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Windows for Log Cabins - Double Glazed

Windows for Log Cabins - Double Glazed
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Windows available for any log cabin with a log thickness of 28mm up to 70mm with double glazed glass.

£310.15  incl. VAT 

Double Glazed window available for any log cabin with a log thickness of 28mm up to 70mm with Double glazed glass. Made from Swedish Spruce, the same timber as our log cabins. These windows can easily be retrofitted into any log cabin from any manufacturer.

These windows are also suitable for use with any garden building such as our Larch range.  

Installation is easy and can either be installed during a full cabin fit or afterwards. The fascia on one side is removed and a hole cut into the log cabin in the required position with expansion allowed for to the side and top. The window is then put in the hole and the fascia reapplied.

These windows are covered with fascia on both sides, with rubber sealing and a top quality bracket, aluminium weathering included.

Available double glazed windows with rebate dimensions:

Please note: The following dimensions include the size of the frame.

  • 40.2020 Tilt and Turn Window - L1 - W212cm x H96.6cm
  • 40.2021 Tilt and Turn Window- L3- W144.5cm x H96.6cm
  • 40.2022 Tilt and Turn Window- L4- W75cm x H96.6cm
  • 40.2023 Tilt and Turn Window- L5- W54cm x H54cm
  • 40.2024 Tilt and Turn Window- L5.2- W50cm x H100cm
  • 40.2025 Tilt and Turn Window-L2 - W92cm x H92cm
  • 40.2026 Tilt and Turn Window- L6- W120cm x H92cm

Please Note: These are a generic window for any log cabin from and supplier and may not necessarily match the windows already in your log cabin.

These windows have seal rubbers and aluminium weathering strips.

Advice on the installation of these Additional Generic Windows - Installation tips.

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Average customer rating:
25 Reviews  

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Mr. neil Rawlinson
Apr 26, 2022
I ordered an extra d/glazed window for my Daisy log cabin. Following the recommendations on the blog, I completed the cabin build and then installed the new window. Very easy to fit and completes the job
Mr. Tim Brown
Feb 23, 2021
Having had my Daisy Log Cabin for almost two years I decided to add an extra window to provide a view to the east of the Brecon Beacons. I followed the instructions carefully being very hesitant at cutting in to my beloved cabin. However, afterwards, when it was installed, the enhancement was superb. I now had a view to the east that could I enjoy from the cabin. I opened the window and was a bit concerned that it wanted to come off its hinges. Then the heart-stoping sinking feeling hit me - I had installed it upside down! This tilt mechanism required the hinges to be on the right hand side. Fortunately, as the window is not actually attached to the cabin, it was a recoverable situation - I blame myself primarily but there was no mention of which was up in the instructions! I'm really pleased with it now that is sorted - it has increased the light and provides a great view while I work at my desk.
David Sinclair
Dec 11, 2020
I bought an extra window to go in the end wall of my Aiste shed. Good quality window, easy to install, but the installation instructions provided were fairly rubbish. There's info on the tuin blog though on how to do it, so no problem: https://www.tuin.co.uk/blog/adding-a-window/.

Note: as supplied the generic window opens inwards. You can swop the window handle over though and install it so the window opens outwards (and hence matches the opening direction of the windows supplied for the aiste cabin). Installation was a one man job and only took a couple of hours.
Dave Curtis
Dec 31, 2019
I bought an additional window to go in one end of my Daisy log cabin. I installed the window once I had completed the cabin build. I admit that I was nervous about cutting out a lot of the wood that I had just spent time constructing, but I trusted in the guidance available in the Tuin blog, and everything turned out. Like other Tuin products, the documentation was a bit poor so it took some working out how to resolve spacer and fascia aspects, but it all worked out. I would recommend you use some sealant after the install as the fascia and spacers may not be 100% flush and sealed. The only other observation is that the image on the Tuin site does not entirely describe the look of the window. Some aspects, like it opening inwards, weren't entirely clear. This doesn't take away from the quality at all, but if there were more information available, it may have made my choice a bit more informed. Thoroughly recommend Tuin products and their customer service though. Thanks Tuin.
Jun 5, 2019
Glad we purchased the two extra windows for the Chloe. More light pours in AND they're double glazed! Can now work the catches easily.

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