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Philip Smith
Sep 19, 2023
Vey pleased with the extra window, set in cabin end wall. Easy to install during erection.
Rob Thain
Sep 11, 2023
Great looking windows that are secure and double glazed - very happy
Jul 21, 2023
Very pleased with the extra window I bought to add more light to the Katherine cabin previously bought. It was good quality, very easy to fit with the instructions given and looks great. Will always choose Tuin products above others not only for the quality but because I know the team are always there to help.
Mr. Paul Coombes
Oct 31, 2022
Purchased extra window for log cabin we purchased 3 years ago, followed on line instructions from Tuin site, all went smoothly, always measure twice and allow for expansion, then measure again, always had great service have ordered a few things over the years and have never been disappointed.
Mr. Paul Coombes
Oct 6, 2022
Added an extra window, bought the cabin from Tuin some 3 years ago, wanted extra light, the site gives advice on how to fit, followed the advice, made no mistakes all turned out well, thank you to the Tuin Team
Mr. Michael Gardiner
Aug 20, 2022
I needed wooden double glazed windows and doors for a garden room I am building. Tuin's products, although not the cheapest, are excellent quality and well worth the difference. And customer service was excellent
Mr. neil Rawlinson
Apr 26, 2022
I ordered an extra d/glazed window for my Daisy log cabin. Following the recommendations on the blog, I completed the cabin build and then installed the new window. Very easy to fit and completes the job
Mr. Tim Brown
Feb 23, 2021
Having had my Daisy Log Cabin for almost two years I decided to add an extra window to provide a view to the east of the Brecon Beacons. I followed the instructions carefully being very hesitant at cutting in to my beloved cabin. However, afterwards, when it was installed, the enhancement was superb. I now had a view to the east that could I enjoy from the cabin. I opened the window and was a bit concerned that it wanted to come off its hinges. Then the heart-stoping sinking feeling hit me - I had installed it upside down! This tilt mechanism required the hinges to be on the right hand side. Fortunately, as the window is not actually attached to the cabin, it was a recoverable situation - I blame myself primarily but there was no mention of which was up in the instructions! I'm really pleased with it now that is sorted - it has increased the light and provides a great view while I work at my desk.
David Sinclair
Dec 11, 2020
I bought an extra window to go in the end wall of my Aiste shed. Good quality window, easy to install, but the installation instructions provided were fairly rubbish. There's info on the tuin blog though on how to do it, so no problem:

Note: as supplied the generic window opens inwards. You can swop the window handle over though and install it so the window opens outwards (and hence matches the opening direction of the windows supplied for the aiste cabin). Installation was a one man job and only took a couple of hours.
Dave Curtis
Dec 31, 2019
I bought an additional window to go in one end of my Daisy log cabin. I installed the window once I had completed the cabin build. I admit that I was nervous about cutting out a lot of the wood that I had just spent time constructing, but I trusted in the guidance available in the Tuin blog, and everything turned out. Like other Tuin products, the documentation was a bit poor so it took some working out how to resolve spacer and fascia aspects, but it all worked out. I would recommend you use some sealant after the install as the fascia and spacers may not be 100% flush and sealed. The only other observation is that the image on the Tuin site does not entirely describe the look of the window. Some aspects, like it opening inwards, weren't entirely clear. This doesn't take away from the quality at all, but if there were more information available, it may have made my choice a bit more informed. Thoroughly recommend Tuin products and their customer service though. Thanks Tuin.
Jun 5, 2019
Glad we purchased the two extra windows for the Chloe. More light pours in AND they're double glazed! Can now work the catches easily.
James thomas
May 26, 2019
Very pleased with the cabin, windows good quality and price- my son in law is a carpenter and he was impressed.
Mr. Paul Thompson
Apr 7, 2019
I ordered an extra window for my Rorik log cabin, this was to give extra light into the interior. The quality of the generic extra windows is the same high quality as the log cabin. Just make sure to measure and check your measurements at least twice before you cut any logs!
Kris Atkins
Mar 23, 2019
Excellent windows units- very sturdy and tilt / turn function works well. Easy to install and great support from the Tuin team with any questions. Thanks!
Mr. Bruce Hatton
Mar 16, 2019
I ordered an additional window for my Berlin cabin, it was all the original units easy to fit, I do find however that close to the Irish Sea in west Cumbria is very testing and have suffered water ingress between the glass and the wooden frame. Good quality mastic as a bed for the glass seems to do the trick. Nice simple unit that adds a nice extra light in the kitchen area.
Stephen Griffiths
Jul 27, 2018
Ordered a window as an extra for my log cabin and it was delivered the same time as the main packs of the cabin and appears to be very good quality
Sandy Craig
Jul 9, 2018
It is now a room with a view thanks to my lovely window. Thank you Tuin!
mick nice
Mar 2, 2018
Well made product. Happy with product. would buy from again. Staff helpful and knowledgable
Mr. Bryan Watkins
Oct 22, 2017
The extra window I ordered was unfortunately not in stock when my log cabin was to be delivered. However Tuin managed to locate one that appeared to have been at their depot for some time. They informed me it was a different colour to the shed, and as a result I could have it at reduced cost. No problem i said, as it was to be painted along with the rest of the cabin. There did not appear to be any fixing instructions. However I soon managed to get it fitted following along the lines of the standard window fitting. The handle for the window was missing from the unit, but after a phone call i received it by the next post.
All in all very happy with the extra window which makes the cabin much brighter. I can recommend Tuin for their quality products, and excellent web site. - Thankyou.
Mr. Steve Chaplin
May 19, 2017
Fitted this window to our new Georg log cabin easy to install however you need to be careful as very heavy.The only down side was there was no handle but a trip to a DIY store sorted this out.
Steve Parker
May 12, 2017
This is a good quality product. I fitted myself to provide extra light into my cabin. It comes with no instructions but Tuin customer services will e mail these very quickly.
The window I used was quite heavy certainly a 2 person lift.
Mr. Luis Lazarte
Mar 28, 2017
Good addition to my Stian Log cabin.
The quality of the window is excellent. I really like the tilt and turn mechanism. I struggled at first with the fitting instructions but after contacting Tuin I was sent all the information I needed.
Mr. Brian Mitchell
Mar 2, 2017
I ordered an extra double glazed window for my Jenny double glazed log cabin. The idea being to fit it in a sidewall to allow a view of my main home and any visitors arriving. The front view from the Jenny is of the garden.

This window has a tilt or turn mechanism.

There were two fitting options. To complete the Jenny build and then install the window afterwards, or install it as I built the cabin. I chose the latter as the easiest option because I was able to cut the side logs before fitting them. Then the window could be easily slotted in as I built the walls up.

As instructed by Tuin, the window is not fixed to the sidewall logs. There is sufficient overlap within the window frame and enough timber to fill the gap between frame and side logs. Any "packing" is fixed to the window's frame. With a bit of effort you can still get some play in it which I hope will avoid any splitting as the different wood expands and contracts.

I built the Jenny in November and can confirm that after a few winter months the window and sidewall are all watertight.... as is the whole Jenny.

Well done Tuin.
Mr. David Miller
Jan 20, 2017
Excellent quality. Arrived in good time. Instructions could have been clearer - a better photocopy of the pictures for each stage would suffice
mrs Valerie Place
Oct 25, 2016
very good quality window , we bought this as an addition ,very easy to put in ,would recommend this company to anyone . so so pleased
Ted Winfield
Sep 28, 2016
The windows with the kit and fine although I did find that although they looked finished they were not completely screwed together. The extra windows need a bit of thought and carpentry before thy can be fitted as they are built to fit after completion when necessary. Instructions were not clear enough so I made up my own fitting system. However, they are fine and the dual opening mechanism is quite useful.
Mr. Ian Barr
Sep 24, 2016
I ordered 2 additional windows for my cabin and was very impressed with the quality and design of the windows. Installation for me was very straightforward and it definitely enhances the cabin. Full marks for delivery and service. Thanks
Mrs. Kirsty Johnston
Aug 4, 2016
We order an double glazed window for the side of our Karen log cabin to give more light. We found Ben very helpful with the customer service.
Mr. Steve Musgrove
Jul 22, 2016
Easy to fit, allowed us to design an office space with windows to maximise the daylight and the outlook over the garden, handle is a little lightweight and
the circlip on the spindle was not located but easliy repaired.
Patricia Silcock
Jun 20, 2016
We had an extra window for the wonderful Ipswich log cabin. It goes perfectly with the pre-existing window and looks brilliant. In addition, the hinges allow it to open completely flat to the wall. Advice, as always with Tuin, was on tap. The extra window was fitted with little apparent difficulty. Tuin is a great company to deal with. Outstanding customer service and quality.
Mr. Paul Omara
Apr 11, 2016
ordered 2 x double glazed windows, double doors and single door. Delivery was let at our property but was not home to check items. On return there was only one window - I contacted the sales department to explain. I was called back and it was confirmed that they hadn't despatched it and have photos of all items sent and know it wasn't there.
The windows fit perfectly and have 2 opening options. Very pleased with the purchase.