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A highly sought after product your garden, welcome to our stylish selection of Garden Pergolas. Whether you're in need of a new garden centerpiece or an additional structure in your garden layout, our garden pergola range is for you. Available in several styles and finishes. Adding a pergola to your outdoor space can even increase your home's property value.

Types of Pergolas

Not sure which pergola to choose from? Let's take a look at some of the different pergola types to best suit your garden design:

Wooden Pergolas

Sturdy, rustic and reliable. A pressure treated wooden pergola makes a beautiful, traditional garden building that enhances the natural aesthetics of your garden space year round. these timeless pieces blend seamlessly with natural surroundings while providing a versatile framework for climbing plants or hanging lights.

Garden Arches

These little but stylish structures add smaller but much needed structure to your garden's appearance. You can use garden arches to aide raised beds, make an entrance to your garden or garden area, you can even have an arbour for a seating area.

Aluminium Pergolas

For a more modern looking decoration, we have a selection of new metal pergolas available. Made using powder coated Aluminium, they are virtually maintenance free saving time and energy in keeping them topped up with paint.

Roofed Pergolas

Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with Tuin's exceptional roof pergolas. Our pergola roof designs are made to elevate your outdoor space to new heights whilst providing excellent shelter from the sun.

DIY Pergola Kits

If you are looking to customise your garden centerpiece, our DIY pergola kits are a modular alternative to traditional garden pergolas. These freestanding structures are available in a number of styles and are easy to assemble.


Whichever garden pergola you choose from this range, it is important to maintain it regular to ensure its longevity and aesthetic appeal. For wooden pergolas, regular inspections for signs of rot, decay, or pest infestation are crucial. Treat the wood with a protective sealant or stain annually to prevent weathering and fading. Additionally, trim any overhanging branches that could potentially damage the structure.

In contrast, aluminium pergolas require less maintenance but still benefit from occasional cleaning to remove dirt and debris. Check for any loose bolts or screws and tighten them as needed to maintain structural integrity. Applying a coat of car wax can help preserve the aluminium's shine and protect it from corrosion. By staying proactive with upkeep, both wooden and aluminium pergolas can remain beautiful focal points in your garden for years to come.

Oils and Paints

Applying a high-quality wood oil to the pergola's surface not only enhances its natural beauty but also provides essential protection against moisture, UV rays, and decay. Additionally, using outdoor wood paints or stains can add a pop of color while offering an extra layer of defense against the elements.

Accessories and Decoration Ideas

Transforming your garden pergola into a captivating building you can be proud of, requires a great addition of accessories, decorations and features. Here are just a few that help to seamlessly blend your pergola with the natural surroundings of your garden.


Adding lighting to your garden pergola can transform its ambiance, creating an enchanting and inviting space for relaxation or entertainment during the evening hours.

Whether you opt for string lights draped delicately across the beams, charming lanterns suspended from above, or discreetly integrated LED fixtures, the right lighting can evoke a cozy atmosphere while also enhancing the pergolas' aesthetic appeal.

Plants and Planters

To grow climbing plants to your garden pergola, start by selecting suitable varieties such as roses, jasmine, or clematis that thrive in your climate and soil conditions. Prepare the soil around the base of the pergola by loosening it and adding compost for nutrients. Plant your climbing plants at the base of the pergola, spacing them according to their eventual size. Provide support for the plants to climb by installing trellises or wires along the sides of the pergola.

Regularly prune and train the plants to encourage upward growth and to prevent overcrowding. Water the plants deeply and consistently, especially during dry spells, and mulch around the base to retain moisture and suppress weeds.


Adding curtains to your garden pergola can transform it from a simple outdoor structure to a cozy and inviting haven. By draping flowing fabric along the sides of the pergola, you create an intimate space that offers both privacy and shade. These curtains not only soften the harsh sunlight but also add a touch of elegance and charm to your outdoor living area.

Whether you choose sheer, lightweight curtains for a breezy ambiance or heavier fabrics for a more substantial feel, the addition of curtains can enhance the beauty and functionality of your pergola. All options have their benefits, making your pergola a perfect spot for relaxation and entertaining alike.

Sliding Garden Shade Awning Components
57 Reviews  

Delivery: 7 - 14 Working Days

Components used to create your very own retractable shade awning, be the envy of all your neighbours with a modern retractable system. Availble in three different types of canvas to suit. Sizes range 3.00/3.18 x 5.00m

All parts are sold seperatly allowing you to pick and choose to suit your own requirements.


Curved Garden Arch 180cm
75 Reviews  

Delivery: 5 - 10 Working Days

Simple garden arch with a width of 180cm. Trellis work either side of the garden arch with pergola over riders above the arched frame. This is lovely across pathway entrances to gardens and will last for years as it is made from pressure treated timber.

Wooden Pergola 3x3m
89 Reviews  

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

This square Wooden Pergola features a distinctive roof and four decorative trellis corner sections. Measuring 3.0x3.0m, this pergola with roof provides a practical and attractive garden centrepiece offering both shelter and shade.

Made from pressure treated timber for years of enjoyment.

Sit back and relax under this wooden pergola on the brightest of days knowing you will be protected.

Price: £709.68 Save £141.94
Curved Trellis Arch 90cm
21 Reviews  

Delivery: 3 - 5 working days

Curved Trellis Arch measuring 90 x 54 x 200cm and made from pressure impregnated timber to ensure you enjoy this garden arch for years to come.

Price: £180.26 Save £20.00
Curved Garden Arch 120cm
22 Reviews  

Delivery: 5 - 10 Working Days

Simple garden arch with a width of 120cm. Trellis work either side of the garden arch with pergola over riders above the arched frame.  This is lovely across pathway entrances to gardens and will last for years as it is made from pressure treated timber.

Round Trellis Garden Arch
11 Reviews  

Delivery: 3 - 5 Working Days

Round Top Trellis Arch for your garden, maybe some roses would look nice.  Ideal as an entrance your garden. It measures 134 x 70 x 254cm and is constructed from pressure treated timber to last for years to come.

Price: £199.62 Save £23.60
Rectangular Trellis Arch
12 Reviews  

Delivery: 5 - 10 Working Days

A rectangular trellis arch measuring 100 x 53.6 x 210cm. Available in a natural timber finish and pressure treated for longevity.

DIY Pergola Kits
5 Reviews  

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

Are you someone who loves a bit of DIY, we sure do.. Here we offer Do It Yourself pergola kits making use of either our Treated 120mm pine or our rich in colour untreated douglas posts all fixed together with our 120mm squared metal connectors

We have calculated several options here for you to choose from.

Sliding Canvas DIY Larch Timber Structure 5x3m

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

Our smooth planed DIY timber structure is made from impregnated siberian larch and complements out sliding canvas components, supplied with fixing and instructions allowing for easy assembly on site. Please note that the timber will need to be cut to size.

While made with our own awning components in mind you can also tailor this to suit your own mechanical components and canvas with in the size bracket offered

Price: £1,311.91 Save £409.59
Aluminium Retractable Pergola
1 Reviews  

Delivery: 8 - 12 Weeks

Looking for a more modern approach to a garden awning?, We have an Aluminium pergola with a retractable canvas roof which makes it perfect for getting out into the garden for those family get togethers

Made from powder coated aluminium and high density polyethylene roofing you can choose from three types of roofing and four different colours of framing.

Louvered Gazebo 720 x 360cm

Delivery: 8 - 10 weeks

This louvered gazebo is the perfect addition to your garden, place it above an existing or new patio you can be sure to make the best of most weather conditions. Powder coated Aluminium in a respectable size of 7.2 x 3.6m. The Pergola features two louvre mechanisms which are operated separately from one another.

Price: £7,417.34 Save £1,483.46
Pergola Gazebo 7.2 x 3.6m

Delivery: 8 - 10 weeks

Made with powder coated Aluminium in White, this pergola gazebo features two sets of independently controlled louvre roof panels allowing you to be very flexible underneath, A great shelter for a BBQ and seating area for you and your loved ones. Supplied in a size of 7.2 x 3.6m this model is the largest pergola gazebo we offer.

Price: £7,417.34 Save £1,483.46
Louvered pergola 530 x 360cm

Delivery: 8 - 10 weeks

This louvered pergola arrives in an impressive size of 5.3 x 3.6m, it features two distinct bays which each have their own louvered mechanism to operate the two sets of roof slats independently. Made using high quality powder coated Aluminium.

Price: £5,901.99 Save £1,180.40
Pergola Roof 5.3 x 3.6m

Delivery: 8 - 10 weeks

This pergola roof will enrich the vibe of your garden with its modern features and streamline craftsmanship. Made to last with its powder coated Aluminium and stainless steel fixings. Supplied in a size of 5.3 x 3.6m with two prominent bays. Each bay is controlled by seperate louvre mechanisms allowing greater flexibility whilst living your best life underneath.

Price: £5,901.99 Save £1,180.40
Metal Pergola 3.6x4.0m

Delivery: 8 - 10 weeks

Enrich your garden by adding a 4.0 x 3.6m metal pergola which arrives in a popular Anthracite finish. Supplied with everything needed for self-assembly. The louvre system is manually operated so you can make the best out of all weather conditions, Transform the open pergola with optional walls and windbreaks.

Price: £4,745.32 Save £949.07
Louvre Roof Pergola 3.6x4.0m

Delivery: 8 - 10 weeks

4m Wide and in a Depth of 3.6m this louvre roof pergola is apart of our Aluminium pergola range which are all made using the same modern louvre technique. Everything is design to be maintenance free. powder coated Aluminium with Stainless steel fixings. This pergola is supplied with a post anchors to secure the legs to the ground as well as the rod required to move the roof panels.

Price: £4,745.32 Save £949.07
Louvre Pergola 4x3m

Delivery: 8 - 10 weeks

Enhance your patio with our 4.0 x 3.0m Aluminium louvre roof pergola which arrives in a powder coated Anthracite finish. Supplied with instructions and all the required fixings with the choice of option walls for all sides. The louvre system is manually operated so you can make the best out of all weather conditions.

Price: £4,458.38 Save £891.67
Garden Pergola 3 x 3m

Delivery: 8 - 10 weeks

Elevate your outdoor space with our Anthracite Aluminium Garden Pergola, a perfect blend of modern design and durable construction. Crafted from high-quality powder-coated aluminium, this pergola is built to withstand the elements while adding a touch of elegance to your garden, patio, or backyard. Garden pergolas such as this model have a manually operated louvre roof to make the best out of any environment.

Price: £3,750.02 Save £750.00
Aluminium Pergola 3 x 4m

Delivery: 8 - 10 weeks

Transform your outdoor space into a sanctuary of style and comfort with the Tuin Aluminium Pergola 3x4m featuring a cutting-edge louvre roof system. Crafted with precision engineering and contemporary design, this pergola redefines outdoor living, offering a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Price: £4,458.38 Save £891.67
Aluminium Pergola with Roof 3 x 3m

Delivery: 8 - 10 weeks

This pergola with roof is from our toronto Aluminium range, featuring a louvre roof which is operated manually this modern design can transform your patio or hard standing into a stylish usable space for the whole family to enjoy throughout the year. Made using substantial posts and beams when comparing to other competitors you can be sure it will stand the test of time.

Price: £3,750.02 Save £750.00