Storm Kit for Log Cabins

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Mr. Oliver Radford
Dec 6, 2023
Easy to fit, hopefully not necessary but thought. Better to be safe than sorry.
Richard Scantlebury
Oct 14, 2023
We purchased our Max Log Cabin and decided that because of it's exposed position in the garden, that it would be appropriate to use additional support for the roof.
We purchased a Storm Kit and it duly arrived. It was extremely well wrapped up and after fighting with the sticky tape etc we found a well made selection of brackets with all the fixings and the screwed threads. It is a pity that there was not a drawing as to how the brackets should be fitted, facing each other or not, a quick phone call was responded too very quickly and advice given.
The storm kit is now fitted, the roof with the weight of the shingles has now settled and we feel confident of facing the strongest winds without concern!!
A well thought out accessory.
Leah Findlay
Aug 23, 2023
We are happy with the stern kit. Thankfully haven't put it to the test just yet.
Stephen Griffiths
Aug 18, 2023
Good product
Kevin Morrison
Jul 30, 2023
I recieved the storm brace kit which would be fitted to my Tuin Geir Wooden Garage. A great addition, easy to fit and looks the part.
Jun 19, 2023
Installed without any issues. Hope the wind will never be strong enough to test the storm kit, but if it happens, I have peace of mind that I am prepared.
Paul Lowenthal
May 18, 2023
Hi Richard, we bought a Nora summerhouse from you in the summer which we've had in storage. We are now ready to put it up hence the need to know how do we ensure the roof; as best we can, does not blow off, as the Nora will be located on our very exposed South facing Welsh hillside. The suggestion in the blog is that the storm kit attaches to the lower and upper logs which secures the vertical walls not the roof, so a little confused. Any advice will be great. Many thanks, Paul and Wenda Lowenthal
Tuin reply: Hi Paul

Thanks for your message, The metal storm kits are the best solution as they will provide an anchor point to the very top layer of logs which will be directly fixed to all of the other roof parts.
Mr. Tom Scally
Mar 14, 2023
As we live on an exposed hillside in Wales we thought that we had better add a storm kit to our order for the Mitch Gazebo.
the storm kit, like all items supplied by Tuin, is great quality and easy to install.
Mr. Robert McNeil
Feb 23, 2023
Easy to assemble and very discreet looking. Hopefully, we don't need them but extra piece of mind is worth the small price!
Julian Walters
Feb 22, 2023
This is an excellent (and necessary) piece of kit, especially in Scotland where windy conditions are common. The kit is well made, looks professional, and so far has worked without issue. Easy to install, although for added strength possibly you would consider putting bolts completely through the wood where you fix the braces, rather than with the screws supplied.
One surprising omission in the kit was that you definitely need some washers on the side of the bracing point guides where the steel rod goes through, and where the nut is tightened, and these were not supplied. Other than that, a good, solid professional kit.
Mrs. Donna Coughlin
Feb 10, 2023
I hadn't thought to buy storm straps when I originally ordered my Mokka Cabin, but the installer recommended that I purchase them as a precaution as we live in an area where the wind can get very blustery. The order was delivered within 24 hours which was great as it meant no delay for the installer, excellent service!
Jason Dawson
Jan 22, 2023
I just ordered a Mitch Gazebo would I need to order a couple of storm straps as I’m concerned about two sides being open
Mr. Paul Gay
Jan 13, 2023
Dead easy to put up dies it’s job
Best to put it up when cabin is fully built except for boarding the roof this way you can screw it on the highest wall board
Miss. trudi shulver
Jan 4, 2023
Good price and gives us peace of mind for the cabin as we live in a high area so get hit bad with wind
Dec 19, 2022
All parts arrived safe and sound, having been packaged up very well.

It was very easy to install, another high quality item from TUIN, gives peace of mind that my shed roof will not come off in a storm.

many thanks.
Mr. Oliver G
Oct 10, 2022
I opted for the full storm kit on my cabin (Chloe) and was not disappointed with this set of 4. Dead easy to install and as you can see in my pictures I have one in each corner of my cabin. Why spend that much money on a cabin and live in fear that when you next go out, the roof is off or badly damaged from wind. Its a no brainer, just take the extra step and all of about 5 minutes to install this at a very reasonable price. Top notch product from Tuin that I hope will never see action but am comforted by it being there. You can choose to install inside or outside, personally I think it looks better outside and is largely hidden anyway by the overhang corner sections etc. If you are in any doubt, just buy it, better that than the alternative worst case scenario!
Oct 8, 2022
Excellent product. Turned up online and well packaged easy to install.
Mr. Geoffrey Wilson
Jul 11, 2022
Very good service, arrived promptly, good quality did exactly what itis meant to do
Instructions could be slightly clearer
Mr. John Lockett
Jun 30, 2022
Great addition to the log cabin for protection during storms, highly recommended product whether your in an exposed area or not
Sally Yau
May 29, 2022
We didn’t not use them as we got the set included in the Cabin kit
Peter Hyne
May 17, 2022
Great idea and a must have if you consider the cost of replacing a lost roof.
Mr. Darren Morris
Apr 22, 2022
Mr. Andy Thompson
Mar 22, 2022
We live in Snowdonia 60m from the coast. We get winds of up to 100mph. Fitted the steel storm kit internally, and some vertical bracing externally. The cabin is doing well - even if it is sometimes too windy to get into it.
Philip Roseveare
Feb 26, 2022
After building our Emma cabin in July/Aug we invested in the storm kit for piece of mind. The kit is easy to assemble and despite fitting ours on the inside very unobtrusive. Really happy to have these now installed with the winter coming.
Mr. Jonathan Orton
Jan 1, 2022
Little tricky to work out how to fit, a diagram would be nice. Good quality and great once fitted
David Gibbons
Nov 8, 2021
Easy to fit and peace of mind. Fitted outside to keep inside clear. I wish it were rated for exterior use without additional paint.
Mr. Petet Strohacker
Oct 27, 2021
I was very worried about my log cabin roof being blown of during some very bad windy weather, so I was looking for a solution when I came across the storm kit on turn. It was easy to fit and gave me piece of mind. Now I don’t worry when it gets very windy.
David Sutton
Jul 8, 2021
I ordered the storm kit for my log cabin for piece off mind really as although we do not suffer with high winds here I did see the picture off a cabin with the roof blown off. Decent piece of kit and well worth the money and piece of mind.
Mr. chris lunt
Mar 25, 2021
Hopefully we wont be testing them, they look fine and give us piece of mind.
Mr. Karl Cantrill
Mar 13, 2021
Fantastic product and easy to install, we didn’t purchase at the time of installing the cabin but noticed 2 logs splitting during winter. Got in touch with tuin and they advised the storm kit. Once installed everything was back as it should be after a week
Mr. James Appleby
Feb 23, 2021
Very easy to fit and adjust. I installed one at each corner on the outside of the cabin. Our cabin isn’t in an exposed area, but the storm kit gives peace of mind.
Steve Parrott
Dec 27, 2020
Great product, easily fitted and good quality, best kept out of site around the back of the cabin if possible
Mr. estelle Paterson
Dec 21, 2020
We built our Tuin cabin over the lock down period and had read previous reviews mentioning the storm kit. As we live in a small Scottish fishing village perched on a clifftop in Moray it was decided that we'd be best purchasing this kit asap. We were a bit worried about the diameter of the rods and where to position them but figured out to put them at the corner of each gable inboard of the crossovers - a bit suck it and see. So far the roof and upper gables have stayed put but we're due the usual end of year gusty weather so fingers crossed. There has been the odd blustery night, however everything stayed put. You can hear the spring tension releasing at the end of a hot day with a few pings so they are dealing with the expansion/contraction as they are supposed to. Well worth installing for peace of mind as you may not enjoy a dark night in your cabin without them.
Mr. Alan Cowie
Dec 14, 2020
Easy to fit excellent product
Mr. Alan McLelland
Oct 26, 2020
As I live is right on the edge of the Peak district, it is very windy so I took the precaution of fitting the storm braces to my Annabel cabin. Very easy to fit and we did have a few windy days and nothing moved so looks like they are doing the job.
Ms. Jennifer Axon
Jun 13, 2020
Still not sure what to do with them!
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review, please see this page: they are normally installed in the corners of your building, either outside or inside. They connect top logs to lower logs and help greatly in exposed areas to stop anything lifting in high winds.
Mr. arthur hales
Apr 1, 2020
Our log cabin resides near the top of a welsh mountain so I was grateful to find this product whilst in the process of completing the build. Straightforward and easy to fit. I decided to mount the kit inside the cabin as I don't find them unsightly. I think they would rust badly when fitted outside.We encounter some wicked gales here and I'm confident that this kit will provide the added protection needed.
Leslie Kay
Mar 14, 2020
Easy to fit, and has stood up to very high winds in an exposed position.
Mrs. verena shepherd
Feb 28, 2020
This storm kit gives peace of mind knowing the roof is secure in stormy weather. Easy to fit. Would recommend this item
Mrs. Nicola Smith
Feb 13, 2020
Ordered after we purchased our cabin , fantastic customer service, excellent delivery times and product exactly as expected
Mr. Andy Thomson
Jan 28, 2020
For the cost, this was a no brainer. Easy to install for a DIY'er too and doesn't stand out as much as I thought it would.
Julian Walters
Dec 12, 2019
Essential piece of kit and well made by the looks of things. Easy to install, however for this price I would have thought some washers would have been included with this.
Mr. ray coleman
Nov 28, 2019
Does what it says on the tin
Mr. Alan Gregor
Oct 21, 2019
Ordered the storm kit as my log cabin is in a windy area of Scotland. Think this is an essential part.
Mr. Tony Fitzpatrick
May 26, 2019
The storm kit is in my opinion an essential inclusion in the log cabin. There are 4 pieces and they are very easy to fit. This provides peace of mind In the event of stormy weather and will,protect your investment for many years.
Mrs. Maureen Horwood
May 17, 2019
Bought the storm kit as we back a large open area of farmland and would prefer to keep the roof on! I emailed customer care for help and received an answer the same day. Provides reassurance in windy weather!
Sheila Woods
May 9, 2019
This is a great piece of kit. Having had the roof of our log cabin lift twice when caught by the wind we have now fitted the storm kit. The cabin has since weathered several storms intact.
John Stevenson
Apr 9, 2019
This storm kit is extremely robust and very easy to fit
We don't get many storms in my local but I have lost a fence or two. The storm kit gives peace of mind that my Inglund cabin will survive high winds
Mr. david burnside
Dec 3, 2018
Hi just purchased the storm kit for my peter cabin a very good idea gives good piece of mind if you live in an area exposed to high winds fairly easy to install and good value as it seems good quality.
Mr. Richard Syred
Nov 8, 2018
We didn't think about this until the people erecting the summer house mentioned it. We ordered it; it arrived quickly and was installed and is neatly set on the outside of the structure. We hope we will never need to prove it is good but if we have stormy weather that challenges it, then we are expecting g it to do the job and protect our lovely summer house. .
Mr. John Richardson
Oct 29, 2018
Easy to fit . Just waiting for a hurricane now !
Mr. Michael Palmer
Jul 1, 2018
Not the most attractive item but a necessity just for some added safety
Mr. Peter Galpin
Jun 22, 2018
These were fitted easily - there being only one which can be seen but does not detract from the favourable appearance of the cabin.
Mr. Martin Hall
Jun 4, 2018
I ordered these as I am in a windy location. Seem a little expensive for what they are but if they do the job it is money well spent! All other Tuin advice has been excellent so I have followed their advice on these as well.
Ms. Sarah Almond
May 8, 2018
Easy it fit, and if they help secure the building in stormy weather then great!
Ms. Merrick
Apr 17, 2018
So pleased i ordered this, it gives such peace of mind. i live on the top of a valley and the wind really gusts here. My builder fitted the kit easily, i would recommend the storm kit to anyone living in windy areas. And it is good value too.
Jamie Nolan
Apr 4, 2018
Storm kit seems to be a very reasonable piece of kit for the price and gives you confidence that the roof won't blow off the log cabin you just spend hours putting together! Easy to install and you get one for each corner on the pack, perfect.
Keir Allen
Mar 11, 2018
Not yet tested in anger but hopefully will prevent my roof flying off. Goes on easily
Jan 19, 2018
Good storm kit easy to install and provide piece of mind during stormy weather.
Good value for money.
Installation instructions could be better but this is straight forward enought without them.
Mr. Andrew Parkinson
Dec 2, 2017
Easy to fit. I have confidence in that it will do it’s job when needed.
Mr. Michael Craig
Aug 31, 2017
Hasn't been tested yet but it was easy to fit and I expect it to do its job!
Rafn Kjartansson
Aug 14, 2017
The storm kit has been attached to the four corners of the cabin. It looks fine and sleek on the house and its steel rods and sturdy fastenings are certainly confidence-inspiring. As for practical value - well, we shall have to wait for the winter storms!
Mr. Derek Duncan
Jul 8, 2017
I felt this addition to our Agnes cabin was essential living in the North east of Scotland. very simple to fit and easily hidden behind the logs and out of site. Will have to re-fit later as my good lady will be doing the painting and doesn't want paint on them LOL!
Thomas Mellish
Jun 27, 2017
Poor quality metal and fixings, only 1 set requires where as the description doesn't tell you that 1 set will do 4 corners-very misleading.
Wish I'd have made my own-£40 odd for some threaded bar and some nuts and bolts a rip off
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review, the description states a 'set' which we assume is understood, we will of course now change this based on your review. This has though been described as a set for many years without an issue.

We do give instructions for a timber set and try to give as best a description as possible. We are disappointed this was not clear for you and apologise for the error.

We apologise if you found the term 'set' misleading. If additional sets were ordered in error please ask for us to collect them and we will of course do so and offer a refund.
Mr. John Poulter
May 27, 2017
I have found it very difficult to do this mainly because of the thickness of the wood you have to drill through and the difficulty getting the right angle to drill at the top once you have boarded the roof. If I was doing it again I would have fitted these prior to putting roof boards on.
Mr. Emil R Martinov
Jan 16, 2017
Supplied with wrong size bolts . Thread on the long bolts wasn't enough so you can't tighten the L cleats up on my 34mm logs and the short bolts were too short . I had to get 4 mm bolts from else where
Mr. Nicholas Clark
Dec 28, 2016
Great items. Comes in pack of 4. Used one for each corner. No delivery costs, so good value for money and for the piece of mind that the cabin won't be blown away....fantastic value for money...very easy to fit...took about 5 mins for each one. Thanks again.
Stephen McLean
Nov 21, 2016
Excellent. Easy to fit and simple in operation. I live at the top of a hill and think the Storm kit is an essential extra for cabins in the West coast of Scotland.
Mr. Alexander Sinclair
Oct 18, 2016
i ordered the storm kit as i live in the Highlands of Scotland, and were renowned for having the odd blustery day, so felt better safe than sorry. the kit looks as if it will work well, as it allows for natural movement of wood.
Mr. Alan Morrison
Oct 9, 2016
If you live in an exposed area this makes sense to protect your building. Simple design which makes sound engineering sense. Easy to install and, if you consider where you place these, there easily hidden from view and do not spoil the view of your building.
Patricia Silcock
Jun 20, 2016
The Storm Kit was inexpensive and easy to fit. Now that the cabin is furnished, the storm kit is unobtrusive. Its was well worth getting for its reassurance value, as we live in a windy spot.
Paul Leigh
Mar 14, 2016
Initial delivery was quick but damaged on arrival. A quick email to Tuin and it was resolved without any fuss and a replacement here in a few days. Great company to deal with. Thanks.
Mr. Colin Blayney
Dec 13, 2015
Thank you for your superp service once again.we should have purchased these storm brackets when we had our cabin but they arrived so quickly first class business well done once again regards Colin.
Aug 28, 2015
Tuin has a poor logistics department. Everything they have sent has gone to the wrong address and had to be re-ordered. It is either wrong/damaged/incomplete, this means it has to be re-ordered then sent to a wrong address etc. This happened for the composite foundation beams, the finial, the ball, and this product missing a necessary bolt. I've also found it's short of a washer but have given up the ghost and used my own stock. Otherwise when it arrives complete and in order their products are good!
Nov 14, 2014
An excellent item and much longer than it appears on the website. Easy to fit. Delivery from time of order was really quick and in time for some high winds in Wales!
Mr. craig graham
Oct 14, 2014
excellent product,easy to fit, vey discreet and non obtrusive. Super quick delivery as always finishes my cabin off a treat
Lucy Norval
Sep 13, 2014
The storm kit was very easy to fit, very straightforward. It gives me peace of mind as I live in a very windy area.
Nov 6, 2013
We have installed storm kit to log cabin so far so good waiting for the winter to get here, have had a few windy days and all good .