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Composite Profiled Foundation Beams

Composite Profiled Foundation Beams
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6.00 Kg
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These composite foundation beams are suitable for all log cabins. Featuring a 'profile', these beams allow water to drain away from the base of the building. These beams are made from recycled plastic and will never EVER rot.

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£40.90  incl. VAT 

Composite Profiled Foundation Beams.  These are made from recycled plastic and will never EVER rot.
Suitable for any make of log cabin and are superior to every other style of beam as water will always be drawn away from the important first log.  The profiled beams will extend the life of any manufacturer's log cabin and are Unique to Tuindeco.
Foundation beams are essential for any log cabin to ensure untreated wood is not placed directly onto the ground. Whilst all Tuin log cabins are supplied with pressure treated foundation beams as standard, these beams include a 'profile' to allow water to drain away from the base of any building.
40.2070 Under 44mm thick logs - 3.5cm x 8.8cm x300cm
40.2071 44mm logs and over - 3.5cm x 8.8cm x 300cm (change in profile) - OUT OF STOCK
Each beam will need to be cut to size upon installation and installed end to end. The log cabin base will need to be made slightly larger than the footprint of the cabin when these are used.
Please Note:
  • The colour shown can vary from slightly lighter to almost black.
  • There is particles of metal within these for strength.
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15 Reviews  

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Oct 4, 2021
Overall I am pleased that I upgraded to these foundation beams, simply due to the peace of mind in knowing they'll never rot. However, they did present a few challenges at build time that I hadn't anticipated. First and foremost beware if your cabin has a door frame that sits on the foundation beam (instead of the bottom half-log). You'll need to remove the "upstand" (lip) somehow, which is far from easy. I decided to plane mine off which was hard-going but manageable until I encountered metal splinters embedded in the plastic. In hindsight a saw would probably have been better... on which point this material is very difficult to hand-saw. I'd estimate 5 x the cutting time of an equivalent cross-section of wood, which adds up when you're hand-mitring 6 x corners. I didn't bother with a secondary DPC beneath the beam (because it's plastic after all), but you do need a separate sealant between base and beam. I had a nice smooth float finished concrete base, but the surface contact wicks any water ingress into gaps along the perimeter. A capillary groove would be a good solution the manufacturer might consider (mentioned by someone below), but that would only help if you've been really precise with your base dimensions. A generous bead of sealant did the trick for me.
Apr 29, 2021
Beams lack a capillary groove to underside! Had to have one routed in to avoid water creeping pack to cabin platform that beams were set on. Cannot understand why not used as best building practice dictate this for window and door cills. Otherwise worth the extra over basic wood beam.
Mr. Paul Moody
Mar 10, 2021
This is the second time I've used these on a workshop build, this time using them between a concrete base and CLS timber frame. They are an excellent way of isolating the timber from moisture, highly recommended.
Mr. Paul Clayton
Jul 9, 2019
Worth going the extra mile and changing to this upgrade, can see the benefits and longevity of our cabin.
Miss. Sarah Cutting
Mar 13, 2019
I've now purchased a second item from Tuin and the service is yet again excellent, will continue to recommend Tuin to all my family and friends

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