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Apr 1, 2020
Very happy with this Log Cabin its very impressive looking. From sale to delivery the service has been great with very friendly well trained staff. My only negative is the lack of paper instructions but on line more than makes up for that and would have liked pieces to have been numbered for easier construction.
Christopher Berry :  Timber Frame Base Pads:
Apr 1, 2020
Great way to level a timber frame with ease. I fixed mine with hammer screws to concrete blocks laid on a bed of sand on a hard boulder clay soil so no other foundation was required. No timer contact with the ground and allows full ventilation to the underside of the cabin. Excellant product if a little expensive. I used 13 on a 3.5 x 2.5 cabin.
Nick Rickards :  Meaghan Log Cabin 4.5 x 4.5m:
Apr 1, 2020
We’re very happy with our cabin. It arrived on time to the minute from Holland and the driver was extremely helpful. As we live up a cul de sac meaning access is a bit tight we had been a bit concerned but this was no problem with his forklift. The supplied kit is very comprehensive and fully numbered so once sorted out the assembly is quite logical. The instructions are quite basic, not as detailed as a full step by step guide but a competent DIYer should be OK. I have two recommendations for a buyer; first put a lot of effort into preparing the base because if the base is level and true everything else follows nicely (fun and games follow if not), and also have two adults working on it (I did it mainly alone and it was a huge job). Highly recommended.
Richard Botwright :  Emma Corner Log Cabin 3m x 3m:
Apr 1, 2020
This product is very good, the service from the company was excellent and the driver could not be more helpful. I think the instructions could be better but all in all a very good log cabin.
Mr. arthur hales :  Storm Kit for Log Cabins:
Apr 1, 2020
Our log cabin resides near the top of a welsh mountain so I was grateful to find this product whilst in the process of completing the build. Straightforward and easy to fit. I decided to mount the kit inside the cabin as I don't find them unsightly. I think they would rust badly when fitted outside.We encounter some wicked gales here and I'm confident that this kit will provide the added protection needed.
Mr. Rod Goodman :  Carefree Protectant Timber Treatment:
Mar 31, 2020
Did exactly what it said on the tin - covered excellently and gave us the finish we required. Only awkward bit was initial purchase where we wanted just one tin for the doors and windows but could not purchase it off the web page as there is a minimum purchase of two items, therefore had to contact Tuin directly, and was only able to buy 1 tin because I'd purchased other items previously.
Susan Caulton :  Emma Corner Log Cabin 3m x 3m:
Mar 31, 2020
Great cabin apart from some of the logs that are split damaged and the flooring coloured by being stored outside. I shall leave painting the inside until the colour has equalised a bit.
Mr. Robert MacKinnon :  Log Cabin Air Vent:
Mar 30, 2020
We had an issue with a dusty mould settling on the back rests on two leather couches that we have in our recently purchased Agnes. However, after a quick look on the helpful Tuin website, which recommended fitting tuin vents, we purchased and installed two vents, and within a week the mould disappeared. Delighted with the quality of the vents and the clear information on the website. Well done Tuin.
Mr. David Honey :  Log Garage Moa 6 x 5m:
Mar 30, 2020
What a great product and amazing to see it go up in less than a day by Philip one of there approved installers. I am really pleased with the quality of the garage and the Tuin team. I did have an issue with the double doors although all my enquires were dealt with promptly and they remained helpful until resolved satisfactorily. I would definitely recommend them, give them a try.
Mr. Paul McKay :  Petit Corner Log Cabin 2x2m:
Mar 29, 2020
Because I had already built a Riina 3x3 cabin as an art studio for my wife, I thought it time to treat myself. There was an ideal space left in my garden that would take a Petit 2x2 cabin. This has a similar shape and has the same quality of timber as it’s bigger sister.
The site for the base was uneven and sloping so I built a ring foundation from 70x70 square treated timber supported at the lower ends by Tuin’s clever plastic screw jacks sitting on small paving slabs. Building the Petit was fast, simple and straightforward. Everything fitted and I insulated the roof and then the floor using 1200x450x50mm polyurethane slabs. I topped the roof with guttering, a downpipe and Tuin's black pyramid complete with brass ball. Like it’s bigger sister, the Riina cabin, it looks a treat. The only adverse comment I can make is, like the other Tuin cabins, the door opens outwards like a shed instead of inwards like a house. This will not be a problem for many people but for me, whose garden is exposed to the wind, it is. The door on the Riina has already been damaged when the wind blew it back against the post splitting the timber. The door on the Petit is narrower than its frame so I can remove it, turn the frame round and refit the door so it opens inwards. That solves one problem. The doors on the Riina are wider than the inside frame so they cannot be turned to open inwards. So I have fitted a stop rope from the base of the doorpost to the fascia board. When the door is open the top of the door comes to rest against the rope before it can hit the doorpost. This long rope now works as a spring and shock absorber.
Mar 29, 2020
Had a day, well 8 hours to get the log cabin/giant shed built. With 4 people in total and probably an average of 2.3 for the entirety. Within that time we got everything done apart from the shingles on and the cabin sealed. The most difficult bit was squaring up the wooden frame that I had made and we got it to within 10mm, so that was good enough. From the start of the build to the final rafter going it was about 5 hours and that was after a few wobbles with not doing the door at the right time and missing a support from the frame that I made. So it could have all been up and in situe in 4 hours, give or take if you like to look at the instructions( which we didnt until we discovered an extra length of wood. There were a few warps in the logs, possibly 6 or 7, but with a bit of persuading they do slot in and it eases off on most occassions with additional weight of the other members. We had one that was pulling where the door frame was going, but we just screwed it down and it sorted it.
Getting to the crux of the matter you need to ensure that you count the number of the logs and ensure you know when to come in with the first of the longer lengths for the beginning of the roof section as we had to take a layer out. Getting the apex for the roof to sit on was the most difficult to fit, obviously due to it being the final part of the build, but with a gentle rubber persuader we got it in and it fitted like a glove.
When you the package arrive and you think there are loads of extra roof boards, there isn't, it's just the way the thing is packed together. I think there were about 6 extra boards and the roof is well over 100 boards for the Hendrick one.
So everything seems to be great at the moment, but I'm sure I'll get a couple of wee snags here and there, but I'm delighted with it at the moment and I'm looking forward to finishing it.
Richard Pearson :  Log Garage Geir 3.6 x 5.4m:
Mar 29, 2020
Where do I begin? Delivery lorry broke down somewhere north of York, and so the delivery could not be made on the arranged day. The driver kept us fully informed and working together we made sure that somebody was here to receive the package when it arrived. Everything was unloaded and placed on our drive without issue. Slight problem with damage to one of the foundation beams, but still had enough to continue with the build so did not report the damage.
This is the second building we’ve had from Tuin, so I assembled the same group of friends and family who built the first one. The instructions which came with the Geir garage were not very good to be hones and were certainly not as detailed as the instructions supplied with the Inge log cabin, but we pressed on and with the promise of free food and refreshments the build was completed in 1.5 days.
The floor was completed by two of us the following weekend.
I was not very happy with the garage door supports and lintel – the doors are very heavy and I did not like the lack of support for the doors from the floor. So widening the door aperture, I constructed a 75 * 75 “U” section in the door way and hung the doors from this. I allowed to expansion to the top from the bottom. So apart from the doors, build went as expected.
Will we be buying anything else from Tuin? Yes, the next project is to dismantle the Inge log cabin, and in it’s place erect the Leeds Log Cabin. Approximately the same size with a veranda. The Inge log cabin will be cut in half and used to build an annex onto the back of the Leeds cabin…
Ms. ANNETTE BONDAREK :  Palma Log Cabin 4x4m:
Mar 27, 2020
Excellent quality, looks great!! Delivery company very helpful when I needed to change date...all ran smoothly
Mr. Scott Honeyman :  Log Cabin Lean to:
Mar 27, 2020
I bought this lean to to do on the end of the annexe attached to our Daisy cabin.

It’s main use will be giving somewhere dry to clean the dog ( we have a long haired GSD who likes muddy puddles).

Just like the annexe and cabin this was a pleasure from ordering to installing.

Was a little too low to fit under but no problem just moved it up the side of the cabin and extended the legs as they have adjustable feet and now perfect.

Awesome again Tuin great product and service.

Another 5* review from me!!

Thankyou Tuin and well done!
Mr. Andrew Kirk :  Emma Corner Log Cabin 3m x 3m:
Mar 25, 2020
Very pleased with finished cabin, exactly what I needed for home office/cozy place to sit of an evening. Service matched preconceptions from reading reviews and researching Tuin, which was excellent. Only slight difficulty was interpreting the instructions which caused slight uniqueness to my final build, but fixable with a bit of creative joinery..! I like the simplicity of the main build and principle of the cabin, and it looks like it will last for many years..Less than two weeks after landing as flat pack in drive I now have a fully functioning home office - fantastic, thank you Tuin.
Mr. Rodney Brine :  Peter Log Cabin 3x3m 34mm logs:
Mar 25, 2020
strong well constructed solid log cabin, instructions are good. delivered on time, what can I say more, delighted with the result.
Mr. Tim Jefferson :  Annabel Log Cabin 5.0 x 4.0m:
Mar 25, 2020
I spent a long time deliberating on which company to use and I always came back t the Tuin website.
The blurb from Richard with humorous overtones further persuaded me to go with Tuin.
The delivery process was a bit comical as I had ensured a 40 metre car free space in front of my house jealously guarding it for your man only to discover he had parked about 500 metres up the road saying he had to make another delivery right opposite me ( so parking that far away did not make sense at all !) Anyway all good after that and very pleased with the cabin which has been admired by all viewers ; well made and quite simple to put the basics together . The only problem was with the front foundation log which had a gap for the door,( so was not continuous as the other three walls , this needed adjustment ( an add on from the spare log) to fit. Although everything was square it was short about 10 cms. Worked out in the end with a bit of carpentry. Overall very pleased with our decision to go with Tuin. Thanks Tim
As always the extra time is spent in the other details..getting the base sorted ,the levels right ,roofing, guttering etc.
Mar 24, 2020
Delivery fantastic, 4.5m long logs and pallet deftly placed right next to the build site. Rhon Log Cabin chosen for dual-purpose convenience: storage area and workshop. Can be built either way round, although single door opens onto left double door unless it is re-hung on the left of the doorframe. Build was ok, the devil is in the detail and a certain amount of common-sense required - for example we had a treated foundation layer of logs the cabin was resting on, which meant that door frames have to be trimmed to fit. The batons for the flooring and many of the flooring planks were misshapen and bent which meant the flooring was difficult to install evenly. Instructions not bad but not Ikea-like in their clarity, some experience is necessary in basic joinery to see the project through. Website much better and with plentiful good advice, having to cross-check everything on a laptop slowed the process somewhat. That said, the result is fantastic and we're delighted. Worth the extra money for the Easy Roof Membrane and Carefree Protectant (clear - why hide the attractive natural finish?) Running in power and network next.
Steve Cornes :  Log Cabin Air Vent:
Mar 24, 2020
Easy to install and looks nice in situ. As essential addition to the maintain air flow and reduce moisture build up. Recommended!
Mr. Edward Emery :  Julia Log Cabin 3 x 5m:
Mar 23, 2020
I would have difficulty in finding any fault with the log cabin I ordered and have recommended Tuin many of my friends. I am also considering using Tuin for an extension I am planning if local planning will accept the construction.

Mar 23, 2020
Very good quality log cabin. The guys who assembled it described it as the best quality they had ever installed. Delivery when requested and customer service very helpful.
Hans Holgerson :  Jackalyn Log Cabin 5 x 4m:
Mar 23, 2020
Only to say, the Jackalyn Log Cabin was perfect, the quality is very good and now I have only the decking to do.
The driver who delivered the cabin was excellent, very good service.
I would highly recommend your company.
All the wood was is very good condition and it was very easy to build, we put the 2 windows 1 log down and the cabin looks great.
Thank You for job well done.
Mar 22, 2020
Great productVery good quality,
All bits delivered in good order
Mr. cheryl PULLAR :  Tuin Parts:
Mar 21, 2020
Just installed the Chloe log cabin. I chose the 4x3m as I need it to double up as a spare room, when my children visit. Absolutely superb quality, extremely impressed with this item. I chose to have mine built for me and was amazed that they had it done within 3.5 hours! Gave it 3 coats of preserver as recommended by Tuin prior to staining the outside. Had a lot left over, which is good if building yourself, as you can afford to make an odd mistake without panic of running out. Delivered within 2 weeks and staff at Tuin very helpful as I had to call with query on how much insulation I needed, very helpful and worked it all out for me. Be aware that you do need to buy insulation independently, as well as other bits and pieces all in I paid another £300+ for. Still excellent value & quality. Highly recommend this item
Mar 19, 2020
Summertime summerhouse 3m X 4m this arrived on time first thing in the morning delivery driver very professional and managed to place the pallet at the top of the drive this was good as we had to move contents of pallet to the back of the property we had the cabin built by 4.30 with just me and my father in-law and it took me 6 hours the next day to put the shingles on the roof. The product is top quality the only problem I had was the door was a bit tight but after a few minor adjustments this was fixed I did not have to call tuin at all as the instructions and online videos provided me with everything I required . I am totally happy with my purchase and would not hesitate recommending tuin to anyone
Mr. Matthew Probitts :  Dellinger Log Cabin with Porch 3.0 x 3.0m:
Mar 19, 2020
Great product and service. Ordering was super easy, the team at Tuin are helpful. The day of delivery, the driver called and the cabin arrived with no damage what so ever. I would highly recommend Tuin to anyone looking for a reasonably priced and well built cabin.
Mr Iain S Dunbar :  Britt Log Cabin 3x2.5m:
Mar 18, 2020
A 5-star experience from beginning to end. I found it easy to select and order the right cabin from the website. Customer services were extremely helpful when I needed to change to delivery date. The delivery driver was really helpful. I unloaded and checked all the components and laid them out in build order. I watched the excellent and very helpful instructional videos before starting. The cabin was so easy to assemble, went together beautifully, and was completed in one day single-handed by a 65-year-old!! On day two I fitted the roofing shingles (which look great) and the next day we had a storm with 80mph winds - all secure. I fitted the floor the following day, then spent a few days painting. Its a superb cabin, great quality, looks amazing. Totally delighted with the whole process. and really pleased I ordered from Tuin.
Ms. cheryl PULLAR :  Chloe Log Cabin 4 x 3m:
Mar 18, 2020
I bought the Chloe 4x3m cabin. It was delivered within 2 weeks. I chose to have it built for me and they were done within 3.5 hours! So shows how easy it is if you know what you are doing. Highly recommend this model, its spacious and fits my garden spot well. Its warm, light and will double up as spare room for when children visit and play room/summerhouse for the grandchildren. We had the maximum insulation 50ml in flooring as well as roof so is nice and warm. My Daughter stayed in it the weekend of the Jorge storm and said she was warm without any issues. Highly recommend this model, so very impressed. The grand children love it too, as it's their private summerhouse to play in, I'm looking forward to summer as they do not like the heat, which means we can all sit outside enjoying bbq while they can go and play in it, away and out of the sunshine, still in our sight and earshot..just perfect.
Mrs Janet Jacobs :  Jenny Log Cabin 4.5 x 3.5m:
Mar 18, 2020
Process from start to finish was extremely easy and hassle free. As stated, we had a confirmation phone call from delivery company one week prior to delivery and delivery driver was very friendly and helpful, placing the cabin exactly where we requested. Assembly was very straight forward, instructions were good. My husband built the cabin in one day on his own and on second day, with additional help, put the roof shingles on. The quality of the manufacture of the cabin is excellent and we are really pleased with the end result and would happily recommend Tuin products.
Mr. Joe Joe Wong :  Gitte Log Cabin 2.6x2.6m:
Mar 18, 2020
I brought a Gitte cabin and erected myself over a couple of weekends.
The quality of the cabin is excellent.
But the customer service and support provided by the Tuin team was amazing, and can not be praised highly enough. They're quick to respond and helpful each time.
Mr. Scott Honeyman :  28mm Log Cabin Storage Annexe 1.6x2.2m:
Mar 16, 2020
We bought this annexe to go on the side of our Daisy cabin I built last year.

Just like the Daisy cabin from ordering to install was a pure pleasure. Great service from Tuin with the product, I couldn’t fit the thicker log Annexe in the space so went for this one at 28mm. I need not have been concerned it’s a great product and plenty thick enough for a storage area for us.

I’ve insulated the floor and roof with 50mm celotex with some 11mm OSB over that before the shingles were added.

It’s poured of rain here in Scotland since I built it and it’s perfect in every way.

Again top notch from Tuin, I’m once again impressed.

Well done Tuin 5* from me.
Mar 16, 2020
After weeks of research on the internet I decided to purchase the Excellent Modern Gazebo fro Tuin. At the time of purchase they had a sale which meant it seemed like excellent value. The order went in and arrived as promised with no problems, the delivery driver was very helpful.
The quality of the Gazebo is awesome and super easy to erect. It is extremely solid when screwed together and cannot wait for summer to arrive.
If you are looking for a very well made Gazebo for your garden you will not be disappointed, I am over the moon with the quality of my Gazebo.
Mr. Fred Morris :  Classico Gazebo 4.3x4.3m:
Mar 15, 2020
My gazebo was delivered by a young man who made sure it was put in the most accessible position for unpacking and walking it through to the back garden. Unpacking the parts everything seemed to be very wet ( not surprising the weather we had been having) but soon it had all dried out and didn't seem to make any difference at all to the timber. I started the construction on my own and soon had the basic four posts and the timbers to make the base square up in no time. The roof timbers I made up on the ground supported by an assortment of bins and spare wood from the packaging, it took a couple of hours, but then I needed some help to lift the whole roof onto the bottom square ( it took four of us ) and within ten minutes had started drilling and screwing into place. Luckily enough I was able to obtain three bandstands and four scaffold boards to stand on to fix the remaining timbers and start boarding the roof out, (best to place on the floor in the correct sequence before you start ) Then all that remained was to fix the shingles (after a quick lesson on Youtube, recommended) All in all the quality was excellent especially the free shingles, which I had a pack left over(so no skimping there). My only request would be a better diagram for construction and fitting the shingles, other than that no complaints and I would recommend this gazebo for quality and price.
Mr. Robert MacKinnon :  Log Cabin Air Vent:
Mar 14, 2020
Had a slight problem with mould on a leather chair I had placed in my new Agnes cabin. I consulted the very helpfull website, which advised me to purchase the Tuin vents. After installing the quality vents, I have no further problems with mould.
Thanks Tuin!!
Leslie Kay :  Log Garage Geir 3.6 x 5.4m:
Mar 14, 2020
A very good quality log style garage. Fairly easy to assemble (I am a professional handyman though), and looks very impressive once constructed. Door handles require much too much precision to attach to doors. Door & window openings have much greater clearance between frame and surrounding wooden logs than needed. Precise instructions for particular model was not available, such small details make a lot of difference to ease of building. Overall a great building, I'm very pleased with the purchase and construction.
Leslie Kay :  Storm Kit for Log Cabins:
Mar 14, 2020
Easy to fit, and has stood up to very high winds in an exposed position.
Leslie Kay :  Felt Shingle Glue 310ml:
Mar 14, 2020
Belt and braces approach, for peace of mind. May not be essential for many people, but for exposed areas seems a logical choice to add either as fitting shingles or after.
Dennis M Dugen :  Hattem Modern Log Cabin 6x3m:
Mar 12, 2020
An excellent product and good service at every stage of the order and delivery process. The cabin is now complete. It took 2 days overall for 2 of us - both of whom are amateur DIYers - but we followed the instructions and worked methodically so had no problems.

Have just finished the wood treatment and am very satisfied.

Many thanks to all involved at Tuin
Mr. Simon Ward :  150mm Larch Timber Post - Undried:
Mar 12, 2020
Excellent timber
Mr. Simon Ward :  Larch Timber Undried and Roughsawn:
Mar 12, 2020
Excellent timber
Mr. Simon Ward :  Rough Sawn Larch Timber - Undried:
Mar 12, 2020
Excellent timber
Mr. Shane Gibson :  Rose Log Cabin 5x5m:
Mar 11, 2020
This is my third log cabin from Tuin.
As always excellent value for money and quality.
Easy erected by me following the instructions.
will recommend to anybody who wants quality log cabins.
Mr. Colin Smith :  Palma Log Cabin 4x4m:
Mar 11, 2020
I purchased the Palma log cabin at the beginning of the year. I built it on my own in under 12 hours in total, the build quality is excellent and I didn’t have any issues whatsoever with the delivery or building of the cabin. I would well recommend this to anyone who wants a bit of extra space. The whole process from start to finish with Tuin was very easy.
gary aldridge :  Max Log Cabin 3.8x2.9m:
Mar 11, 2020
Have been putting up today easy to build everything fits together really nice looks amazing well pleased top quality good company to deal with thanks
Mar 10, 2020
Firstly I'd like to say how efficient the drive was delivering, putting it exactly where I wanted it, the build went up like Lego perfect. Well made and good quality. The diagram helped and was easy to understand.Roof and shingles worked out very well with spares left over. However the cylinder lock on the doors were not as easy to assemble, the screw holding it in place was not lined up correctly, making it difficult to alien. Otherwise a fantastic cabin, we love it, pride of place, we are well pleased. Well done Tuin.
Alastair Neale :  Parijs Log Cabin 5x3.8m:
Mar 10, 2020
Really excited about arrival and so far so good, all pieces laid out in garage and hoping for some drier weather to move it out to the field. Transport was amazing lorry nearly stuck in our small road but expertly turned. I am really looking forward to this.
Mar 9, 2020
I found the ordering process somewhat complex as special offers were added then when I went to order the offer had expired causing confusion. The delivery of the cabin was made difficult as the only vehicles that deliver the cabins are 40 tonne articulated trucks that cannot access rural areas with narrow lanes meaning that we had to ask a friendly farmer some miles away to unload the truck in his yard. Then we had to organise transport to our address- several small journeys using box vans.
The cabin itself is great quality and well engineered and our installers erected it in 2-3 days.

I took up the option of the 27mm flooring - the quality of which is questionable with several planks split and containing big knot holes. I think I would have been better going to Wickes/ Travis Perkins for better quality flooring.

Overall, I'm happy with the cabin build and finish- just some remedial work to do to the floor
Lynne Brady :  Jackalyn Log Cabin 5 x 4m:
Mar 9, 2020
I did a lot of research before choosing TUIN
Other shed companies had very mixed reviews
But TUIN shone and for good reason. I was so pleased I chose them. And their price was very competitive with the less professional firms. Their product was well packaged and in good order when installed
From start to finish they were excellent as is their product
I chose a the Jackelyn log cabin..
From ordering , changing my order, paying, delivery, the extensive advice on their website and finally using one of their recommended installers.
If you want a stress free log cabin experience go for TUIN.
Now I have the job of painting it. First coat of preservative go on today in the sunshine
Mr. IAN LUCY :  Skyler Log Cabin 5x3.2m:
Mar 9, 2020
Congratulations on your product and delivery service, everything was brilliant. The delivery process was excellent the driver very polite and professional .The erection of the log cabin was easy to follow from the instruction manual , and all went to plan.
Thank you for your very professional and exceptional service and product.
Muriel Davie :  Decking Circle Tiles:
Mar 9, 2020
Loving my decking circles they are amazing, delivery was spot on.

Thank you so much
Linda Head :  Rianne Log Cabin 5x2.5m:
Mar 7, 2020
All timber was well packed and the delivery service was good. Although apprehensive, i decided to construct the cabin myself with the help of my son-in law . We followed the instructions with relative ease and only on one occasion did we struggle that being the fitting of the door frame to the structure.( My wife being good at jigsaw puzzles manage to figure it out!), a clearer drawing would have helped. It took us 3 days to complete but we enjoyed the challenge and would do it again. Very pleased with the quality and finished result.
Mr. Geoff Read :  Custom Glass Veranda 2.5m:
Mar 7, 2020
High quality product that comes pre prepared for assembly. All parts, fixings, silicon, rubbers and screws are supplied along with clear instructions.
Ordering and delivery were clear processes. Kit came well packed in wooden crate.
Mar 7, 2020
Purchased and self built the Shannon log cabin in Feb 2020. Very good quality wood. All pieces delivered with no issues. Installation went well. Watch the Tuin video on YouTube and make sure your base is level. Spend time on the base. I screeded the floor once the cabin was up, and before I layed the floor. Very happy with final outcome and value for money. You will get a shed much cheaper but this is real value for money. After sales support also very good.
Mr. Stuart Rennison :  Shepherd Hut - Deluxe:
Mar 7, 2020
Really pleased with the Shepherd hut kit. It only took a couple of days to assemble and looks great. Driver delivered on time and dropped pallet where I asked. Every part fit perfectly, can’t wait to build another one!
peter Bagshaw :  Shepherd Hut - 600cm:
Mar 6, 2020
Excellent quality, excellent value for money. Nothing missing/broken, all as stated. Particularly impressed with Colin the driver who got the huge, heavy pack up a narrow lane with impressive fork lift skills!
Mr. stephen elway :  BO Log Cabin 3x3m:
Mar 5, 2020
This is the 2nd log cabin from Tuin, just like the 1st one excellent quality would highly recommend, great delivery and with the fork truck can put the pallet anywhere you want, easy to put up did it on my own and took 2 days for everything looking at getting a little shed now and would not think of going anywhere else for one. Thanks
Mr. Craig Jones :  Irina Log Cabin 2x1.55m:
Mar 5, 2020
So pleased with the product! Great communication during the ordering stage, delivery was smooth and courteous, and construction (on my own) was a dream. Everything fitted perfectly - and it looks amazing!
hans van Nierop :  Rick Log Cabin 3.0 x 5.95m:
Mar 4, 2020
Excellent product and service!

I ordered the Rick cabin on 1st January and the cabin was delivered within 3 weeks. The delivery was fantastic, the driver called 30 mins before, and parked 1/4 mile away, bringing the package on the Moffat truck (our street can be tight access due to parked cars) which coped easily

Once the foundation beams were laid and squared, the cabin was up to roof level within 4.5 hours, with 2 of us taking our time. By the end of the following day, the roof was boarded.

All the logs were individually numbered so assembly was nice and easy

Total build time was probably around a week as we insulated the roof and floor with 50mm Celotex and added a plywood layer on the roof. I would strongly recommend insulating it if you are using it year round (mine is an office) as it makes a huge difference

My only (minor) comments would be that the security of the doors and windows is not brilliant if you are using as more than a garden room. However, a few extra locks on the windows and bolts on the door soon sorted it.

Overall I am very pleased with the structure, its excellent quality , and for the money, nothing else came close

Thanks Tuin!
Steve Cornes :  Impregnation Fluid:
Mar 3, 2020
Ordered 2 lots of Impregnation fluid as a base coat (inside and out) of a newly purchased Riina Log Cabin. The fluid is quite watery and is therefore easy to apply with a brush. Coverage is good and it seems to offer peace of mind, although at this early stage, hard to know if it actually works or not. That said, I have no reason to doubt the marketing information as so far I have had a very positive experience with all aspects of my purchases, from the quality of the product to customer service and overall advice offered on the website. First class!
Mr. Paul Brown :  Karen Log Cabin 5 x 3.2m:
Mar 3, 2020
We bought a Karen Log Cabin from Tuin.
We decided on Tuin over other suppliers because I liked the Idea of being able to do what we want with the floor and liked the Blog format that gives you Ideas and tips on how to do things.
The purchase experience was good and the delivery guy with the stacker truck managed to negotiate our tight drive entrance an put the palate exactly where we wanted it.
We inspected the cabin and found that some off the pieces has marker pen on them and one of the windows was very roughly made.
We got in touch with the support team and send them photos, they sent us new pieces and told us to carry on the build using the shoddy window and they would send us a replacement that we could swap when it arrived.
In fact when the replacement came it was worse that the original however the support people pulled out all the stops and we now have a 3rd acceptable window in our possession
We decided to treat all the pieces before we erected the cabin with Osmo Base coat which took about 4 days.
On reflection we should have started erecting the cabin and treated each piece as we put it in position as during the treatment time some of the pieces had started to warp, which we put right using the techniques described in the blog and a few i developed myself.
All went well until we came to putting the door frame together, the design of the door had been changed and the threshold was not as deep as we had been told during pre sales and our floor would be higher than the door threshold which would look terrible.
I contacted the Support and they said the design had been changed and they had not had their information updated, they suggested packing under the door frame to lift it up. I pointed out we would then have to cut a notch in the log above it the depth of the packer otherwise we would loose the expansion gap. We did this and it looks OK.
The rest of the build went well.
We decided to insulate the floor and roof.
We had a suspended timber frame floor so we cut 50mm insulation sheets to go between the joists.
With the agreement of our electrician on the roof we ran the cables for the lights we wanted in the cabin to where we wanted them and laid 30mm Insulation sheets on top of them.
The batons supplied to fix the barge boards were 30mm and we worked out we could put them on top of the roof to stop the insulation sliding down and the barge board still be below the T&G roof boards.
We think it looks good.
Just a note I cut the apex of the roof insulation at an angle so I did not have a gap at the top of the ridge
Finally we fitted the roof shingles which took 2 days.
We then went on holiday for 3 weeks.
We were going to treat the cabin with Saladin Oak treatment but when we came back from our holiday the colour of the cabin had gone from the white to a more mellow colour that we really liked so we swapped the the salodin for some Osmo Clear UV protection and used that to treat the cabin.
The cabin has now been complete for 6 months and I would post some pictured but cant see a way of doing that.
We are pleased with cabin it adds to the look of the garden and gives us valuable space but we did have problems with the window and Door which might have phased someone who was not handy as us.
Mr. Ian Raitt :  Riho Log Cabin 3.2x3.2m:
Mar 3, 2020
Purchased the Rino log cabin, arrived as per instructions given, driver was excellent and very helpful. The cabin was shrunk wrapped, excellent packaging and the quality was outstanding, all joints were perfect a few small imperfections easy repair. I have built a few cabins and the quality of this cabin is the best I have seen, locks and Windows very high quality. I would certainly recommend Tuin..
Mrs. Angela Bright :  Justine Log Cabin 5 x 2.5m:
Mar 3, 2020
Every single aspect of this purchase and build has been a fantastic experience.

Every query that we had were answered sometimes within minutes so our build was never halted.

We are delighted by the final result and would recommend anyone thinking of building a cabin that they do and they can definitely do it on their own.
Mr. Gareth Gibbs :  Emma Corner Log Cabin 3m x 3m:
Mar 2, 2020
I loved this cabin. Great quality, looks beautiful and I’m really happy overall. However, there is a but. Unfortunately the builder I used to erect it was a busy man and I’m not sure it was put up to exacting standards. As a result the door has blown off and smashed, needing to replaced by me at high cost, and the frame and replacement door constantly warp in the cold wet weather meaning every time I adjust it, it misaligned again so I can’t lock it. I am also noticing some significant damp damage inside over winter. I am hoping to damp proof over summer and hope next winter will be better. So in summary, I love it. But ensure you use a recommended builder to construct and try to ensure is damp proof at the end. Thanks
Mar 2, 2020
This is an awesome building which went together very well. Extremely solid. It did take us a very long time due to exceptional weather conditions and a builder who appeared 'occasionally'. I would recommend Tuin without hesitation.
Annie Poulter :  Britt Log Cabin 3x2.5m:
Feb 29, 2020
Excellent service from Tuin from advice when ordering to delivery. The Britt log cabin is gorgeous and fairly straightforward to build. The Embadecor Timber Stain was very easy to apply with a roller (and using a brush to get into the grooves!) and does seem to go a long way. We added the annexe on the side for bikes and both look really nice.
Thanks Tuin - very happy customer!
Mrs. verena shepherd :  Storm Kit for Log Cabins:
Feb 28, 2020
This storm kit gives peace of mind knowing the roof is secure in stormy weather. Easy to fit. Would recommend this item
Feb 28, 2020
I am very pleased with the cabin, it's a good solid construction. We had a professional fitter build this for us and he was also impressed at the quality of it as well.
I was, unfortunately, let down by customer service, even though I have sent a few emails, I'm still waiting for a piece of trim after two weeks.
Mr. chris donovan :  Piet Log Cabin 5.95x3m:
Feb 28, 2020
The quality of the product was very good and the way it went together easily did help as i put it up on my own as a lot of thought must have gone into designing how it went together,my only quality issue was the free flooring and shingles could have been better but as the saying goes, you don't get owt for nowt, overall i am really pleased with what i bought and hope to have many years of enjoyment in my new bar.
Matt Cornell :  Emma Corner Log Cabin 3m x 3m:
Feb 27, 2020
I'm in the construction industry and have been looking for a log cabin for months but struggled to find anything locally to meet my requirements, which was build quality, size and ultimately budget!!
Then a friend recommend Tuin...
They are first class from start to finish. They kept me regularly informed on my order and it was delivered on time and the driver was fantastic and very accommodating.
The build was very straightforward (instructions a bit vague, but the online help was second to none)
Wouldn't hesitate to recommend to friends and family
Feb 27, 2020
Good service from start to finish, very helpful and information throughout the whole process. The cabin looks great.
Barrie Crewdson :  Sten Log Cabin 3x2m:
Feb 27, 2020
Very good delivery. Very simple to assemble. Very please with the look of the cabin. Will strongly recommend the Product and the service from Tuin. Asked a question and they rang me back within the hour very good
Mr. Michael Kimbriel :  Carefree Protectant Timber Treatment:
Feb 27, 2020
I bought the Light Oak since it's the lightest color, and for an exterior acrylic water based stain it turned out to be very high quality. Stir it well, and apply two coats and it will last you a long time in deed.
Mr. PAUL KNIGHT :  Jackalyn Log Cabin 5 x 4m:
Feb 26, 2020
We found every stage of our purchase stress free. Staff very helpful with advice, payment easy and efficient. Delivery excellent, on time and very polite. Packaged well. We are erecting lodge next week, I'm sure it will be great!
East cliff landscapes :  Gudrun Log Cabin 5.03 x 3.59m - Double Glazed:
Feb 26, 2020
Very good quality and great back up from tuin staff. Not an easy build but having built this type of building before everything went as it should. Make sure you start off right and it will end up as it should. Would definitely use tuin again. This one is a wedding venue in Bournemouth for a seafront hotel. Great reviews from everyone who gets married in it !
Feb 26, 2020
Very good service from start to finish. Excellent cabin. Would highly reccomend this company.
Jan Erskine :  IKO Felt Roof Shingles:
Feb 25, 2020
When we ordered out logs cabins these roof shingles came free, having decided to use the metal roofing we then used these shingles on our Tuin gazebo which we have had for 20 years, the roof shingles look fabulous and makes a massive difference to the look, we order more so we could put a new roof on our Teahouse, which has yet to be completed. The tiles are a really good quality, easy to fit and a very competitive price, would definitely recommend these tiles, delivery was very fast and as always Tuin's customer service is excellent. THANK YOU
Richard zoeller :  Robert Log Cabin 2.6x2m:
Feb 24, 2020
Haven’t hey had time to assemble Robert, but I was very impressed by and grateful to the delivery driver. He was due about 4 pm but was delayed by saw and rain. He telephoned several times to give me updates. When he arrivedat 7.0 pm, he couldn’t have been more helpful and went out of his way to put the delivery in a safe place. He had been on the road all day and needed to get to the Dover ferry after leaving us. Very impressed with his service and equanimity.
Mr. Leslie Clark :  Curved Garden Arch 120cm:
Feb 24, 2020
Arch is a good solid, sturdy structure, well designed and I had no trouble assembling it using the instructions provided. All the bits fitted correctly together first time. A rarity these days. But just make sure you allow sufficient time - took me 4 hours from unpacking and laying out the necessary tools - and a large flat area. A small powered drill driver is a must. Have coated it with Cuprinol red cedar preservative, 2 coats, and it looks stunning,
Mr. Barry House :  Timber Frame Base Pads:
Feb 24, 2020
Bought the larger of the adjustable base pads after reading various online reviews. I had a 5M X 3M log cabin to put up. After laying a concrete base which was roughly level I used these pads to make the necessary height changes all around. I am an amateur DIYer and found them very easy to use. I would use them again (already looking at another project) and definitely recommend them to others.
Mr. David Freeman :  Hardwood Love Seat:
Feb 24, 2020
The love seat is well put together &of hard wood &arrived quickly. Excellent service thank you
Feb 24, 2020
Nice sturdy product and finished well, 3 or more people is a must for putting on the roof section.
A bit more communication required on delivery dates, maybe a update after a week, if you know it will be 2 weeks of more.
But overall a very nice product and fitting in with the landscape project very nicely.
Mr. CORNEL WALKER :  Sten Log Cabin 3x2m:
Feb 24, 2020
Order was easy
Delivery with prior notice from Tuin and then driver
Palleted delivery upto garden gate
Then the weather changed, it seemed that I was never going to get my cabin built.
Eventually got a good Saturday
Went up in a day
Roof covering in a day , painted.
I couldn’t be happierThank you Tuin
I love my little cabin
Mrs. JANICE CURSON :  Aiste Log Cabin 5 x 3m:
Feb 24, 2020
Brilliant delivery service. The log cabin has taken longer to put together than expected but we had 70 miles an hour winds and the log cabin didn't move and it is only half built! I purchased the storm kit and we didn't have this fitted onto the roof as we are still in construction of it. So far very happy and it looks amazing. Thank you
Colin Potter :  Curved Garden Arch 180cm:
Feb 23, 2020
A good product easy to assemble and looking like it has always been there
Barry Rogers :  Embadecor Timber Stain:
Feb 22, 2020
Stain was easy to apply by brush and spray. Colour was matched as advertised and the final effect was as desired with wood knots etc. still visible through stain. 2 tins = 2 coats on outside only with 1/4 of a tin left for touch up, will see how 2 coats performs.
Ms. Susan Caulton :  Carefree Protectant Timber Treatment:
Feb 22, 2020
Pretty good stuff as far as I can see, used it the afternoon after the cabin went up, managed to get on two coats before the heavens opened. Will put on another coat or two before we paint it.....trouble is I can’t decide what colour. The rain hasn’t penetrated at all so must be good!
Mr. Brian Haughton :  Uddel Modern Log Cabin 3.8x2.6m:
Feb 22, 2020
Delivery driver very helpful and with the use of the Moffat able to place packages where required. Did block road for a bit, which caused havoc for a lot of learner drivers who use the street, trying to reverse or turn around their cars!
When unpacking and sorting the various parts, you need to be aware that this can take a fair bit of space. I was able to use drive and also store items like doors, windows, roofing and small parts in garage. Also having the various parts near to where the log cabin is being built saves a lot of walking when assembling.
This is quite straight forward once the foundation layer is built. To ensure that the cabin was square I used plywood sheets, which I was using for the flooring, which having manufactured square edges to ensure squareness (my local B&Q has a timber saw so can cut to any size required). The wall with the door and window in becomes ‘floaty’ as nothing connects right across until the last few layers, although the door/window frames can help, but I used the final top board as a temporary hold whilst working up and just moved this up layer by layer. Door and window frames were put in when logs had been fully assembled, as this seemed easier, than trying to fit logs into framework, and architrave round doors and windows when fitted and screwed down tight locks everything together. As with all wood some logs have various twists etc. in them, but once fitted together the weight above and other logs tends to bring things back into shape. A spare piece of wood and a heavy hammer can be used to make sure that things are square and even at the ends of the logs.
The only area that caused a few issues was around the soffits and roof.
The roof boards are the same length as the normal logs but the final top logs and roof beams have an overhang of 170mm as against 90mm on the other logs. It would appear that the roof boards should be set centrally with a gap at the front and rear and the soffits fitted to the longer logs and roof beams. This leaves the issue as to how to weatherproof this part of the logs that overhang and not covered by the roof boards, but does mean that rain drains off the back, and guttering can be fitted to channel this away. Having fitted my roof boards level with the front of the 170mm overhang meant that there was only a slight overhang at the back and additional brackets were made to extend the roof at the back and to add guttering.
The soffit front and rear panel are shown as being joined in the middle with a piece of wood being used to join them. This joint seems rather weak, so I cut one of the boards in half and staggered the joint using exterior wood glue to glue all the boards together resulting in a lot more solid board. This also meant that it was easier to fit as one solid board rather that four individual boards. I also added additional brackets at the front to add further support to the soffit.
The only error found was that the recess on the window frame for the handle was not quite deep enough but this was soon resolved with an electric sander.
Good solid log cabin and good response from Tuin when emailing queries. Spare logs etc. so that additional parts can be made or choice as to what parts look better for architrave etc.
This cabin was built single handed by someone nearly 70 and took a couple of days so should be possible to complete in one day if younger or help available.

Mrs. Gail Coad :  Daniel Corner Log Cabin 2.6x2.6m:
Feb 22, 2020
We are very happy with our new Daniel log cabin.
The delivery arrived when agreed and was placed Where we requested it on our driveway.
The cabin was unwrapped and sorted into the same size pieces.
Once the composite base was put down, we were ready to start the build.
We did find the literature a bit hap hazard but once we sorted the first logs and got them together the rest went up really quickly.
The doors and windows all slot in which makes everything very sturdy.
The roof also went up very quickly.
The longest part of the build was putting on the free roof shingles as this was very time consuming.
We would definitely recommend Tuin as they are a great company to deal with.
Overall very pleased with our purchase.
Tom Pugh-Williams :  Max Log Cabin 3.8x2.9m:
Feb 22, 2020
The order process was efficient. The delivery was on time and as described. The cabin was readily erected and of excellent quality. In short it did everything it said on the tin so A++++. The best reference I can give is that I am just about to place another order for another cabin with TUIN. First class.
Mrs L Redman :  Annabel Log Cabin 5.0 x 4.0m:
Feb 20, 2020
We brought an Annabelle Log Cabin 5m x 4m. Very speedy answers to questions prior to buying, but lots of research needed to choose from all the options. The delivery went well and wood machined well with no alterations. Would advise the cabin is packed with the numbers on the elements to assemble first at the top of the pile not the bottom but it is probably considered re weight of elements so as not to break the glass in the doors etc. The cabin was quick to assemble and slotted together well. The storm kit has held it together despite the hurricane, so advise adding this to your order! Also pleased with the composite foundation beam. Many thanks for your help.
Feb 19, 2020
Great service and delivery. Browsed just about every cabin site going but kept coming back to Tuin based on quality and price. Only took me a day and a half to assemble completely (I would say I'm a competent diyer). No issues other than two slightly warps lengths of timber but these were put lower down and have settled in to place nicely. As other reviewers have said a region at the instructions to make them clearer is the only negative I had. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking at purchasing a cabin.
Feb 19, 2020
I am very happy with the gazebo, and with the service and support from Tuin too. The kit of parts was delivered without issue, all the pieces were there which is what you would expect. What particularly impressed me was the accuracy of the cutting - everything was the right length, so it all went together very easily. In fact, between me and my 13 year old son we got most of the structure up in a day and a half, and then finished the felting and trim pieces over the next couple of weekends as time and weather allowed.

I used the adjustable post-holders. These worked perfectly and helped me deal with an unexpected buried pipe which limited the available depth in one corner.

Now that the structure is up it is very solid, and hasn't shown any stress through Storm Ciara or Storm Dennis. All in all I am very happy with it.
Feb 18, 2020
I spent a long time researching my log cabin, to the point of obsession.
When I finally made my decision & put in my order the whole process was painless.
Delivery was organised and the driver was great as he had to do quite a long journey in the forklift as I live on a tricky road.
While the instructions included aren’t great, luckily I had done my homework in advance & watched the tutorials and read all the info so I already knew the process of building.
Finished product was great.
Feb 17, 2020
This is the third Tuin shed I have purchased and I cannot find a fault with either the sheds or the service.
The sheds are brilliant, go together easily and are really solid. There is no comparison between a Tuin shed and the normal shiplap board type which I have purchased in the past.
I would highly recommend Tuin both for their products, prices and service.
Derek Fleming :  Daniel Corner Log Cabin 2.6x2.6m:
Feb 17, 2020
Good quality building, easy to assemble with easy to read instructions. I have no hesitation in recommending Tuin.
Mrs. Lisa Stockley :  Timber Frame Base Pads:
Feb 17, 2020
Well made, easy to use. Made the task of levelling the base on an uneven driveway effortless. The gypsy hut was then very easy to install because everything was level and square.
Mr. David Rushbury :  Plastic Guttering Sets for Log Cabins:
Feb 17, 2020
I bought guttering in the last couple of months which a joiner friend erected. Since it has been up around my log-cabin and remembering the time of year with storm, heavy rain on Scotland's west coast I have to admit that the guttering has done its job very well and I have no complaints with the product
Feb 16, 2020
having decided on the leeds cabin on delivery we were amazed by the amount of wood and how good the delivery driver was. Having sorted all the wood into piles we began the build. Started in a thunderstorm we could not wait. The cabin took just 12 hours to build then 2 days to fit the roof and shingles. We was impressed with the quality of the fit and finish.
Feb 15, 2020
This is a very substantial cabin and I would consider it good value. There were one or two problems which Turn were very quick to help with and for which they sent me a small refund.
My only gripe is that despite our best endeavours the doors have small gaps around them which negates somewhat the lovely, tight fitting, double glazed windows.
I would certainly not hesitate to recommend Tuin yo anyone buying a log cabin - and in fact have done so already.
Feb 15, 2020
Classy well fitting hexagonal finial.