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Log Cabin Offers

As we are preparing our 2018 catalogue, unfortunately we’re going to have to let go a few of our Log Cabins. So as a parting gift to some of our well known cabins, we are offering discounts!
See below for which cabins these include, this page will be updated as more offers come in, while stocks last!

In addition to these, we have recently added more offers around the site! Even with Log Cabins that will be staying in next years catalogue. You can start by looking in our Log Cabin page- these offers are available until the end of the year!

The Offers Available Are As Follows: 

The Lone Log Cabin. 

Lone Log Cabin

This corner log cabin with a gazebo to the side is manufactured using 58mm slow grown Spruce Logs.

Made from 58mm logs, the Lone is a perfect Log Cabin for all year round usage in your garden. With an overall measurement of 8m x 3.56m, this Log Cabin with a Gazebo area can give be given a variety of uses such as for a summer house or a garden office- why not both? The 4.5m Gazebo gives you plenty of space for a lounge or dining set.

The Lone Log Cabin– Now available for £3,382!

The Tyra Log Cabin. 

A grand focal point for any outdoor space, the Tyra Log Cabin features a side gazebo area and large canopy, great for outdoor dining with friends.

With a log thickness of 28mm and interlocking connections that will provide wind and watertight connections. The Tyra will make a stunning addition to your garden, overall measuring at 5.98m x 4m, this Log Cabin is suitable for smaller gardens.

The Tyra Log Cabin– Now available for £1,657!

The Eleonora Log Cabin.

Eleonora Log Cabin.

A very unusual and stunning addition for your garden with the offset side canopy making an unusual line.

The Elenora is not just grand in appearance and its 8m x 5m size, it’s also customisable in the sense of the Gazebo. With you being able to install the Gazebo at either side of the cabin at the point of installation, the Elenora is adaptable to fit your garden.

The Eleonora Log Cabin– Now available for £2,784!

The Viktor Log Cabin. 

The Viktor Log Cabin.

Supplied untreated, the Viktor can be customised to match the style of each garden with treatment.

A very unusual and stunning addition for your garden with the offset side canopy making an unusual line. The Viktor is a pent roof cabin, the enclosed cabin is 3.0m x 3.0m with a side canopy of 4.0m. a 1.0m portion juts forward of the main cabin. Overall the Viktor Log Cabin measures at 7m x 4m.

The Viktor Log Cabin– Now available for £1,866!

The Gigamodern Log Cabin. 

The Gigamodern Log Cabin

Featuring a contemporary flat roof, storage shed and large open side shelter supported by two posts.

With flat roof, the 40mm Giga Modern Log Cabin is designed to imitate the wide, horizontal lines of the natural landscape. Perfect for adding a contemporary feel to any garden, this log cabin combines a storage shed and side shelter into one practical building.

The Gigamodern Log Cabin– Now available for £2,358!

The Meaghan Log Cabin. 

Meaghan Log Cabin.

This building measures 4.3m x 4.5m and is below 2.5m in height. Ideal for UK gardens and great for use as a small garden office.

The Meaghan Log cabin is of a transverse apex design with double doors and single opening window to each side of the doors. Double glazed and with substantial 40mm logs this log cabin could be used as a small garden office with the application of insulation in both the roof and floor.

The glazing bars creating the Georgian effect can be fitted or left off for a more contemporary look.

The Meaghan Log Cabin- Now available for £2,210!

The Supermodern Log Cabin.

The Supermodern Log Cabin

Flat roof Super Modern Log Cabin measuring 4.2 x 4.2m. With centrally positioned double doors flanked by two bottom-hung sash windows.

The Supermodern Log Cabin is a contemporary style Cabin with a sleek flat roof, centrally positioned double doors and high positioned windows. Made from 40mm Spruce timber, the supermodern is a stunning design that offers all year round use!

The Supermodern Log Cabin– Now available for £2185.50!

The Lisette Garden Office Studio.

The Lisette Log Cabin

The Lisette garden office studio measures 6.09 x 3.64m and features double glazing and double skin 19mm clad walls.

The Lisette is split into two, one side an enclosed office and the other open as a gazebo, this layout is perfect for a multifunctional garden building. Making this Log Cabin perfect to be used as: a summerhouse, garden office, art/music studio and more!

The Lisette Log Cabin– Now available for £3,819.85!

The Kajsa Modern Studio.

The Kajsa Modern Studio

A contemporary flat roof model in 19mm cladding, the Kaisja studio features a double door and two fixed windows. Dimensions are 2.72 x 2.01m.

This Modern Studio may be smaller in size, but doesn’t stop you from having crisp, clean lines from the Spruce Cladding. With the two fixed windows being adaptable for either side of the Cabin, this is a perfect Log Cabin for art/music studios.

The Kajsa Modern Studio– Now available for £1,368.90!

The Oscar Log Cabin.

The Oscar 19mm Log Cabin

Measuring at 3.25 x 2.60m this 19mm contemporary flat roof Cabin features a double door with two opening windows.

Add a sleek and stylish focal point to your garden with the Oscar Log Cabin, a modern take on a summerhouse. Made from 19mm Spruce logs that use smooth interlocking tongue and groove connections to give you smooth looking joints and corners- rather than the the traditional cross method.

The Oscar Log Cabin– Now available for £1,405.82!

The Alexei Log Cabin. 

The Alexei Log Cabin

The Alexei Log Cabin features a large veranda and canopy area with an adjoining storage shed. Measuring 5.85 x 6.30m and available in 45mm double tongue and groove logs.

The Alexei is one of the best for a multipurpose Cabin, with a large front canopy and veranda, the open plan interior room and the side shed. This cabin is perfect for additional accommodation, an all year round summerhouse, to be used as an indoor/outdoor leisure space… The opportunities for the Alexei is truly endless.

The Alexei Log Cabin– Now available for £3,240.67!

The Vuelle Log Cabin.

Vuelle Log Cabin

The Vuelle Log Cabin measures 6.85 x 7.30m and is manufactured using 45mm interlocking logs.

If the Alexei wasn’t big enough, but you love her multifuncional purposes. Then the Vuelle Log Cabin is the best way to go, with the main Cabin’s internal dimensions at 5.01m x 5.01m plus the side storage shed and the large front porch with veranda. Made from 45mm Logs for all year round usage.

The Vuelle Log Cabin– Now available for £4,167.86!

The Hedda Log Cabin.

The Hedda Log Cabin

Bi-folding doors, flat roof, double glazing, 45mm and a cabin size of 3.20 x 4.20m this building has it all including a 2.78m covered area.

The Hedda will make a grand focal point for any outdoor space with its pent roof and adaptable gazebo that can be installed on either the left or right side of the Cabin. The 45mm logs and double glazing roof makes the Hedda suitable for all year round use.

The Hedda Log Cabin– Now available for £2,769!


The Irja Log Cabin. 

The Irja Log Cabin

With bi-folding doors, flat roof, and a covered outside area. The Irja measures overall at 7.5m x 4.2m.

A grand focal point for any outdoor space, the Irja Log Cabin features a pent roof  making it a stunning feature. Manufactured using 45mm interlocking logs, this design benefits from a combination of double doors, one opening window. The log cabin can be built with the gazebo either to the left or right.

The Irja Log Cabin- Now available for £3,431.58!

The Benny Log Cabin.

The Hans Log Cabin. 

The Hans Log Cabin

The 34mm Hans Log Cabin measuring 4.0 x 3.4m. Featuring a distinguishing dual pent roof combined with four fixed high level windows.

An intriguing design, focus is drawn to the dual pent roof – here you will find four fixed high level windows. A modern take on garden storage, open the double doors to place tools and other garden equipment inside for safe keeping.

The Hans Log Cabin- Now available for £1,861.19!

The Narman Log Cabin. 

The Narman Log Cabin

The 40mm Narman Log Cabin measuring 4.20 x 4.20m. Featuring a distinguishing dual pent roof combined with four fixed high level windows

Ideal as a garden studio or perhaps an office with the addition of insulation in the roof and floor. A very bright and airy space for your garden. A modern take on a garden building for a great focal point.

The Narman Log Cabin– Now available for £3,037.94!

The Thomas Log Cabin.

The Thomas Log Cabin

The Thomas 70mm Log Cabin benefits from a 150cm porch area and measures 3.80 x 3.80m. Double doors and a single window to the side of it, to the side is an additional opening window.

A lovely looking log cabin built in substantial 70mm wall logs.  The Thomas log cabin has a porch area to the front measuring 150cm, great for shade with a decking area below it. With the addition of insulation in the floor and roof this will make an extremely cozy garden office or studio!

The Thomas Log Cabin– Now available for £3,010.58!

The Morten Log Cabin 

Morten Gazebo Log Cabin

A unique combination, the Morten features both a gazebo and shed annexe in one garden building. Measuring 3.5 x 5.0m and manufactured using 28m tongue and groove logs.

Who needs a separate Gazebo and Storage Shed when you have them both with the Morten? Inspired by the log cabin summerhouse and shed combinations, a full height partition creates a distinction between the two functions. It also offers flexibility with the Gazebo being able to be installed on either side of the Shed.

The Morten Log Cabin– Now available for £2,112.23!

This page was last updated on the 4/10/2017

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