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Mar 17, 2018
I installed this cabin over a 3day weekend on my own and it was very straightforward. The pieces slot together like a jigsaw and it was weirdly fun to build. The quality is fantastic and the packaging and delivery were fantastic. Honestly, the delivery is a huge selling point, it was put down right in front of my house despite it being a difficult and narrow road and the driver gave some good hints and tips on the build. I went for the 27mm flooring which was very solid (can jump up and down on it if I so desired).
Mr. Alan Guy :  Robust Swing Frame:
Mar 17, 2018
Excellent product. Very solid & easily put together. Tools needed include a socket set & drill for bolt pilot holes.
John Ivor George :  Chloe Log Cabin 4 x 3m:
Mar 17, 2018
There’s not much more to say about Tuin except to say they are the best company I have ever done deal with the service was fantastic the staff was very friendly and helpful the Chloe Log Cabin is absolutely brilliant know the delivery driver was brilliant he put it exactly where I wanted it to be brilliant
Mr. Peter James :  Timber Frame Base Pads:
Mar 17, 2018
Perfect: "Did what it said on the tin" so simple to level up our wooden building. Worth every penny!
Darren Wood :  Palma Log Cabin 4x4m:
Mar 17, 2018
From start to finish the service was excellent, the benefit of having an out of hours email service while building the summerhouse was invaluable and the replies were always very quick. Delivery was quick and efficient and on time ! The product was well packaged and went together like a dream, it came with spare pieces just in case as well. Now all completed it looks fantastic - and the price was good too !
Mr. David Patterson :  Rose Log Cabin 5x5m:
Mar 15, 2018
After much research for a cabin, all roads pointed to Tuin and it's clear to see why now.

Not only are they the cheapest for the size/quality, the support and customer service has been second to none.

My cabin arrived on time and the delivery guy easily got it to outside my garden for unpacking and explained and checked all the parts with us. Once he left we moved it inside and then a couple days later we started the build. So far so good, we've had a few slightly warped planks but nothing that wasn't solved with a bigger whack with the mallet.

With two of us building, including the cutting/placing of the foundations, we had the sides up and the roof beams in place after about four and a half hours.

Just the roof and shingles to go.

I'll update with photos once complete and treated.
Mrs. Sarah Bowyer :  Timber Frame Base Pads:
Mar 14, 2018
Ordered our log cabin through tuin & being that our house is early 1900's not even the garden can be made level, great product for ease of adjusting & making building frame level
Mr. dean hancock :  Impregnation Fluid:
Mar 14, 2018
Used this for tor the flooring and interior
Goes on really well and easy
Does not leave any marks on the wood at all
Mr. dean hancock :  Jos Corner Log Cabin 2.5x2.5m:
Mar 14, 2018
Looks stunning built and is brilliant quality.
I struggled with the door frame. The instructions I would rate as poor for the door assembly as they are not item specific for this cabin. They do not help with the door sill and corner above the door. I did get help from Tuin when I emailed them ( by the way the call back was instant! - thanks)
The door frame is difficult on this cabin due to the door being at an angle - meeting on the corner. I got there in the end and prior to building the adjoining sides I suggest build the door and frame. So you know it’s all straight. Then you can detach the door from the frame and slide this onto the two walls. This would have helped me greatly. But I think a video from tuin would really help with the assembly of the door frame with the triangular area above the door.

Backtracking the delivery was very good with the friendly driver helping me even move some to the rear of my house- I think supplying tea helped!
Loads of spare wood!
So impressed with everything from Tuin

Many thanks
Mr. dean hancock :  Embadecor Timber Stain:
Mar 14, 2018
Great covering
Goes on really well
Looks amazing. I think you really need something on the wood if not just to reduce the glare!

Mr. Nick Brabyn :  Tourist Open Gazebo 3.4x3.4m:
Mar 14, 2018
delighted with the gazebo, completed last week over 3 days with help of a friend. Excellent info from Richard ,posts and videos made the job straight forward. Took extra care to make sure all was level and ring beam completely square as advised. All in all delighted with the quality and final appearance

Mr. Daren Caruana :  Zutphen Modern Log Cabin 4.98x2.98m:
Mar 13, 2018
The log cabin arrived in perfect condition, delivered by a very friendly delivery person exactly where we need it in our drive. The cabin pieces were all there. The instructions could have been a bit more detailed but the drawings are good and in the end once started it all made sense. Excellent service. Highly recommended.
Michael Wolsey :  Britt Log Cabin 3x2.5m:
Mar 13, 2018
Ordered and delivered with no hassle. Had a build query and your out of hours service replied promptly and with the answer. Took two days to erect with the help of a brother-in-law who has one in his garden. The shed looks great at the bottom of the garden, now painted and in use. ( Who needs 5000 characters to say
the end result is very good and getting there had no problems, just a little effort. )
Mr. Colin Tompkins :  Classico Gazebo 4.3x4.3m:
Mar 13, 2018
I am very pleased with the Classico Gazebo 4.3x4.3m that I have recently purchased. It is a well made unit with more than adequate materials. It is strong and looks great especially with the shingle roofing. A good buy and value for money.
Stephen Hobbs :  Aiste Log Cabin 5 x 3m:
Mar 12, 2018
The delivery driver was really good, he put the pallet exactly where I wanted. I haven't quite finished construction due to the weather but the first 6-7 layers went on really easily and the instructions are simple to follow, even when building single-handed.
Mr. Matt Ward :  Meaghan Log Cabin 4.5 x 4.5m:
Mar 11, 2018
I chose Tuin after reading and researching the options available, and I'm happy I made the right choice.

The information, advice and guidance on the website is comprehensive and a great support. I chose the Meaghan because it offered the best fit for the space I had available and I'm really pleased with it.

My dad and me built it across two weekends: walls on day one; roof on day two; half shingles plus skylight on day three and; completion of shingles on day four.

The process is really intuitive and we really enjoyed the build - the build video in the support section of the website is invaluable, we watched and then rewatched the key stages several times then copied. Some logs had slight warps here and there but they all went together ok. Apex logs are pretty delicate, so be careful. Purlins and ridge purlin needed some real hammering (with lump hammer and off-cut chock!), but went in with force. Double doors took a fair bit of tweaking to get to shut straight but we got there eventually. Again, the guidance on the website is a real help.

Roof planks was an enjoyably methodical process, and then the skylight and shingles loomed... I actually bought an alternative skylight instead of the Tuin option as I wanted something slightly bigger. In hindsight, maybe I should have stuck to the Tuin version...

Shingles are great but after two consecutive February days on the roof, I'll be happy to not see another shingle for some time. We fitted 25mm celotex underneath the shingles with 40mm clout nails and this seems to have worked out ok. Time will tell.

Flooring left to do, but already looking forward to kitting out for spring and summer. Building it was great and an enjoyable bonding session with my dad!

Very pleased.

Luke hill :  Palma Log Cabin 4x4m:
Mar 11, 2018
Very happy with my tuin cabin. Delivery was hassle free and came completely sealed so was protected from all the recent bad weather.
Fitting was simple and done just by myself in 2 days.
Also cabin looks great!
Mr. Stanley Graham :  Wooden Floor Pack for Log cabins:
Mar 11, 2018
Pack arrived well packaged in perfect condition as per the description
Delivery arrived on time
I have ordered from Tuin before and as usual everything was to my satisfaction would always recommend Tuin
Mar 11, 2018
Genuinely impressed with the quality and ease with which it all went together. Two of us built all of it, except the felt roofing tiles, in 6hrs. Not one joint didn't go together perfectly by hand. A few wee niggles with door snibs and non matching handles on doors and windows but easily worked round.
Keir Allen :  Log Cabin Air Vent:
Mar 11, 2018
Quality is fine but very small. I'd suggest that for the money you might wish to source elsewhere
Keir Allen :  Storm Kit for Log Cabins:
Mar 11, 2018
Not yet tested in anger but hopefully will prevent my roof flying off. Goes on easily
mario marrone :  Rick Log Cabin 3.0 x 5.95m:
Mar 10, 2018
main structure very easy to assemble, was unable to fit door frame as doorhead and threshold sent was incorrect. built rest ok. cabin has had a good test recently as the snow did not enter, so far am very pleased.
Mr. Daniel Milner :  Uddel Modern Log Cabin 3.8x2.6m:
Mar 10, 2018
After reading some terrible feedback on another company I was considering buying my log cabin from, I found Tuin and was instantly impressed by its extensive and very honest guide and blog. Having selected the Uddel cabin it was delivered a day early by a very friendly Dutch lorry driver. This worked perfectly as his artic would have caused traffic mayhem the following morning.
Before I came to build the shed with the help of a friend I watched the Tuin build video which explained the process well. We unpacked the timber, sorted it into parts and begun assembling the foundation beams. This threw up a bit of an issue as the base was slightly too small - the foundation beams are not flat underneath. So need support under their full width. That took an extra half hour or so, then we started slotting in the logs and it is amazing how fast the cabin goes up. The door and window assembly is a bit more involved but we started unpacking the timber at 9am and had the entire structure up by 5.20pm! The instructions were fairly clear - only the roof fascias were a little confusing as they don’t go full width front and back so you have to join in the middle and support so they don’t sag. A week later I added 50mm insulation on the roof topped with OSB board and then the roofing felt. Inside I added 50mm insulation, using the packing timber as bearers, then loft boards and a top surface of interlocking EVA garage floor tiles. The cabin is great and Tuin were excellent throughout the process.
Mar 9, 2018
I’m glad I got asked to review my cabin. I am in north east Scotland so finding a company that realises it’s not the other side of the world was difficult, however not for these guys. The price for my delivery was brilliant and the company that delivered it was superb, nothing was a problem. I opted for the order now and invoice when delivery has been arranged as it’s alot of money to give to a company you haven’t dealt with before. They contacted me as agreed and it gave me piece of mind. I didn’t even have to wait long up in Scotland for a delivery date either. Now for the cabin part. It’s a brilliant log cabin and although the instructions aren’t that great at first glance, you soon realise it’s because the cabin is so easy to build all you really need is the pictures given. The quality was spot on, every bit links together perfectly and the design of it was impressive at its simplicity. It’s pretty difficult to get it wrong ! It’s taken me 5x longer to put the shingles on than to build the cabin but they are good quality shingles and I still can’t believe they were free. I believe you never really get anything for free, but in this case it was. I genuinely saved 50% compared to locally purchasing and it was hassle free. I’ve recommended Tuin to a few people now who don’t believe what I got for the money.
Mr. Douglas Buchanan :  Corfu Larch Gazebo 3.4x5.9m:
Mar 9, 2018
I took the plunge and purchased the "Corfu" believing that a promotional price was coming to and end. Delivery was first class, well detailed and in fact delivered ahead of schedule. The reality is that the "unit"is still in its delivery pod. To be erected in the next week. Looks like a solid piece of timber. Will report further on completion.
Mar 9, 2018
Order process well straight forward and emails aplenty from Tuin. Asked for the delivery to be held back which they did with no problems. Delivery to the house which I thought would be a problem turned out to be fine, (low bridges, small and busy roads). The driver was really helpful and professional. Because of the snow and general bad weather we have been experiencing recently only just finished the base (spend as much time as you can to get it right, will make for a easier build). Only a third completed so far but I am glad to say all going well. Great timber, great company and a good price makes for a overall excellent experience. Although there are instructions and video's online, like the majority of companies out there the instructions which came with the cabin are very average. All in all very happy with my new nearly complete cabin.
Susan Wainwright :  Emma Corner Log Cabin 3m x 3m:
Mar 9, 2018
I've just had the Emma log cabin installed today. Phillip and Wojciech travelled for 5 hours through the snow to get here and they worked so hard and so efficiently to construct my lovely summerhouse. I can't praise them enough, and the ordering and delivery was absolutely first class too. I'm hoping to paint my summerhouse tomorrow and I can't wait to furnish it and enjoy my new room.
Mar 9, 2018
We recently purchased the Summertime Log Cabin, and from the very start of the order the service has been great. We had lots of comminication from Tuin, to confirm our order right through to delivery. The guy who delivered our cabin was fab. We live on a lane and access is through the back of the property in an even smaller lane. This was no problem, the cabin was delivered and left right where we wanted. The cabin was packaged really well, and went together well. Great quality. Overall fantastic service from start to finish.
Neil Mcmurchy :  Elburg Modern Log Cabin 5x2.5m:
Mar 7, 2018
Delivered on time and very easy to construct with consice drawings and notes. Managed to do it myself over a full weekend.
Very happy with cabin and has survived all the snow in our area over last few days so solid construction.
Would highly recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing.
Steven Gordon-Head :  Ingmar Log Cabin 3.8x3.0m:
Mar 6, 2018
Once I had decided on which cabin I would like it was a very easy and helpful ordering process.
Excellent delivery service and driver. Cabin delivered to within 50 feet of my rear garden access. After unpacking it helps by laying out the logs and other bits out with the same part numbers as shown on the tags to allow a logical sequence of putting the cabin together.
The enclosed instructions booklet was a tad hard to read as the print was so small and slightly smudged but a combination of Youtube, logic and a lets see had it sorted.
The build took me, working single handed, a weekend. The only issues I had was, after making the double door frame gap to the stipulated width. I then had to assemble the knocked down frame. The door frame was then placed into into the wall gap, all good it seemed but I found that when it came to putting the doors onto the frame hinges there was no way they were going to fit or close within the frame.
The quick and easy solution was to remove the door rebates, further reduce each door width at the centre edges by 5 mm. I then replanted new rebates onto the doors. After this little modification the doors now fitted. Door securing top and bottom bolt holes in the bottom and top rail needed to be re-drilled but apart from that no other problems. I did wonder at the time if the doors were sized correctly at the factory.
I installed my own floor including sub floor insulation which was easy.
Overall very happy with my purchase and would buy other Tuin products.
Steven Gordon-Head :  Timber Frame Base Pads:
Mar 6, 2018
Super easy to use and made life very easy in dealing with subtle differences in the levels of the sub base I was using.
Used as part of the foundation beam supports for a Ingmar cabin.
Can see lots of other uses for these base pads.
Alan Marshall :  Grande Open Gazebo 2.9x4.9m:
Mar 6, 2018
Very happy with the delivery, the driver was excellent.
I inspected and labelled all the parts and I'm very pleased with the quality of the timbers.
Unfortunately due to the bad weather I'm not planning on assembling the gazebo until April.
I am confident that by following the excellent video's the build will be trouble free.
A good product on both price and quality.
Mr. Alan Dixon :  Emma Corner Log Cabin 3m x 3m:
Mar 6, 2018
The Emma cabin is an excellent product. The delivery service was very good and they kept me informed at all times. I thought the cabin was thoughtfully designed to enable the easiest possible build. I did make a few minor mistakes, so had to backtrack slightly during the build but eventually you understand the process it all becomes clear. The web advice pages are very good and I kept referring to them. I would definitely recommend this cabin to both my friends !

Pete Bicheno :  Log Garage Moa 6 x 5m:
Mar 5, 2018
This is a great looking building that we really like. It is spacious and having insulated under the floor is also warm and dry. It is going to make a great workshop and store.

The build itself is daunting when you first look at it but after sorting out all the parts and making sure you have the slightly different ones separated it goes ahead quickly. It took 8 of us a day to assemble (a Scottish winter day so short on daylight) and a day to lay a floor and fix the shingles. The hardest part was lifting up and fitting the gables and getting the purlins in place. Check that the building is square at the top before you do this as it might need a nudge. We found the purlins to be too tight and after a coupe of breaks I eased them with a chisel. Only a smidgen but it saved the rest from problems. The broken parts glued back on ok using polyurethane glue.

The shingles took longer to fix than expected and as it was cold the shingle glue didn't go as far as we had hoped. I'll have to go back later and add a bit where needed. But again not a disaster.

Lucky we did get the roof completed though as two days later we had over a foot of snow. The Moa is dry inside and warm compared to outside. We think it looks great and should give many years of good service. Many years ago I worked as a joiner so I recognise quality in wooden buildings. I put enough together then. The quality is good, the size is good, the appearance is good, the service is good. And your driver is a real star. Thank you.

Christopher Devis :  Onyx Log Cabin 2.6x2.2m:
Mar 4, 2018
A very easy company to deal with , ordering was easy, the delivery chap was very helpful and the product is good quality at a very good price
Mr. DOUG DAVIES :  Gijs Log Cabin 5.95x4m:
Mar 4, 2018
Very happy with cabin. My biggest worry was delivery. Because I live in a cul de sac Yet 1 hour before delivery driver called to say he would be there. I was waiting for a second call to say he couldn’t get in my street but then I noticed he was driving down street on fork truck. My worries were for nothing.
The cabin was easy to assemble. I had it up roof and shingles on in 3 days. Plus I had to make modifications too the overhang. The overhang was 2 meters bit I reduced it to 800mm. Overall very very happy with service from start to finish.
Mar 4, 2018
In a word “Excellent”! The whole process from ordering to delivery and construction has been a great experience. I would recommend Tuin to anyone. The Peter 3mx3m was chosen as it was the largest we could fit in a smallish garden – the end result to be used as a woodcraft workshop. I can support all the good points others have made regarding the quality of timber, design, fittings and accuracy of machining. I attempted the build myself and it can be done! – just take your time and follow all the good advice that is available. I decided on a Winter build so that I could do the final works in anticipation of a warm Summer!? I confess, I made mistakes! I hope that by sharing them here you will not be discouraged. 1. My base wasn’t level enough even though I had checked it with spirit level, laser pen and laser level! I know my spirit level was too short at only 600mm but I can only put the rest down to earthquakes! This meant a lot of time spent preparing well preserved full length wedges of timber to correct the problem. 2. I was sure I didn’t need the plan! Result – I got carried away building the side walls up and had to undo 2 rows very carefully (it can be done). 3. My waterproof PVA glue wasn’t happy on the door frame and dried white and weak – probably due to very low temperatures. 4. After I had put all the roof timbers on I noticed that one was on upside down! Had I been wide awake I would have realised that the 2 sides were different – I just went by look! I suppose 1 wrong out of about 50 isn’t too bad. I will have to back it out now I’ve seen it though! The best news of all is that I managed to get the structure snow-proof before the whole of the UK was wiped out by snow! There is no felt on yet but the whole structure seems to be completely happy to stand up to whatever the elements can throw at it. Really looking forward to building the nice thick floating floor that Tuin supplied – just need some of that warm weather to appear! Thanks to all at Tuin! John
Mr. Grahame Lees :  Riina Corner Log Cabin 3m x 3m:
Mar 4, 2018
We have had a faultless experience from ordering to delivery and advice from Tuin after ordering our Riina Cabin.
The quality is second to none and it does look excellent when erected. Took about 1.5 days to get upto placing shingles on due to weather, which has now stopped any further progress for now. The instructions are fine if a little vague in places but easy enough to work out and if needed there is plenty of online video help from Tuin.
The thicker logs do add to the quality of this cabin and being thicker we had no issues with any warped logs especially after being left outside in the poor weather for a week before build began.
Mr. Scott Moody :  Justine Log Cabin 5 x 2.5m:
Mar 3, 2018
A very good cabin perfect for all gardens with no need for planning applications- the roof shingles a definite must to make the cabin n look perfect. Highly recommend the company for your garden lodge needs
Mr. Gareth Porter :  Flow Log Cabin 5.95 x 4.0m :
Mar 3, 2018
Excellent piece of kit very simple to put together I had mine up in a day on my own .
The only drawback would be the roofing felt quality but I understand it’s all down to costing . And it’s not the end of the world to upgrade yourself .
Great customer service would highly recommend Tuin .
Mar 2, 2018
Very pleased with the quality of the Tuin cabin we ordered. It went together well and looks like it will last a good while.

The delivery service was a big plus for us as we live up a private lane where a big truck wouldnt fit - but the on board fork lift had the cabin exactly where we needed it.

Only thing which wasnt perfect would be the screws they supply need a 6 pointed screwdriver rather than a standard Philipps type one. So we had to buy our own ones, but they werent very expensive.
Mar 2, 2018
Well made. Good communication with company. Took a while to deliver due to shipping. Happy with product.
Mar 2, 2018
Well made product. Happy with product. would buy from again. Staff helpful and knowledgable
Lynda and Charles East :  Aiste Log Cabin 5 x 3m:
Mar 2, 2018
Due to the severe snow we haven't been able to build our Aiste cabin yet, however I do not anticipate any problems if the service received so far is anything to go by. Staff were courteous and helpful throughout the ordering system, no complaints whatsoever and I think the website is really good. Our delivery was causing us some concern due to the narrow road and eaerly mornign delivery before neighbours had left for work, but the driver was brilliant, bringing our lad in from the main road by forklift. Securely packaged and quite safe to be left outside in the snow. Brilliant service.
Mr. James Duffey :  Daisy Log Cabin 3.5 x 2.5m:
Feb 28, 2018
After much reading of various blogs and supplier websites I selected the Daisy Log Cabin from Tuin. The whole experience has been fantastic the online support and tips where invaluable. I've built the base and assembled the cabin myself, to much personal satisfaction. The delivery guy was fantastic hurtling up the road on his fork lift to deliver the MASSIVE parcel to my door. It went together surprisingly easy and looks the business in the garden. Everything slotted into place nicely.

I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Mr. Robin Dunkley :  Jesper Log Cabin 3 x 2.5m:
Feb 27, 2018
i ordered my Jesper log cabin after reading all the reviews on the product, ordering was easy to do and when it came to delivery i couldn't have been better, the driver contacted me and booked delivery for 7.00am, it was still dark, but bang on time the cabin arrived with the driver positioning it on my drive exactly where i wanted it to go.
assemble was great fun and really easy to do, (We had spent a lot of time ensuring that the base we built was perfectly level and square), we did buy the composite profiled foundation
beams as well. we put the cabin up in just under 2 days and it looks fantastic, with insulation under the floor it does feel warm inside, I have to paint the outside with the preservative but the cabin is now in use as a workshop and I am very pleased with the end result
Feb 26, 2018
Great product. Everything about the process was nice and easy and delivered as promised. Great communication and easy to move delivery back a week. The building is great quality. Would highly recommend. Great delivery service as well
Mr. ANDREW O\'NEILL :  28mm Log Cabin Storage Annexe 1.6x2.2m:
Feb 26, 2018
Excellent product and service again. Bought this to go on the end of a log cabin I also bought from them a few months earlier.
Feb 26, 2018
Much easier and far more exciting to build than I imagined. I watched all the videos at least 3 times and followed the written instructions and surprise, surprise it all fitted and worked. Obviously it's all cut by computer controlled machines somewhere in Holland which is why it is of great quality and works so well.

All my friends think I'm a diy genius but in fact it is the design and manufacture which is the skill not mine.
Feb 26, 2018
I absolutely love this. It is great quality and my joiner and coworker built it in a day. It looks beautiful and is more spacious than I thought. The delivery man was fantastic. Very friendly, knowledgeable about the product and offered some advice. Much appreciated. Overall. I LOVE this summerhouse.
Anthony stocks :  Daniel Corner Log Cabin 2.6x2.6m:
Feb 26, 2018
My Daniel log cabin was delivered on time and Yuin driver was brilliant it looks great and never spent this much time in my garden it is envied by all thanks tuin
Mr. Jeffrey Heaton :  Wooden Pergola 3x3m:
Feb 26, 2018
Very pleased with this product, I did use my own screws and doubled up on the numbers used. The end result is a very strong and stable construction!
Read the instructions carefully and make a plan and it will come together in about 3.5 hrs. Well worth the money!
Trevor Barker :  Economist Gazebo 3.4x3.4m:
Feb 25, 2018
Excellent gezebo. Very sturdy and looks really great. Not too difficult to erect for 2 persons. Instructions were clear and easy to follow with videos etc. Arrived on time and we'll packaged.
Mr. Michael Young :  Grande Open Gazebo 2.9x4.9m:
Feb 25, 2018
I am happy with delivery times and the cooperation of delivery company. All appears to be ok but because of bad weather I have been unable to check the wood closely. I have no doubt all will be good when I get to uncover the product in good weather Thank you.
Rachel Forster :  Emma Corner Log Cabin 3m x 3m:
Feb 24, 2018
The build was fairly straight forward - even as an a average DIY enthusiast due to the comprehensive instructions and diagrams provided. The helpful hints on the web site also were also a good source of information. My brother is so impressed that he is now looking to buy a log cabin from Tuin!
Miss. Helen Crapnell :  Nilsson Corner Log Cabin 3.5x3.5m:
Feb 24, 2018
I am so pleased with my Nielsen log cabin, the quality is outstanding. Spent over a year looking before I finally made my decision. The delivery driver arrived exactly when he said he would, he put it exactly where I asked as was very polite and helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend this company, photos will follow!
Kevin Neish :  Samos Larch Gazebo 2.9x4.9m:
Feb 24, 2018
We were a bit unsure of whether we should undertake such a build but boy it has been well worth it what a structure has been much admired by those that have viewed ,I must say that Tuin are great yes we had damaged parts when it arrived but the service that was shown as a result to re- supply replacement parts was quite frankly amazing .To be honest we have taken our time to complete the job the weather at this time of the year was against us but loving wood as I do this was a joy to build and am sure we will enjoy the Gazebo for years to come in all weathers.Gas patio heater fits under a treat and it really looks great I shall supply photographs later but Bravo Tuin we are extremely delighted with our purchase.
Mr. Jeremy Chitson :  Carefree Protectant Timber Treatment:
Feb 24, 2018
Really liked this product, easy to apply. We didn't know how much we would need so order 2 pots for our 3m square cabin. Should have ordered 4!
Feb 23, 2018
This is a superb product, very easy to build (only took a day to build and a morning to shingle) and I would recommend to anyone looking for a quality log cabin. I’ve already had people round admiring it!

Ordering and delivery was easy with no problems.

Very happy with the result and at a very good price. Would recommend this product and company.
grant passingham :  Log Cabin Oval Sauna:
Feb 23, 2018
Fantastic quality , excellent delivery , really is a two person job , a skill saw is very helpful with a hand saw for finishing off corners , please follow the instructions !
Margaret :  Wooden Pergola 3x3m:
Feb 23, 2018
I purchased the wooden pergola.the service was 5 star and so was the product.the wood was of great quality and after two hours it was built and I was amazed how sturdy it was I would highly recommend this pergola to anyone thinking of buying one. thank you tuin.
Mr. Keith McManus :  Timber Frame Base Pads:
Feb 22, 2018
The frame pads made levelling a timber frame so much easier. I just needed to roughly level some breeze blocks and let the adjustment in the pads do the rest. I’m also expecting the pad to limit any moisture rotting the timber frame.
Feb 22, 2018
I was slightly apprehensive about making this purchase wondering if I had the necessary skills to construct my cabin, if the quality of the product was as good as the reviews said they were. As it turned out I need not have worried, from placing the initial order, delivery and construction everything went smoothly and I cannot rate the product or the company highly enough. I was particularly impressed when I emailed a question about some surplus pieces at about 8pm and received a response within 5 minutes now that is what I call good service. Friends have been to have a look and are so impressed with both the quality and the cost, that they are going to be ordering one themselves, so no doubt they will be using my new found expertise.
Once great product and great service.
Geoffrey Lovegrove :  Sigrid Log Cabin With Shed Annexe 3x4.4m:
Feb 22, 2018
The whole experience was made easy and whenever I made any contact the response was immediate. Any member of staff I spoke to always helpful and very friendly. The actual cabin was delivered well protected and according to the approved installer I used when together as you would hope without problems. I am extremely happy with my purchase and would recommend to anyone - I would also recommend using an approved installer.
Peter Holford :  Corfu Larch Gazebo 3.4x5.9m:
Feb 21, 2018
Great piece of kit well made quality material should last for a long time. Painless delivery. Brilliant supplier
Mr. clifford neal :  Dagmar Corner Log Cabin 3.5x3.5m:
Feb 21, 2018
My experience from finding my summerhouse on line to ordering and delivery was seamless and very efficient. I called Tuin office with a question and was answered in confident manner. Ordering was easy and the lead dates and manner of delivery was perfect. The advice re installation was also very helpful. All in all a great company and a great product. This summerhouse looks fantastic and now we await warmer days to enjoy bbq days and nights.
Mr. paul jones :  Ingrid Corner Log Cabin 3x3m:
Feb 21, 2018
Communication and delivery of the cabin was excellent all as expected.
The cabin is excellent quality and with the composite foundation base really does make a great finish and protection for the wood.
We had built by one of Tuins recommended fitters - (Warren) he did amazing job.
Mr. Jeremy Chitson :  Timber Frame Base Pads:
Feb 21, 2018
This product is ideal for the task. We were building on a slope and so used these for the final small scale adjustments needed to get the base completely level. Would definitely recommend.
Mr. dominic smith :  Tourist Open Gazebo 3.4x3.4m:
Feb 21, 2018
We have now bought 3 of these gazebos for our glamping pod business. They have finished our pods off brilliantly. They are great quality solid units.
They cover our hot tubs perfectly and look great.
Assembly is straight forward takes 5 hours or so mostly spent nailing the tiles on. You need longer felt nails than they supply, we use 20mm nails and even 25mm.
We also used a nail gun for the sarking boards as we don’t intend to take them down ever.
The company that delivers the kits are also really good. They have always been happy to run up our hill with their forklifts without question.
All in all very pleased with everything.
Feb 21, 2018
Very happy - easy company to communicate with, and clarify details etc. Definitely know their stuff, no matter who you speak to. The cabin went up very easily, and overall is very solid and well cut. The roof panels, however, let the cabin down a bit - they are not all the same size, and 5 of the 8 panels were so bowed that we had to juggle them around to make it so they all bear at least minimally on joists. Ideally the panels would be made of a thicker grade of wood to try and reduce this bowing, and be more precisely cut so they fit together more accurately. As it is, we will have to get someone to go round the edges and rip them flush to each other, and come up with a way to close in the edges where the edging strips are not flush with the wall tops. Were we wanting to use this as an office or a 'snug', we would really have to work hard to seal this perimeter detail.
Mr. martin newman :  Metal Roof Finial For Garden Buildings:
Feb 20, 2018
Really good quality and finishes the roof of my nora summerhouse off lovely
Nick Abbott :  Peter Log Cabin 3x3m 34mm logs:
Feb 19, 2018
Excellent product and delivery service.
Paper Instructions a little basic, online help is excellent. All fitted together perfectly and now I have a very strong and good looking cabin.
Cabin built during the winter meaning the roof shingles did not bond together very well (need 20 deg). I had some damage after 80 mph winds. There were enough shingles left to repair roof and I used a bonding agent, all good now.
Trevor Morgan :  Emiel Log Cabin 5.0x5.0m:
Feb 19, 2018
Emiel Log Cabin.
I endorse the comments made by other reviewers 1-excellent product and service. 2. Better written instructions would assist the very helpful videos.
We found the main erection quite fast and straightforeward as long as we followed instructions and worked as a team.
The shingle roof proved otherwise. It is a slow and precise task ( especially for amateurs ) .In our case we were under pressure to complete as a holiday was imminent and a storm forecast. We finished at 6pm as the rain arrived and by 6am the windward side shingles were all over the garden ( and the neighbour's !!!!! ) The moral in the tale is that if the site is in an exposed position use a gas torch and allow enough time for the adhesive to bond before high winds.
Tuin's response was very swift dispatching replacement shingle and adhesive at a discounted price. JOB DONE !!!!!
chris roworth :  Rick Log Cabin 3.0 x 5.95m:
Feb 19, 2018
Easy to assemble a great product recommended to many people
paul hale :  Rose Log Cabin 5x5m:
Feb 18, 2018
Took delivery of the rose log cabin two weeks ago and cudnt be more happy took neary a year to decide looked at all the other suppliers then came across tuins website after reading all the reviews decided to order the log cabin went together sweet as a nut delivery was very smooth the neighbour has fallen in love with it and is now going to order one himself and his brother inlaw as well

Mr. David Hancock :  Loya Pent Roof Log Cabin 3.8 x 3m:
Feb 18, 2018
Just amazing, the Loya went up in hours with very little hassle. Solid and well made, just perfect.
Mrs. Hazel Paton :  IKO Felt Roof Shingles:
Feb 18, 2018
Good price. Matched wxisting shingles perfectly. Simple to install.
Feb 17, 2018
I fantastic addition to our log cabin is this solid shed assembled easily
Mr. Paul Blackburn :  Kris Pent Log Cabin 2.9x2m:
Feb 17, 2018
Impressed at all stages with the ordering through delivery through completion of the build.

Price seemed expensive when ordered but now constructed it seems good value and whilst the construction instructions are not great in printed form the notes on the website are useful and the kit beautifully intuitive to construct. But keep the wood dry pre construction.

Ordered composite profile base which was not delivered but rung through and thin arranged delivery within 24hours. Slightly inconvenient as prevented the immediate assembly, but dealt with quickly.

Ordered epdm roof and this was very easy to fit and much simpler than roofing felt.

Door frame assembly is quality.

When treated the cabin makes a fantastic focal point and storage/utility area in garden. Great quality and will last for years. Well worth spending more than a shed as it is in a totally different league.

To conclude. You get what you pay for. Service excellent. Product excellent. Easy construction if you are half competent diy person.
Ms. Karen Dalby :  Timber Frame Base Pads:
Feb 17, 2018
These base pads proved to be the easiest, most economical way to support my 4m x 4m log cabin. I used 48 on half flagstones on top of compact soil. There were a few damaged bits but overall that didn't affect the performance. Easy to adjust when fixed in place, with a bit of practice! The ground was quite uneven and we had to 'pad out' with flags in some low spots. Finished cabin is very level and solid. Would use them again but would level ground a bit more first!
Simon Bebbington :  Timber Frame Base Pads:
Feb 16, 2018
I brought one of these pads just to see whether they would do the job for a planned workshop in my garden. It seems to be a very ingenious device and will do just what it says. Also seems to be good value for money.
Mr. Paul Wilson :  Justine Log Cabin 5 x 2.5m:
Feb 15, 2018
Brilliant! Needed a bit of adjustment around the door but other than that no issues.
Put it up in about 8 hours total.
Kevin. Mayes :  Annabel Log Cabin 5.0 x 4.0m:
Feb 15, 2018
Nice and roomy cabin Can not wait to finish this easy build carried out on my own. Great service. Thou rally recommended. K. K. Mayes
Feb 15, 2018
My cabin arrived on time, the driver was very helpful and we had it unloaded very quickly.
Due to the horrible weather here in Scotland I had to leave it in its packaging for the best part of three weeks this was not a problem as it was well wrapped up.
The cabin is now fully assembled and looks great instructions were very easy to follow.
Shingles look great
Would recommend Tuin in the future
Very happy customer
Feb 14, 2018
This log cabin looks very smart in the corner. The only small negative comment I have is I found the build instructions slightly confusing as the cut piece of timber walling for the overhang over the doors is shown as fitting on the left hand side wall when actually it needs to be fitted on the right hand side wall.
Also personally I would have preferred a slightly deeper piece of timber around the edge in order to fit a gutter more easily, however with only a minor modification and some extra timber I achieved this and I think it looks better for it. I repeat these are very minor negative comments, I am very pleased with the log cabin it was simple to erect even single handed.
Andrew Mason :  Onyx Log Cabin 2.6x2.2m:
Feb 13, 2018
Excellent service , delivery superb, haven’t put it up yet but instructions look clear and relatively easy to follow. Onyx Log Cabin individual pieces feel substantial.
Mr. Paul Wilson :  Metal Roof Tiles:
Feb 13, 2018
Easy to put up and looks great. Pricy but hopefully no leaks for life! Felt underneath just in case!
Mr. Robert Forrest :  Metal Roof Tiles:
Feb 12, 2018
Excellent product and well manufactured. Charcoal finish order and used as shed roofing. Easy to install follow the online video. Due to the granular finish, which is stable when walked on for fixing, it can get damaged in transit due to stacking. Let Tuin know and they are more than happy to replace any. Overall considered good value for money. Be sure to take your own measurements for quantities as I found I needed more sheets than using the guide. I cut a few sheets down to suit my roof area, but with the right tool (Oscillating Multi-Tool) with flat head. Found cutting from the rear side along seem left a clean cut, but protection of granular surface necessary. Would I purchase again for similar project...Yes. All accessories ideal and looks great and professional.
Paul Jones :  Karen Log Cabin 5 x 3.2m:
Feb 12, 2018
I looked around at several manufacturers and cabins before settling on Tuin and the Karen log cabin. From phoning and ordering through to the delivery the service I received was first class, the delivery driver in particular doing a sterling job to get my cabin and the flooring pack right on my path. I had already spent some time digging out and then laying a concrete base so erecting the cabin was simple and quick, myself and my brother in law getting it done in under a day. The shingle roof looks superb and is simple to figure out but a lot of hard work to fit, taking a day and a half to complete, plus another half day to fit the flooring pack. After adding the wood preserver and stain and fitting the electrics I have an excellent summer house/man cave that will last for many many years. In conclusion an excellent product with top notch service that I cannot recommend highly enough.
Mr. Richard Laws :  Daisy Log Cabin 3.5 x 2.5m:
Feb 12, 2018
After initially being told there would be a slight delay on delivery, our items actually arrived on time, so thank you! The instructions are a little confusing but we took the advice of laying everything out in to piles and all becomes clear as you get started. Watch as many videos and blog posts as you can. Once we had cut the foundation beams and layed a couple of layers, the walls, window and door frame flew up. It took us a day to put it up and pop the roof on (the roof is the part which takes the longest). The next day we put the shingles on and if you read the blog tips like we did, the final product looks great. We bought a shed annexe aswell so for both it probably tooks us 3 full days to put them up (we are not experts!) We also bought Embadecor stain and Embalan paint which are a little pricey but worth it (dont scrimp on treatment as the blog says... we agree!) We opted to put our own floor in which does work out cheaper but it depends what you are putting down. Great cabin, friendly service and will make a great office.
Mr. Kenneth North :  Embadecor Timber Stain:
Feb 12, 2018
I bought this product to treat a Klass log cabin, it was very easy to use and has kept the natural colour of the spruce. Would recommend this product, it done exactly what we intended it to do.
Feb 12, 2018
A late review as we’ve been busy preparing for, assembling and finishing our cabin, a couple of months all in all, but with the seasons vagaries that’s not bad.

Delivery:on time, efficient, with friendly obliging driver. Information on the minimum width of the driveway for delivery and offloading from the fork lift would have been helpful as he couldn’t access the garage (which had been made ready to receive the pallet) as the access drive was too narrow. Everything had to be unpacked and moved by hand after the driver had gone.

Preparation: temperature and space against us, the process of applying 2 coats of wood preserver, before even considering assembly, seemed to take forever

Building instructions: rather minimal but just about sufficient. No instruction on assembly of synthetic moulded foundation beams, which would have helped. if we had a second cabin to construct it would have been simple with hindsight and experience. Fitting the pyramid roof, could have been more comprehensive as could the fitting of roof shingles (for which the U Tube was invaluable but much more difficult than shown as not only was our weather very cold so the shingles were stiff and impenetrable for the tacks, but we were working from platforms, whereas the demo was done on floor level).With only a mobile internet connection this meant frequent visits to family members to use their broadband!

End result: Looks great, and are we happy? Yes
Mr. Terrance Putter :  Dagmar Corner Log Cabin 3.5x3.5m:
Feb 10, 2018
Lovely garden cabin, easy to setup and quick delivery. Found it to be watertight and also holds sound well.
Feb 9, 2018
I researched long and hard before deciding on Tuin. They are an exceptional company and the quality of their buildings are second to none.

My Wolfgang cabin was installed 9 years ago and, despite my terrible neglect of its upkeep, it is still as beautiful, sturdy, warm and watertight as it was on the very first day.

I've had 2 other buildings from Tuin since then ( another cabin and a metal shed) and, unlike a lot of companies, despite Tuin's huge success their attention to detail, quality and value for money still remains unequalled.

Feb 9, 2018
Fitted this window to my Tuin Summer house. Very easy to do. Comes with all the fittings. A good product.
Mr. Greg Silcock :  Britt Log Cabin 3x2.5m:
Feb 9, 2018
All in all, the buying and building process went very well. The cabin is certainly impressive, with the quality of the wood outstanding. The design is excellent as well. On first impressions the cabin seems expensive but I’m happy I didn’t pay more than it was worth. Delivery was interesting, we live in a narrow country lane and the size of the lorry when it turned up was a concern, but the delivery driver was very efficient – although a tad nervous – it was his first every run.

The building process took longer than expected. Two and a bit days in total. Setting up the base and walls were very easy, although you need to continually monitor the door space, particularly so in this case where there was a double door. It might be better from an assembly point of view if the front area of the cabin, where the doors are to be assembled, is held in place with some temporary structure, because I didn’t get a perfect fit with the door – but even so it still looks good. Fitting the floor and the roof were the longest stages of the process and kneeling at an angle on the roof while you hammered in the shingles (roof tiles) was unnerving at first, but everything turned out well.

The structure’s been up for 6 months now and, with the impregnation fluid I bought, still looks brand new – the weather seems to have had no effect on it, so my original intention to paint the cabin’s been put in abeyance – thankfully.
Mr. ian williamson :  Timber Frame Base Pads:
Feb 9, 2018
I bought a set of 6 Tuin frame base pads for my new workshop.
They were a good value way of levelling my base on a piece of slightly sloping ground that I did not want to concrete completely flat. Adjustability is excellent and my workshop went together very easily on its perfectly flat timber base
Feb 9, 2018
I needed another building for my hedgehog sanctuary and chose the Lennart, as the size was perfect. It also needed to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer - the 58mm logs deliver this beautifully, and the roof overhang provides just the right amount of shade, without obscuring daylight.

As there were hedgehog patients asleep in the cabin next door (Tuin’s wonderful Wolfgang) I really needed the installation of the Lennart to be as quick as possible, to limit the amount of disruption. The installers that Tuin recommended were lovely and such hard workers. They arrived at 8.30am and I disappeared off to do hedgehogging. I came out at midday and saw the coffee I’d made them still there on the table, stone cold. When I went to ask if they’d like another they were packing away their tools – it was finished!

The cabin is beautiful, perfect; filled with daylight and so solid, warm and quiet, thanks to the double glazing and top quality logs. And thanks to the Tuin site’s excellent guide on log cabin insulation my hospital heating bills have halved. I cannot recommend the Lennart and Tuin highly enough, they are exceptional.
Feb 9, 2018
This is a fantastic shed – the space is enormous! The colour is lovely too, it’s very unobtrusive and looks very posh. I’ve had it since April 2017 and it has withstood many storms, lashing rain, and heavy snowfall, but is as solid and waterproof as the day it was installed.

Two friends put it together for me – all I did was make tea and hold the sides while they were being fixed. It’s good to have as many hands as possible when building this shed as the panels are wobbly until secured. Also some of the pieces are covered in protective film. Don’t make the mistake of leaving that until it’s finished - you need to peel this off before assembling, or it’d be very tricky to do around the screws.

I’m in and out of there every day and the doors still run perfectly smoothly. Because all the fixings, including the screws, are good quality stainless steel nothing has rusted. And the very best thing about this metal shed is once it’s up, that’s it forever – no maintenance.
Mr. Martin Ford :  Chloe Log Cabin 4 x 3m:
Feb 8, 2018
Absolutely brilliant from start to finish. From the quality of photo's, in-depth description and detailed instructions gave me the confidence to purchase the Chloe Cabin. The 'Package' was delivered precisely as described, delivery driver was very helpful.
The product quality was far better than expected and actually far easier to construct than some flat pack products. A good guide for other buyers of these cabins is to view the various videos you provide whilst waiting for your cabin to arrive. Overall, I am very impressed with product and service. Well done Tuin.