Plastic Guttering Sets for Log Cabins

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Eric Wright
Jun 29, 2023
The guttering set was perfect, except for four missing seals on two of the corner pieces. However, the company sent out new seals by post within a couple of weeks.
Mr. Thomas Charlton
May 27, 2023
I originally purchased the Shannon cabin without the guttering kit, however after the first rain, I realised that gutters might be a good addition to limit the possibilty of rain splashing the cabin walls and doors. A great purchase, good design, size appropriate for the cabin, and I would class my self as a get by DIY’r and it wasn’t too complicated to install. The really good feature are the gutter clips, they have a wedge bracket that matches the angle of the soffit and ensures the gutters are at the correct angle to suit the roof. A good purchase and for me they are value for money.
Judy Hazlehurst
Apr 11, 2023
The builders who put up the cabin said that the guttering was quite difficult to fit, but now it is finished it looks very smart and neat. I wanted there to be only one downspout so that all the water from the roof would go into one water butt. However, there was not enough fall allowed for on the facia boards to do that, so they had to fit both downspouts and half the roof water has to run away.
Robin Cattermole
Nov 15, 2022
Customer service was great.

Good quality guttering. Brackets are great to offset the 15Deg facia angle. If I were not wishing to divert rainwater, it would be 5*

Beware, the downpipe is 60mm. Not a standard size - I'm in UK. Impossible to get a 60mm rainwater divert system unless importing from continent - currently blocked due to Brexit and they're expensive whenever they may become exportable again!
I am now having to pipe the gutter to a rainwater hopper with standard 68mm outlet to convert to 68mm downpipe to be able to use a standard size divert - not great and will probably cost me another £50-£100 in parts to finish it off and with an ugly hopper screwed to the wall of my cabin.

If I were doing it again and knew it was a non-standard downpipe, I would've got everything directly in UK to keep standard.

If you're just sending water to the ground - it's great, looks robust and easy to fit :)
Mr Gunton
Jul 12, 2022
A good kit that has everything you need to fit guttering to your cabin.
Mr. Robert Lorking
Feb 12, 2022
Ordered this pack to go with the Daisy Cabin.
All very straightforward to fit to the roof edge - study product will last years I reckon - highly pleased and sets off the cabin nicely
Brian Watson
Nov 4, 2021
Excellent - makes the cabin even better
Ms. Jane Mitchell
Dec 26, 2020
I ordered the wrong thing at first but Tuin customer services helped me rectify my mistake and were very helpful indeed. Guttering set has everything needed for a nice neat job which looks great on my Gitte log cabin
Mr. Garry Slatter
Oct 19, 2020
Just the right amount easy to cut good bit of kit
Mr. David Rushbury
Feb 17, 2020
I bought guttering in the last couple of months which a joiner friend erected. Since it has been up around my log-cabin and remembering the time of year with storm, heavy rain on Scotland's west coast I have to admit that the guttering has done its job very well and I have no complaints with the product
Roy Grieve Mitchell
Apr 7, 2019
I bought the guttering at the same time as the log cabin to save me having to source locally and glad I did as it fits well and saved me some time.
Mr. Clive Illingworth
Dec 24, 2018
We bought the plastic guttering kit for our log cabin, the delivery was good and as promised, all of the parts were there although a couple of the parts were damaged this didn't matter as there was plenty of them. The guttering went together extremely easy, and then glued to keep them in position, the brackets were exceptional as they gave the guttering the correct angle for the roof and it looks great. Very impressed and would highly recommend.
Mr. Lindsay Braine
Sep 7, 2018
Good quality, but the instruction and approach to attaching to a modern log cabin took some working out