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A "Granny Annexe", often referred to as a "Granny space", is a self-contained living space located on the same property as a main house, but acts as a separate residential area. Likewise, a building like this has routes in keeping older family members under the same roof whilst maintaining a sense of independence.

Alternatively, with the increased cost of renting for young adults, a Granny Annexe is a great alternative for an independent child seeking their own space they can call home.

Garden annexe Building sizes

Perhaps your home is just a bit too overcrowded currently? A garden annexe could be the solution for that little bit of extra space you need, an extension of your home if you will. The easiest and economic way of adding more space to your home, in almost one week you can add up to 5 extra rooms to your house.

One bedroom granny annexe

A one-bedroom granny annexe offers a multitude of benefits for homeowners looking to expand their living space. Firstly, it provides a perfect solution for accommodating guests or family members, offering them a comfortable and private space separate from the main house.

Additionally, a granny annexe can serve various purposes beyond guest accommodation, such as a home office, studio, or rental unit, providing versatility and potential additional income for homeowners.

Two bedroom garden annexe

A two-bedroom granny annexe offers even more versatility and space for homeowners seeking additional living accommodations. With two bedrooms, this type of garden room can comfortably accommodate larger families, guests, or tenants, providing ample room for privacy and comfort.

Beyond serving as guest quarters, a two-bedroom annexe can function as a dedicated space for extended family members, such as adult children or aging parents, promoting independent living.

Granny flat

A granny flat serves as an innovative and sustainable home alternative, providing homeowners with a cost-effective and flexible living solution. These garden buildings offer a fully equipped living space separate from the main house, offering occupants independent living space while still being close to family. Or take advantage of some scenic land, creating the idyllic holiday home to go to year round.

Premium house annexes

Talk about the advantages of this models and also the added value that they have, due to their insulation they are an efficient option against hot/cold weather

Granny annexes with shed

Combining the convenience of a granny annexe with the practicality of a shed creates a versatile and efficient space on any property. These dual-purpose structures offer the benefits of additional living accommodations alongside valuable storage space for garden tools, equipment, and other essentials.

Granny annexes with insulation

Most of our granny annexes are suitable to be enjoyed year-round, however, the insulation level depends on which garden room model you decide to go with. Some customers also use electric heaters for added comfort and cosiness. We recommend checking out the extras – PVC windows and doors, a insulation, and others.

Annexe building regulations in UK

Planning permission

Please note that planning permission and/or building regulations approval will be required for these garden rooms, especially for residential use. However, Annexes in the garden for the exclusive use of a family member may be exempt from planning permission. Check with your local council for more details.

Property Value

What is more, by building a granny annexe on your premises, you can increase the selling value of your house – properties with garden annexes tend to have a high value in the UK market and usually sell very quickly.

Another important aspect of cost-efficiency is that granny annexes can be easily transformed into b&b or rental properties when no longer required for their initial purpose. However, we advise consulting your local planning officials in regards to the business use of the garden room.

Tax Implications

When it comes to tax implications of a garden annexe, it's essential to consider several factors. In many cases, adding a garden annexe can have implications for property taxes, capital gains tax, and potentially even inheritance tax. However, these implications can vary depending on the specific circumstances and local tax regulations.

How to build a Granny annexe

Building process of DIY Garden Rooms

All our granny annexes/garden buildings, are designed for self-assembly, including all the fixings. With just a few tools, you can build your granny annexe at any DIY level. The interlocking logs fit easily into one another, and our windows all come pre-assembled. You don’t have to fix them together, you just simply need to slot them in to place.

All garden room kits are included with pictorial instructions, alongside our expert advice blogs. These pages will cover all areas of your installation. If you get stuck along the way our excellent support infrastructure will be ready to provide assistance.

Delivery of your Garden Annexe

Our garden annexes come in prepalletise kits and will arrive via an articulated vehicle with a demountable, self powered forklift to move the packages. Delivery will be curbside which usually means a driveway or a side path to your garden, you don’t have to be there for delivery. Please contact us if there are any limitations regarding size of your unloading area and access.

Once your delivery has been made, please check your package to ensure all items have arrived securely and without damage.

Bases and foundations construction

One of the most important parts of the build installation is a the base. To ensure they have the long life span as intended a flat and level base is required for any building. A base can be pretty much made out of anything: concrete, timber, paving stones. But, any base provided for any log cabin has to follow this criteria:

  • Consideration should be given to the majority of the weight being placed on the perimeter of the granny annexe.

  • Consideration should be given to the weight of the garden annexes, a 19mm is obviously considerably different to a 70mm.

  • It should be 100% level in every direction.

  • It should be square and true.

  • It should ideally be made to be just over the footprint size of the granny annexe.

For more details, please read Base Requirements for Log Cabins.

Granny Annexe space ideas

Comfy and Soft Furnishing: A combination of comfortable seating options and cuddly additions, you’ll never want to leave your garden annexe even on the coldest of days. Along with suitably sized Garden Furniture or a sofa of your choice, complete the comfy elements with plush cushions, throws and blankets to your seating area.

Warm Lighting Fixtures: Whilst many of our garden annexe let in plenty of natural light thanks to their doors and windows, additional fixtures with a warm light source amplifies the comfy interior, making your space more like and outdoor living room.

Natural Elements: Not only does a garden annexe structure and proximity in your garden draw you closer to nature, but it’s also a haven for natural interior options. Greenery is the biggest player. Make sure to add plenty of suitable potted plants to fill out spare space in your garden annexe interior.

Textured Decor: No matter how full, monotonous textures can leave your granny annexe space looking empty and unflattering. Mixing it up with textured decor such as rugs, wall art and trinkets breaks the interior sculpt of your garden annexe, adding intricacy.

Personal Touches: Finally, and most importantly, make it your own. Bring familiarity into your new cosy space to make it more relaxing and include an item or two from your house to really complete the look like our Acero outdoor kitchen station, the perfect mobile or permanent solution for having a complete kitchen with style for your house annexes.


Tuin offers reliable, affordable and cost-efficient solutions for your garden annexes. The lowest granny annexe prices and maximum affordability rates can help you save a lot on elderly care home costs and also keep your loved ones close to you.

Lauren Clockhouse 9.3m x 4.0m - 70mm Logs
8 Reviews  

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

The Lauren 70mm Clockhouse Log Cabin has two separate rooms. The Lauren Clockhouse is constructed using 70mm interlocking wall logs and double glazing. Feature above the double doors is a clock tower that can be added or left off as required. Overall the building is 9.30 x 4.0m

This is a special model, an extra heavy duty model and includes a 27mm T&G roof.

Price: £13,793.20 Save £2,579.22
Dunmore Clockhouse Log Cabin 8.20m x 5.20m
2 Reviews  

Delivery: 8 - 10 Weeks

The Dunmore Clockhouse Log Cabin is constructed using 70mm wall logs and double glazed windows and doors. The feature above the double doors is a clocktower, this can be added or left off as required.

Measuring at 8.2m x 5.2m, the Dunmore Clockhouse lends itself to a variety of uses: The ultimate man cave, home gym or an extra bedroom. Complete the cabin with roof and floor insulation to stay cosy in the winter.

Price: £15,614.47 Save £2,919.78
Ballyragget Log Cabin 5.95m x 8.0m
2 Reviews  

Delivery: 6 - 8 Weeks

With 70mm triple tongue and groove logs and double glazing, the Ballyragget Log Cabin can be used all year round. Measuring 5.95 x 8.0m, to the front is a 1.4m canopy.

The large open plan interior could even be used as accommodation for guests, or as a spacious home office.

Price: £12,912.57 Save £2,499.20
Ava Log Cabin 70mm 8.44 x 3.47m
2 Reviews  

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

A substantial log cabin, the Ava 70mm building with three internal rooms. Overall the Ava measures 8.44 x 3.47m.

A very useful building which lends itself to a number of uses from an office to extra accommodation, with insulation applied to the roof and floor will make this an extremely warm and cozy log cabin.

Price: £12,921.64 Save £2,330.14
Ardee 70mm Log Cabin 8.17 x 7.00m

Delivery: 8 - 10 Weeks

A large and versatile log cabin which features five internal rooms. The Ardee 70mm log cabin measures overall 8.17 x 7.00m.

The building is accessed via a glazed single door and has solid doors seperating the internal rooms. A very versatile building for a number of uses includeing extra accomodation or office space.

Price: £22,550.90 Save £4,510.18
Azores log Cabin | 9.41 x 8.48m | UPVC doors/windows
1 Reviews  

Delivery: 8 - 10 Weeks

A large log cabin designed especially for the Azores but great for use in the UK if you have the room and location.

Made from 70mm thick logs the Azores measures 9.41 x 8.48m. It has four rooms internally and a small terrace area externally.

Price: £27,968.75 Save £5,593.75
Slane 70mm Log Cabin 14.00 x 4.90m

Delivery: 8 - 10 Weeks

A very large and substantial log cabin. The Slane is made from 70mm interlocking wall logs and double glazing as standard. Overall, the Slane measures to 14.0 x 4.90m. Inside it has five internal rooms, please see the plan view for the layout.

Suitable for any number of uses from office space to extra accommodation, a gym or for entertaining. a very useful log cabin!

Price: £26,983.59 Save £5,045.71
Castlecomer Log Cabin 16.6m x 4.9m

Delivery: 8 - 10 Weeks

Get the most out of a multi-room design with the Castlecomer 70mm double glazed Log Cabin. A mighty building budding with ways to put it to use, overall the Castlecomer measures to 16.6 x 4.9m.

Ideal for accomodation, the Castlecomer features five distinct rooms - With a hallway to access the rooms to the left the cabin. This building is also ideal as a home office or business front

Price: £30,765.10 Save £5,339.40
Letterkenny 70mm Log Cabin 11.2m x 6m

Delivery: 8 - 10 Weeks

A very large and substantial log cabin. The Letterkenny is made from 70mm interlocking wall logs and measures overall 11.2m x 5.95m. Inside it has four internal rooms, along with a hallway, please see the plan view for the layout.

Suitable for any number of uses from office space to extra accommodation, a gym or for entertaining- a very useful log cabin! Supplied as standard is a heavy duty 27mm extra thick roofing, along with toughened double glazing.

Price: £26,304.74 Save £4,565.28
Mullingar 70mm Log Cabin 8.50 x 7.90m
1 Reviews  

Delivery: 8 - 10 Weeks

One large atrium and three small rooms is the main feature of the Mullingar 70mm multi room log cabin. Overall the building measures 8.50 x 7.90m. The buildings profile is enhanced with the front porch area.

Ideal for use as extra accommodation, an office, gym or just a space to relax and entertain. Top off the 70mm logs and double glazing with some insulation to ensure your cabin is cosy and warmer in the winter months.

Price: £25,083.31 Save £4,854.84
Deluxe Ben Clockhouse UPVC

Delivery: 6 - 8 Weeks

The Deluxe Ben 70mm Clockhouse Log Cabin measures 9.3 x 4m and has a side covered porch measuring 3.8m.

Overall the building is 9.30 x 4.0m.,

Constructed using 70mm interlocking wall logs and double glazed. Feature above the double doors is a clock tower that can be added or left off as required. Fully enclosed side canopy area and all doors and windows are UPVC.

Price: £17,261.50 Save £3,001.10
Athy 70mm Log Cabin 20.2m x 4.8m

Delivery: 8 - 10 Weeks

Make sure you have room for everything with the Athy 70mm double glazed Log Cabin. A mighty building budding with ways to put it to use, overall the Athy measures to 20.2m x 4.8m.

Ideal for accomodation, the Athy features six distinct rooms - With a hallway to access the rooms further down the cabin. This building is also ideal as a home office or business front

Price: £35,829.61 Save £7,165.92
Freshford 70mm Log Cabin 14.25m x 8.00m

Delivery: 8 - 10 Weeks

A substantial building in both size and log thickness- The Freshford Log Cabin is made from 70mm thick logs and measures to a total of 14.25m x 8.00m.

Featuring five distinct rooms, accessible by a hallway, as well as a 1.68m canopy/veranda area to the front wall- This building is ideal as extra accommodation, a home office or as a business front.

Price: £39,486.99 Save £7,897.40
Cashel Log Cabin 19.4m x 5.98m

Delivery: 8 - 10 Weeks

One of our longest log cabins, the Cashel is certainly a substantial building with a plethora of potential uses. Made from 70mm thick logs, the Cashel measures to a total of 19.4m x 5.98m.

Featuring five distinct rooms, accessible by a hallway, as well as a canopy/veranda area on each end of the cabin- This building is ideal as extra accommodation, home office or business front.

Price: £39,495.01 Save £7,385.24