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  Log Cabin EXTRAS Felt Shingle Glue 310ml

Felt Shingle Glue 310ml

Felt Shingle Glue 310ml
Felt Shingle GLue Shingle Glue

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Cat No 40.9990
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Shingle Glue 310ml Tube. The glue comes with a nozzle but not the dispenser. It is applied in the same manner as bathroom sealant. The price shown is for one tube of glue.

Shingle glue is particularly useful when felt shingles are installed onto a log cabin roof throughout the cooler Autumn or Winter months. It is also a good idea to use glue on the first layer of shingles along the leading roof edge as this will keep this area very secure.

Whilst shingles are self adhesive, the bitumen will only melt and bond shingles together during warm weather. It is therefore advisable to apply a small amount of glue to each of the shingle corners for longevity.

Shingle glue is recommended for the ridge tiles and also for use when a roof is a lower pitch.

  • 40.9990 One Tube of shingles glue.

Please note that IKO also recommend a glue as an extra fixative across their range of felt shingles which we sell.

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Felt Shingle Glue 310ml
Felt Shingle GLue Shingle Glue
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(53 Reviews)  

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Alan Reynolds
Feb 20, 2017
When we bought our cabin we never thought of buying any felt shingle glue. We put the shingles on on in the winter and I thought that to be totally safe I would purchase some felt shingle glue to 'seal' all the edges and rim tiles do water couldn't penetrate. The only reason I did this was that I noticed it was recommended to do in the winter as the tar strips on the shingles wouldn't melt until there was some warm sun. I have checked the tiles and the tiles have bonded together perfectly. I would highly recommend the glue to give you peace of mind during our long cold winters. Even if you only do the edges as I don't think it's necessary to do every single time or maybe only the west facing tiles.
Mr. David King
Feb 5, 2017
Very sticky !

This adhesive is really fit for purpose but can be messy if you are careless !

Having said that it is easy to clean up with 'monster wipes' or similar.

I have just completed a roof on a clockhouse cabin and annexe and used about 6 tubes.
Mr. Andrew Macleod
Jan 19, 2017
laid roof shingles in December and with temperatures very low bitumen strips would not bond together so took belt and braces approach and stuck each corner tab with a blob of felt shingle glue. Surprising how far each tube lasts. I bought 8 packs of roof shingles and 4 tubes and managed to cover all the roof and ridging. Would definitely buy this product again.
Mr. Robert Teale
Jan 7, 2017
Does the job with little fuss. messy if you get it on your hands!
Frazer Wood
Jan 5, 2017
Always a pleasure to do business with

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