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Log Cabin and Shed Roofing Felt

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Grey Roofing felt for sheds, log cabins and garden buildings. Measurements of 1m wide in lengths of 6.5m and 10m. Recommended by IKO to use prior to installing felt shingles and acts as a membrane. This is also suitable for use under our metal roof tiles.

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A traditional grey coloured mineral roofing felt.

We supply this felt as standard with all our buildings, if no other roof covering is selected.

If another covering is selected such as shingles free or selected, it is removed - You will not receive felt within the price shown on the drop down or building.

It is suitable for use with all garden buildings such as sheds, log cabins, kennels etc.

This is also recommended by IKO as an underlay prior to installing felt shingles acting as a membrane. It is also suitable for use under our metal roof tiles.


  • 1.0m x 6.5m and 1.0m x 10m
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Waterproofs and protects shed roofs
  • Felt has a life expectancy of 3 - 5 years.
  • Live expectancy can be substantially reduced by overhanging branches and greenery.


  • Roofing Felt Overlap Size at least a 100mm on each piece.
  • Make sure overlap is in the direction of water flow.
  • It is a good idea to use bitumen glue on the overlaps for extra security especially on flat roofs.
  • For flat roofs or very shallow slopes apply bitumen glue under the overlaps.
  • Roofing Felt Overlap Size on the edge of the roof by at least 50mm.
  • Remove film from sticky part. Heat from the sun will help to release the glue.
  • The sticky part should always be hidden.
  • Nails should be every 60mm. Close to the edge of an overlap.
  • It helps to shape a curve when folding corners.
  • Be Careful! Felt can rip easily and should be handled carefully when moving. Sharp edges, rough pulling and rough handling will damage felt easily.
  • Felt requires CAREFUL handling when moving and installing.
  • Felt is brittle in cold weather.
  • Felt is very soft in hot weather
  • Felt rips easily if not handled carefully.

Optional Roof board felt nails in bags of 200 pieces

Please Note: All felt needs careful handling. It can rip and will be brittle below 8 degrees and needs careful handling. In high temperatures it is very pliable and can rip. Always round corners before folding over. Take care when lifting and moving felt across a roof.

Alternatives - Stronger and better options than felt

Felt has a relatively short life span and needs changing quiet often over the life of any building. Please also consider alternative heavy duty roofing options which are far better, stronger, greater longevity, easier to install and more suitable with less care needed:

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The video below gives an example of how to felt a roof. Please note a Pent Roof is the same as half an apex and should be felted in exactly the same way.
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8 Reviews  

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graham JOHN whybrow
Aug 14, 2021
Excellent quality roofing felt as i would expect with this company. Safely delivered with shingles and tubes of fixer in a substantial box. No Damage. Helpfully left as close to our project as possible .
Mr. Chris Scott
Nov 22, 2020
Top grade felt, has protected my cabin from weeks of continuous rain.
May 6, 2019
Happy with the cabin itself, and aware that Tuin don't recommend felt but a couple of comments on this one

1: Roofing felt is never very nice to work with, and tears easily, but this stuff seems more tear-prone than average

2: given how strongly Tuin recommend their premium roof membranes/EDPM/Easy-roof over this felt, if its a near-required upgrade then the sticker-price of the cabins is almost misleading...

3: on the positive side, Tuin are very generous with the clouts (felt nails) provided with the felt so you will not run out!
Mr. Donald Ostle
Oct 18, 2017
laid this in combination with the free shingles offer and it's done a fantastic job, very pleased.
Mr. Richard Freemantle
Jul 23, 2017
Excellent product, good price and delivery on time.

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