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Storm Kit for Log Cabins

Storm Kit for Log Cabins
Metal storm kit for log cabins Slotted timber for use as a storm brace or for fitting brackets, shelves etc Storm bracing made from timber. Shelves, cupboards etc can also be fitted to this whilst still allowing the logs to move Log cabin metal storm kit placement. The very most log is connected to a lower log Storm kits are recommended in exposed areas to avoid this problem. Storm Kit Fixings

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Storm Kit. Each kit features 4 pieces and includes Fixings.  This is an essential item for log cabin in exposed areas. 

Storm kits are ideal for log cabins positioned within exposed areas such as the Highlands of Scotland, coastal and hilly areas.

Compents Included:

  • 4 x Metal Rods at 2m
  • 4 x Springs
  • 8 x Meal L Brackets
  • 8 x Nuts for the rods
  • 16 x Fixing screws

These fixings feature spring connections and allow the log cabin to adapt to changes within the timber. As wood is a natural living product it will expand and contract as a result of changing weather conditions.

Alternatively a storm brace can also be made from timber, this will often look nicer and is also the same template if you wish to add shelves, framing etc to your log cabin as the logs can still move independently.

A storm kit is fixed to the top most log always. The lower wall logs are then secured. If you are using a timber version the top log is secured tightly with the lower 'slotted' holes secured but left slightly loose to allow the log cabin to expand and contract unhindered.

Unless you're in a particularly exposed area then the storm kit doesn't need to span the whole height of the cabin but just to the bulk of it from the roof down.

Either this metal one or a timber made one will secure the log cabin in case of heavy storms or winds.

Please Note: This kit is for four sides of a log cabin.

Approximate Delivery Time: 3 - 5 Working Days FREE Delivery*
Average customer rating:
(27 Reviews)  

5 Most recent customer reviews (see all reviews):
Mr. Michael Palmer
Jul 1, 2018
Not the most attractive item but a necessity just for some added safety
Mr. Peter Galpin
Jun 22, 2018
These were fitted easily - there being only one which can be seen but does not detract from the favourable appearance of the cabin.
Mr. Martin Hall
Jun 4, 2018
I ordered these as I am in a windy location. Seem a little expensive for what they are but if they do the job it is money well spent! All other Tuin advice has been excellent so I have followed their advice on these as well.
Ms. Sarah Almond
May 8, 2018
Easy it fit, and if they help secure the building in stormy weather then great!
Ms. Merrick
Apr 17, 2018
So pleased i ordered this, it gives such peace of mind. i live on the top of a valley and the wind really gusts here. My builder fitted the kit easily, i would recommend the storm kit to anyone living in windy areas. And it is good value too.

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