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  Log Cabin EXTRAS IKO Felt Roof Shingles

IKO Felt Roof Shingles

IKO Felt Roof Shingles
IKO Black straight Shnigles IKO Blue Felt Shingles IKO Brown Felt Shingles IKO Green Straight Shingles IKO Red straight felt shingles IKO Curved Black Felt Shingles IKO Curved Green Felt Shingles IKO Red Curved felt shingles IKO Hexagonal Black Shingles IKO Green Hexagonal Felt Shingles IKO Hexagonal Red Shnigles Grey Shingle Colour Shingle Clout Nails Please see our videos and blogs for advice on the best way to fit shinlges Black Diamond Felt Shingles

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Cat No 40.9970
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European Number: 8715815019216
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Colour and Style

We only supply the best and IKO is the world renowned leader of felt roof shingles.  Used all over the world they will protect your log cabin or garden building.  We are one of the largest suppliers of IKO across Europe and as such we offer the largest range in the UK.

Often we even have free offers on across our log cabins and other garden buildings and structures, look out for them!


  • Each pack of roof shingles will cover an area of 3 m.sq.
  • For flat roofs is it a simple calculation of length x breadth / 3
  • For Apex roofs we use an approximate calculation of ( (length x breadth) x 1.3 ) / 3 to give you the number of packets needed which will also include enough for a double layer on the first row and enough to complete the ridges. This is a ROUGH calculation.

We have IKO Number one Three Tab roof shingles available in the following colours and styles:

Straight Felt Tile Roof Shingles: 

  • 40.9970 Black Straight Shingles
  • 40.9971 Red Straight Shingles
  • 40.9972 Green Straight Shingles
  • 40.9973 Blue Straight Shingles
  • 40.9974 Brown Straight Shingles

Beaver tail, Curved Felt Roof Shingles:

  • 40.9980 Black Curved Shingles
  • 40.9981 Red Curved Shingles
  • 40.9982 Green Curved Shingles

Hexagonal IKO Shingles:

  • 40.9985 Black Hexagonal Shingles
  • 40.9986 Red Hexagonal Shingles
  • 40.9987 Green Hexagonal Shingles

Extra felt nails can also be purchased in bags of 200, these are 18 - 20mm in length.

Log Cabins and Garden Buildings Installation

Generally we do not see the need for the placement of a membrane (roofing felt or IKO underlay for all garden buildings as it is not generally necessary for leisure buildings and has not been recommended for over 15 years.  

However IKO now DO recommend this.

They are recommending IKO Glass Fibre Underlay 20m (Type 3B). This is similar to a standard roofing felt and if you are choosing to use a membrane we would recommend felt over the IKO membrane.

We leave this up to you the customer to decide if you need an extra layer of felt or membrane under your shingles. Whatever you require we can supply the shingles and roofing felt. Please see the Roofing Felt page.

The purpose of a membrane is in case your roof shingles lift, the roof will still have protection.

Shingle Glue

Each tile has a bitumen strip which melts in the heat of the sun securing your shingles.  As an option we offer felt shingle glue and this is also recommended by IKO. We recommend bitumen glue is at least used on the ridge tiles and the first leading edge roof tiles. We recommend shingle glue is used especially in the colder months as it takes longer for the bitumen glue to melt. Shingle glue is also highly recommended in very exposed locations.

Shingles are not recommended for use on gradients less than 10 degrees. If they are used the overlap needs to be more and shingle glue applied on every tile. Roofing Felt underneath is also necessary to guard against wicking and subsequent roof leaks.

Glue and underlay felt can be found within our category pages if you wish to order them

Approximate Delivery Time: 3 - 5 Working Days FREE Delivery*

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Mr. Antony Vance
Oct 22, 2017
Excellent product and great service from a reliable,dependable company who I have no doubt recommending to everyone.First class.
Andy Dorman
Sep 29, 2017
Bought these on the recommendation of Tuin themselves - great product, reassuringly heavy!! And the guide for how many I needed was spot on - very happy!
Mr. Robert Lucette
Sep 14, 2017
I used this product on a new outbuilding at my home, I found the product to be a very good quality and easy to install giving a professional finish.
I chose them as I had used then previously on my Tuin log cabin.
Mr. paul aldridge
Aug 10, 2017
after looking around on various sites, I came across tuin..... what more can I say other than its the best I have ever worked with from the first conversation of placing my order to the delivery of the product. and as for the quality of timber, this is the best you will find for money you are paying. build instructions very straight forward, all timber pieces were numbered up which made it easy to sort out the sequence of build. without any doubt I would recommend you buy from tuin if you want a quality product. thank you so much for my log cabin. ( neighbours are well jealous) lol.
Mr. Simon Arnold
Jul 22, 2017
Had never used or fitted shingles before but I found the IKO Shingles to be of great quality and easy to fit. The fact that these could be ordered with free delivery was also great and I didn't find any other place to get these with delivery included in the price. I also thought that the Tuin guides of how to fit shingles easy to follow. Good work Tuin, if I ever need more I'll be back.

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