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Mr. Judith Williams :  Daisy Log Cabin 3.5 x 2.5m:
Feb 24, 2017
Delivery driver phoned the night before to warn of an early delivery. The package was much larger than I expected but we had a chat about the best place to leave it. 5 stars.
The cabin is just as expected another 5 stars
Peter Conway :  Chloe Log Cabin 4 x 3m:
Feb 23, 2017
Having looked around local suppliers for a shed which I could use as a garden office, I was surprised at the high prices and low quality offered in my area. I found Tuin whilst searching on-line and decided on the Chloe Log Cabin 4m x 3m, which looked the perfect size and at a very reasonable price. After digging out and laying the foundations myself, I took delivery in late December. The log cabin arrived on the appointed day and the driver skilfully placed it on my driveway. It was very well packed and protected from the weather, and I left it outside for a week before beginning the build. It took me about 3 days to complete the construction on my own including insulating the roof and putting in an additional insulated wooden floor; then a further two days to paint in and out. Pretty good I think given the freezing cold and limited daylight. The instructions were very easy to follow and I had no snags whatsoever. The components were all perfect and I even have enough wood left over to build a big workshop bench. I cannot fault the whole buying, delivery, quality and build process, and would happily recommend this company, its products and services.
Mr. Ben Williams :  Agnes with Shed Annexe 3x4.4m:
Feb 23, 2017
Its always a bit daunting buying things online, especially when you are spending a lot of money and haven't seen the product. I honestly had never heard of Tuin before, but so glad I selected them for my log cabin. Their customer service is fantastic, they answered all my questions and the delivery company they use cannot do enough to help you. I decided to use one of their recommended installers and the guys that installed that cabin were great. If you are looking to buy a good quality log cabin look no further.
Mr. Stephen Fox :  Superior Gazebo 3.4x5.9m:
Feb 23, 2017
I have rated this a 4 stars, only because I never give the top rating, sorry guys. In essence the service from Order to delivery was exemplary. Even the delivery organisation phoned me to discuss the access and location.

I decided to build this myself and so far all the wood is built I only the have the Felt to put on now. There was 1 faulty piece an "F" on the Plan. tI was a crack through a knot in the wood and went right the width of the strut so long it rendered the piece unusable. Rather than calling and waiting for Tuin to replace it, which I am sure they would have, so no criticism here, I decided to go to the local Builders merchant and make replacement for £12, as I was in full flow and needed to complete the Roofing slats that day while I had the extra help from my son. In essence then, it took just 1.5 days to build excluding the roofing felt.

The instructions were .. OK.. for the structure but could have been clearer for the roofing slats, the Videos online are very helpful, thanks guys!

Now it's up.. it is rock solid, looks like a quality structure, nice, and if I can do it.. anyone can.

Thanks Tuin - I would recommend this to anyone else.
Mr. Robert Wright :  Aiste Log Cabin 5 x 3m:
Feb 23, 2017
The log cabin is extremely well made and all our visitors so far have been amazed at the quality. Once you get your head around the instructions, construction is fairly easy. 3 men put ours up in a day, but do plan an additional day if flooring opted for too. The shingles are not so easy to install. You need good gloves and knee pads. Since installing ours, I've read better to use adhesive as well as nails, so I've ordered the same and plan to do once the weather improves. Overall I doubt that you can find a better product on the market for such a reasonable price and would definitely recommend this company.
Ken Addison :  Daisy Log Cabin 3.5 x 2.5m:
Feb 23, 2017
Excellent service from TUIN. The Cabin was easy to put up - even for me. Looks great.
Feb 23, 2017
The floor came as an addition to the Cabin. Very simple to fit and looks very good. I've put three coats of varnish on it and it's perfect!
Feb 23, 2017
Great addition to my Cabin, easy to fit and gives me that extra light I needed
Mr. Sean Allen :  Truus Log Cabin 5.95x5m:
Feb 22, 2017
The cabin arrived as described and was easy to sort into sections. I couldn't believe how easy it went together I thought I was doing something wrong!!

We put the cabin up in 1 day including the roof planks. It took another day to put all the shingles on, only because I was on my own.

My friends are really impressed and 3 are looking to purchase similar products.

I can't praise the product and company enough. 5 STARS
Leslie Hampson :  IKO Felt Roof Shingles:
Feb 22, 2017
Always a great service and great quality product from Tuin. Many thanks.
Ed Hughes :  Karen Log Cabin 5 x 3.2m:
Feb 22, 2017
Absolutely delighted with my Karen cabin. Easy to erect, quality product and is everything I was hoping for. Well done Tuin.
Graham Harvey :  Inge Log Cabin 4.20 x 4.20m:
Feb 22, 2017
This beautiful but highly functional cabin/summer house was delivered by an amiable, efficient & helpful Dutch driver. It was easy for two of us to erect and also to fit the shingles. In fact the most demanding part of the project was constructing the concrete slab. The cabin has since been so widely admired that 3 of my friends have also bought Tuin garden buildings. I have now added a lean-to shed extension attached to the rear of the cabin in which to put material in order to avoid any cluttering of the interior. I feel that the quality of materials, design & construction are exceptional. The 'on line' & telephone help & support Tuin provides is also first rate. We really enjoy using the cabin as a peaceful retreat & extra space in which to relax. I plan to build a brick barbecue next to it. I thoroughly recommend this firm to anyone who needs an aesthetically pleasing quality garden building.
Alan Reynolds :  Felt Shingle Glue 310ml:
Feb 20, 2017
When we bought our cabin we never thought of buying any felt shingle glue. We put the shingles on on in the winter and I thought that to be totally safe I would purchase some felt shingle glue to 'seal' all the edges and rim tiles do water couldn't penetrate. The only reason I did this was that I noticed it was recommended to do in the winter as the tar strips on the shingles wouldn't melt until there was some warm sun. I have checked the tiles and the tiles have bonded together perfectly. I would highly recommend the glue to give you peace of mind during our long cold winters. Even if you only do the edges as I don't think it's necessary to do every single time or maybe only the west facing tiles.
Mr. Warren Fegan :  Impregnation Fluid:
Feb 20, 2017
I read about impregnating fluid so decided to purchase some when I ordered my Gitte cabin. I made the mistake of not ordering enough as this fluid spreads like water and I didn't have enough to cover the whole of the inside of my build. I applied it from the ground up with a paint brush and it was like painting with water. Not thick or sticky worked fine.
Feb 19, 2017
Good product very pleased easy install
fantastic service had to alter door but made easy by Richards advice
Diane Shelton :  Large Potting Bench:
Feb 19, 2017
Well made sturdy bench that is perfect for the job. The galvanised top is easy to keep clean.
Feb 19, 2017
After a problem with the original delivery date where it wasn't met and I wasn't informed, this was then resolved and I received the item a few days later. Very happy with the product, very few damaged pieces and the extra pieces added on for free more than covered this.
Feb 19, 2017
It's taken awhile to complete but this is purely due to our circumstance. Once build was underway it went up very quickly - my husband felt the shingles could have been better explained - especially the starting row but all other aspects of the build were very quick and easy. We came to Tuin after friends had bought a cabin. Tuin came highly recommended and I have to say that we are not disappointed !!! I have already recommended Tuin to friends of mine.

This is going to be my husbands office and daughters study room - we've put a sofa bed in there, when the bed is out there is not a lot of space left but fine for that occasional extra bed that we may need.

Everything from delivery to end product has been great!

Thank you
boyle :  Metal Fence Post:
Feb 19, 2017
brilliant product and excellent service from Tuin
Feb 18, 2017
Overall I was pleased with the log cabin's quality and appearance, the quality of the wall timber is very good, with very few knots. However the floors don't reflect this, with some pieces heavily knoted and warped - I understand this is natural but more spares to choose from would have been good, I had about 2 spare planks at the end of the build which didn't go in. Likewise the window/door fittings aren't in keeping with the quality of the rest of the cabin. But as a reflection of the price you get a good, inexpensive cabin with Tuin which is easy to build - even though no instructions came with my cabin! The online resources are great and I suggest you refer to them in detail if you purchase a cabin.

Mr. Clifford Hier :  Metal Roof Finial For Garden Buildings:
Feb 18, 2017
The finial is a good addition to thevroof of our quality summerhouee. It is well made and, although our roof is the shallow type , it does not look out of place. We ueed adhesive to stick it to the shingles and with the wind and rain we hsve been having it is bearing up very well.
Mr. Michael Collins :  Daisy Log Cabin 3.5 x 2.5m:
Feb 18, 2017
I ordered the log cabin on line and it arrived within five days as promised. Building the cabin went smoothly and any help I needed was available on line. I did send a couple of emails out-of-hours and they were responded to very quickly.

The quality of the cabin is excellent and the whole process has proved to be enjoyable and also rewarding. I have even offfered to build one for my son-in-law who is considering buying one having seen mine.
Feb 18, 2017
We are absolutely chuffed with our purchase, it is a real quality product which has added an extra dimension to our garden. It's worthwhile getting an expert to put it together
Hannah Barnes :  Rydell Log Cabin Garage:
Feb 17, 2017
Absolutely fantastic, thank you Tuin! Incredible quality, very impressed by the product but also by your very quick and helpful replies.
Hannah Barnes :  Wooden Floor Pack for Log cabins:
Feb 17, 2017
Great, no complaints at all!
Hannah Barnes :  Garden Building Guttering 65mm:
Feb 17, 2017
Very nice neat and effective guttering, thank you
Mr. Mark Cawley :  Sten Log Cabin 3x2m:
Feb 17, 2017
I chose Tuin as I had read some bad reviews about another supplier and reviews on Tuin were good. I was not disappointed. Delivery was as told. The cabin is great. Support was great. I didn't build it but the chap that did was very impressed and said it was the best he had seen.
Mr. Peter Calvesbert :  Aiste Log Cabin 5 x 3m:
Feb 17, 2017
I have had my Aiste for over a month now but because of bad weather and because I wanted to treat and stain everything before construction my project is not yet finished. The build was very straightforward and no problems with warping.It was very easy to customise as i have added two skylights and my own insulated flooring. The quality was pretty good, maybe the wood was a little softer than I had hoped but no real problem. I opted to add the doors and windows after the main build but on the Aiste this does leave the front quite flimsy and needing clamps. The doors and window frames add a lot of strength on this design.
This will be my main place of work and I look forward to moving in. All in all very pleased with my purchase and wouldn't hesitate in recommending a Tuin cabin.
Mr. Steve Matthews :  Timber Frame Base Pads:
Feb 16, 2017
I needed 11 of these to support a timber frame base for a summer house that I've ordered. I've opted for a timber base as the site is on a slope and would have had to excavate and dispose of too much spoil. Pressed concrete paving slabs are set into the ground at strategic points with the jacks placed on top making levelling in an easy job. A timber skirt was attached around the perimeter into pea gravel covering the jacks. This should prevent any unwanted guests from setting up home underneath. All timber used is pressure treated. What wasn't obvious to me at first was that the jacks have two adjustment screw threaded cores, one right hand and the other left. A brilliant and inexpensive bit of kit.
Michael Baker :  Rome Log Cabin 5x3.2m:
Feb 15, 2017
After much research and deliberation I ordered a Rome cabin from Tuin. I paid extra for delivery on a flat-bed lorry due to the narrow lanes hereabouts. Delivery date/time was confirmed and the fork-lift had no trouble with our sloping gravel drive. I had expected a 5 metre long pallet as the longest cabin wal, was 5 m but the pallet was maybe a half meter longer due to the excellent protective packaging.
It took me a good 1 1/2 hours to unpack and move the pieces to the build-site ( all of 12 metres away!).
As recommended, I laid the pieces out alongside the slab adjacent to where they would be needed, with the doors, windows, roofing and 'odd bits' in the garage until needed.
I had the concrete slab made to the exact footprint and laid a dpm on top of the foundation-beams (again following advise on the Tuin help pages). I made work for myself by mitre ing the corners for a smater look, next tie it will be square ends!
The actual build of this single-room 5 x 4m cabin was around 5 hours with my teenage-son helping. That's roof on but no floor. 2" insulation and shingles took 4 hours the next day - it was a bitter cold day!
Laying a dpm (as per ....) and 2" celotex-type insulation overlaid with 18mm osb took 2 hours next day.
So far it has had a base coat of Sikkens and two top coats and is looking fantastic. I have reserved many compliments and declarations of 'shed-envy' - shed??? They were soon corrected, cabin-envy please.
The build was as easy as Tuin say it can be. Yes the instructions are rather over-simplified, that's why Tuin recommend you watch the videos and read the blogs! My only small critics is that the barge-boaRd horozontal capping (shown for a different cabin in the video) is not supplied with the Rome. No big deal as I purchased the timber and fitted it myself as it does give a much neater finish to the shingle roof.
Oh one other problem, this cabin was for my son to use as an office - now my wife wants another plus sauna+hot-tub!! It will be another Tuin cabin for sure!
Mrs. Anna Bryan :  Daniel Corner Log Cabin 2.6x2.6m:
Feb 14, 2017
Absolutely delighted with this product. Took some hard but enjoyable work putting it together and it went together perfectly. Glad I had someone helping me that knew a bit about wood work and had the necessary tools. Getting to the top of the roof to put on the felt tiles was quite interesting but we managed in the end. Delivery was great and everything was there. Most impressive was the service. Plenty of info on line and if you e mailed someone always got back to you. Thank you Tuin...have already recommended you to my friends.
Feb 14, 2017
These are the best quality trellises I have come across. One of them had had some sort of insect attack but Tuin immediately refunded the cost.

They are very nicely machined and will last a long time
Mr. Denis Grimshaw :  Timber Frame Base Pads:
Feb 13, 2017
The use of timber frame pads made levelling the frame very easy. Also the confidence that they will act as a moisture barrier for the timber makes them a good solution. Definitely recommend them.
Feb 13, 2017
I was hesitant to purchase the Summertime 4x3m log cabin from Tuin due to the price but as soon as it was unloaded from the lorry and unwrapped you could see the difference in quality in the wood and machining from other cabins we had looked at. A couple of points I would make is it needs someone with a bit of building knowledge to erect, it is not basic DIY. There is a bit of modification and fettling to be done requiring the correct sort of tools. A quick email to support and they confirmed which bits had to be modified. I think the general consensus is the instructions are not the best but that makes life interesting. It took me 5 days to complete, not the two they suggest but this did include painting, shingles, flooring and guttering and I was working on my own much of the time.
Very pleased with the results. You can appreciate the quality of the completed project.
An unanticipated problem is trying to keep my wife and her friends out of my tool shed, they seem to have adopted it for their late summer evening glass of wine!
Mrs. linda hedges :  Garden Sail Shelter - Triangle:
Feb 13, 2017
Product looks and feels very good.
Dominic :  Post Holder Screw Down:
Feb 13, 2017
As others have said, a bit on the expensive side (especially if you've already spent quite a bit on a carport/gazebo). But do seem very well made and pretty heavy/sturdy. Unlike some I've seen that look like they have been just spot welded, these were welded all the way round and made them look much stronger to me. They have holes for fixing on both the outside and inside. I decided on using the inside holes (as I'd made the concrete they were screwing into a bit too narrow) - if you do and use 10mm bolts, you will need to open the holes a bit, because they are so close to the edge, that a socket wouldn't fit on the nuts! If you buy for use with one of the carports on here, you'll need to do a bit of packing, as the holders are about 6 or 7 mm wider than the posts.
Mr. adrian evans :  Sten Log Cabin 3x2m:
Feb 13, 2017
Very pleased with my Sten Cabin everything was delivered as promised and there were no shortages all in all a positive experience and I would certainly recommend Tuin to my friends and relatives 10/10
Paul KEOWN :  Arne Log Cabin 4.5x3.5m:
Feb 13, 2017
Very good Quality and value for money, effortless purchase and delivery. Product was easy to assemble and no dramas.
Feb 13, 2017
All efficiently delivered on a single pallet. First of all, I’ll say that overall I am very pleased with the kit. So the following are mostly observations and not me being very picky and just moaning!
The bags holding the screws had got wet though, so the paper bags inside the plastic bag were a bit of a mess and all the screws were mixed together.
There are some reassuringly hefty bits of wood, the posts are very substantial. I worked out that the 6m 6x2 beams (the heaviest) are around 20kg each.
There were no instructions, but fortunately, I had asked for them in pdf format before ordering. However, they are really just drawings and not instructions at all. The drawings and photos on the site all show the carport as being installed with the roof flat – with no allowance for the roof pitch and the posts are also cut with 90degree tenons. I’ve no idea how those installed carports are going to work, especially if it snows. The 6m beams are not very straight either, so with it flat as well, I’d image water will pool and start to find its way through the roof. I guessed around a 5degree pitch and cut the post lengths accordingly – time will tell if it is enough! On the post cutting front, I’m also glad I went for post holders and didn’t concrete them in, as I’d have thought cutting them to the right length would have been very difficult. Also, at 2.9m (especially allowing for a pitch in the roof), they wouldn’t be long enough to concrete in.
I bought the metal post holders from Tuin as well. They are very well made and well galvanised. They are about 6 to 7 mm wider than the posts though, so some packing is required and possibly some silicone to seal them and prevent lots of water getting trapped. They aren’t too pretty, but I reckon some black enamel paint or some sort of wooden skirting/sleeve will hide that – at least they are very sturdy.
Anyway, I managed to install it mostly on my own, only really getting help for the 6m beams (but even some of those I managed on my own). 2 skilled people would make it much easier, but if there is only you, you can do it – probably not in two days though.
I’ve yet to fit the plastic sheeting, but with the 6m beams so warped, I may have to invest in two or three 5m lengths of wood to try and brace and straighten those beams out first or maybe install some noggins. You can see that has been done in a couple of the photos on the site, but they are no supplied.
For peace of mind, I have bought about 20 reinforced brackets, as there were not enough supplied for both sides of all 6m beams.
Mr. Christopher Bull :  Karen Log Cabin 5 x 3.2m:
Feb 12, 2017
Great customer service when one of the components was damaged, great value for money, excellent quality product and easy to assemble quickly! We are really pleased with it so far - just need to add the roof in the next few days and then do the finishing in the next few weeks!
Mr. Christopher Bull :  Log Cabin Planter:
Feb 12, 2017
Lovely quality and will make the building even more adorable-looking when filled with geraniums!
Mrs. Marie Christine Glancy :  Carefree Protectant Timber Treatment:
Feb 11, 2017
Following the construction of our 2 TUIN log cabins we purchased the Carefree Protectant Timber Treatment. Our first choice was to use the transparent type both in and outside however at the time it was not available for another few weeks. Desperate to protect the wood, it was decided to acquire the green protectant instead (for the exterior) and white for the door and window frames. The delivery was prompt and correct. With winter at our doorstep and living in Scotland (freezing cold and often wet), it was an exercise of patience waiting for the right opportunity to paint. It is recommended not to paint when the temperature is below 7 degrees or in wet conditions...fat chance! However, there was a good window of fairer weather and paint we did. Very easy to apply the green CPTT, not so easy with the white as one has needed several layers to have the coat look like opaque paint. However both products did the job perfectly and we are completely satisfied and recommend it wholeheartedly. We were told when the transparent protectant arrived and ordered what was needed to cover the walls and ceiling inside the cabin. It was very easy to apply and like both the other products dried within the stipulated period (within half an hour). The wood remained looking as natural as it was and it is beautiful. When one purchases a cabin of this value, it seems only normal to invest a bit more in its protection to have peace of mind. And the green looks stunning. Two very happy customers here!
Feb 10, 2017
We had looked at a few cabins but they didn't look as good as those from Tuin. We settled on the Emma corner cabin and the price was fantastic. We opted for the floor too. Delivery was as expected and it was great to see the forklift come into force and put the huge package on our drive. We had to leave it covered for a couple of months so we could prepare our concrete base.
The couple of times we had to send out of hours emails we had very prompt response we did find the instructions could have been a little bit better but there's lots of help online and the YouTube videos.
We painted as we went along and I did the roof myself withe the wife passing me the shingles etc. TOP TIP - when putting the top cap on, rub a couple of shingle offcuts together and the bits will cover the glue on top of the nails.
We've now laid and stained the floor and fitted the electrics. Our settee and blinds are now in and it's starting to look like a room.
We love the cabin and service received and would highly recommend. Thank you
Nicola McKelvie :  Aiste Log Cabin 5 x 3m:
Feb 10, 2017
Wonderful addition to my garden. We are so impressed with the service, help, guidelines of the log cabin.
Thank you
Mr. Mark Polglase :  Metal Shed 3 - 2.47 x 1.94m:
Feb 10, 2017
Good value that is for sure as long as you have the time spare to build it. It took me about two full days as I built it on my own. There are lots of small fiddly screws and time spent ensuring that it was on level ground probably prevented this time going into the third day. That all said it is a good shed for the price.
Mr. Robert Hopkin :  Carefree Protectant Timber Treatment:
Feb 10, 2017
I have not used the preservative yet but so far sales and delivery have all been excellent. The cans came all the way from Holland on the back of a rather large lorry. Polite and helpful driver. Will let you no how it goes.
Mr. Jonathan Preston :  Carefree Protectant Timber Treatment:
Feb 8, 2017
Hi had a peter cabin and put clear varnish on and it is superb. No hassle and the staff and service are top of the range. Thank you tuin
Feb 8, 2017
Prior to ordering my Ulrik 3.8m x 3.8m Cabin, I had a few questions about it and emailed Tuin. I always received a reply back. I ordered it for a certain week of delivery and received contact confirming delivery date. Delivery driver was very helpful and polite. Excellent looking and great quality Cabin and had plenty of nice comments about it. Fairly straight forward to build, 2 lads to half days work (in January) to get Up to putting roof on. I have recommend Tuin and the Cabin to others.
Alan Reynolds :  Perlund Log Cabin 3x3m:
Feb 7, 2017
Beautiful cabin that was relatively easy to put up. I had help so the job was done in a day! Everything slotted together nicely and the black shingles really make the cabin attractive! It was put up on a cold, rainy day which wasn't much fun and we need to wait a bit for drier weather before we treat the wood ! We ordered two cabins, the other for storage, we're looking forward to sitting in our new cabin once the weather improves!
Mr. Peter Neale :  Julia Log Cabin 3 x 5m:
Feb 6, 2017
This log cabin is the best on the market purchased in December 2016. Wanted a Garden Office so found this on line. Tuin this is the best on the market. I will put some pictures on when finished. I would recommend this log cabin to anyone.
Cathy Tate :  Aiste Log Cabin 5 x 3m:
Feb 6, 2017
My Aiste cabin is great. Easy to heat with an oil filled radiator. I work in it all day and so far all is safe and secure despite the recent awful weather. Very happy. Thoroughly recommend.
Feb 6, 2017
We have created what feels like a second home in our garden. This beautiful cabin has slotted into place like it was meant to be there. It is of very good quality and easy to assemble, my partner and I managed to complete it together. The shingles on the roof were a little more tricky and so a work mate was brought in to help! We are more than happy with our second home that now also holds a Hot Tub.
Mr. David King :  Felt Shingle Glue 310ml:
Feb 5, 2017
Very sticky !

This adhesive is really fit for purpose but can be messy if you are careless !

Having said that it is easy to clean up with 'monster wipes' or similar.

I have just completed a roof on a clockhouse cabin and annexe and used about 6 tubes.
Feb 5, 2017
A great product. I spent about £350 on Sadolin wood preserver before installing the cabin so I would highly recommend planning ahead and getting it pre-dipped which appears great value for money. (There is a long waiting time presumably to allow the treatment to dry out).

The cabin itself is of great quality and reasonably easy to install. The only difficulty I encountered was the installation of the side apexes - there is a need to brace the side walls (particularly as you near the top) as the purlins are put in place. (I used 12' planks either side of the side walls with sash clamps to hold the side walls in place). Installing the shingles is quite time consuming.

Overall I am very happy with the quality, the delivery and the technical support given throughout the process.
Miss. Jane Mitchell :  Rome Log Cabin 5x3.2m:
Feb 5, 2017
We are absolutley made up with our recent purchase of this log cabin.We found Tuin very helpful with all our enquiries before hand.Delivery was smooth.We have insulated it and put electric to it and are now using it as a bedroom for our twentysomething son who refuses to leave home
Mrs. Yvonne Fletcher :  Chloe Log Cabin 4 x 3m:
Feb 5, 2017
Very happy with the cabin, easy to construct although timbers for floor were sent for floor were too small. Had to buy timbers that were correct size.
Tim Curtis-Weight :  Nilsson Corner Log Cabin 3.5x3.5m:
Feb 5, 2017
Excellent quality , the machining of the parts was all spot on , the wood is a lot better than pine. The instructions are good and logically laid out , I would definitely recommend a Tuin cabin and would buy another one in the future. A very happy customer. ps delivery was on time as well.
Mr. Peter Neale :  Julia Log Cabin 3 x 5m:
Feb 5, 2017
Would like to say thanks to all the staff for a great service of my JULIAN log cabin / office. I would recommend these log cabins to anyone looking for a garden office. I will put some pictures up when finished with the interior.
Brian Lock :  Mika Log Cabin 3.8x3m:
Feb 5, 2017
First class delivery service, on time and delivered with a fork lift truck attached to the lorry. I love the quality of the cabin. Extreemly good value compared to other similar products. Lots of good comments from my neighbours.
Mr. william styles :  Max Log Cabin 3.8x2.9m:
Feb 4, 2017
Excellent product and great value for money . I shopped around and choose the Max Log Cabin 3.8x2.9m after lots of comparing and was not disappointed. The delivery was on time and delivered without any hassle . The quality of the cabin is excellent and erecting it couldn't have been [with advice from your helpful staff ] . Would definitely recommend Tuin .
Mr. Stuart Robertson :  Composite Profiled Foundation Beams:
Feb 3, 2017
Very good addition to any log cabin, the concrete base I laid is completely level and there are times when rain water can sit for a few days before it dissipates and the Composite beams are great at protecting the frame of my cabin! Well worth the extra few pounds!!
Feb 3, 2017
Top service goes together well and fits perfect
Mrs Lucas :  Log Cabin Air Vent:
Feb 3, 2017
Vents is sturdy and well made. Fits within width of one beam (most others I have seen don't). Perhaps a little too expensive.
Cathy Tate :  Embadecor Timber Stain:
Feb 3, 2017
Good product, nice colour, but be warned it didn't cover as big an area as I had hoped, so buy more rather than less per square metre
Simon @tartendown nurseries :  Log Cabin Logs:
Feb 3, 2017
Fantastic help and service from Tuin !,supplied me logs to match another suppliers cabin that couldn't supply them to me.excellent quality and service ,over the moon with them !thankyou Tuin
Feb 2, 2017
I took a few weeks after erecting my Aiste cabin before applying the carefree protectant. Some say it was expensive, but the plus side is it covers extremely well, has good penetration and goes a long way and is easy to apply. I didn't realise how dark the green was. Tuin have advised me that I can mix the green with white and with a bit of trial and error to get my desired colour. Will try it in a few years as strangely I have got used to the colour. 3 sides are dark green with the front face being clear the same as the inside. Drying time for the green was very good, but I found that the clear protectant took a few days probably due to lack of ventilation with the doors and windows closed due to the weather. Yes I did mix it thoroughly.

All in all a great product. I'll give it 5.
Mr. Charles Daynes :  Max Log Cabin 3.8x2.9m:
Feb 1, 2017
Delivered at date requested by helpful driver with huge truck placed right where needed, . Thanks to watching video on utube had no difficulty in errecting in one day in January with the help of my wife( we are both in our seventies.) The secret is to have the base level and the foundation beams and first course of logs allready in place. The shingles took another day and would have been very difficult to work out how to fit them without utube. The doors and windows needed raising by about half an inch to cover a gap at the top. The doors fit perfectly and the already installed lock and bolts were much appreciated. Have applied one coat of Cuprinol Superdec and will wait for warmer weather for next coats. There was one long log in the package which was defective but a spare was on top of the pallet to replace it, also there were only 3 shingles left so look after the offcuts they are needed for the ridge. Overall very happy with purchase and with Tuin. Ann and Norman Daynes
Eleanor Rossington :  Economist Gazebo 3.4x3.4m:
Feb 1, 2017
I am delighted with this quality product from Tuin and the customer service I have received has been excellent. Extremely good value for money the Economist Gazebo makes a stunning addition to the garden to suit a range of purposes from hot tub shelter to outside bar. Our business is using it to hold outdoor civil ceremonies.
Mr. Richard Lawless :  Karen Log Cabin 5 x 3.2m:
Feb 1, 2017
Like most of us probably do going from one website to another searching for the best deal and quality, well I would personally go straight to tuin as the delivery, quality of build and ease of build were second to none. To build the Karen log cabin took 3 of us 2 days and one more day to fit the shingle roof which does take longer than I first thought but well worth the effort for the desired result.
If I had to build one again I think we could probably half that time. Thanks tuin for a great service and product
Mr. stuart wass :  Jenny Log Cabin 4.5 x 3.5m:
Feb 1, 2017
I was very pleased with my Logcabin , it was a pleasure to put together I'm glad I followed the instructions and watched the installation videos as they were very helpful.
Mr. Graham Clarke :  Riho Log Cabin 3.2x3.2m:
Jan 31, 2017
My experience of a Turn cabin, where to start? Whilst researching,the Tuin brand kept cropping up.I'm naturally cautious of glowing testimonials, but couldn't find anything but good words for the brand,so I made my choice;a RiHo 3.2. It duly arrived, on time, and I was left with a big package to move, and sort. Lots of timber! The plan was to erect over my Xmas holiday. I had already prepped the base, and knew the importance of it being level and square. The benefit becomes obvious when you start to erect, as it basically fell together. We are talking precision machined joints here. The joints naturally want to sit square. If you are struggling, something is out of square,or level, or both! I was on my own, but had no problems and it flew up. The roof took a little longer, as I both insulated and boarded over before fixing the shingles. A word on shingles. If they were not free,I would buy them. Yes,they are that good!! I have also fitted an insulated floor, and a small wood burner. In essence, the cabin is all but finished. I am just waiting for the weather to warm a little to apply the treatment. Everyone who has seen the cabin is enthralled by it, and I've received nothing but compliments. I'm delighted with it, and happily state its worth every penny spent on it. As for Tuin,there is no hype whatsoever. They sell a first class product, and are staffed by first class people who do everything they can to help. Follow the advise on the website, and you will not go wrong. I am delighted to give my complete endorsement,and thanks, for an excellent product.
Mrs. Linda Rudolph :  Derby Log Cabin 4.4 x 4.4m:
Jan 31, 2017
i took delivery of a Derby Cabin in November 2016. i had planed on having it constructed in January.
So for almost 2 months the Cabin has been sitting on my driveway. When Philip Osorio arrived as arranged on 25th Jan i half expected it to be at least a little damp. It came out pristine & they constructed it in one & half days. One glass window was broken, a replacement arrived just after lunch the following day, excellent service. i am thrilled to have my Derby Cabin at the bottom of the garden and know it will give me and the faeries many years of pleasure. i can highly recommend a Derby and Tuin.
Mr. Trevor Thompson :  Aiste Log Cabin 5 x 3m:
Jan 30, 2017
I am the owner of a joinery company based in Luton and was looking for a log cabin for home to use as a home office,after looking into whether it was viable for us to build it ourselves we felt that we were not really set up to do this and were better suited to joinery manufacture that we are set up for so therefore looked on line and found Tuin !
I have to say that your company is one of the most professional companies that I have had the pleasure to use in recent years, which is not something I say lightly, we were up to speed with all delivery times and dates at all times, your delivery driver was very polite and helpful and the quality of the product surpassed what we had expected
The installation instructions were easy to follow and the finished product is perfect you definitely have one very happy customer here and I will of course recommend your company to all my colleagues.
Well done Tuin if there were six stars availble for service and quality then I would not hesitate to give you that mark.

Many thanks for all you help
Trevor Thompson
Knockout joinery (Luton)
Mr. Duddridge :  Aiste Log Cabin 5 x 3m:
Jan 30, 2017
I asked for a helper with the Aiste. The package was rather daunting but the delivery guy was brilliant.
We followed the instruction video before starting and think that was really beneficial (notwithstanding the music on loop!).
The cabin was up and watertight (shingles on) in 8 hours (8am - 4pm) as that was all the daylight we had. Finishing off and floor another day for me. What a great fun job, LEGO for grown ups I called it.
Well done to all at Tuin, helpline kindly pointed out that I was an idiot at one point, but other than that faultless.
Jan 30, 2017
excellent product and great value for money . My husband and I shopped around and choose the summertime log cabin after lots of comparing and we are not disappointed. The delivery was on time and delivered without any hassle . The quality of the cabin is excellent and erecting it couldn't have been easier , took approx 2 days . Will definitely purchase from Tuin again .
Jan 30, 2017
I ordered a two tins of Carefree Protect for my cabin. They arrived very well packaged, with no chance of busting open or spilling in transit. I was tempted to order the 'light oak', but changed my mind and went for the cheaper 'clear'. In fact, the clear stuff does slightly darken the wood, and it brings out the shape of the grain and knots very well, so the appearance at the end was good. I'm hoping that the natural look of the wood will last for a long time. I found it easy to use and more pleasant than other preservatives I’ve used in the past. I applied three coats, and the end result is almost as if the whole outside of the cabin is encased in a smooth plastic skin. It dries quickly, so three coats could be applied in a day. It’s also water-based, so cleaning up is easy. However, once it’s dry it’s very difficult to shift off surfaces. If it gets on the skin, it has to be scraped off with a knife, so use gloves. It's expensive stuff, but it looks as though it will last and do its job well.
Jan 30, 2017
Tuin is a first class company with first class products and a service to match.
The customer support is second to none. My queries were answered in minutes by Email and the website is unbelievably comprehensive, with advice and videos as to how the product is delivered and constructed. The delivery was spot on time and the driver couldn't have been more helpful. Despite the pouring rain he placed the cabin pallet exactly where I wanted it.
I haven't as yet constructed the cabin as I have been busy building the base, but the quality of the timber and machining is excellent and with the constructional videos duly browsed I am looking forward to doing so.
I'm not one who normally participates in reviews, but in the case of this company I feel I must make an exception.
I have not the slightest hesitation in recommending Tuin to anyone.
Mr P. Reeve

Mr. Mark Gould :  Chloe Log Cabin 4 x 3m:
Jan 29, 2017
Tuin are one of the best suppliers I have ever dealt with. On the day of delivery the driver Brian explained to me that he could not get his 40 ton lorry up our close , so he used the Mofat stacker truck which he drove 0.5 mile on the road to deliver our Chloe log cabin.

Brian placed the Chloe cabin on my drive where I required it and nothing was to much trouble. A big thank you to Brian.

The staff in the Tuin office were very good and went the extra mile to accommodate my delivery requirements.

A big thank you to the Tuin staff I dealt with in the office.

The Chloe log cabin was easy to erect and very good quality.

I would recommend Tuin to all my family and friends as they exceeded all my expectations.

Keep up the good work.
Jan 29, 2017
Gave three coats of the clear Carefree Protectant on my Chloe log cabin and found it to be a very good product.

I found it takes 1.5 tins per external coat on the Chloe log cabin.
Jan 29, 2017
We needed a shelter for our recently refurbished Camper. Having done some research into this, we decided to seek advice from Tuin, a firm we learnt about only last year, when our grandson Alex started his apprenticeship there.
We are quite limited for space, so we had fairly specific requirements. We took photos of the space showing measurements and accompanied this with detailed instructions of our needs.
The Tuin Team were very helpful from the word go! The Post Holders were ideal for our use, as the concrete was already in situ. This meant that no height was lost by setting the posts in the ground.
The drive has a slope which meant we were uncertain of the actual height until the vehicle was driven in. We ordered some extra long posts, but this was unnecessary. The rear of the shelter overlaps the garage roof to give further protection to the rear of the van, but this would then leave part of the bonnet uncovered. We made several contacts with Ben and Wayne from the Tuin Support Team for help and advice.
Nothing was too much trouble for them! From the original order being placed Alex and Karen, the delivery which came a day early which was much more convenient (we were notified by phone), the Technical Advice and back-up with the Carport/Lean-to, everything flowed really well!
The extension over the bonnet gave us exactly what we wanted!
Well done Alex, Karen, Ben, Wayne and all The Tuin Team!!! Friends and Neighbours have commented most favourably on the Structure, Sturdiness, and overall appearance and have queried which firm supplied us. We are praising Tuin long and loud to everyone and told them that we shall be ordering anything else we need in the future from Tuin!
Mr. Dale Masterman :  Gijs Log Cabin 5.95x4m:
Jan 28, 2017
Well impressed with my purchase of Gijs log cabin from tuin.Have put cabin up in no time took me and daughters boyfriend a couple of days to get to roof level.T and G roof and shingles took another couple of days as I insulated roof with 50 mm kingspan and 65mm felt nails. Cabin was water tight within 4 days. Only tools I needed to purchase for install was a couple of rubber hammers. Tuin website very helpful with choice of treatment etc used Cuprinol preserver and sikkens hls/filter 7 treatment very happy with Finnish .Thankyou tuin if u are thinking of getting a log cabin look no gutter quality and price second to none
Mr. Chris Fox :  Aiste Log Cabin 5 x 3m:
Jan 28, 2017
Great pre-sales support by telephone, delivered when promised, fantastic quality product which was relatively easy for my dad and I put assemble. Would recommend Tuin and this cabin. And great price
Tim Hockin :  Timber Frame Base Pads:
Jan 28, 2017
Great product made levelling the base timbers very easy would highly recommend
Mr. anthony mellor :  Single Carport 3.0 x 5.0m:
Jan 28, 2017
All seems very good, we are in the middle of erecting it and fitting box profile roofing sheets to match our existing garage. When completed it will look splendid just in time for snow!
Dr. mark haw :  Uddel Modern Log Cabin 3.8x2.6m:
Jan 27, 2017
This is a reasonable log-cabin-style shed. It feels sturdy and is a reasonable design. However the fact that the wood is untreated generates a lot of problems, especially if you need to put it up in winter and don't have the weather or space to paint or treat every piece before assembly! It could be better with a couple of simple tweaks.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review. All the cabins are untreated as advised. However, we also offer pre-treatment options should they be required if you are not able to treat yourself:

Jan 26, 2017
The log cabin was a pleasure to construct and Tuin were quick to answer questions when I had them. I cannot fault the quality of the cabin - the wood, the fit and the available instructions. A few observations from experience: the construction of the cabin does not take very long and is easy - the fit makes sure of that. What did take time was the construction of the foundation, the shingles and the treatment. The shingles took longer because of difficult weather and a desire not to make any mistakes! We insulated the cabin below floor and directly beneath the shingles and this looks good. Overall very happy and I have already recommended Tuin to a couple of friends.
Mrs. Shelley Munn :  Tourist Open Gazebo 3.4x3.4m:
Jan 25, 2017
We considered many gazebos but settled on this one because of the sturdy look to it. We are imensley pleased with the product. It is so well made and the construction was very easy. The gazebo looks fabulous and our hottub fits under as if it's been made bespoke for it. Perfect service and delivery driver was amazingly helpful so 5 stars to Tuin.
David Balls :  Emma Corner Log Cabin 3m x 3m:
Jan 25, 2017
Excellent service, paid for the Cabin on the Monday and it was delivered on the Wednesday, AMAZING! The driver positioned the delivery exactly where I wanted it. Having unpacked it there was a log that was split and a base log missing, these were replaced immediately with no hassle. Discussed the building of it with one of the customer services personnel and they were very helpful. On building the cabin it took only three days to build and put on the free roof shingles. Brilliant product and service, thanks to all.
Mr. James Cooper :  Carefree Protectant Timber Treatment:
Jan 25, 2017
Expensive but worth it I looked for ages before deciding to take the plunge. Product covers really well only used 4 tins on a 5x3 cabin 2 coats inside 3 coats out which was probably 1 more than it needed and you can see the water literally rolling off only been on a few weeks but will be really happy if it lasts as long as stated as I hate painting anything, much less faf than other products as its all you need no primers or top coats, would use this again even on a normal shed as its much better than the stuff from the DIY sheds.
Mr. Graham Williams :  Timber Frame Base Pads:
Jan 24, 2017
I ordered one of each of these for evaluation for a large garden office project. As an engineer, I can say they are well made, great value for money and should work fine in a situation where a permanent concrete slab is not desirable. Unfortunately, my project is cancelled for the time being, but I will not hesitate to use these pads as they will save a lot of time levelling (critical for a problem free building as anyone who has not put the effort in here knows you end up fighting the problem all the way getting worse and worse) and far better than messing around with bits of shim etc, without breaking the bank. Great product!
Mr. Chris Gunter-Phillips :  Excellent Modern Gazebo 5.92x3.40m:
Jan 24, 2017
After a lot of research I bought this Gazebo to house my Hot Tub and provide a dry seating area in my garden. I installed this by myself and although it took 3 days I am well pleased with the result. The ordering and delivery was first class and even though I received the wrong size post holders, this was soon corrected by Tuin who promptly sent the right ones.
Mrs. Valerie Burwood :  Soren Log Cabin 3.8x3.8m:
Jan 23, 2017
We deliberated for many months about getting a Summer House and undertook weeks of research on suitable suppliers but we kept coming back to Tuin because of their quality and choice of product, the price, supporting information and the glowing reviews of their customer service. We eventually took the plunge and are pleased to say that Tuin lived up to expectations. Delivery was going to be tricky because access was via single track roads and a rough lane and one piece of advice to anyone facing the same situation is to do some homework and find places an artic lorry can park, reverse and turn as close to the property as possible and have a Plan A, Plan B and Plan C ! On the day parking and turning the artic lorry went OK but the little truck couldn't make it up the steep hill. We finally managed delivery with Plan C but having thought about and developed alternative plans avoided a great deal of time, stress and hassle on the day. The available support information and tutorials meant we were able to get a suitable base in place before delivery and when the cabin arrived we felt confident that we knew what to do. There was some damage to some of the components (it looked as if the package had been hit by the prongs of the fork lift truck) but Customer Services were excellent and had every thing sorted out quickly. Two of us erected the cabin over 3 days without any major problems and the help of the 'out of hours' service, who responded within minutes, and it is greatly admired by people passing by the garden. The only small quibble I have is that the flooring does not appear to be anywhere near the quality of the cabin itself and if I had known I probably would have sourced it from elsewhere. Overall, an excellent product for an extremely competitive price and an excellent company to deal with - don't bother looking elsewhere !
Jan 23, 2017
Really pleased with my recent purchase of Asmund corner log cabin. From ordering to erection by your recommended fitter (Warren ) everything was completed to an excellent standard and the log cabin appears to be of high quality and great value. I would like to send you a photo of completed cabin and therefore please advise how ?? Many thanks Tuin
Jan 23, 2017
I used these for the base of a shed we have erected.. They are easy to install and cut to size. I would buy them again for any other sheds we purchase.

Mr. Dave Williamson :  Timber Frame Base Pads:
Jan 23, 2017
Excellent. built my base on uneven ground and they leveled my base perfectly.
would use again and recommend to anyone. the best i could find for the job.
Mrs. Beate Page :  Carefree Protectant Timber Treatment:
Jan 23, 2017
Product very easy to apply, no smell and looks very good. I hope it is as good as the cabin, I am very impressed by product, ease to assemble and customer care. Cabin came as and whne promised, delivered where we wanted, no problems at all. The timbercare product arrived within 36 hours of order.
Overall can highly recommend Tuin and we have done to our friends.
Mr. Martin Carter :  Mari Log Cabin Playhouse 2.35 x 3.10m:
Jan 23, 2017
Dear Tuin Team,
I just wanted to provide a little feedback on my recent order for the Mari Log Cabin, I can honestly say the build of this log cabin was so easy!, the quality of the parts provided, made easy work of building this log cabin. I must admit, I’m always a little dubious and skeptical of ‘flat pack’ builds but in this case – well done to tuin! I have attached a few photos of the build (please feel free to use them).
If you would like me to add any more to the build story or additional photos just let me know, but the key strategy here is to have a good level & solid base, the build is then a piece of cake, I managed 80% of the build in one day by myself.
Kindest Regards,

Martin Carter – Plymouth UK.
John Griffin :  Jos Corner Log Cabin 2.5x2.5m:
Jan 22, 2017
After months of looking for a corner summerhouse that suited my needs and budget, I found the perfect product on the Tuin website, which I discovered by chance while surfing the net. The Jos ticked all my boxes: high quality materials and fittings; simple to follow DIY instruction booklet and telephone/online support if needed (viewed excellent roof tiling video); ideal size; attractive style; pitched roof with a choice of attractive roof tiles in different shapes and colours; free delivery; very competitive price with special offer. I visited the Tuin warehouse in Brooke to view the cabins on display and was very impressed - the staff were helpful and informative and the build quality and materials used for the cabins on display were far superior to anything I had seen elsewhere. Excellent value for money. It took me a couple of days to put it together with just a bit of help from a friend to do the roof. I opted for the wooden floor extra which looks great and is more comfortable underfoot. I painted the exterior two colours to match an existing building and the interior with polyurethane matt varnish and am very pleased with the result.
Roger Watkins :  Swedish T&G Shiplap Cladding:
Jan 21, 2017
Good and straight, nicely finished, but a few more knots and splits than I would hope for. Price is good for this quality, but delivery is expensive for smaller quantities.
Jan 20, 2017
Extremely happy and impressed with the 5.3x3.0m-4.5m Wolfgang Log Cabin which we purchased and built over the Winter. Originally we were going to organise to have someone come in and build it for us, but landed up just being myself and my wife doing it over a couple of weekends.

The first Saturday we build the walls the the roof supports, the Sunday I put the roof boards on and then the following weekend I did the shingles and the next weekend was the floor boards. It probably took me a bit longer being a perfectionist and double checking every detail, but really was straight forward and simple to put together. Would recommend anyone doing it themselves if they enjoy a bit of outdoors and hands on work. I'm in no way in the building trade, but found it easy enough to do.

Gives us a lot of satisfaction every time we use the log cabin knowing we built it and put our effort into it. Will recommend Tuin to anyone looking to build a cabin.