Roof Shingles Offer

Roof shingles offer, roofing shingles are available on Log Cabins and Gazebos. While stocks last!

Last Update – 22nd Feb 2024 – 14:05

Available FREE offer Shingles with your Log Cabin / Garden Building

  • P020544 Black Straight Shingles
  • P020546 Green Straight Shingles
  • P020552 Black Curved Shingles
  • P020547 Blue Straight Shingles
  • P020548 Brown Straight Shingles
  • P020545 Red Straight Shingles – Out Of Stock
  • P020553 Red Curved Shingles – Out Of Stock
  • P025873 Grey Straight Shingles – Out Of Stock
  • P020554 Green Curved Shingles – Out Of Stock
  • P020555 Black Hexagonal Shingles – Out Of Stock
  • P020556 Red Hexagonal Shingles– Out Of Stock
  • P020557 Green Hexagonal Shingles – Out Of Stock

These go VERY quickly. Please let us know at point of order what you would like with your cabin. These change daily and we do try to update this page as they change.

Check out our full range of IKO Felt Roofing Shingles.

We will try to meet your preference but this is NOT GUARANTEED

We will try though to accommodate your choice but this is dependent on availability. If the colour and style is important to you please consider ordering the ones you require, we’re the cheapest available for IKO shingles anywhere so regardless of the free offer ones or bought you won’t find a better deal with any other supplier. 97% of the time we can meet your preference except when stocks are very low.

UPDATE:  Shingle Glue

Although there is a bitumen strip on the tiles and that they should also be nailed in at least three places on a strip we are recommending (due to our dodgy weather recently) that you consider also applying Felt Shingle Glue along the leading edge when sited in exposed areas. This is also necessary with low pitched roofs.

UPDATE: Membrane

IKO now recommends applying a membrane under layer. As a company we do not think this is necessary on garden buildings and nor does other garden building companies. However if you wish for a underlay membrane please see of roofing felt page for standard felt or IKO recommended membrane. If you are using a membrane we would recommend the standard felt over the IKO membrane but the choice is yours. Please note: For modern cabins with pitched roofs and flat roof, we recommend a membrane as well as shingles glue.

When shingles are available:

When shingles are free and available they can be selected from this drop down menu on the product page.

If you want to buy alternative shingles or they are not available:

If we do not have the free ones you require or they are not available please order them from here.

Do you need Roofing Shingles on your Log Cabin?

Do you need FREE ones? In my opinion the answer is always yes!

When I was first involved within this industry about fifteen years ago log cabins also emerged as a popular alternative to the humble shed or summerhouse. Back then it was unthinkable to sell them without shingles. As well as the style of the buildings the shingles set them far apart from a common shed which of course a log cabin is not. Then, about five years ago some bright spark realised that if they sold the cabin with felt they could undercut everyone else making them look the best value for money.

So, now you will find everyone sells cabins with felt as everyone had to follow as customers look immediately at the head line price when zipping through the internet or a brochure. Roof shingles then became an option across all retailers, which is a real shame as I think all Log Cabins need roof shingles to become anything other than a crappy shed.

You’re buying a building that will last forever if cared for, surely you want a roof material that will do the same?

Roof with felt

As an example, here’s a shed roof with felt:

Shed felt roof - Horrible isn't it!

Shed felt roof – Horrible isn’t it!

This comes as standard with all log cabins these days. Ordinary shed felt does not look visually appealing at all. Try applying this to a pyramid roof or a roof over 3m in length, it’s horrible and impossible to make it look nice, more than likely you’ll end up ripping it as well, you’ll see the roofing nails and anything more than about 3m you’ll end up with ripples and bubbles in it.

Roof with shingles

This is an example of a roof with shingles:

Log cabin with roof shingles

Log cabin with roof shingles

It looks so much better, it turns a ‘Shed’ in to a proper garden building.  Roof shingles last for years, no nails are seen, no ripples and no rips. Of course, you won’t have to do it again in a couple of years time.

Here’s a few pictures of my own log cabin, it sits directly under trees and has taken years of abuse, I’ve never cleaned the roof or carried out any maintenance (as I wonder what will happen eventually) and it’s still as water tight as it’s ever been

Old felt shingled log cabin

Old felt shingled log cabin

Here’s another view of the poor thing:

An old log cabin shingled roof

An old log cabin shingled roof covered in moss, algae and bird droppings.

This building is very old now as you can see but the tiles are still going strong.  An ordinary felt roof would need replacing after about two-three years, less if it had trees over it like my old log cabin.

Standard Roof Shingles

Within our catalogue and drop down lists on all the cabins we have shingles that can be selected in a variety of colours, most of which can be available in straight, hexagonal or curved style. You can also see our roofing materials under our log cabin extras. A company called IKO manufacture all of these and enjoy world renowned success and unrivalled quality. You really can’t get better than these. If you watch the movies, you see them on all the American houses as they love their felt shingles.

Roofing options

I’ve hated the fact that we sell buildings with ordinary felt, in fact a colleague tells me “she shudders” when a customer buys a log cabin without them, to tell you the truth I do as well as felt really does spoil what should be a stunning building.

It also saddens me when a customer calls up and asks for shingles saying: “they should have ordered them with the building“, which, they should have and we try to encourage them to but some customers think we’re trying to up-sell and refuse at the time of order.

It’s then upsetting for them and us when we can’t offer them at the price on the web page. As prices are calculated taking the standard felt away and no delivery charges as they are priced to go with the cabin. When we then have to charge them higher prices due to delivery and no removal of the felt costs they get a bit miffed and disappointed.

Normal prices of felt shingles can be seen in this category. Disappointment is not good for either of us, so please think about shingles with your order. We’re not up-selling, we’re making an honest recommendation.

Now the good bit …..

FREE Offer Roof Shingles

I’m going to go back to the old days of log cabins and offer FREE shingles with all our log cabins AND the prices of the buildings aren’t going to go up either unless the Euro exchange rate forces us to or a promotion ends. The point is our FREE offer shingles aren’t going to impact on the prices.

Tuin is pretty big and we have come up with a solution so we don’t have to send you the dreaded standard roofing felt. All our old stock, last years colours, shingles in damaged packaging etc are all sitting around and aren’t sell-able as a brand new product.  Normally we will sell these in bulk to shed manufacturing companies when they ask for them. Instead of selling these to the trade we’re going to keep them and are now offering them FREE with all our log cabins and shed manufacturers are going to be a little peeved with us.

A tiny catch

I really do wish we could get back to the old days of a log cabin inclusive of shingles and you simply choose a colour.  But, the shingles are expensive things, an average log cabin is 18 sq.m, a packet of shingles covers 3 m.sq. So an average of 6 packs of shingles with an average cost of about £180. Some people don’t want to pay the extra £180 on a building and who can blame them if they are happy with roofing felt (uuurrrgh)

So, we’re going to give you the Offer shingles FREE on all the log cabins but the catch is we get to choose what style (straight, curved or Hexagonal) and what colour we send to you without charging you for them. This is because we don’t know what we have / will have of the offer shingles at any one time until we allocate them to an order.

I hope you don’t mind? There’s got to be a trade off and you’re getting the shingles for free. Of course after placing an order we will email you the colour we are sending and if you don’t like it you can opt for the standard roofing felt.

Alternatively you can choose a colour and style of your choice from this season ranges using the drop down menu on each of the log cabin product pages so you know exactly what you’re getting. You’ll find all our shingle prices better than any competitor anyway!


I don’t know of any supplier / manufacturer / retailer who can even get close to this offer. Have you found anyone who can offer shingles at our prices, even the standard ones? Let alone FREE shingles! OK, after a search I did find one supplier but the price of the cabins are far too expensive to worry us about.

Old days of Log Cabins

Well, we’re almost back to the old days. At least now we can sell cabins with shingles again and still be the most highly competitive supplier there is in the UK.

Please understand though we may keep this up all the time so we do reserve the right to stop the offer when stocks are depleted. This will generally be without much notice at all so please don’t shout at us if you suddenly see the offer has been withdrawn on the log cabin you have been thinking about for a little while.

Before you ask, we’re really sorry but when it ends it ends and we can’t offer them retrospectively. This is much like all our offers. We will always be honest, if it’s offered please take it. When it’s gone it’s gone.

Felt shingles roof on our Stuttgart log cabin

Felt shingles roof on our Asmund log cabin.  The proper way a log cabin should look.

Installation of Shingles on an Apex or Pyramid roof videos

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14 thoughts on “Roof Shingles Offer

  1. Hi Richard
    Are you suggesting it’s good practice to lay shingles directly on top of insulation board with no OSB?

    • Hi Ian

      Happy to help, While adding OSB or plywood as a secondary layer would be considered a stronger method in creating a roof, There is absolutely no harm in shingling directly ontop of the insulation ( assuming the thickness you opt for is 50mm or less )

      For the thicker stuff, i would suggest framing then cladding before adding the final covering

      Hope this helps, Ben

      • Hi Ben
        Thanks for your reply. I bought a log cabin 7 years ago…
        (Not from Tuin)
        The advice at the time was OSB on top of insulation boards then a breathable roof membrane on top of that before laying shingles.
        I’m moving house soon, so looking to buy another cabin.
        It seems odd to me to be hammering clout nails into insulation boards but I’m happy to take on board any new opinions on the subject.
        Thanks again for your reply, much appreciated.

        • Thanks Ian

          Yeah that is a fairly standard approach to, So long as your clout nails are long enough as the aim is to go through the insulation and into the timber underneath

  2. Hi, there is a plastic strip along the back of the shingles covering bitumen strip. It says do not remove and there is nothing in the fitting instructions that says remove when fitting. Should it be removed?

  3. Hello Richard
    Your advice is extraordinary. Thank you. Can I ask a stupid question. We are very exposed and the shingles are flapping up in some cases tearing off. Can the cabin support roof tiles?
    Bebe, Oxfordshire

    • If you use a dot of shingle / bitumen glue in each corner that should solve your problem very well. As the roof is it is not designed for clay pan tiles, there are though lots of lighter options on the market.

  4. Can you use silicon sealants on the first line of shingles rather than shingle glue?? Also does sealant or shingle glue bond ok between the shingle and insulation boards?

  5. We are a professional roofing company. And we have learnt something in this post. Thank you Richard. Keep up the good work

    • Yes you can if you would like to. You can also put roofing felt under in the case of lower pitched roofs. You may need to source slightly longer tack nails.

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