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Welcome to our range of Garage and Carport storage space solutions. Owning your very own wooden garage or carport is highly beneficial for your car and other vehicles, especially during the winter months. No more frozen windows, with a timber garage you are getting in and out in the dry no matter the weather. From offering additional parking space, to reorganising the front of your property, this range is for you.

All of our wooden carports are made from pressure treated timber so you don't have to worry about rot. This range is excellent for sheltering one to two vehicles depending on the size you go for.

Our wooden garage product range

The perfect option if you need extra space for your garden or if you want to construct a sturdy but affordable shelter for your bike, car, caravan, etc. You can select between small shelters to 2 doored garages with capacity for 2 cars or more.

Log Cabin Garages

We have a wonderful range of wooden garage designs inspired by the same construction as our log cabins. Our log cabin garages come in several styles to choose from, ensuring you have a garage that suits you:

Apex Roof Garage:

A traditional looking garage design, these apex roof wooden garages suit the countryside aesthetics of older builds really nicely.

Flat Roof Garage:

If you are looking for a more contemporary look, our flat roof wooden garages are a modern and sleek solution to store your vehicles.

No sides Carports

The economic solution for car storage, a flatted roof carport that protects your car from direct sunlight, heavy rain and snow. This carport is designed to be rapidly installed with minimum costs, also you can gradually add sides with the matching treated timber tiles, to increase protection or end up closing completely the structure.

Garage with Carport

For those looking for an open and closed garage space, you may like our log garages with additional carport space.

With our Log Garages specifically, there comes a benefit for your car insurance policy. In most cases, you can save money by declaring that your vehicle stays in a garage at home instead of on a driveway, as it deters theft and damage. We encourage checking this over thoroughly as policies vary.

Garage with Shed

If you are looking to utilise more storage space on your property, a garage with an additional shed might be for you. These garden buildings will typically include an entrance for your car as well as a side door/personal doors for shed storage solutions.

Single Garages

For the smaller households, we have carports made to house a single car. Keep your car safe from all weather conditions with a handy single wooden garage. Both single and double garages help to keep your driveway/parking space organised.

Double Wooden Garages

If you require larger wooden garage specifications, then why not upgrade to one of our double garage carports? No more fighting over parking spaces when you can both keep your vehicle protected from the elements with a double garage. These also feature double doors.

Motorbike Shed

For the biking enthusiasts, a wooden garage provides a wonderful haven to store, maintain and work on your motorbike. It is also a good storage solution for your bike for security purposes.

Wooden Garage doors

Most of our wooden garages featuring extra wide double doors. They provide easy access for vehicles and equipment while adding a rustic appeal to the exterior. Crafted from sturdy timber, these garage doors seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings.

If you want to construct your own ones or do some repairings we have a wide range of timber supplies perfect for this type of works.

Garage Materials

Our wooden garages and carports are all made from pressure treated timber, consisting of either a timber frame or interlocking tongue and groove log cabin logs. These are naturally sturdy and durable constructions for garage spaces and are quality materials for storage. Whether you desire single or double garages, your cars and other vehicles have shelter for many years to come.

Technical specifications for our Garages

  • No Pine / Spruce Mix

  • Conical tongue and groove wall logs

  • Wind and Watertight corner connections on 90° corners

  • Slow grown Spruce

  • Dutch and German Quality

  • Snow loading: (110 - 140 kg/m.sq)

  • Tongue and Groove Spruce Roof boards

  • Pressure treated Foundations

  • IKO felt / FREE shingles / Standard Shingles

  • Moisture Content of 14%

  • Full Accessory Range

  • Expert and Knowledgeable Advice

Log Garage Kits

For some of our log cabin garages, they are made for easy self-assembly, including all the fixings. With just a few tools, you can build your timber garage at any DIY level. The interlocking logs fit easily into one another, and our windows all come pre-assembled.

Garage and Carport Maintenance

Regular maintenance of wooden garages and carports is essential for preserving their structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. To ensure longevity, inspect the wood for signs of rot, cracks, or insect infestation regularly, especially after periods of heavy rain or extreme weather. Treat any identified issues promptly by replacing damaged wood and applying weatherproof sealants or paints to protect against moisture and UV damage.

Additionally, trim nearby vegetation to prevent overgrowth, which can promote mold and mildew growth. Periodically clean the surfaces with a gentle detergent and water solution to remove dirt and debris. Like any other timber building, check roof covering and pitched roof areas for any growth or moss. This can inhibit the overall longevity of wooden garages, causing rot to the roof covering and/or frame.

Benefits Of a Carport or Garage

A log garage is one of the most beneficial ways you can protect your car and smaller vehicles from the elements.

Avoid the hassle of defrosting and warming your car up during cold frosty mornings with the shelter provided by one of our carports or garages. In contrast, the shade they provide during warmer months stops your car turning into a sauna in the ever warming Summers.

With our Log Garages specifically, there comes a benefit for your car insurance policy. In most cases, you can save money by declaring that your vehicle stays in a garage at home instead of on a driveway, as it deters theft and damage. We encourage checking this over thoroughly as policies vary.

Delivery of your Carport or Garage

Our garden buildings come in prepalletise kits and will arrive via an articulated vehicle with a demountable, self powered forklift to move the packages. Delivery will be curbside which usually means a driveway or a side path to your garden, you don’t have to be there for delivery. Please contact us if there are any limitations regarding size of your unloading area and access.

Once your delivery has been made, please check your cabin package to ensure all items have arrived securely and without damage.

Inspiration and usage ideas for your Wooden Garage

Our range of Carports and Garages are perfect for one to two vehicles, depending on the model.

The Carport range can act as a simple shelter or as an extension to a pre-existing garage. Much like a Wooden Gazebo for your garden, you can decorate your Carport however you wish and even have a small sheltered area for seating to look out the front of your property.

For larger properties, especially those with big back gardens to cut, our garages can fit a ride-on lawnmower as well as any other lawn care machinery.

With our range of Log Garages specifically, much like our Log Cabins, they are a much sturdier storage solution to traditional panel sheds. You can re-organize and declutter your home with the addition of this garage building to your arsenal.

Our Garages also make excellent workshops, with all the space necessary for your next big project. You can also add some shelving and cabinets to store all your tools and supplies. Electrics can additionally be installed to provide power to more heavy-duty tools.

Common questions about Wooden Garages

Do I need Planning Permission for Garages?

Due to the nature and size of these garden buildings, wooden garages and carports may need planning permission before being erected as a storage solution. Please check the full details with your local council first.

Do Wooden Garages need Foundations?

We recommend laying a foundation for your wooden garages as they are not stable on the standard gravel found in most UK driveways. Typically, this involves a concrete base, a quality material. A well-built concrete pad foundation provides the necessary support for the structure. This ensures it withstands the test of time and environmental factors, safeguarding your investment in your reliable timber garages year round. But, any base provided for any garage has to follow this criteria:

  • Consideration should be given to the majority of the weight being placed on the perimeter of the cabin.

  • Consideration should be given to the weight of the garage.

  • It should be 100% level in every direction.

  • Ideally it should be square.

  • Ideally to just over the footprint size of the cabin.

For more details, please read Base Requirements.

Garden BBQ Gazebo

Wooden garage Workshop

Geir Log Garage 3.6m x 5.4m - 45mm Logs
30 Reviews  

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

45mm double glazed Log Garage Geir measuring 3.6 x 5.4m. Featuring double doors, single pedestrian door and two opening windows.

Suitable for storing one vehicle, providing a great alternative to a brick built garage.

Price: £5,351.52 Save £840.95
Single/Lean To Carport 3.0 x 5.0m
29 Reviews  

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

Suitable for sheltering one vehicle, this carport can be used as either a lean-to or freestanding structure. Featuring a pressure treated wooden frame and transparent PVC roof panels.

Price: £1,374.72 Save £257.06
Double Carport 6.0 x 5.0m
17 Reviews  

Delivery: 8 - 10 Weeks

This double carport measures 6.0 x 5.0m and provides shelter for up to two vehicles. Featuring transparent PVC roof panels supported by a pressure treated wooden frame.

Price: £2,242.40 Save £404.36
Moa Log Garage 6.0m x 5.0m - 45mm Logs
15 Reviews  

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

45mm double glazed Log Garage measuring 5.98 x 5.00m. A transverse apex roof with the breadth being the longest part.  A dividing wall separates the storage area and garage.

Designed for one vehicle, this garage features wide double doors. To the right is a separate area which features an opening window on each face. A glazed single matching door is in the front wall. There is not an internal door.

Price: £7,930.27 Save £1,483.03
Rydell Log Garage 4.7m x 5.7m - 58mm Logs
10 Reviews  

Delivery: 8 - 10 Weeks

Classic apex Rydell Log Cabin Garage measuring 4.7x5.7m. Manufactured using 58mm interlocking wall logs, this garage features double doors, single window and side door for pedestrian access.

Providing ample space for one vehicle, the extremely large interior doubles up as a storage area for garden and household items.

Price: £7,506.91 Save £1,501.38
Apex Roof Carport 4.0 x 6.0m
14 Reviews  

Delivery: 8 - 10 Weeks

Apex Roof Carport 4.0 x 6.0m supported by substantial posts and a strong frame and roof structure. Perfect for a single vehicle.

Price: £3,096.90 Save £537.48
Nysse Log Open Barn
5 Reviews  

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

A Log garage in the style of a traditional field barn, the Log Cabin Open Barn - Nysse. Manufactured using thick 70mm interlocking wall logs, measuring 5.95 x 5.95m.

This garage is suitable for sheltering two vehicles, a stunning focal point for any outdoor space.

Price: £8,344.44 Save £1,560.35
Marketta Log Garage 3.8 x 5.36m
7 Reviews  

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

Contemporary pent roof 45mm double glazed Log Garage measuring 3.80 x 5.36m. Suitable for storing one vehicle, this garage features double doors, a single pedestrian door and two opening windows.

This cabin gives you the best of all worlds, storage, comfort and a great veranda area for relaxing under. It will benefit greatly from insulation being added to the roof and floor which will make it suitable for all year round use. Supplied with EPDM roofing and adhesive.

Price: £5,811.67 Save £1,162.33
Log Cabin Carport Ever 7.7 x 4.3m
7 Reviews  

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

A very substantial and convenient carport. the Log Cabin Carport Ever. Made using 45mm wall logs and double glazing and featuring an integral storage shed.

With dimensions of 7.70m x 4.30m.

Price: £6,928.18 Save £1,249.34
Log Garage With Carport Berggren 4 x 8.3m
2 Reviews  

Delivery: 8 - 10 Weeks

70mm Log Garage With Carport, the Berggren measures 4.0x8.30m. A substantial apex roof building, split into two to provide both a garage and carport.

Overall this building is 7.65m x 8.30m. A substantial apex building in 70mm interlocking wall logs, this model is split into two to offer both a garage and carport.