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Tuin supply a huge range for the garden buildings including Log Cabins, Gazebos, Garden Furniture, Decking, virtually anything you could need for your garden throughout the UK. We supply to the trade as well as to consumers.

With years of expertise, we specialise in all things timber. Our range includes more than 3,500 products such as, log cabins, gazebos, garden timber, garden fences and more. Our customer service team are always happy to provide insight to any garden project.

At Tuin, we are the sole UK provider for Tuindeco. Tuindeco has been supplying a wide range of garden products for almost 30 years. During that period we have grown into an international wholesaler with a worldwide network of dealers.

Our Tuin and Tuindeco in pictures page gives you some idea of the scale and size of who Tuin : Tuindeco is in pictures, have a look and see what we can do and what we can offer to our customers.

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Our Values

Our core values rely in our customer experience, we're dedicated to crafting a customer experience that's as memorable as your new log cabin or garden building. Following years of experience working with timber buildings, our company is built on expertise for garden buildings and DIY projects.

We believe in clear communication, no hidden fees or surprises. Just open and honest interactions, because you deserve to know exactly what's happening every step of the way. We also do not ask for payment until we have your order ready for delivery.

Beyond garden landscaping, we care about the environment. Our commitment to sustainability is woven into our practices. Expect not just beautiful spaces but ones that are kind to the planet too. Tuindeco has a number of accreditations for timber. See the timber regulation section below for more information.

Our Versatility

Unlock the full potential of your garden and create your dream space. From chic and functional home offices to charming garden furniture, the possibilities are endless. Embrace the trend of creating cozy outdoor escapes with the help of Tuin.

Investing in a garden building isn't just about creating additional space; it's a strategic move. It can significantly boost your home’s property value while providing a seamless extension to your living space. These versatile structures, whether it's a stylish log cabin, a cozy summerhouse, or a functional office space, add an extra layer of appeal to your property.

The versatility does not stop there, as we pride ourselves on offering garden buildings in a variety of styles, ensuring you will find a building that will suit your home seamlessly. Whether you are after a traditional apex log cabin, to a contemporary flat roofed garden building, we have a building for UK gardens of all shapes and sizes.

Tuin Showsite

Welcome to our 360 Walkthrough of our office and Showsite based in Brooke, Norwich. We understand that only some of our customers would be able to travel to our showsite, so we worked to bring the showsite to you - Hopefully saving a long journey.

To use the virtual showsite, click and drag within the window in order to turn and look around the image around you, or if you are on a smartphone- try moving your phone to the direction you wish to look at when you are in full screen mode.

To move to another area of the showsite, click on the portal-like icon in order to be taken to that area. Found a product you want to learn more about? Click on the arrows pointing up ^ on the relevant product, from there you will be taken to the product page in a new window.

Timber Regulations

The KOMO Hallmark

The Komo hallmark is used by the SKH (Stichting Keuringsbureau Hout: The wood inspection agency foundation).

This foundation’s task is to issue quality certificates and to supervise the impregnation of wood under high pressure by using an anti-fungal, insect-repellent and life-prolonging product. Its objective is the certification of quality control in the timber industry during the process from basic material to final product according to specified guidelines. The guidelines for wood sustainability include the requirements to which impregnation agents, processes and products should comply. Tuindeco always performs its impregnation processes according the latest guidelines.


A KOMO certificate warrants an ecological sustainability of the wood resulting in a well impregnated product. You can recognise the KOMO certificated Tuindeco products by the KOMO logo within the catalogue.

Properties of the timber

Timber is a natural product. Drying can cause one-sided distortion. Additionally round wood can develop hair cracks.

Both developments will aggravate with the continuation of drying. Moist absorption will counter the one-sided distortion and hair cracks will close again. Properties regarding construction and quality will not be influenced by any of these processes. Please consider the shrinking and expansion of wood in dry and wet periods.


When purchasing hardwood products, Tuindeco pay special attention to its legal origin being sustainably managed forests. Our hardwood is supplied with a SICS certificate, provided by Sucofindo International Certification Services, which is an Indonesian government agency that manages and supervises the exportation of legal and sustainable produced hardwood.

Get in touch.

We work a little different to other companies and a lot of our staff work 'flexibly' often from home or on their travels and often out of hours. Our main UK office is in Norfolk and is staffed during the hours of 0900 - 1700 Monday to Friday.

Email is always the quickest form of contacting us day, night or weekend. Many of our staff will respond to emails but aren't always available via phone and can often deal with urgent queries quicker than our phone staff whom may already be engaged.

We have a small site at our main office and maintenance workshops where we display a small selection of our products.

We are always here to help - perhaps the Dutch way of doing business has rubbed off on us.

Email, please, via our Contact Page. Or call us on 01508 558308