Log Cabin Air Vent

Log Cabin Air Vent
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Available as a 2 piece set, this air vent helps to improve air circulation and ventilation of your log cabin. Essential if you have a hot tub within your log cabin

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Log Cabin Air Vent Available as a 2 piece set, this air vent helps to improve air circulation and ventilation of your log cabin. A great feature for the winter months when a log cabin is less likely to have natural ventilation through the opening of windows and doors.

This is an essential item if you are using a hot tub or fridge, freezer within your log cabin. Ventilation will also help to stabilise the timber in your log cabin resulting in less expansion and contraction over its first year of life.


  • Length 130mm
  • Width 90mm
  • Depth 5mm

The log cabin vent comes in two pieces, one for the front and another for the back of the log. Two or three simple holes are drilled through the logs and the vent screwed on to cover them. You could consider adding gauze or similar behind the vent to act as an insect trap. It is best to have a vent higher up in the building to allow the escape of moisture.

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77 Reviews  

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Paul Downie
May 25, 2021
Delivered quickly. Good, solid & well-made air vents. A good size for fitting to my log cabin in an effort to reduce damp.
Mr. John Heath
Feb 12, 2021
Excellent air vent grille. A template for cutting out the opening through the timber would have been appreciated. Also I had to stagger the 2 grilles as my log cabin is only 19mm thick timber, to avoid screws touching.
Mr. rishi sood
Feb 5, 2021
Purchased a log cabin in the summer from Tuin and amazing quality but being a chap that cuts corners at times I omitted to install vents. As winter hit and the cabin was unused slight damp started to show and a quick call and view of the informative blogs and 2 sets of vents ordered. 1 for the top and one for the bottom. Both sets installed with minimum fuss and a great fit considering hey fit neatly on a single log and are a pleasant sight internally and externally. All issues noe resolved and coupled this vent install with silicone sealant on the edges which double up the protection - again another great piece of advice on the blog! This has been my 2nd cabin from Tuin and both working well. Garden now finished and hopefully you can make out the small vent installed to the side! Thank you Tuin and the team!
Mr. Mark Thoreau
Oct 12, 2020
Recently bought summerhouse from Tuin and advised to install air vent to assist with airflow and a damp free cabin, especially as now heading to the winter months.
Turned to Tuin again for their Air Vent product, as a natural choice.
Easy to order product via website. Very fast dispatch.
Fitted into log cabin easily taking recommendation from Tuin site for best place to fit to maximise effectiveness of air vent flow.
Once again really pleased with service, advice, and A competitively priced Quality product.
Would highly recommend.
Daniel Toombes
Apr 28, 2020
Great sturdy little air vent for myt Emma corner cabin.

After a little advice from the guys at Tuin, I decided to fit this in the overhang. I don't expect to be using my cabin during the winter months so took Tuin's advice and fitted one as part of the build. Will be happy to order another if I feel a little more air flow is needed later on down the line.

So far so good ! Simple to fit and comes complete with screws.

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