Insulation Kits For Log Cabins

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Mr. Stuart Nagle
Oct 28, 2023
There was quite a lot of timber in the insulation kit…as it was designed to be laid under the floor, so a complete floor or tongue and groove timber was provided, together with some small 45mm x 45mm x 3.0m (approx) floor support joists… the aim being to lay this over a sheet floor laid to your cabin base structure one presumes… The roof insulation surprised me, as it was intended to be laid over the roof timbers, and then the shingles nailed to the roof structure through the insulation panels, using longer nails…!! Not something I agreed with or thought particularly practicable…so I didn’t do it that way…
On my last workshop, which I built myself, in had no insulation in the floor, so didn’t see the need for any here either. So I have applied the insulation intended for the floor to the internal roof structure, sealing it with foil tape at joints, and gun applied expanding foam along joints first and trimming up, and a grip adhesive on the underside of the roofing timbers.
In addition, I have used the remaining insulation to start insulating the internal walls (I sealed the wall joints first) and used the floor joists (attached to the walls), to put a skin of 9mm plywood over the insulation, which is now the internal wall finish… I shall be attached electrical conduit and cables etc, lighting in due course, and building in some benches too. I thought the insulation kit was reasonably good values for money, but thought the idea of affixing the insulation to the roof and then nailing the shingles over that was a poor solution…I’m sure Tuin can come up with a better idea for internally insulating the roof (and walls), and floor in a better way. However, overall I was pleased with the insulation pack materials and timber…
Eric Wright
Jun 29, 2023
The insulation was perfect for the roof and under the floor. It was easy to measure and cut which was particularly important considering the awkward angles involved in the roof part. Even though I was initially skeptical that there was enough insulation in the end I had almost a full panel left over.
Mr. M White
Feb 27, 2023
Quality insulation product, which was delivered during the same week as the cabin. Easy to follow instructions and installation was simple. I've installed the insulation in the roof and floor and it makes a huge difference. Fully recommended!
Andrew Webb
Dec 27, 2022
The insulation kit arrived the day before installation. All was fitted perfectly to the floor and ceiling of the log cabin.
Oliver G
Oct 10, 2022
I decided to insulate my log cabin as it is being used as a gym all year round. I opted for the complete kit (floor and roof insulation) for my log cabin (Chloe) and was not disappointed! Although it might initially seem quite costly, I am of the opinion that if you spend that much money on a cabin, then why not make it perfect and this certainly does that! By ordering the kit, you are also exactly sure that everything is there that you need. The right quantities (and thickness) of insulation board (with spares), the right length wood for the wood fascias, extra supports for the flooring, longer nails to go through the shingles and insulation board, the list goes on! Actually, when you spec it all up and factor in the free delivery, its a no brainer and as I said, its guarenteed to fit your chosen cabin. What I particularly love about this, is that its completely covered (as you can see in my pictures), so you dont even know its fully insulated and can truly maximise the headspace inside the cabin. Its also not cheap insulation either, it holds its heat incredibly well; I have an oil filled radiator in my cabin as its getting colder and only have to blast it for 20 minutes or so then its nice and toasty for hours. As with everything I have encountered from Tuin, you really do pay for quality here and so if you are in any doubt of whether you will insulate your cabin in the future, just bite the bullet and order this kit. Its also far easier to install when you are making the cabin than later on. All in all, another quality Tuin product!
Mr Gunton
Jul 8, 2022
Good kit that includes almost everything you need, which made life a lot easier on build day.
Mrs. Verity Clarke
Jun 2, 2022
Very helpful customer service and delivery arrived on time. Kit was helpfully stacked neatly on drive by polite, considerate driver
The Hat Man
Feb 25, 2022
The cabin will be used as an office and gym so floor and sealing insulation is a must. The insulation as done by Tuin's own installers and they did a fantastic job. The cabin is very comfortable.
Steve Langston
Dec 7, 2021
Late delivery meant i had to fit a temporary roof covering for the winter
the delay i was informed was not due to the insulation company who delivered on time as agreed with a very pleasant and helpful deliver driver
Brian Watson
Nov 4, 2021
Great product, installs very well - looking forward to using the cabin and enjoying the warmth from the insulation.
Mr. Dean Fisher
May 28, 2021
Good communication & delivered on time.