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Aug 20, 2018
The finial arrived promptly and really finished off my summerhouse. I was unsure whether to spend the money but glad I did and pleased with the result.
Geoff Oliver :  Aiste Log Cabin 5 x 3m:
Aug 20, 2018
All arrived as per schedule, off load was simple quick and effortless and all packaged extremely well. As for the building of the cabin, it was very straight forward with all parts being numbered corresponding with the drawing supplied. Quality of materials is excellent, to be perfectly honest I cannot fault it in any aspect, and would have no hesitation in recommending this log cabin to anybody.
Mr. Richard Crockford :  Aksel Log Cabin 4.0x3.0m:
Aug 20, 2018
I spent a long time trying to find the cabin that would suit my purpose and I was not disappointed by my choice. It was delivered a day early by agreement and was considerately unloaded on my drive. All pieces were compete and it all slotted together so easily. I took my time building it and had no difficulty doing it my own.
I had to look at the videos occasionally to find which way round some pieces went and to find which bits went where but it was very easy.
I am very satisfied with the end product which is more solid and substantial than I expected. I would recommend this to anyone.
My only slight criticism is that bearers for the flooring could have been a bit longer to avoid having to connect them and there was only just enough floorboards to complete the flooring; a few extra lengths would have been welcome. Otherwise it is faultless and impressive.
Mr. Richard Crockford :  Carefree Protectant Timber Treatment:
Aug 20, 2018
Easy to apply and does the job. Recommend it
Anne Dexter :  Economist Gazebo 3.4x3.4m:
Aug 20, 2018
After buying/building 2 tuin cabins I thought this one would be along similar lines - I was wrong. I found the instructions too basic, and that was once we got the correct ones as wrong gazebo instructions intally sent. This also meant wrong fittings were sent - and same wrong fittings resent. I eventually had to buy them locally to save waiting and tuin will refund me (although this was a couple of weeks ago and I am still waiting on my refund). I have to say, on a positive, every email was answered straight away. The out of hours also - who gave great advice and was very helpful, the support would get 5 stars. This product just doesn’t have the same quality feel as their cabins e.g splits in posts. This gazebo is ok, but my advice would be to pay a little more, as I’m sure the other gazebos tuin have are much better.
Aug 20, 2018
Just finished the cabin, it looks fantastic. All the logs fitted together brilliant. Easy to put together, just spend some time figuring what goes where. I wished I had paid for the treatment as I treated each joint before putting together, so took a while longer.i put this together without help, only the gables were a bit heavy. Great product, I could not have purchased the timber for the cost, I was quoted more for a shed.
Aug 20, 2018
very please with our Mitch gazebo came earlier then date was (very please with that) the delivery man was very helpful it looks very good would contact you again and would recommend you to our friends Irene
Mr. james price :  Aiste Log Cabin 5 x 3m:
Aug 18, 2018
I would like to say how easy and straightforward the build was. Everything was there. A few twisted parts, but easily put right. Only took 2 days to build. I bought 2 of these cabins and. Placed them next to each other. Wood preserved . Looks great. Very happy with service.
Aug 18, 2018
Just completed my Peggie log cabin and given it 3 coats of Carefree Protectant. I have enough to give a fourth coat as well as a couple inside.
Very happy with the coverage although it does stay a little sticky for a day or two. It is more expensive than other products, but why spoil a ship for a ha'pworth of tar!
Martin Percival :  Large Potting Bench:
Aug 17, 2018
Very high quality potting bench - sent fast and well packed. Thank you!
Aug 17, 2018
Very impressed with your service . From ordering to delivery was very smooth.
you do need to take your time measuring the see through wall sheet , overall good design , if one thing i would change is the hangers when rolled up, there should be more. I have recommended tuin to a number of my friends now.
Angi De La Mothe :  Klair Curved Roof Log Cabin 3 x 2.4m:
Aug 17, 2018
The delivery of the cabin was excellent, and it arrived on time and in excellent condition. We were able to identify all parts except the 4 barge board supports, which were shown on the plans but with a non-english label so it didn't help until we worked out what they were - then it made sense!
The cabin itself was easy to put together, having read the general installation advice and watched the videos. The tips on how not to do it were very helpful to me, as I'm the non-competent worker in our husband and wife team. Having detailed information meant I could understand what was happening and sanity check the order of tasks. I understood the cabin installation diagrams so took charge of those. The roof board fitting took us a little time to think through as the diagrams funny show it but it was easy in hindsight.
We are currently putting on the roof felt and then the shingles but we've just done the Sauna Barrel roofing so we are confident in doing that on the Klair too. We're delighted with how it's looking and the quality of the materials.
Our intention is to put our Laz-y-spa hot tub inside the cabin, once we've completed it, so we're treating it with the Carefree Protectant treatment inside and out. Very pleased overall and flushed with success at building it ourselves. Longest part was levelling the base, as it's sited on our patio which has a gentle slope in 2 directions - my husband made levelling wedges from treated fence posts under the cabin in the end, so it's spot on level and went up with no problems at all.
Angi De La Mothe :  Carefree Protectant Timber Treatment:
Aug 17, 2018
I ordered the pine colour treatment to treat our Klair log cabin and Sauna Barrel and the existing 2-year-old pine fence. The fence had 2 coats on the part completed so far (in the area of the new cabin), and I found it easy to apply, quick to dry, and a great water-repellant finish. I've used 4 coats on non-treated parts of the sauna - had to be careful with runs as it's so thin, and it did seem to be a bit sticky when dry, for a few days - had to be careful not to stack the treated pieces together.
I've used the white treatment on our stone fountain and it has come up beautifully. Even though it's thin, 2 coats has covered the old algae stains (I cleaned it first to get rid of live algae) whilst still showing the detailed relief. Very pleased with how smart it looks. Still got a 3rd coat to do but rain interfered - so far it's looking great and a final coat will hopefully mean that's the last time we have to do it. Feeling confident it will last and won't peel, from what we've seen so far.
Alan De La Mothe :  Sauna Barrel 300:
Aug 17, 2018
I would like it to be understood that I love the end result and I am very impressed with the support I have received. Any negative comments are merely suggestions to improve an already good product.
The delivery went well with the delivery driver being very accommodating. However, there was confusion over what we had received. It was good practice to see that the driver took photographs of the delivery. The delivery note contained part numbers, the various boxes did not. It was therefore not clear whether we had received everything. Shortages and breakages were swiftly dealt with by the support team.
I felt that I needed to use the support team to supplement the instruction manual. It only contained pictures. Downloading the online version meant that it was a little clearer in colour but still no words. A few words detailing what was needed from the various flue sections would have been helpful when making up the stove. We received a number of additional superfluous sections that only muddied the waters during assembly. Fitting the shingles to a barrel is not quite like any other structure and a few words of guidance would have prevented at least one of my emails, of what to do with the rectangular pieces of felt that accompanied the shingles.
The delivery included a small tin but there were no instructions of what it was for. It was not clear whether it would be safe to use inside the sauna. Whilst waiting for the wood to swell (without the felt fitted) due to the very hot and dry conditions this Summer, the barrel got quite wet inside. This caused the bench and floor sections to sprout black mould after only 2 weeks. A few words indicating what could be safely painted would have helped there also.
All in all I found the construction very satisfying and the additional wall logs came in handy when I found that I needed to manufacture a larger than standard last piece to fill the 30mm gap at the top (this seemed to be due to the very dry conditions).
The sauna received admiring comments from many friends who have seen it and it is a very robust construction. The small inconveniences did not detract from the enjoyment I received in building it and the pleasure I have in its final appearance and its use.
Ian Roberts :  Juha Log Cabin 4.0x3.0m:
Aug 16, 2018
Brilliant log cabin. It went together really easy and the quality is amazing - the doors are solid and the fittings were good quality. The delivery was spot on to. Very happy.
Mr. RICHARD SYKES :  Carefree Protectant Timber Treatment:
Aug 16, 2018
We purchased the Grey Carefree paint for our excellent Emma cabin. The paint is expensive but it was great to apply. Four tins did exactly 2 coats which looked really good. I was going to try a cheaper product but on such a great quality product it worth spending a little more to protect it. I would recommend this product.
Mr. Michael Williams :  Wooden Pergola 3x3m:
Aug 15, 2018
This is a great pergola just the thing for this great summer we are having. Went together great and easy to build, all who have seen it, love it.
Gareth Day :  Dyre Log Cabin 4m x 3m:
Aug 15, 2018
Fantastic purchase. We ordered the Dyre 4x3 log cabin for our two daughters to use in the garden. Easy order online with an extensive choice of designs and sizes. Money not taken until delivery date given, bonus. Delivery was organised and the driver very helpful. The pallet was very well wrapped for protection. Quality of wood was excellent with only a few none perfect logs. Self build construction was easy. Free shingles included, again a massive bonus, finished the cabin off to a very high standard.
Would most definitely recommend.
My girls are extremely happy.
Thanks Tuin.
Noel Phillips :  Embadecor Timber Stain:
Aug 15, 2018
Used this before applying the blue Prussian Embalan paint. Difficult to apply as is clear and dries almost immediately so difficult to spot where hasn't been treated. Doesn't have the wow effect as the Embalan paint but its an undercoat so don't get too attached. Decided to go for the Embadecor and Embalan mix as although the carefree protect gets raving reviews, based on Richards experiments he claims that this mix is just as good, especially when there is £500 difference between the two... Word of caution, try and protect the windows, smudges and difficult to remove once splashed on them.
Aug 15, 2018
These composite beams are invaluable. Ok, you spend a bit more for them, but they keep the bottom row of logs off the ground so reduce the risk of premature rot. I wouldn’t fancy trying to replace the bottom row. I now use these for all my wooden buildings. Being composite they are environmentally friendly as they use recycled plastic. The lenghts are easy to cut to length
Tisha :  Tuin Parts:
Aug 14, 2018
I would highly recommend. So easy to order. Fast delivery and outstanding service. Will 100% recommend and buy from these again. Thank you
Aug 14, 2018
The log cabin was bought back in February and was built over the Easter weekend. It has slowly been added to since, the last remaining job is to install electrics which needs to be run 50m from the house to the end of the garden.
The cabin looks mighty impressive and I do believe it is a quality item. However, I have had a few issues which it appears that not many others have experienced. A month after the cabin had been erected I stated noticing gaps between the logs around the height of the door, this was spreading from left to right as you look at the cabin. Some to and fro from Tuin and they believe that the door was preventing the logs from settling down. We then set about removing the doors and as soon as we had done so the cabin suddenly cracked down into position. This solved the majority of the gaps that had been forming but Tuin instructed that I had to then cut an expansion gap into the log above the door. This was not a particularly easy job as I only had to a hand saw. This was quite frustrating because having paid for a cabin that should just need assembling I shouldn't have to modify it. Tuin have stated that they don’t know why our cabin has needed more of an expansion gap, but I do not believe an expansion gap existed as it was just appeared to be normal grooved log, perhaps they had forgot to include this expansion gap log and delivered a normal log instead? One of Richards’s blogs actually highlights this with a competitor’s log cabin, unfortunately this has happened on one of theirs as well.
Moving onto the blogs, this is clearly a wealth of information however, there is no obvious contents page of how to find the blogs, as some blogs are linked within other blogs (and sometimes within comments section as well), care also needs to be taken as Richards’s replies in comments provides more in-depth information which may provide a different interpretation of the content of previous blogs. Therefore read all the blogs, read all the linked blogs from within the blogs and comments section and then read all the comments. This may make you do things differently than if you had just read the main blog on that particular subject.
Overall the cabin looks really good, I think 4 star review is fair given the issues we have had with the gaps appearing, we still have one small gap that needs sorting however. I will provide a picture review once the electrics are installed in September.
Noel Phillips :  Embalan Timber Paint:
Aug 14, 2018
This paint is amazing, we went for the Prussian blue colour, it applies solid in appearance with no streaks in colour and really compliments the cabin into its surroundings. Before applying the paint the cabin stuck out like a sore thumb in its untreated state but once painted, blends in fantastically well. Once dried its almost like a second skin, looks like a ductile plastic.
Noel Phillips :  Timber Frame Base Pads:
Aug 14, 2018
As we were using a timber frame decided to use these base pads to save a bit of work with the levelling. They worked well, not sure how easy it will be to retrospective adjust them should we need to. Only regret, the sales rep suggested the number to use but I wish we had more for peace of mind, better to buy more than not enough.
Aug 13, 2018
Our cabin was great, not so impressed with the floor.We plumped for the thickiest floor due to it having a pool table going on it. I thought it would all be cut to length but no you had to cut them. The boards had loads of holes in from the knots falling out, this was ok if you still had the knots as you could glue them back in, we had loads missing so had to fill boards with a paste of sawdust and glue, not ideal. Some of the grooves hadn't been cut in along the whole length of the board so it made it very tight on materials. Overall great cabin, disappointing floor.
Mr. GLEN HUCKERBY :  Peter Log Cabin 3x3m 34mm logs:
Aug 13, 2018
After lots of research and reading reviews we decided to go with Tuin for our summer house. A short call to Tuin and our Peter log cabin was ordered together with optional t&g floor and a large window, delivery date was later confirmed by e-mail and as expected arrived as agreed, the window came a few days later. The concrete base had been laid and the build started, it took 2 1/2 hours to get the walls and roof purlins up and next day roof t&g boards were fitted, the free shingles took a day to fit and look amazing.The window was a retro fit and looks like it was always meant to be there. It has been completely painted outside with a lovely shade of very light blue with white frames and looks brilliant. From start to finish it has been an easy and enjoyable project and I can highly recommend Tuin for brilliant customer service and communication and the excellent quality of their products. Definitely a 5 star rating from us and would always recommend Tuin to anyone contemplating a log cabin.
Mr. Roger Attrill :  Jesper Log Cabin 3 x 2.5m:
Aug 13, 2018
Our entire experience with the Jesper Log Cabin from Tuin has been excellent from start to finish - and beyond. The website has so much useful information on it, we were able to be prepared for anything on the project.

Delivery of the log cabin was quick, painless and expertly done. The driver was ahead of schedule so called to ask if he could deliver early evening rather than the next morning which was fine. The load was placed on our driveway as there was no suitable rear access, and I spent the evening unpacking and moving all parts round the back where I was able to sort and stack all the pieces on another raised deck.

Sorting all the parts was definitely a good idea, firstly to check the contents (fine), secondly to familiarise myself with all the parts prior to assembly, and thirdly to identify logs with cracks. Cracks and knots are not a problem, but given the choice I would put such logs on the less visible sides of the cabin. I had big dust sheets to cover and protect the parts from the weather during the project. April's usually a wet month, but with a few overnight showers, I was luck to have a clear run at construction.

The roof takes a LOT of nail hammering, and conscious of neighbours with young children I didn't work late into the night! We opted for the free shingles - black and square. These are surprisingly heavy packs so beware when lifting. I was methodical with the shigle installation - watching the videos on the website and copying exactly. I had got two tubes of shingle glue, but in the end used it only for helping to secure the ridge tiles. Shingles also take an awful lot of nailing! I was trying to ensure I wasted as little as possible in the way of offcuts, but needn't have worried about having enough tiles - there was about 3/4 of a pack left by the time I was done, so they'll be good for the rabbit hutch! Don't forget to leave enough overlap at the bottom edges for the rain to run off neatly.

Under the floor I put a big double layer of 1200 gauge damp proof course which I folded up the wall slightly. I left a 5-10mm gap all the way round the boards. By the time the skirting board was on there was a good protection from moisture and insects. There was enough spare skirting and floor boards to exclude knots and cracks from the top surface. I pre-calculated the best places to cut the wood for optimizing waste for this purpose, but if you're lucky with the wood you may not need to worry. I cut every 3 boards so as to make 4 lengths spanning the shorter dimension of the cabin.

I thought I was nearly done, but painting is a mammoth job. I didn't get paint from Tuin - opting for Sadolin Superdec Opaque Satin from my local Crown Trade Centre which is high in solids and ends up about 30 to 35 microns per coat. I used an extremely liberal coat of Sadolin wood preserver, inside and out, floor, walls and roof - and that took about 5 litres. For the colour scheme I painted doors, windows and exposed roof ouside, and the walls and roof of the inside in Old English White. For the floor inside I used two coats of a slate gray wood stain which contrasts nicely and doesn't show the dust and dirt too badly. The exterior walls I did in Limestone Blue. I did two coats which took about 6 litres of white and 5 litres of blue. This is a seriously soul destroying task painting the whole of the inside and out in a total of three coats (including wood preserver).

That tip about painting the window - much to my dismay while lifting up the window to paint the frame at one point that it just fell off the hinges and on to the ground scratching the exterior logs on the way. Not realizing how the window hinges work would be my only gripe with the whole project. Luckily no glass was broken and I was able to sand out the scratches and the paint made them vanish. Close call - disaster averted! Of course once I discovered this, it was much easier to paint the window!

Around the outside of the cabin I laid paving slabs with a grey 2x3 inch exterior treated wood painted slate gray on the outside edge creating a 'moat' around the cabin which I filled with 20mm flamingo decorative pebbles which get darker when wet. The

The end result looks amazing, visitors are jealous, and we are very proud owners. I have a strong bond with the cabin having done everything myself, so I'm especially proud. We went to such effort because the cabin is visible in our garden from every window at the rear of the house so we look at it a lot. It needed to be nice to look at. The style of the cabin and the beach hut colour scheme is just lovely to see every time we look into the garden or sit out there. It's really the major feature of our garden and we're extraordinarily happy with it. And as an added bonus there's a big space inside to keep things in.
Mr. Steve Delaney :  Chloe Log Cabin 4 x 3m:
Aug 13, 2018
A very good experience from start to finish. Nice friendly informative office staff to the driver who delivered. The product itself is really high spec and the finish is very pleasing. I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone who wants a superior product which is quality through and through.
Mr. COLIN MURRAY :  Palma Log Cabin 4x4m:
Aug 12, 2018
I purchased a Palma log cabin in may from Tuin. I can tell anyone this company and these log cabins are the real deal. Quality in every aspect of business from sale to delivery. Fantastic prices and a cabin to suit everyone. Contact at every point of the transaction they even ring you when they are an hour away from droping the order at your door. Then to cap it all these cabins are really easy to build, no screws no brakets just slot together logs until the roof, which requires the knowledge of how to use a hammer. Definatley 100% use this company if you want a log cabin

Well done Tuin a pleasure doing business with you
Aug 12, 2018
Really good product and would definitely recommend. The cabin has been very well designed and is of great quality. We very much enjoyed building ourselves with the help of some friends. My only criticism is that the instructions weren't detailed enough. They just show all the different aspects of the cabin, but not the sequence of build. Although most of it is obvious, without the details you can make a few mistakes along the way, for example with the door threshold. Also there was no detail in the instructions on the adjustments needed to erect the Lukas cabin in mirror image, which we were doing. It would have been helpful if an extra page could be added showing the adjustments.
Also I wish they could email you the instructions before delivery so you could have it all clear before arrival of the cabin. As they only include one set of instructions that you can only get to once you have unpacked most of the logs, you don't have enough time to study in detail when you have loads of friends waiting around to start the build.
It took us one day to get all the walls up and the next day to finish the roof. Very pleased with the end result and the cabin looks great in our garden. My compliments to Tuin for designing a great product.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review, we highlight the installation advice page on your order confirmation page and also on each product page to help you prepare for what to expect during the build. We can of course also send out the plans via email on request.

We're really pleased to hear you're enjoying your building now you have erected it.

Ms. Debbie Ruddock :  Immersion Treatment:
Aug 12, 2018
Impressed with the end result, none of the planks warped We chose the silver colour treatment and really pleased with how it looks. Hopefully this will add extra life to our cabin.
Aug 12, 2018
The Tuin Cabin arrived on time and the service from start to finish including ordering and delivery was excellent and very professional.
My husband assembled and preserved and painted it in approx 1 week. The quality of the wood is beautiful. There were a few tricky bits fitting the doors as the frame ended up slightly out of square but he was able to rectify it. It is a beautiful log cabin summerhouse which we hope will get plenty of use over the coming years. I would recommend Tuin to anyone without hesitation.
Susan Jones :  Felt Shingle Glue 310ml:
Aug 12, 2018
Glue was perfect for the job and the shingled roof looked terrific once done.
Aug 12, 2018
Lets first start with the ordering ... straight forward and very easy to complete .. Delivery .. excellent service, came on a huge lorry with many other cabins but mine was at the top and the driver did a great job unloading mine with his forklift and dropped it onto my drive with ease ... then came the construction ... I read and watched the various items online and with the help of a joiner we firstly set about unpacking the cabin ... everything was going well untill we got to the roof timbers ... there where less timbers than on the check list but after a while we realised the reason was the ones we'd got where wider than those on the list and after a bit of calculating we realised this was ok .. then there was a few items which we had no idea what they where but we didnt get hung-up about it as I read not to worry as thing would become clearer when we where putting it together .... The Build - we cracked on at first and go a good was on until we came to the doors, the instructions where not clear and I think this is something that Tuin could improve on as we we got there in the end but we had it in and out a few times during the build ,,, We finally completed it and sorted the doors and also worked out what the pieces where when we firrst checked the items to the check list. I would certainly recommend have all the tools as per the video and if your not a joiner /(which I'm not) then again I would recomend one ... also two people constructing makes it far easier too ... My cabin is now ifinished and I am really happy with the end product, I just need to sort some electrics out but I did thing ahead and put the came in so it now just what sockets and what light to fit to give the best look for this great cabin ... I am really pleased I chose to go with a Tuin cabin
Aug 11, 2018
Great quality and unbeatable value boards. No waste and look fantastic as a deck. Easy to install no splitting. Would recommend.
K J Hansen :  Timber Frame Base Pads:
Aug 10, 2018
The reason we chose Tuin was that it was an excellent product, good value and the blogs that guided us through everything related to the build.
We decided on a timber frame after reading the blog on the alternatives. After putting down heavy paving blocks on sand, it seemed that using the base pads was a logical (and easy) way to get the base level.
Worked a treat and I would use the same method to do another base.
Chloe was easy to build. No dramas in the whole construction process.. Thank you Richard and thank you Tuin.
Michael Abbott :  Aiste Log Cabin 5 x 3m:
Aug 10, 2018
i can only say how good the experience was from start to finish the staff were very helpful even when i had problems with the order i nearly ended up with 2 cabins but it was sorted immedeately.
the cabin arrived around 8:30 after advised by the driver put exactly where i wanted it. having moved all the parts round into the garden by lunch time by 4 o'clock the Aiste cabin was at shoulder height i then had to wait a couple of days for my help to arrive but in all i would think the cabin was up and shingled within in 3 working days it was simple to construct although the instructions were a bit sparse it just went together well.
just one small thing we ordered the heavy duty 27mm floor this means the floor is higher than the door sill if i had been made aware of this i would have been able to adjust things but by the time i realised the problem i would have to have taken the cabin apart but only a small issue
thank you Tuin we now have a wonderful space
Dr. Andy Nicoll :  Tourist Open Gazebo 3.4x3.4m:
Aug 10, 2018
The gazebo seems solid and looks great. It took only a few hours to asseble. Delivery was also efficient and on time.
Mrs. Julie Hoebee :  Curved Garden Arch 180cm:
Aug 10, 2018
It is a very nice quality pergola and even though it’s not erected yet, my husband has painted it ready and says it’s a really well made, sturdy pergola. Very pleased with the purchase.
John taylor :  Tuin Parts:
Aug 10, 2018
Spare part ordered and delivered with the minimum of effort Great service no hassle and quick delivery
Mr. David Brown :  Log Cabin Carport Ever 7.7 x 4.3m:
Aug 10, 2018
Our carport arrived via 40ft lorry , a forklift brought 6m pallet to our home & delivered safely .
We unpacked and inspected that evening and next day built first 3 layers and by day mostly evenings we built in 5 evenings approx 10 hours for 3 people . The project and timber was perfect, common sense will help . The utube on felt tile installation was great and pictures can be supplied of start to finish
jill evelyn morley :  Rianne Log Cabin 5x2.5m:
Aug 10, 2018
Arrived a day early which we agreed, delivery driver was excellent managed to place pallet on the drive with 1 inch to spare,amazing how he managed it.Brother and nephew built it instead of my husband due to becoming ill. It was built over 7 days about 4 or 5 hours a day in over 30 degrees heat and took them about 30 hours in total.The wall went up amazingly quick,door instructions took about an hour to sort out,even watching the videos did not show the Rianne door frame.the pyramid roof took time to work out where to start the roof boards and the same with the shingles,which is very time consuming.The windows were easy already made up.Would I recommend Tuin, definitely, Easy online ordering,great communication,fitted together amazingly so well,great value for money and although some instructions could be improved on their is a lot of online videos and instructions to help. Can be very daunting when you open up the pallet,so I would recommend identifying all the parts and laying them out in order of what is required during each stage,this does help and once you start the build and the pile goes down it becomes easier.(that was my job) Very pleased with the finished cabin but now wondering how long it is going to take with the painting
Mr. Derek Nobbs :  Polycarbonate Veranda 3m:
Aug 9, 2018
This is the third Tuin Garden Veranda I have purchased and erected. Dealing with Tuin is easy acknowledging queries and processing the orders without delay. Delivery dates once given are very reliable as is the delivery itself, well packed and crated, delivered where you want it.
Erecting the veranda system is relatively straight forward even when deviating from standard designs such as routing the gutter water outside the column to a water butt.
The quality of the finished structure is very professional and robust giving a pleasant living space for extended outdoor living. We enjoy using ours and it compliments a conservatory and an uncovered patio. Whatever the weather we can enjoy being in the garden.
Mr. Chris Paginton :  Daisy Log Cabin 3.5 x 2.5m:
Aug 8, 2018
I can’t fault anything with this product and all the information on the website. Having done my homework and read all the reviews and tips it was a piece of cake. Based on the insulation information I went ahead and insulated my cabin with 50mm celotex roof and floor. What a wise move with the summer we are having. I built my cabin on an existing patio area which took some time to ensure the foundation beams were 100% level. Once the build proper started I reached roof level in a couple of hours. Half a day to do the roof ( including insulation) and half a day for the floor. 90% of this was single handed just needed a second pair of hands for the roof trusses. Finally sealed exterior with 2 cats, interior 1 coat as recommended with clear coat. All in all an enjoyable project. I would recommend to anyone and in fact based on my experience a friend has purchased a larger tuin log cabin.
Mr. Stephen Taylor :  Erke Log Cabin 5.85x5.3m:
Aug 8, 2018
We are very happy with the Erke log cabin we purchased and found the service to be excellent.
From ordering, through delivery and support with the installation the team responded quickly and with good humour/
The installation itself was problematic but this was entirely due to the wood warping in thehottest summer in 40 years! I would strongly recommend future buyers to store the elements under cover until needed.
But at the end we have a lovely summer house that we will enjoy for many years.
Mr. harpal ubhi :  Galvanised Fence Post Cap:
Aug 8, 2018
The post cap has unbelievably created such a classy finish i was very pleased with this individual finish, this a unique touch that separated me garden from all others
Mr. Ben Hewlett :  Chloe Log Cabin 4 x 3m:
Aug 8, 2018
I was very impressed and pleased with my log cabin from Tuin. They were extremely helpful with any questions I had before and after the purchase. The delivery was easy and the driver was very helpful getting it as close as he could to the side entrance to our garden. The instructions were pretty basic but with the online information and videos the assembly was pretty straight forward. I managed to get it up in a day with the help of a friend. I got the free shingles which look really good and they took almost another day to get them all in and looking good. I was a little dissapointed with the optional extra of the floor. Many of the boards had lots of holes and knotts in them, I’m not sure I would encourage going for the floor option. On the whole I am over the moon with my new cabin and it’s looking great. I would highly reccomend using Tuin and the Chloe cabin is a great value for money. Thanks
Aug 7, 2018
I am really impressed with the quality of my Emma cabin. The wood is really good quality and the machining is precise meaning that it did fit together really easily. I've only got moderate DIY skills and I was daunted by the instructions. They seemed inadequate but once I understood how simple the construction was I have to say it was quite easy. The Tuin team were very helpful answering a couple of questions I had. It took a few days to put up but that includes painting which was very time consuming. I loved the whole process of building it and managed it all on my own. Highly recommended
Jeff Morris :  Lulea Log Cabin 3x4m:
Aug 7, 2018
Great cabin
Ordered and received 3 weeks later as per schedule.
Cabin was easy to erect and loos absolutely lovely, I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a new shed / cabin that they want to last. The quality is outstanding .
Mr. Philip Rose :  Emma Corner Log Cabin 3m x 3m:
Aug 6, 2018
This is a really nice cabin and well made. I erected it myself over two days without any help. It is important to get the foundations flat and level and ensure the base is square. From then on it is easy. Really impressed with the quality of the log cabin and well above others I looked at. Highly recommend this manufacturer.
Aug 6, 2018
Very happy with service from ordering to delivery,the driver had to park quite a way from my drive as the road is narrow than bring one pallet at a time , three in total. every pic was packed well so no breakage.
Kevin Read :  Curved Garden Arch 180cm:
Aug 6, 2018
Great product and service.
Throughout my order i received very good service, allowing me to amend my order and keeping me well informed. The product is excellent quality and at a reasonable cost. Thank you.
Aug 6, 2018
Fairly easy to put on but you need to be aware of the drops and splashes. If putting on in hot weather then it dries very quickly on the brush and roller. Still got another three coats to put on but it’s ok thus far.
Mr. Martin Wilson :  Mitch Log Cabin Gazebo 3.5 x 3.5m:
Aug 6, 2018
Really pleased with our Mitch gazebo. Great product. Service was great when we had a question during construction- really quick to respond. We have also added guttering. Great service from start to finish. Only criticism is that we bought the membrane to sit between the gazebo and the floor for additional protection- the instructions said the screw holes were pre drilled but they weren’t. Once we have painted ‘ protected it we plan to post a photo on Tuin Facebook page. Really happy.
Patrick oconnor :  Daisy Log Cabin 3.5 x 2.5m:
Aug 6, 2018
fantastic, fantastic,fantastic.
From the moment i ordered the Daisy log cabin the whole process was excellent. My delivery was made by Mark who rang me to say he was 30 minutes away. Mark was very helpful and placed the quite large package exactly where i wanted it. Shingles were packed on top which i removed to place out of the sun as the build wasn't to take place for a few days. On opening the main package it was quite eye opening to be faced with a small forest of wood.Reading the instructions and watching loads of videos we set to work sorting the pieces. I must admit that was one of the hardest parts. Now come to the build, Wow, so straightforward, everything slots together with minimum persuasion from a rubber mallet, within a couple of hours the cabin was up to roof level, windows and doors slotted in ready to start the roof,time taken here is well spent as at first did not realise the roof boards were different widths. roof completed , on to the shingles, must have picked the hottest day of the year, but after watching more videos everything came together, what a good look, makes the cabin look a quality product, which it most certainly is.Apart from a few trims to put the cabin was built over the weekend with just two people.
Well what can i say, the cabin was a pleasure to build and what a fantastic piece of engineering. I now have an extra room in my garden which i can use all year round , all thanks to the people at tuin. This company has got it right. From the simple ordering process, delivery of a quality product, loads of online information, cannot find a fault. Every time i look at the cabin it makes me smile. Tuin what a company, what a product. To sum up my review in three words. Fantastic, Fantastic, Fantastic.
Dr. Paul Quilter :  Dyre Log Cabin 4m x 3m:
Aug 6, 2018
I am delighted with my purchase. Ordering was uncomplicated and delivery was, as promised, with a phone call about thirty minutes before arrival. The cabin was quite straight forward to erect. I am particularly pleased with the quality and design of the building. The timber is of excellent quality, beautifully finished and good to look at. I can thoroughly recommend Tuin as a provider of quality buildings. Thank you
David Melville :  Loya Pent Roof Log Cabin 3.8 x 3m:
Aug 5, 2018
I ordered this in July after seeing my brother in law's, I was very impressed with his, right from the process of ordering the summerhouse to your delivery driver dropping off the cabin you were first class , the driver called about an hour before delivery and dropped off as close to the house as was possible, my nephew who built my brother in law's one also built this and we had it built in under 4 hours, we are absolutely delighted with the finished product and are looking forward to relaxing in it for years to come, the structure once built is solid and quite sound proof, a few of our neighbours have been in for a look and are now very keen on having one of them for themselves, I would recommend Tuin to anyone looking to build something similar in their garden
Mrs. Mandy Thomson :  Klair Curved Roof Log Cabin 3 x 2.4m:
Aug 3, 2018
had to wait an extra couple of weeks because it was out of stock but well worth the wait now the cabin is built the end product is beyond our expectations and has been greatly admired by all who have seen it the quality of the cabin is excellent and its great value for the money and I would highly recommend tuin products to anyone
Mrs. Frances Ryan :  Jos Corner Log Cabin 2.5x2.5m:
Aug 3, 2018
We feel very lucky to have come across Tuin on the internet when searching for log cabins.
From placing the order, which was extremely easy to delivery and assembling the cabin it went so well.
We decided to buy Jos corner log cabin 2.5 x 2.5m. We arranged to have a base put down following the dimensions on the website, which was exactly right. The cabin was delivered as promised and the delivery man couldn't have been more helpful. My husband and I constructed the cabin we are both retired in our 60's and it took us 4 days. We had our son's help with the roof and shingles. We took a further 2 days painting the cabin, and we are having electricity put in the cabin this weekend.
We feel a great deal of satisfaction looking at our cabin, we are enjoying the cabin which looks lovely, and so are our grandchildren.
The product fitted together so well and we had very few problems, all solved easily over a cup of tea.
We highly recommend Tuin Log Cabins and look forward to enjoying the cabin for many years to come.
Mrs. Cathy Blofield :  Loya Pent Roof Log Cabin 3.8 x 3m:
Aug 3, 2018
It looks fabulous! Good quality and good design. Pretty straight forward to put up, but my husband is great doing this sort of thing. Pays off to have some skills in this area. Only been constructed recently so hopefully as the weather is turning now we hopefully will not have any shock. It looks just great.
richard morrison :  Harvia M3 Wood-Burning Sauna Heater:
Aug 3, 2018
superb service and very good price for a quality product thank you Tuin
Aug 2, 2018
The whole experience from the advice when ordering (I didn’t actually know what I wanted!) through the effortless delivery by the extremely helpful and professional driver through to the assembly (I only needed help lifting the purlings). I have advised everyone I speak to not to get a conventional shed, but to get one of these instead ~ I’ve even offered to help build it as I enjoyed doing mine! Exceeded my expectations:-)
Susan keighley :  Karen Log Cabin 5 x 3.2m:
Aug 2, 2018
The Karen log Cabin we bought is fantastic,it so easy to assemble,and I know it will last for years,it’s not cheap wood,it’s really cosy inside and it’s cool in the hot weather,I’be recommend it to everyone I know that’s how much I love it,if anyone is looking for a summer house look no further the Tuin.
Mr. Terence Shepherd :  Edelweiss Log Cabin 5.1x6.0m:
Aug 2, 2018
I wanted/needed a decent size SummerHouse and settled on the Edelweiss. Ordering was easy via the website. I only live a short distance from the Norwich depot so my included\free delivery subsidises those further away but that's the nature of Geography.
I received a phone call the day before asking if I could accept delivery that day (one day early) which I did (why not help them out). The delivery driver could not have been more helpful, and placed the three pallets where I needed them at the top of my garden (90 meters from the road). I assembled the Cabin on my own in two days onto a concrete base/floor. The pallets are a bit daunting because as per the instructions they do need opening up and spreading out before you start. This is because they are incredibly efficiently packed and small innocuous pieces can be hidden away deep inside the pallet. Depending on your 'practical skills' the instructions could be construed as patchy, but given time and attention most of the details are outlined. Whilst I am extremely pleased with the outcome, and the build process was for the most part very well thought out, there were a couple of points in a sea of positives that were negative. One, contrary to the website info they DO use finger jointed lengths of timber, which I don't mind generally. However in the huge roof beams they have finger jointed and bolted them in full view of the main room, when a tiny detail of forward planning could have placed them out of sight in the 'loft/mezzanine area. Two, the ends on the mezzanine floor area are not supported at the wall ends. And while you can't significantly load them up there I still think this is an oversight. I made up some matching beams with the additional timber provided. So overall I would say 99.5 out of 100. I chose to block up the small window in the loft area, so having made those floor supports I didn't have quite enough 'Logs' left from the spares provided and ordered about 1.5m from the Norwich depot. We'll leave it there with a positive story as not only did ordering the spare log not progress smoothly, the log I eventually paid for was wrong and rather than keep dealing with 'the office' I just made up a replacement on the SawBench. Everybody who visits is highly impressed with the Edelweiss Log Cabin in my garden and my wife and I love it.
Aug 1, 2018
A really nice well constructed Gazebo. The website is full of useful information and videos to help you build and maintain it. Finishes off the corner of our garden a treat. Excellent service from all areas of Tuin.
Pawel Jagiello :  Onyx Log Cabin 2.6x2.2m:
Aug 1, 2018
Don't know where to start... :) I'm really happy with my purchase from the day one. Delivery was exceptional as it was planned for Friday but I have received the phone call from delivery driver that if I want he can deliver on Thursday :) which was perfect for me. Log cabin arrived really well packed and non of the logs been damaged. It took me 2 days to assemble the log cabin by myself even that this is two man job :) I'm impressed with how easy it was to assemble and will recommend Tuin products to my friends. I am absolutely more than happy with the finished result, it is a quality building at a very competitive price, much cheaper than anything I could have bought locally.
Mr. Ronald Jackson :  Skov Log Cabin 3.5x3m:
Jul 31, 2018
So pleased with our purchase ,strong and sound .
Delivery and customer service excellent .
Would definitely recommend
kim pratt :  Rose Log Cabin 5x5m:
Jul 31, 2018
High quality, great value for money; after much searching an unbeatable price. Timely and efficient delivery. Clear erection instructions. Definitely would recommend this company and their products.
Mr. Andrew Machin :  Heino Log Cabin 4.5x5.8m:
Jul 31, 2018
Your driver put the consignment where I wanted it. We unpacked on Friday and Saturday evening. Everything was correct.
The erection started at 8.00am and we are to put the three apexes on tomorrow then the roof beams. Quite amazed how good the logs have to put up and how fast we can put the building up. Your videos were very helpful especially the one about fitting warped logs. I will be ordering a metal roof kit for my Heino as this will enhance the building. Very pleased, thank you.
Jul 31, 2018
Exactly what I was looking for at a great price, good quality product and delivery terms were reasonable considering it was a delivery to Scotland (cannot source this product anywhere in Scotland)
Jul 30, 2018
Excellent service, communication, delivery and product.

Right from online purchase communication was great. Amended my order without any problems or delay. Delivery was great, managed to drop right outside the door despite being a little off the beaten track.
The diagrams were excellent and really clear, with one exception. A little pointer to the door frames needing to be checked and that there was a left and right would be helpful, other than this it went together really well. The blog is a must for really good advice and extra info for your build. In all it was a really enjoyable project for my dad and me to build.
Mr. Brian Turnbull :  Jackalyn Log Cabin 5 x 4m:
Jul 30, 2018
Extremely pleased with the log cabin from Tuin.
Excellent delivery service and excellent quality product.
I already had my concrete base ready so I literally put the pallet of materials next to the base,layed out all the pieces in order.
I literally had the whole thing assembled in a few hours including boarding the roof.
I then fitted the shingles the next day.
I can honestly say that it was the easiest assembly of such a structure and I have erected lots of sheds and outbuildings as I’m a landscape gardener/designer.
Would absolutely recommend tuin for price and service all day long.
Mr. Ian Rhoades :  Composite Profiled Foundation Beams:
Jul 29, 2018
Worth upgrading to this product quality good . Recommend you watch the Tuin video installation guide before cutting the corner mitres
Mr. Ian Robinson :  Round Trellis Garden Arch:
Jul 29, 2018
Excellent product
Jul 29, 2018
I bought the Sliding Garden Shade Awning with the fastening set and the anti sag rods to attach to a pergola which I built myself over a deck and a section of garden. This was the only option is could find anywhere in the UK which just about met my (admittedly quite specific) requirements.

Overall I am happy with the quality, although it isn't quite perfect. Firstly, the plastic case which the shade comes in and is intended to be stored in when not in use, in winter for example (which I think is a great idea), was completely torn when it arrived, and the zip broke the second time I opened it. The other issue I encountered is that at one end of the shade, the centre row of eyelets are not actually in the centre of the shade, and are off by a few cms. This means that the shade doesn't slide as freely as it should on the wire and doesn't hang evenly at one end. I could move the wire at that end of the pergola off centre to match the shade, but then I would have to make sure that the shade is installed the correct way round every time.

The shade material seems good quality and nice and heavy duty. The anti sag rods do the job nicely and make a much bigger difference than I imagined. I had to cut mine down slightly but that's due to my pergola, not because they're incorrect. The hanging kit is spot on, although I wish the cables were terminated to stop them fraying. I tried wrapping tape around the ends but then they don't fit in the mounts. Just be careful not to snag the ends and they're fine though.

I plan to design my own opening and closing system as mine needs to gather in the middle rather than at one end.
Barrington Fender :  Single/Lean To Carport 3.0 x 5.0m:
Jul 29, 2018
This carport is superb,very well made,strong and sturdy.The customer service was really good,this company comes highly recommended.
Chris Williams :  Bertil Log Cabin Gazebo 7.9 x 3.0m:
Jul 28, 2018
I've been extremely impressed with Tuin from purchasing the product through to receiving the delivery. The quality of the product is excellent which makes it a worthy investment. Some of the beams were warped, however appreciate this is due to the product being made of natural resources which do bend and twist and certainly impacted by the hot weather in the UK of late. This is not a criticism but made the installation and build slightly challenging for some of the longer pieces.
I cannot recommend highly enough the product and service. This is supported by the fact that my father, brother and friend have also bought Tuin cabins and it was our only choice as we'd seen just how good they are.
A very happy customer!
Mr. Allan Parkinson :  Watford Log Cabin 5.4 x 5.4m 3m Veranda:
Jul 28, 2018
The cabin is glorious,it had been a joy to build with help from spouse and a few friends.a marvel in consistant Wood machining and quality wood.
Can’t wait to build another
Mr. Peter Cottam :  Mitch Log Cabin Gazebo 3.5 x 3.5m:
Jul 28, 2018
The logistics of delivering the cabin have been handled very well by Tuin. Although there was a 3 week delay in delivering the cabin they kept me informed throughout. When the cabin did arrive the delivery firm were very prompt in their contacting of me and researched the location to ensure they could deliver. The driver was really friendly and helpful and moved the cabin to where I required it with no fuss. I have not yet put the cabin up due to the base not being ready, but the quality of the materials looks good and it is very professionally packed. I will post an update when it is completed. We would definitely use Tuin again.
Malcolm Craven :  Syros Larch Gazebo 4.3x4.3m:
Jul 28, 2018
We are very pleased with our new Syros Larch Gazebo, it has fitted into our garden very well and has already been much admired. We found it reasonably easy to put together, with the help of the instruction video and the finished look is lovely. The service from Tuin from ordering to delivery was very efficient, although the delivery came a day earlier then expected, the delivery driver rang us as stated beforehand and explained how he could accommodate delivery to our rather narrow lane which he duly did right into our garden where it was to be erected.
Many thanks Tuin for a great product and service.
Andy Preedy :  Aiste Log Cabin 5 x 3m:
Jul 28, 2018
fantastic product. Easy order process on line and very quick delivery. Helpful driver when delivered and then the product is top quality. excellent customer support and building instructions. easy to build. Would definitely buy another in the future.
Stephen Griffiths :  Windows for Log Cabins - Double Glazed:
Jul 27, 2018
Ordered a window as an extra for my log cabin and it was delivered the same time as the main packs of the cabin and appears to be very good quality
Mr. Adrian Hammond :  Large Modern Gazebo 4.55x4.55m:
Jul 27, 2018
We purchased this large modern gazebo to cover our patio and hot tub. From the point of placing our order to delivery, the service was first class. Any queries or questions we had about our order were answered promptly and clearly. The delivery driver was excellent, calling us to let us know he was nearby and unloading where we wanted the delivery placed.The instructions to put the gazebo up, although basic, were reasonably easy to follow for a home DIY’er. We are very pleased with our gazebo and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tuin to anyone looking for a quality gazebo.
Jul 26, 2018
Excellent service from beginning to end that made installation stress free. The cabin is of a superb quality and real value for money. We looked around before making our final decision, and no one could compete with price or quality. We would highly recommend both company and product.
Mr. Ken Beattie :  Adirondack Love seat Paris:
Jul 26, 2018
Nice product. Fairly easy to construct using the instructions. You will need an electric screwdriver or it will take considerably longer.
Mrs. Mandie Ranyard :  Log Garage Geir 3.6 x 5.37m:
Jul 26, 2018
Perfect cabin to replace my old workshop ,went up well ,all done a dusted in 9 hours ,many thanks
Jul 26, 2018
My cabin is virtually finished and I am delighted. We built it off a concrete base laid with 2.5 cubic metre of redimix concrete. The shape of the cabin means that it was not the most straight forward build and I was assisted by a builder, or maybe it was the other way around.
Jul 26, 2018
well one year on and I am still pleased with the blinds, they roll up and down easily. I hemmed and weighted both of them to cope with the wind better - two open sides on my summer house.
Simon H :  Decking Circle Tiles:
Jul 25, 2018
Decking circle turned out to be great. Made for an unusual feature in the garden.

Tile is quite thin, so needs a lot of support under it. Definitely not a negative as in our case I made it more rigid by adding some more back boards, then embedded the tile in the centre of some decorative gravel.

Tuin itself were good to deal with. Will buy from again.
Jul 25, 2018
Bought two of these for our Mitch Log cabin Gazebo.
Very good quality and make the Gazebo even more usable by keeping out the majority of rain, wind, sun, leaves, etc. whilst still providing a clear view out.
Would definitely recommend.
There was more than enough excess material (given some DIY skills and a sewing machine) to make up a 3rd blind for the doorway but rather disappointed that Tuin would not supply half a dozen additional fasteners so had to source alternatives to complete the job.
As per another customer suggestion would also recommend stitching a baton (or plastic conduit) to the bottom to aid rolling them up.
Jul 25, 2018
I got this log cabin for a garden office and couldn't be more pleased. The size and quality are great. I found Tuin over the internet and they were helpful and the prices fantastic. Very pleased.
Ms. Sara Wells :  Log Cabin Lean to:
Jul 25, 2018
This lean to is perfect as additional storage for the BBQ and bikes. Very pleased.
Mr. Terry Barclay :  Justine Log Cabin 5 x 2.5m:
Jul 25, 2018
Hello Tuin

What a fantastic product. The cabin took 3 days to erect but this was only because i can only get to 1 side of the cabin when erected,so i had to treat the wood with 3 coats of preservative and 3 coats of colour before assembly.This cabin could easily be put together in 1 day.Every part was labled and fitted perfect.some timbers had bowes but this will sort its self out in time.
The ordering system was easy and delivery was on time.
Have already had a friend see the cabin and is looking to buy one.
Many thanks for a great product.
Adric marsh :  Julia Log Cabin 3 x 5m:
Jul 24, 2018
Bought this in June 2018. Delivery was smooth and as described. Impressed with the quality of the material and precision - it’s chunky and tight fitting in a good way! Some of the pieces are a little warped / cracked but as they include a good number of spare sections it wasnt an issue. Had a go at assembly, took a few weekends with the help of my 12year old son. The sheer amount of support material available on the website together with the YouTube videos is really good. The final seal of approval came from a local shed company. When they installed a small side shed the wife found them admiring the nearly finished log cabin. They were very impressed by the quality and thought it cost more than it did
Jul 24, 2018
Nice product, that assembled quite easily. Although you need to be careful that everything is square as you go along. Also, there were no instructions in the delivery, so I needed to figure a few things out myself
Mr. Nigel Essery :  IKO Felt Roof Shingles:
Jul 23, 2018
A great product, and the written instructions easy to follow. The shingles are of excellent quality and did not rip when handling. Finished roof looks great.
Jul 23, 2018
the whole process for purchasing went smoothly. Emma cabin arrived safe and intact. instructions could have been a little clearer but I'm a non trades man and managed to build the cabin in 2 days and a other day for the shingles. it looks fantastic. also bought the care free paint in grey. thus went on excellent and looks great.
Mr. Michael Dutton :  Chloe Log Cabin 4 x 3m:
Jul 23, 2018
Delivery was good with no problems. Had a bit of a problem when starting building cabin one of the starter logs was too big. Had to send emails back and forth which was a bit frustrating. Had to wait 3 days for replacement which put me back quite a bit. Other than that the build was fairly easy. Really happy with the quality.
Mrs. Anne Dexter :  Jos Corner Log Cabin 2.5x2.5m:
Jul 23, 2018
This was bought for my son to have his own outdoor cabin, but it will grow with him/us into adulthood. Ordering was straight forward & delivery company were very helpful. We built the cabin ourselves - having never done anything like this we were wary, but as tuin continually say just trust the instructions, take it step by step and go for it! We were a bit confused about the door frame, contacted tuin and got an immediate response - sorted! We had to contact them a couple of times and each time the response was fab/ very helpful and never were we made feel like a nuisance. It took us 3 days to complete and what a sense of achievement! I would and do recommend tuin.
We also ordered a gazebo which we will build next week and are hoping the build goes as well!!
Jul 23, 2018
This is a must have if you are going to have a pyramid roof on your log Cabin.
it’s stylish & well made.