Garden Storage Ideas

Garden Storage Ideas

Your garden space is a beautiful and open haven for you to escape your four walls and connect with nature. However, it can be very easy for your garden to become cluttered and tight on space. In this post, we’ll take a look at some Garden Storage Ideas no matter the size of your garden. From our Log Cabins, to Sheltered Structures, to Affordable Sheds, you are sure to find the best solution.

Why Is Garden Storage Important?

Storage plays a key role in UK garden spaces. Whether its for practicality, aesthetics, or both, garden storage levels up your garden and makes it more desirable and complete. Here are just a few reasons why having garden storage is a good idea:

Garden Storage Ideas - Weather

Weather – The UK’s weather is mostly wet and very unpredictable, and you don’t want to risk leaving garden items out in the elements in most cases. Having a shed or alternative garden storage ensures items such as your lawnmower, garden furniture and tools last a lot longer.

Garden Storage Ideas - Clutter

Decluttering – A house full of clutter sometimes leads to entire rooms left unused, wasting valuable space. So, including garden storage as an extension to the home, you can free up your floor space and keep your house tidier in the long-term.

Garden Storage Ideas - Security

Security – Placing valuable garden items in an enclosed storage space keeps them out of sight, preventing the risk of theft. Please note that we do not advertise any of our garden buildings as secure, theft-proof structures.

Garden Storage Ideas

Property Value – Many listings of homes for sale include outbuildings, such as Cabins and Sheds, as a selling point. This is mainly due to how they increase the usable space in the home, which is especially nice when there is less land to utilise.

Our Top Garden Storage Ideas

Now you know what storage solutions can do you for your garden, let’s look at the different avenues to find the right one for you and get you inspired.

Traditional Storage Ideas

Traditional Garden Storage Ideas

The classic way to keep your garden stored away and tidy. Our traditional storage solutions range from our Tanalised Garden Sheds to our Economy Combo Sheds. These traditional builds range in size so you won’t have any issue finding one that fits your garden space.

For best results, place you garden storage in clear view on the opposite end of your garden. If you want to better incorporate it into the landscape, try carving a pathway towards your shed.

Small Storage Ideas

Small Garden Storage Ideas

If you need smaller storage items for all those loose tools and garden accessories, this range is for you. Due to their smaller size, you can place them wherever you have the space.

We have a vast array of different smaller storage solutions, from Larch Storage Boxes, to Metal Sheds. You can even keep your bins tidy with our Durbin Wheelie Bin Store.

unique Storage Ideas

Unique Garden Storage Ideas

Want to level up your garden storage? Look no further than some of our more unique storage items. These builds ooze personality and will make your garden the talk of the town!

Some of our stylish garden building designs serve as excellent storage spaces. These include our popular Shepherds Hut Range, our Modern Garden Offices, we even have Shiplap Kiosks that store garden belongings excellently.


Garden Storage FAQs

What can be stored in a garden shed?

You can store virtually anything you need in a garden shed, and uses vary depending on the size. Always check an items suitability for outdoor storage for long periods of time.

How do I organize my garden storage?

Dedicate each storage item or areas of a garden shed for different sets of belongings. Storing efficiently stops random items going missing. Also ensure easy access to all stored items and never overfill/cram things in.

How do you organize a shed with limited space?

Prioritise bigger items first when storing belongings, such as garden furniture and large tools like a lawnmower, then fit any other items you can. Donate, sell, or dispose of things that are no longer useful, freeing up extra space.

We hope this has been insightful and got your creativity flowing for your future storage solutions. For more visual garden inspiration, check out our Pinterest Page.

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