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  Log Cabin EXTRAS Windows for Log Cabins - Double Glazed

Windows for Log Cabins - Double Glazed

Windows for Log Cabins - Double Glazed
40.2020 Tilt and Turn Window - L1 - W212cm x H96.6cm 40.2021 Tilt and Turn Window - L3 - W144.5cm x H96.6cm 40.2022 Tilt and Turn Window - L4 - W75cm x H96.6cm 40.2023 Tilt and Turn Window - L5 - W50cm x H50cm 40.2024 Tilt and Turn Window - L5.2 - W50cm x H100cm 40.2025 Tilt and Turn Window - L2 - W92m x H92cm 40.2026 Tilt and Turn Window - L6 - W120cm x H92cm

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Cat No 40.2023
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European Number: 8715815401493
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Double Glazed window available for any log cabin with a log thickness of 28mm up to 70mm with Double glazed glass. Made from Swedish Spruce, the same timber as our log cabins. These windows can easily be retrofitted into any log cabin from any manufacturer.

These windows are also suitable for use with any garden building such as our Larch range.  

Installation is easy and can either be installed during a full cabin fit or afterwards. The fascia on one side is removed and a hole cut into the log cabin in the required position with expansion allowed for to the side and top. The window is then put in the hole and the fascia reapplied.

Available double glazed windows:

  • 40.2020 Tilt and Turn Window - L1 - W212cm x H96.6cm- OUT OF STOCK 
  • 40.2021 Tilt and Turn Window - L3 - W144.5cm x H96.6cm
  • 40.2022 Tilt and Turn Window - L4 - W75cm x H96.6cm
  • 40.2023 Tilt and Turn Window - L5 - W50cm x H50cm
  • 40.2024 Tilt and Turn Window - L5.2 - W50cm x H100cm
  • 40.2025 Tilt and Turn Window - L2 - W92cm x H92cm
  • 40.2026  Tilt and Turn Window - L6 - W120cm x H92cm

Please Note: These are a generic window for any log cabin from and supplier and may not necessarily match the windows already in your log cabin.

These windows have seal rubbers and aluminium weathering strips. 

Approximate Delivery Time: 21 - 28 Working Days FREE Delivery*
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(13 Reviews)  

5 Most recent customer reviews (see all reviews):
Mr. Bryan Watkins
Oct 22, 2017
The extra window I ordered was unfortunately not in stock when my log cabin was to be delivered. However Tuin managed to locate one that appeared to have been at their depot for some time. They informed me it was a different colour to the shed, and as a result I could have it at reduced cost. No problem i said, as it was to be painted along with the rest of the cabin. There did not appear to be any fixing instructions. However I soon managed to get it fitted following along the lines of the standard window fitting. The handle for the window was missing from the unit, but after a phone call i received it by the next post.
All in all very happy with the extra window which makes the cabin much brighter. I can recommend Tuin for their quality products, and excellent web site. - Thankyou.
Mr. Steve Chaplin
May 19, 2017
Fitted this window to our new Georg log cabin easy to install however you need to be careful as very heavy.The only down side was there was no handle but a trip to a DIY store sorted this out.
Steve Parker
May 12, 2017
This is a good quality product. I fitted myself to provide extra light into my cabin. It comes with no instructions but Tuin customer services will e mail these very quickly.
The window I used was quite heavy certainly a 2 person lift.
Mr. Luis Lazarte
Mar 28, 2017
Good addition to my Stian Log cabin.
The quality of the window is excellent. I really like the tilt and turn mechanism. I struggled at first with the fitting instructions but after contacting Tuin I was sent all the information I needed.
Mr. Brian Mitchell
Mar 2, 2017
I ordered an extra double glazed window for my Jenny double glazed log cabin. The idea being to fit it in a sidewall to allow a view of my main home and any visitors arriving. The front view from the Jenny is of the garden.

This window has a tilt or turn mechanism.

There were two fitting options. To complete the Jenny build and then install the window afterwards, or install it as I built the cabin. I chose the latter as the easiest option because I was able to cut the side logs before fitting them. Then the window could be easily slotted in as I built the walls up.

As instructed by Tuin, the window is not fixed to the sidewall logs. There is sufficient overlap within the window frame and enough timber to fill the gap between frame and side logs. Any "packing" is fixed to the window's frame. With a bit of effort you can still get some play in it which I hope will avoid any splitting as the different wood expands and contracts.

I built the Jenny in November and can confirm that after a few winter months the window and sidewall are all watertight.... as is the whole Jenny.

Well done Tuin.

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