Drainage Outlet for rubber Roofs

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Mr. Stephen Gutcher
Nov 15, 2022
Decided to fit the purpose made outlet as I was covering the roof with the rubber membrane. Well made, easy to fit . Fitting the drain pipe was quick made life easy. Time saving product would recomend adding to your build extras.
Mr. Mark Ball
Sep 28, 2022
Really good product need to increase the range
Spencer purl
Jul 4, 2022
Easy to fit, great way of getting the water off our parapet roof on the Gunnar cabin
Spencer purl
May 1, 2022
Great way of getting the water off the roof without the need for guttering. Fitted 2 in the corners of out Gunnar cabin. Well made and easy to fit
Simon Calgie
Nov 17, 2021
Great product. Could have done with some instructions on how and where to fit, but I worked it out.
Mr. Steve Leaver
Sep 14, 2017
Having ordered the EPDM roofing material, it seemed one of these would be useful - it certainly is, and easy to fit too. It's already doing a great job in the rain we've been having.
Dave Woodhouse
Jun 8, 2017
Purchased this for a Barbara Gazebo. Whilst the product was fine and undamaged, application to a gazebo with a dished roof and only 100mm overhang is very tricky. I had to cut away a fair bit of the dishing to make space for the outlet.
It hasnt leaked at the moment but I have to say that I dont trust the seals.
Personally, I think you would be better off leaving an overhang at the back and installing guttering.