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  Log Cabin EXTRAS Timber Frame Base Pads

Timber Frame Base Pads

Timber Frame Base Pads
Timber frame base pads Large Adjustable Base Pad Small Adjustable Base Pad Timber frame base pads used to level decking Using base pads on our Yorick log cabin Adjustable base pads being used on our Henning log cabin Log Cabin on a timber frame base with base pads Timber frame base pads 60mm - 90mm temporary stock 60mm - 90mm temporary stock base pads

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Cat No 40.2074T
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European Number: 8715823086644
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Timber base pads make easy work of leveling your timber frame to be used as the base for your log cabin or garden building. Two sizes are available to cope with most moderate inclines of 0 - 140mm with a combination of pads.


  • Made from ABS plastic.
  • Designed to make levelling of a timber frame base easy and quick.
  • High Quality design.
  • Wide base plate for stabilisation.
  • Central ring to adjust height.
  • BLACK in colour.
  • Diameter of top plate: 8cm.
  • Diameter of bottom plate: 200mm.
  • Suitable for up to 90mm thickness timber.
  • Support flange Height 25mm.
  • 6mm diameter holes in flange and base plate.


A timber frame base can be made from a variety of thicknesses and depths of timber. The strength comes from the depth (height) of the timber. Please see our Timber Frame Advice page. For timber such as 35mm x 50mm spacing must be 600mm or less. For thicker timber this can be increased to 1.00m - 1.50m or further. Ideally the base pads will be supported on a paving slab or similar and maybe bolted / screwed down as required. Weights of cabins are shown on the pages but consider the imposed loads you are applying inside the building.

As well as ideal for leveling timber frame bases these pads are perfect for decking construction.

Two Types:

  • 40.2073 Adjustable height of 32 - 62mm. Maximum weight 450kg
  • Full Closed Height: 56cm
  • Full Open height: 87mm
  • 40.2074 Adjustable height of 60 - 122mm. Maximum weight 1400kg - OUT OF STOCK
  • Full Closed Height: 61mm
  • Full Open Height: 150mm
  • 40.2074T Adjustable height of 60 - 90mm. Maximum weight 1400kg - Temporary Stock
  • Full Closed Height: 60mm
  • Full Open Height: 90mm
Approximate Delivery Time: 5 - 7 Working Days FREE Delivery*

Average customer rating:
(38 Reviews)  

5 Most recent customer reviews (see all reviews):
Mr. Bernard Abbs
Jun 21, 2017
Very useful, made it easy to level Base before building cabin
Mr. Geoff French
Jun 7, 2017
I couldn't put down a full concrete base so I sunk bricks into the ground and then some paving slabs on top, that I had laying around, doing my best to get it all as level as possible.
This is where the Frame Base Pads came into their own, I placed them on the paving slabs fitted and screwed the foundation beams to the pads, it was then a doddle to level the base and with that done 2 hours later I was fitting the Purlins.
These Pads definitely made a difference to the ease of leveling the base frame ans thus the ease of assembly.

...Geoff ...
Mr. Allistair Miller
May 27, 2017
Building a log cabin on uneven ground and can't get concrete in for a base. These things are fantastic and simple to use. Highly recommend!
Alison McMillan
May 24, 2017
Gave me a really good Base for the log cabin to ensure it was level. Easy to use. Quick delivery too!
Mr. A G Davies
May 18, 2017
Timber Frame Base Pads. What can I say but this is the best piece of plastic that money can buy! Just recently completed erecting a Log cabin at the back of my garden where the ground was not flat but undulating. So, this was a godsend for me, having identified that the best and cheapest way forward was to build up a number of concrete footings, that these base pads would sit on, to house the timber frame for the Log cabin. Well pleased.

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