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Dec 1, 2023
Very good paint, went on thick and I have high confidence that it will give a long term protection, would buy again.
Mr. david bullin
Nov 26, 2023
Haen't used it yet, but delivery was spot on
Mr. Daniel Cosgrove
Nov 11, 2023
Another good product
Mr. sarah gorrell
Sep 29, 2023
Great product. Looks lovely and went on easily
Mr. John Hills
Jul 17, 2023
Good quality and goes along way
Mr. Dave Wood
Jun 6, 2023
When making this purchase I was somewhat sceptical given the price however this stuff is absolutely brilliant, very easy to apply, coverage is great and gives an excellent finish, well worth the cost
Mr. Lindsay Braine
May 22, 2023
Really good paint - goes on well and gives good coverage first time. Would definitely use again.
Phil Booth
Mar 25, 2023
We ordered this paint when we bought our summerhouse. Excellent paint, covers well. We had some paint that stuck on the door frame. After adjusting the door I repainted the offending bits and the paint merged with the existing coat, leaving no sign of the blemish. Well worth the money!
Mr paul peacock
Jan 21, 2023
Excellent a tin goes a long way 2 coats excellent coverage
Mr. wayne coxon
Sep 30, 2022
Excellent coverage, easy to apply and excellent finish. If I were to be critical it would be the price v volume
Tuin reply: Thank you Mr Coxon, Nice to see the Blue Grey Embalan paint in action on your walls
Mr. Darren Morris
Sep 3, 2022
Lovely colour and when I needed help there emailed me back really quickly
Mrs. Chris Bircher
Aug 28, 2022
We bought embalan paint when we purchased a cabin from Tuin 5 years ago .We we’re so pleased that we bought the paint again to spruce up the cabin . It’s elasticity means it protects it from cracking in extreme temperatures and looking great !
David Marshall
Aug 11, 2022
Purchased the blue grey and the black. Very easy to apply with good coverage although, I needed 2 more tins to finish the cabin. Brushes was in water so clean up is easy peesy.
Tuin reply: Thank you for the feedback and for sharing these great images with us, we're pleased it turned out so well using the Embalan timber paint on your new Helge 3.5 x 5.0m log cabin
Cherrill Dillon
Aug 2, 2022
The paint is OK but the colour is not very nice. We ordered grey and it is more like a dirty beige.
Would not recommend this colour.
Rev. Helen Gardner
Jul 1, 2022
I used two coats of Embadecor clear stain as an undercoat, (two coats outside, one inside) then started applying the Embalan paint (creamy white). It is easy to use but, as I'm not a professional painter, I haven't got quite the coverage that is advertised, so have ordered another two tins. One and a half tins have provided one coat on the outside and inside of a 5m&3m cabin, although I've also added extra coats to the cut ends as I've gone round. The remaining tins will wait until the weather improves and I finish the job.
Mrs. Debra Coleman
Jun 21, 2022
We purchased the grey Embalan Timber paint, it is more of a sage green/grey colour but is still a lovely colour and looks very nice with white windows, doors and fascia on our Tuin Stigg Cabin. Although quite expensive, it is a very good quality paint and glad we paid that little bit more.
E Johnson
Mar 18, 2022
I had to paint my log cabin in early spring, and we were just above the minimum temperature for application. This went on beautifully, I’m very impressed! Expensive but I’d highly recommend it. I used a well known other brand on my side gate and there was no comparison. My only annoyance is I need another tin to do another coat in the summer and require 1 can, not 2 which is the minimum order from Tuin.
Harvey Ireland
Mar 7, 2022
We purchased Embalm Timber Paint for our Twin Summerhouse and shed. The paint arrived promptly.
The paint is of excellent quality and easy to apply. It has stood up well to the current storms we have experienced. I would reccommend this paint.
Mr. Alan Sagar
Nov 14, 2021
This blue-grey paint is of excellent quality, and has a very modern appearance. It covers well and has first rate waterproofing qualities but it is important to use several coats. Although I bought it to paint a loglap timber I have used it first on a “Muddy Kitchen” which I made for my granddaughter.
Mr. paul stearman
Nov 13, 2021
Very good paint. Would highly recommend it.
Simon Nicholson
Oct 31, 2021
Bought the black paint for a log cabin project, and was amazed how good it is! Covers brilliantly and leaves a really nice finish. Will definitely be using again!
William Arthur
Oct 12, 2021
This paint is undoubtedly expensive compared to other products on the market. What is equally clear is that the quality makes it worth the extra expenditure. I used two coats on my summerhouse, whereas my experience with other brands made me expect to apply at least 3. It is quite viscous and does require a lot of effort to work it into all the joints and nooks and crannies, but the effort is rewarded.
Miss. Nadine Ingram
Aug 20, 2021
I purchased the small corner log cabin from Tuin earlier this year. The cabin certainly did not disappoint, it is fantastic in both quality, style and customer service. The delivery driver was also wonderful, friendly and professional. I followed the advice by Tuin and ordered their suggested products in order to seal and protect it too. It is a bit more expensive than some of your regular sealants but if you are spending that much on a cabin you need to look after it and you get what you pay for with some things. The sealant product was easy to use and then I followed this up with their recommended paint. I’ve applied several coats but that was my choice as I want to take the time to protect my shed and I had ample paint to do so. All round I would highly recommend Tuin and all of their products. A big thank you to all at Tuin.
Jaimie Turner
Jul 14, 2021
after purchasing the Peter cabin I found myself stressing over what colour to treat it. Once it's done I couldn't change it because the best treatment was very expensive. After a lot of inner arguments with myself I bit the bullet and went for the black Emblan paint. It goes on so smooth that you cannot see the brushmarks and looks so sleek and elegant. I purchased 3 2.5 ltr tubs and I've already used two coats. I will be doing the last towards the end of summer when it cools down a little.
Tracy Savage
Apr 24, 2021
Great paint, goes on really easily and covers beautifully. The finish looks really thick and protective with a nice satin sheen. It has really made the look of our garden office
Phil W
Dec 30, 2020
I used the grey and white Embalan paint for both the inside and outside of my 4m x 4m Lotte corner cabin. The paint was easy to apply, but needed 3 or 4 coats to give a good finish from bare wood. It did require a surprising amount of tins to cover the whole cabin, and a couple of tins were damaged in transit, which Tuin were very quick to rectify for me. The finish is great though, the rain just sits on the surface and I’m very pleased with the result.
Emyr Tillman
Aug 9, 2020
Fast delivery and well packaged. Very nice finish and easy to work with.
Sally Ysu
May 1, 2020
Really nice colour (black ) not finish yet ! I can see our Mia cabin will look fantastic ! Next door neighbours already said they are really envious ! As it looks so great!
Mrs. Roslyn Chard
Feb 5, 2020
Excellent product in all respects, not wanting a solid colour white I thinned it down for the interior and now have excellent light reflected throughout our Wolfgang cabin, having decided to cut an entrance through the internal wall into the side store room.
We now have additional natural light coming in from the side window.
This paint is indeed expensive but it's qualities are worthwhile and beneficial
Rod Goodman
Feb 1, 2020
Superb product. Covers thoroughly in two coats and gives a smooth satin/matt finish. Expensive but worth the money
Lorna Lindfield
Dec 9, 2019
Paint is good but I did find that on my laptop the colour grey looked very pale grey/ almost white. When the paint arrived I found it to be much more cream and in some lights had a greenish tint.
Marius C.
Oct 1, 2019
A really great product, easy to apply and being water based makes very easy cleaning the brushes. it goes a long way and it's easy to apply. Definitely recommend.
Mr. Tony Derbyshire
Aug 30, 2019
This paint is expensive but worth every penny.
It covers very well goes on easy and gives a good
It'll protect the cabin for years to come.
Bought a quality cabin why not quality paint.
Joy Reed
Apr 23, 2019
Good quality paint -it is expensive but way superior than high street brands.
John Richards
Feb 5, 2019
My 3.5m x 2.5m Daisy cabin was painted with this excellent high quality paint in Blue/Grey which is a very dark colour, just what i wanted, complimented in white for the soffit boards and doors and windows (inside and out). Great coverage too.
I wasn't sure how much to order, and of course I over ordered. I used 2x 2.5ltr pots to paint the outside 3 times. and 1 pot of white to paint the doors windows (including frames) and barge boards 3 times.. with some left.
I also had to paint the annex on the side so i expect to have 2 spare pots of blue /black.. for the future. I intend to paint the inside white...and have 1 pot left... so lets see how far it will go!
Great coverage, no odour,non drip,quick drying (2hours) and goes a long long way!
It might seem expensive... but its very high quality and lets the wood breathe whilst waterproofing it! 10/10
Mrs. Frances Green
Jan 28, 2019
As the one that is the decorator in my family, painting my log cabin was a huge task. However, the Timber paint purchased was a dream. The paint went on smoothly and coverage was perfect. When I ordered it and it was delivered sadly one of the pots had leaked but within 2 days a replacement was sent. Fantastic service and would definitely recommend the paint, the cabin and the company.
Mr. Darren Barthorpe
Dec 10, 2018
Not the cheapest but very easy to ues with excellent coverage. Would definitely recommend this paint for your log cabin.
Mr. Simon Hinchley
Nov 14, 2018
This paint is excellent, we got Prussian Blue and it is true to colour. Looks great on our Log Cabin.
Mr. Ian Dunbar
Oct 8, 2018
We bought white and grey paints and they go together beautifully. The grey has a slight blue hue and matches the clean look of the white. The paint goes on very easily and dries quickly so we were able to do two coats in one day without any problem. The finish is smooth and coverage is as it says on the tin. So pleased we bought this quality of paint. I don’t think I will be repainting for a long time.
Mr. Ian Dunbar
Oct 5, 2018
Very easy to apply and dries quickly. Reasonable coverage with one coat but two coats much better and three coats has given a solid smooth feel to the surface. So far really good rain penetration prevention and appearance overall is what you would expect on a good quality product. Well worth paying the extra money to get such a good result. I feel confident that my cabin painting days are now well behind me ( at least for the next few years.)
Noel Phillips
Aug 14, 2018
This paint is amazing, we went for the Prussian blue colour, it applies solid in appearance with no streaks in colour and really compliments the cabin into its surroundings. Before applying the paint the cabin stuck out like a sore thumb in its untreated state but once painted, blends in fantastically well. Once dried its almost like a second skin, looks like a ductile plastic.
Mr. alan evans
Jun 11, 2018
When you make a choice of having an expensive outbuilding, it would be wasteful to not treat it with some quality protection. The paint can be on the expensive side but it is well worth it. The colour I chose of the Black is a nice contrast to the stain and gives my cabin that destinctive cabin look which will be protected for many years. Overall, a good choice of paint!
John Cutler
May 21, 2018
Applied Prussion Blue on the walls with contrasting Grey around the doors and windows on our Southampton cabin on top of the Silver Grey stain. Expensive but good quality paint, make sure you buy plenty as all the corners and grooves add a lot to the area. Goes on well with rollers and brushes in the nooks and crannies. Prussian Blue looks fantastic, Grey could be 'greyer' and less cream but the contrast looks great. John
louise hawley
May 14, 2018
Paint went on really well and was easy to apply. It left a great finish - really happy with the result.
David Pearce
Apr 25, 2018
This paint covers very well and is easy to apply.
Mr. M E Rainsford
Jan 13, 2018
Had bought a White Cuprinol shade paint to pain inside of new cabin. It had terrible coverage so ordered the Embalan white paint. It was a million times better and now looks amazing. It is expensive but worth it.
Mr. Richard Laws
Jul 7, 2017
Great coverage and solid colour. Worth the effort.
Mr. Karl D
Jan 8, 2017
More a review of the company than the paint.
Ordered the paint separately from the cabin and as a result it was delivered early. Despite being what looked like well packaged one of the containers had been damaged, the loss of paint was minimal but the concern was about the paint being exposed while we waited to use.
Tuin were quick to respond to my email and agreed to supply a replacement should it be needed.
The paint itself was as others have mentioned a good colour and much more viscous than any other wood treatments I have used.
Mr. Robert Robinson
May 25, 2016
Excellent paint which gives confidence in its protection abilities because it goes on nice and thick, with good adhesion and doesn't seem to be used up very quickly. Main point of usage is the soaking in to end grain or rougher planed areas. After two coats the colour we chose (carriage green) looks dense and uniform. Thoroughly recommended.
Apr 19, 2014
Great quality paint goes a long way