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Carefree Protectant Timber Treatment

Carefree Protectant Timber Treatment
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Carefree Protective Treatment: This treatment utilising the very cutting edge of treatment on the market today. Developed with Valvoline to produce a world class timber treatment.

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Carefree Protective Treatment: This treatment utilising the very cutting edge of treatment on the market today. Developed with Valvoline to produce a world class timber treatment.

Carefree Protectant water-based coating without solvents penetrates deep into the wood and gives all wood types and wood products, such as fences, decking, garden furniture, garden posts, log cabins, garden houses, larch and hardwood, as well as concrete products!
It forms a protective layer against moisture, sunlight, wind and other weather influences. It ensures only a thin layer is on the surface, due to which the structure of the wood or concrete remains clearly visible when using the opaque treatment. 
Highly Recommended for use on:
  • Log Cabins and all Timber Buildings
  • Larch Timber - to maintain the natural colour
  • Pressure Impregnated Timber
  • Hardwood Timber to maintain the natural colour
  • Concrete
  • Inside buildings with a high moisture content such as saunas and log cabins with hot-tubs in and enclosed space or a canopy.
The advantages of Carefree Protectant:
  • Long-term protection against humidity
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easy to apply and easy to clean
  • Excellent colour retention with minimal discolouring through sunlight
  • Reduced vulnerability to fungi and algae
  • Impregnating
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Water-repellent
  • High Elasticity
  • Prevents calcium formation on concrete
  • Very quick Drying
  • Carefree Wood Protectant is easy to use.
  • Wood Protectant dries fast, and your wood/concrete is ready to use in 15 minutes (depending on temperature, humidity and type of surface).
  • Wood protectant can be used without a basic or other primer.
  • This makes the long-term protection of wood and concrete quick and simple.
  • Carefree Wood Protectant must be stored frost-free.
  • Brushes can be cleaned in water.
  • At Least Three coats are required on log Cabins and Saunas.

Colours available:

Carefree Protectant 1 Litre.
  • P019702 Carefree Protect black
  • P019704 Carefree Protect Anthracite
  • P019706 Carefree Protect Concrete Grey
  • P019705 Carefree Protect Pine
  • P019716 Carefree Protect Light Oak
  • P019707 Carefree Protect White
  • P019717 Carefree Protect Green
Carefree Protectant transparent 2.5 Litre.
  • P019709 Carefree Protect pine
  • P019710 Carefree Protect light oak
Carefree Protectant semi-opaque 2.5 Litre.
  • P019711 Carefree Protect white
  • P019714 Carefree Protect concrete grey
Carefree Protectant opaque 2.5 Litre.
  • P019712 Carefree Protect green
  • P019713 Carefree Protect black
  • P019715 Carefree Protect Anthracite
Please Note: The colours shown in the Catalogue and Website may not 100% match the colour received. ALWAYS carry out a tester on scrap timber before using.
Carefree Protect (CFP) differs from normal paint as it penetrates much more in the underlying surface.
Although penetration is still possible with lower temperatures, we advise to apply CFP with temperatures from at least 7 degrees Celsius.
Wood has to be dry during application of CFP in order to guarantee the best possible penetration.
Coverage is dependent on the individual painter but overall it is 6 - 8 m.sq per litre. With the 2.5 litre tins the coverage is 15 - 20 m.sq.
The layer thickness is on average 20 - 30 microns. A depth of 80 - 120 microns is recommended for all log cabins. We would recommend three - four coats of this treatment for maximum stabilisation and longevity with a re-application every few years.
Please Note: The colours shown in the Catalogue and Website may not 100% match the colour received. ALWAYS carry out a tester on scrap timber before using.
  • If a log cabin is shut up regularly, is not ventilated, does not have a DPM then we also recommend the treatment of the inside of the building. It is always good practice to paint the inside of doors and windows to stabilise the timber in high and low relative humidity.
  • Three coats is advisable liberally applied, four coats is better. It is a good idea to treat the doors and windows inside and outside to stabilise the wood and guard against warping.
  • On log cabins three coats is recommended and pay special attention to all joints and liberally apply in these areas especially the corner joints, windows and doors. Of course it is best to treat the cabin prior to installation but we appreciate this is not always practical.
Minimum order quantity of two pieces. Price shown is for one piece.

Approximate Delivery Time: 5 - 10 Working Days

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Average customer rating:
233 Reviews  

5 Most recent customer reviews (see all reviews):
Greg Lamb
Oct 31, 2023
I built my Rick cabin in summer 2021 and gave it 3 coats externally of concrete grey Carefree. I was very happy with how it went on and the overall appearance. Now, 2 years later, the coating is showing considerable signs of wear and tear. The pictures show how it has cracked and flaked. This is the west facing wall and the other walls are still good, and the inside is untreated, but it is interesting that the standard blue house paint I put on the window frames has no similar cracking. I still have a can of Carefree, so I will recoat this wall, but it seems that we should expect a regular re-painting to keep the appearance and protection. Disappointing, given the hype for this product.
Tuin reply: Hi Greg, Thank you for the Feedback

We don't typically see this happening. When stirred well before use and you get 3 - 4 layers applied it tends to be a very reliable product. Please do get in touch by email so we can work something out.
Julian Walters
Oct 20, 2023
Bought this product to cover a 5 x 4m Spruce Log Cabin on the outside. Application is very easy as its pretty watery, so don't overload the brush, and after the first coat which obviously penetrates the wood the remaining applications go on even easier, as they penetrate less, and provide more of a surface coating. That being said, the comment about a 2.5 litre tin covering roughly 15 to 20 Sqm is completely wrong I'm afraid and very understated. I used almost exactly 1 x 2.5 litre tin per complete coat (including doors and window frames). As this stuff is eye wateringly expensive don't buy more than you should, otherwise you will be left holding the spare cans for quite a while!
Once on, the Product appears to provide a high level of water resistance, which is currently being well tested by this so called Summer weather we are currently having!
Ease of use - 5 stars
Covering estimate as stated by Tuin - 2 star.
Efficiency of Product - 4 stars at the moment, and it certainly looks as if it will be good for quite sometime.
Mrs. Christine R
Aug 24, 2023
this product was great to work with, as it didn’t need such a long time to dry like other treatments. Although, try not to use during really hot days because it dries too quickly. Loved that it washed out of brushes easily as well.

The clear is very clear (as others have said) but brings out the natural look of the wood nicely. I was going for a white-wash look inside the cabin and so, 1-2 coats of the white colour sufficed. However, if you’re looking for an opaque white finish, you’ll need to apply several layers. Quite pricey, however, saved me so much in drying and cleaning time!
Mr. Stephen Farrow
Aug 22, 2023
Very easy to apply looks good on the log cabin ,hope it does what it say on the tin in the future.
Mr. chris gowman
Aug 7, 2023
I was really pleased with this product, it goes on very easily and dries to the touch within an hour or so. it is hard to see where you have coated but in good light on first application you can see a slight colour change in the wood where you have brushed. I hope it provides the wood protection claimmed.

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