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Our selection of discounted timber items in our rummage Sale, in good condition at the best prices. Sometimes, a handful of our products are not to the standard we would like. That's why we give them a new home at a discount as rummage items. If you are looking to save a bit of money without worrying about a few scuffs, then our jumble sale of rummage is worth a search through.

Please Note: These are generally one-off rummage goods and can be removed at any point. These offers go very quickly, almost as if it was a Flea Market, sometimes as soon as they are added, so be quick if you want to see a bargain. On occasions, the offer may have been sold just prior to your order. We apologise if this is the case and we will inform you if it has been withdrawn.

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Common Rummage Qualities

Before you shop, it is important to know what goes into our rummage sale selection. We never sell broken or unusable items. All potential rummage sale items will be thoroughly checked by our service and warehouse teams prior to being listed on our website.

In our rummage sale page, you will find the following qualities listed on most items:

Customer Returns

We may get a returned item from a customer that we cannot sell as new. You will commonly find returned items in our rummage sale of miscellaneous articles. They may be repackaged, but are still in great condition.

Dirt and Dust

Due to being rewrapped and stored in our warehouses, rummage items can become dirty and dusty over time. We usually list a rummage item as dirty in this instance, but that does not mean lesser product quality.

Splits in the Timber

When we occasionally get returned items, such as log cabins or other garden buildings, they have a split piece of timber or two. Though this natural, we cannot sell items with splits in the timber with our regular stock. We never sell split timber that is unsalvageable. We will always list images of the affected timber in our rummage listings.


A natural occurrence, untreated timber can warp when left uncovered, exposed to the elements. This can be fixed in most cases, though we never sell unsalvageable warped timber. In our rummage sale, you may find a few listings with a few warped pieces of timber.

Rummage Sale Log Cabins & Garden Buildings

Our most common listing on our rummage sale page. These are one-off counterparts of our regular log cabin and garden building listings. Each unique listing will include certain additional information such as:

Reason for Listing - We will mention where the rummage log cabin for sale came from. In most cases, this will be a customer return that we cannot sell as regular stock.

Condition of the Product - The condition of the rummage item will be stated clearly in the description

Detailed Images - Alongside our regular product images, we include additional images showcasing the rummage item in person, highlighting any damage or important parts listed in the description. That way you know exactly what your rummage product will look like.

Sales Price - Log Cabins in all rummage sales listings will be sold at a reduced rate to the regular full price listing.

Rummage Garden Furniture

In addition to our jumble sale of log cabins, we also have examples of garden furniture featured in this category. These garden goods are unique listings and sold at a reduced rate to our regular garden furniture listings.

Rummage Boards

Excess pieces of timber or old timber stock is also listed on this rummage sale page. These are ideal for DIY projects or potential fixes for your garden. Our rummage timber is still in great condition, it may just be a bit older and/or dirty.

Doors and fences Flea Market

We occasionally have fences and doors listed as part of our rummage sale, perfect for DIY projects. Still in great condition, our rummage sale of doors and fences are a great addition at a lower price.

Carefree Protectant Timber Treatment RUMMAGE

Delivery: 5 - 10 Working Days

Carefree Protective Treatment: This treatment utilising the very cutting edge of treatment on the market today. Developed with Valvoline to produce a world class timber treatment.

This is a Rummage Item, please see the description for more details on the options and condition of the products.

Price: £85.79 Save £17.16
18mm Pre-Treated Larch T&G Cladding Rummage

Delivery: 7 - 14 Working Days

Pre-Treated Larch Cladding that has been Kiln Dried and planed smooth for size retention and stability. One size available. Limited Availability

1.8x14.5x300cm (13.5cm effective width)

This is a Rummage Item. Pieces are slightly worn and dirty.

Double Door DL7 159cm x 188cm Rummage

Delivery: 3 - 5 Working Days

A sturdy double door suitable for any manufacturer of log cabin up to a log thickness of 70mm, the glazing in double glazed. This can all be retro fitted in to your log cabin and be used in any garden building and are used within our Larch buildings.

This is a Rummage Item. There is slight damage and dirt, as seen in the pictures.

Teak Rocking Chair Rummage

Delivery: 2 - 3 Working Days

You'll really love this. This is truly lovely and so well crafted, not to mentioned different, it's also really big with an ample seats. A great Rocking chair for your garden in hardwood or maybe your veranda, being hardwood it will last for years and years.  Measuring L82cm x D92cm x H106cm

This is a Rummage Item. It is old stock and will include a Hardwood Maintenance Set (P029312)

Rummage Shepherd Hut Accessories

Delivery: 14 - 21 working days

A range of options available for our Shepherd Hut range, to complete and personalise your Shepherd Hut. Most of our customers will add to the Shepherd Huts in order to produce a Garden office, Summerhouse or accommodation either rented for holiday parks or for private use.

Free delivery when ordered with a main shepherd hut structure. Please email in to add an accessory to your Shepherds Hut order.

Bespoke Kukka Log Cabin Gazebo

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

Another one of our log cabins focusing on dual purposes, you have the enclosed log cabin measuring 2.50 x 3.50m, perfect for use as a summerhouse and to the side you have a gazebo, sheltered area.

Perfect for entertaining and outdoor dining. To the front is a covered veranda style area. The balustrade feature finishes this lovely 40mm log cabin. Overall it measures 7.00 x 3.50m.

Please note, this is a returned bespoke cabin. Please see detailed description for bespoke specification.

Kiosk - Moose 3.24m x 3.18m Rummage

Delivery: 14 - 21 Working Days

The Kiosk Moose market stall measuring at 3.24m x 3.18m. A great choice for a all round Display of your products in a stylish building while under cover, the 19mm spruce panels sits on a substantial frame with a traditional apex roof. Ideal for market stalls, Santa's Grotto's, pop up markets, trade shows and festivals.

This is a Rummage item with slight timber damage

Price: £2,757.17 Save £658.05
Anio Sauna Barrel Ø190 x 250cm Rummage

Delivery: 7 - 14 Working Days

Our smallest sauna barrel on offer in a depth of 250cm the Anio includes a front canopy section to help welcome you into the building, The Sauna barrel 250cm is supplied with black roofing shingles and shaped timber foundation stands.

Please note, this sauna has been listed as dirty. The sauna was partly installed and dismantled, this may show some wear on the tongue and groove. One available.

Price: £3,770.47 Save £754.45
Larch Decking Plank 27mm RUMMAGE

Delivery: 7 - 14 Working Days

Larch Decking Plank, Top Quality Larch Timber, Ideal for fences and other garden features, 27mm Thick.

This is a Rummage item. This Timber planks are dirty and weathered. See detail images for more information.

22 Available

Hexagonal Gazebo Rummage

Delivery: 7 - 14 Working Days

This hexagonal gazebo features a diameter of 4m to provide a large sheltered outdoor area - perfect for those who enjoy socialising outdoors. Featuring a strong pressure treated pine timber frame.

Please note, this gazebo is listed as rummage due to a customer return. Some damage is to be expected, please see detailed images for examples.

DISCLAIMER: The roof has been shortened by 6cm from the listed dimensions

Price: £1,987.36 Save £907.20
Heerenveen Garden Gate Rummage

Delivery: 7 - 14 Working Days

An extremely strong and secure garden gate complete with lock. Framed and very solid, made from pine timber.

Please note this gate is listed as old stock with some damage. Please see detailed images.

Price: £256.04 Save £106.29
Pine Security Gate Range Rummage

Delivery: 7 - 14 Working Days

Solid and secure gate complete with METAL frame and Stainless Steel Lock. THREE sizes available, width of 195cm.

Please note, these gates are listed as weather damaged, faded with a couple of marks. Please see detailed images.

Coevorden Fence Panel RUMMAGE

Delivery: 7 - 14 Working Days

Coevorden Fence Panel. Available in 130cm x 180cm. Only one Fence Panel is available.

This fence panel is listed as old stock and has a few scratches and marks. Please see detailed images for examples.

Privacy Hardwood Garden Gate Rummage

Delivery: 7 - 14 Working Days

Integral Metal Frame, Lock and keys for Security, made from Indonesian LEGAL Hardwood timber. Height of 200cm and width of 100cm.

Please note this gate is listed with scratches, scuffs and sun damage. Please see detailed images for examples.

Black Painted Garden Gate Rummage

Delivery: 7 - 14 Working Days

Integral Metal Frame, Lock and keys for Security, made from pine timber. Height of 195cm and widths of 90cm.

Please note this gate is listed as slightly dirty with some small damage, please see detailed images for examples.