Wooden Floor Pack for Log cabins

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Stephen Griffiths
Jan 10, 2024
Looks very good quality wood
J Lad
Dec 31, 2023
Good floor fits well and strong no flexing.
Jul 14, 2022
Very happy with prompt delivery and the boards. Floor laid and looks good.
joseph baker
Mar 21, 2022
Product came sooner than anticipated, fitted with no problems. Thank you Tuin.
Nigel Morley
Aug 13, 2018
Our cabin was great, not so impressed with the floor.We plumped for the thickiest floor due to it having a pool table going on it. I thought it would all be cut to length but no you had to cut them. The boards had loads of holes in from the knots falling out, this was ok if you still had the knots as you could glue them back in, we had loads missing so had to fill boards with a paste of sawdust and glue, not ideal. Some of the grooves hadn't been cut in along the whole length of the board so it made it very tight on materials. Overall great cabin, disappointing floor.
Mr. Stanley Graham
Mar 11, 2018
Pack arrived well packaged in perfect condition as per the description
Delivery arrived on time
I have ordered from Tuin before and as usual everything was to my satisfaction would always recommend Tuin
Gary Mark Morgan
Oct 7, 2017
I would recommend the 27mm flooring, it's extremely sturdy and we'll packed, treat it with 3 coats of impregnation fluid prior to installation.
Scott McShannon
Oct 5, 2017
Recently purchased a wooden floor pack for my Tuin log cabin. This product was excellent and a joy to fit, it finishes of my cabin perfectly. The customer service was second to none when I contacted them for advice on number of packs required for floor coverage. My completed cabin has drawn a lot of interest from friends, family and neighbours, it now seems to be the envy of the neighbourhood.
Brian O'Connell
Aug 1, 2017
Great item, as described and delivered quickly and accurately. Great service all round.
Mrs. Debbie Ager
Jul 10, 2017
Purchased floor pack for my Chloe Log cabin, purchase was made after delivery of the cabin as original plan was to lay heavy duty ply and then laminate. However after building the cabin we decided that laminate would take away the cabin feel so we opted for purchasing the wood floor and to be honest the price of this option was around the same if not less that our original plan. As with the cabin the floor turned up when we expected it and the quality again fantastic and very easy to lay. The edging supplied with the kit just gives that final finishing touch. We had 2 slightly warped planks but it was not a problem as we had spares and even had some left over full length planks and the off-cuts which we made into a large box to hide away my sons weight in the gym section of the cabin. Very pleased with the floor and it looks fantastic would recommend as an addition to your purchase.
May 30, 2017
I was impressed with the flooring. A couple of sections were a little bent, but had enough to finish the floor.
William Router
Mar 16, 2017
We went for the thicker floor boards which are an excellent quality. I would recommend fixing the joists to the concrete base and fixing the boards with hidden nails which together give a really smart and very solid finish. Cellotex insulation is a must and also I used 95 mm bull nose skirting rather than the rather small timbers supplied. The end result is outstanding. Highly recommended.
Ken Addison
Feb 23, 2017
The floor came as an addition to the Cabin. Very simple to fit and looks very good. I've put three coats of varnish on it and it's perfect!
Hannah Barnes
Feb 17, 2017
Great, no complaints at all!
Mr. peter ribbins
Jan 4, 2017
Good sturdy floor boards ,but the only complaint I would have is that some on them were bowed badly. So I had to sort them before laying to ensure that they fitted square. Also the bowing effected the groves ,in that they were to shallow to except the full tounge from the next board. I have a table saw so was able to recut the Grove a little deeper.
Mr. Michael Tibbles
Dec 7, 2016
Just finished flooring a Sigrid log cabin. Looks great and fits easily. Two boards were split but replaced by Tuin within two days of asking. Excellent aftersales service. Good quality.
Mr. James Shepherdson
Oct 24, 2016
I went for the thicker 27mm flooring pack which I think gives greater strength and less bounce in the floor. Having said that with support battens at 45cm apart it was probably OTT. However the boards are great quality and come wrapped in smaller packs of 5 with battens and edging trim. Looks great when down a shame to varnish them really they look so good!.
For the price the quality is fantastic and far superior to general DIY store items.
john darmody
Oct 11, 2016
The floor pack (heavy duty) was simplicity itself to lay. The extra thickness of the floor has taken the weight of a heavy printing press. Now painted the floor looks great.
Mr. Nigel Brook
Oct 4, 2016
These packs are tailormade for your needs, everything included to complete the job and are a lot cheaper than sourcing locally. Obviously you'll need to work out a quantity but the nice lady at tuin did that for me.
I did have a few lengths with knot holes and warping but the warped ones were used where I needed cut lengths so managed to hide them.I nailed the flooring planks and just used a simple 'hard as nails' type compound for the skirting boards. I laid a damp proof membrane and insulated before I fit the flooring. Prior to fitting I preserved all the wood then gave it 2 coats of satin varnish and it now looks a treat.
Mark Evans
Oct 4, 2016
Excellent product and delivery
Stuart Tresadern
Sep 30, 2016
Great addition to the cabin making for a very solid floor. Looks great.
Garry Kay
Sep 28, 2016
1 piece of wood was so warped and full off very long knots I had to buy another piece to finish the job. Apart from that excellent service
Mr. Dave Hill
May 2, 2016
I needed this extra pack of wooden floor boards for our log cabin, as I mis-calculated when using the originally supplied sets. Despatched promptly, and installtion is now complete. The log cabin is excellent quality and has attracted many admiring comments. It is cosy even on windy days.

The build instructions vary from excellent to very sketchy, so bit of knowse and trial and error is useful.

The shingle roof looks very nice, and really sets the whole building off.
Michele Smith
Feb 5, 2016
The flooring for our Royal Pent Roof shed is of very high quality and fitted perfectly. Our joiner took 4 hours to fit only because he hammered every nail in. This would have been done in half the time using a nail gun. Very happy with the flooring :)
Mr. roger green
Nov 7, 2015
Wooden flooring:- pre- packed and ready to lay when all is finished on the outside, they finish the summer house a treat. Well worth the extra money.
colin borien
Jun 9, 2015
I went for the thicker, more heavier duty flooring because of the heavy equipment to be used in there. A good decision made.
Mr. Kelvin Knight
May 10, 2015
When purchasing my 3m by 3m Peter Log cabin in February 2015, I opted not to include the floor as I thought I would be able to purchase it cheaper elsewhere. I was wrong. Not only is the flooring at Tuin substantially cheaper than anything I could source locally, the delivery was quick and the quality of the product is far superior - from the double wrapping in plastic to keep everything bone dry to including enough spares to add a concrete plinth for a wood stove I did not mention when discussing my requirements with Roger. He was spot on about the number of floor packs I needed - yet they come in easily manageable packs and even include skirting boards to hide those odd unsightly cuts!

My log cabin from Tuin looks complete now. Everyone who sees my log cabin is thoroughly impressed and all those interested in building something similar I am redirecting to your helpful website and knowledgeable and friendly staff. How nice it is in this day and age to receive proper customer first service, and a product where nothing whatsoever is wrong.

Thanks Roger. Thanks Tuin.
Mr. David Seymour
Jan 25, 2015
Ordered the extra strong floor but there was nothing on the website that said I needed 6 units until Richard let me know. Boards come in 3m lengths so be prepared to cut each one. Easy to fit but give a bit of thought to of how to the final one at the door. The door frame will need to be raised at this point. With all the spare wood I have made myself a log shed with a shingle roof. Very pleased.
Mr. Robert Durham
Jul 11, 2014
Good Quality, good value fast delivery. Even come with skirting to finish the job off nicely. Many thanks.