Adjustable Post Ground Anchor

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Ms. Lorraine Nelhams
Nov 28, 2023
Excellent product and exactly what was required for the job, would use them again.
Mr. Don Grant
Feb 15, 2023
I bought 4, and they arrived promptly - thank you. Also, they were well made and looked strong enough for their purpose. The landscapers dug the 4 holes into which the anchors would be concreted in position. 1 of the 6" x 6" x 2.7m posts was somewhat longer so I chose to concrete that post in the ground, and not use the anchor. It turned out that this post is the most rigid, the others having more 'give'. We have tried to understand why, without success, so are going to put corner braces on the pergola structure to improve the rigidity.
Laurence Krzyzanek
Dec 11, 2022
The adjustable post ground anchors were perfect, solid construction and really well made. Adjusted perfectly to the size of posts I was using. Great product and arrived when they said they were going to. Thanks.
angela giakovmis
Oct 1, 2021
Getting gazebo level made so easy. Screw together the four sides of the roof bed, square it up then attach adjusters to the corners. The side plates of adjusters can be turned to create a 90 degree corner when you do this for whatever size post you use. Drop in ground, parcel tape round screw to protect from concrete and then easy to level up on roof beams at ankle height before filling with concrete. When set unscrew frame, swizzle sides back to fit either side of post and they are are left ready for the posts at the right gap and height with ability for later adjustment if required. Not cheap but they made the erection of a square level gazebo so easy I think they were well worth the price.
Mr. Andrew Higgs
May 10, 2020
Well it worked but not the best fit for a hexagonal post which are fitted with my gazebos uprights.
I used them but had to use a disc cutter to make them the right width for my application with the hexagonal gazebo.
Mar 25, 2019
This is the second time I have bought these post anchors. They are sturdy and robust and ideal for installing pergola or gazebo posts because they raise the base of the posts out of the ground. Therefore the posts will last much longer than if they were set in concrete. I highly recommend these products.
Mr. Nigel Richards
Jul 5, 2018
These are very good a bit fiddly to adjust but work very well once done, too big for lean to had to pack them out to make them fit. Five stars.
Mr. Toby White
Jul 5, 2017
These brackets work really well with the superior gazebo. Easy to fit and nice and easy to use.
Mr. Roger Coe
Nov 4, 2016
Easy to use for an amateur putting up a gazebo in the end did not need the adjustable facility. Well made and strong.
Mr. Wendy Perkins
Aug 14, 2016
We purchased the adjustable post ground anchors for the gazebo posts which proved invaluable when making sure the frame was level before installing the roof. They were good quality and adjustable so we would highly recommend them to your customers.
Mr. Stephen Newell
Jul 22, 2015
The galvanised ground anchors are an excellent idea. Using these anchors enables a sound concrete base for the large gazebos and as they are adjustable, it is easy to achieve a perfect level for the gazebo uprights.
Mr. Glen Wilford
May 18, 2015
I questioned the strength of these before purchase, but needn't have as they are very robust and do the job
Mr. Andrew Coster
Feb 16, 2015
Although not cheap the post ground anchor and tube provides a robust and adjustable item that I couldn't find elsewhere. With Postcrete it looks like an ideal diy solution.
Darran Jaques
Sep 19, 2014
I had been looking for a way to lift posts completely off the ground for a Bin store / Pergola that I designed for clients. Initially thought I may need something custom made but the anchors fit the bill perfectly, the adjustability means that everything will be completely level.

I had an issue with checkout but a representative of Tuin called me and everything was resolved immediately, the products arrived quickly and as described.

I would certainly recommend both the product and my overall experience of buying from Tuin.
Mr. Andrew Date
Sep 2, 2014
Undoubtedly the anchors are robust and strong when sunk into concrete.
However we found them fairly trickly to get straight in the concrete. The problem seemed to be that the welding of the round spike was not dead square to the post holding plate. This in addition to the intentional bend at the bottom of the spike made it quite difficult to ensure the post holding plate was level and square whilst setting the concrete. As a suggestion I wonder whether the bend at the bottom of the spike should be left straight and a small flat plate welded onto the bottom. This might achieve as much in strength, but make installation easier.
That said once fixed they seem to work well, are good value and the delivery was efficient.
Terry Conway
Nov 7, 2013
Anchors used on car port and curved arch. Perfect.
Mr. Geoffrey Hunt
Jul 29, 2013
An excellent way to avoid rotting off of post bases. Easy to adjust height and alignment of posts