate the timber. This service can be used for any of our untreated products.

Plastic Guttering Parts for Log Cabins
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: Plastic Guttering Select

Plastic guttering individual parts for our log cabins and garden buildings. A range of pieces available in both 65mm and 100mm thickness.

Plastic Guttering Sets for Log Cabins
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: Please Select.

Plastic guttering sets for our log cabins and garden buildings. On this page there are sets available for both two and four sided roofs, in both 65mm and 100mm thickness.

Spray Coating of Timber Products
(2 Reviews)  
Cat No: LGUC

We can professionally paint any of our Log cabins, Garden Timber Structures, Timber, Fencing etc in fact anything we sell in timber can be spray painted.  

Log cabins, gazebos, arches and other structures will receive a two layer coating.  Timber cladding or fencing products receives one coat.

Turn Button
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.1103

Suitable for warped doors either through installation, heat expansion or other forms of weather damage. If doors are left untreated it is a good idea to use this.

Price: £3.12 , Save £0.96
Log Cabin Logs
(10 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.0959

Are you considering making your own log cabin, maybe you would like to extend the height or add an extension? We can supply you logs from 19mm thickness up to 70mm, we can supply them notched or un-notched as required.

Basic Log Cabin Foundation Beam
(2 Reviews)  
Cat No: 2.07424-1

Basic foundation beam we send with all our log cabins as standard. Measures 4.4 x 7.0 x 240cm. This beam is pressure treated to ensure your first layer of logs are never sat in water thereby creating rot.

Price: £5.16 , Save £0.85
Timber Frame Base Pads
(63 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.2073

Timber base pads make easy work of leveling your timber frame to be used as the base for your log cabin or garden building. Two sizes are available to cope with most moderate inclines.

Decking Board Pressure Treated
(3 Reviews)  
Cat No: 37.3130.

Pressure Treated Middle European Pine Decking Board. These are very popular for use on our log cabin verandas. The bottom of the board is planed with a relief for grip on the top side.  It measure 28mm x 140mm Two Sizes Available of 300cm and 400cm.

Felt Shingle Glue 310ml
(82 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.9990

Felt Shingle Glue 310ml for use with our shingles and also recommended during the installation of IKO shingles.

Price: £12.27 , Save £2.98
Pressure Treated Profiled Foundation Beams
(8 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.2050

These pressure treated foundation beams are suitable for all log cabins. Featuring a 'profile', these beams allow water to drain away from the base of the building.

Garden Building Insulation
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.9977

Insulation sheets and accessories for garden buildings. This is ideal for our range of studios or sheds. This could also be used for our log cabins. 30mm thick. The sheets are 120 x 60cm.

Log Cabin Air Vent
(47 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.9976

Available as a 2 piece set, this air vent helps to improve air circulation and ventilation of your log cabin. Includes mounting accessories.  Essential if you have a hot tub within your log cabin

Price: £13.51 , Save £2.70
Log Cabin Connectors
(2 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.0324

U and H connectors for log cabins and suitable for profiles from 28mm up to 58mm. These are used to finish logs, create framing or to join buildings or extensions within your own customisations of our log cabins or an existing one you may have from another manufacturer.

Price: £14.25 , Save £2.53
Motion Sensor Light
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.0360

Stay safe and illuminated in your garden with this Motion Sensor Light. With a detection range of 3m at a 90° angle, the sensor will trigger an impressive 190 lumens of COB light for your safety.

Fine Sawn Hardwood Plank
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 2.51030

Fine Sawn Hardwood used for log cabin and garden building foundations and general construction work.  Four sizes available.

Price: £16.00 , Save £2.66
Adjustable Post Support
(5 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.1112

This is generally used for our log cabins and specifically for those with support posts either as part of a gazebo or as a veranda. Using these mean you can adjust the post according to seasonal variations, it will also of course secure it to the ground which is a must.

Price: £21.54 , Save £6.53
EPDM Glue tube KS96
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.99892

EPDM glue in a tube. Suitable for use with all EPDM for detailing and hard to reach areas. 290ml

Price: £20.14 , Save £4.54
Impregnation Fluid
(20 Reviews)  
Cat No: 38.2762

Impregnation fluid.  This is for log cabins and all garden buildings.  It inhibits the formation of damp spores and guards against fungus forming as well as other processes that may damage wood. It can also be used to treat and stop rot.  It can be used as a base coat before applying a further treatmet.  Available in brown, green and silver grey

EPDM Roofing Sheet
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.9991

EPDM roofing material is a rubberised roof covering and is ideal for flat roof log cabins and garden buildings. Comes with adhesive and a 10 year manufacturer's warranty. Price shown is per meter squared. This is a special order item and is cut to size for your building.

Price: £18.80 , Save £1.50
EPDM Spray Glue
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.99891

EPDM glue in a spray can format. 750ml can, suitable for all EPDM roof material.

Price: £20.34 , Save £2.40
Roof Edging Trim
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.1114

For use on flat roof log cabins or building. This provides a smart aluminium trim for the top for the roof fascias where EPDM or Easy Roof Membrane has been dished up the fascia.

Push Lights with Remote Control 3pc
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.0359

Do not let the night stop you from having fun in your Log Cabin, these SMD remote control push lights give off plenty of light to illuminate your way around the garden. These lights come in a pack of three and with a remote so you can adjust the lighting intensity, set them on a 30 minute timer and of course- turn them on and off.

Metal Roof Tiles
(7 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.9956

An alternative to our felt shingles is metal roofing sheets. These have a life expectancy of at least 20 years. Easy to fit and give the impression of traditional roof tiles. Quick to fit and very light at only 6kg / m.sq. Only suitable for Apex Roofs.

Roofing Felt
(5 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.9994

Grey Roofing felt for sheds, log cabins and garden buildings. Measurements of 1m wide in lengths of 6.5m and 10m. Recommended by IKO to use prior to installing felt shingles and acts as a membrane. This is also suitable for use under our metal roof tiles. 

Log Cabin Planter
(8 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.0361

A wooden planter for positioning underneath a log cabin window. Features plastic internal container. Measures 100cm, ideal for any log cabin.

Price: £39.47 , Save £16.85
Composite Profiled Foundation Beams
(5 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.2070

These composite foundation beams are suitable for all log cabins. Featuring a 'profile', these beams allow water to drain away from the base of the building. These beams are made from recycled plastic and will never EVER rot. Use in high wet conditions.