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  Timber Treatment Carefree Protectant Timber Treatment

Carefree Protectant Timber Treatment

Carefree Protectant Timber Treatment
Carefree Protectant timber treatment Colour choices of carefree protectant

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Cat No 38.2802
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European Number: 8715815038644
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Carefree Protective Treatment: This treatment utilising the very cutting edge of treatment on the market today. Developed with Valvoline to produce a world class timber treatment. 

Carefree Protectant water-based coating without solvents penetrates deep into the wood and gives all wood types and wood products, such as fences, decking, garden furniture, garden posts, log cabins, garden houses, larch and hardwood, as well as concrete products!
It forms a protective layer against moisture, sunlight, wind and other weather influences. It ensures only a thin layer is on the surface, due to which the structure of the wood or concrete remains clearly visible when using the opaque treatment. 
Highly Recommended for use on:
  • Log Cabins and all Timber Buildings
  • Larch Timber - to maintain the natural colour
  • Pressure Impregnated Timber
  • Hardwood Timber  - to maintain the natural colour
  • Concrete
  • Inside buildings with a high moisture content such as saunas and log cabins with hot-tubs in and enclosed space or a canopy.
The advantages of Carefree Protectant:
  • Long-term protection against humidity
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easy to apply and easy to clean
  • Excellent colour retention with minimal discolouring through sunlight
  • Reduced vulnerability to fungi and algae
  • Impregnating
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Water-repellent
  • High Elasticity
  • Prevents calcium formation on concrete
  • Very quick Drying
  • Carefree Wood Protectant is easy to use.
  • Wood Protectant dries fast, and your wood/concrete is ready to use in 15 minutes (depending on temperature, humidity and type of surface).
  • Wood protectant can be used without a basic or other primer.
  • This makes the long-term protection of wood and concrete quick and simple.
  • Carefree Wood Protectant must be stored frost-free.
  • Brushes can be cleaned in water.
  • At Least Three coats are required on log Cabins and Saunas.
  • The transparent treatment is excellent for use on Larch and Hardwood to help maintain the natural colour.
Colours available:
Carefree Protectant 1 Litre.
38.2802 Carefree Protect clear 
38.2800 Carefree Protect black
38.2801 Carefree Protect brown
38.2806 Carefree Protect Grey - (Special Price)
Carefree Protectant transparent 2.5 Litre.
38.2810 Carefree Protect clear
38.2811 Carefree Protect pine
38.2812 Carefree Protect light oak
Carefree Protectant opaque 2.5 Litre.
38.2840 Carefree Protect white
38.2841 Carefree Protect green
38.2842 Carefree Protect black
38.2843 Carefree Protect concrete grey
Please Note: The colours shown in the Catalogue and Website may not 100% match the colour received. ALWAYS carry out a tester on scrap timber before using.
Carefree Protect (CFP) differs from normal paint as it penetrates much more in the underlying surface.
Although penetration is still possible with lower temperatures, we advise to apply CFP with temperatures from at least 7 degrees Celsius.
Wood has to be dry during application of CFP in order to guarantee the best possible penetration.
Coverage is dependent on the individual painter but overall it is 6 - 8 m.sq per litre. With the 2.5 litre tins the coverage is 15 - 20 m.sq.
The layer thickness is on average 20 - 30 microns. A depth of 80 - 120 microns is recommended for all log cabins. We would recommend three - four coats of this treatment for maximum stabilisation and longevity with a re-application every few years.
Please Note: The colours shown in the Catalogue and Website may not 100% match the colour received. ALWAYS carry out a tester on scrap timber before using.
If a log cabin is shut up regularly, is not ventilated, does not have a DPM then we also recommend the treatment of the inside of the building. It is always good practice to paint the inside of doors and windows to stabilise the timber in high and low relative humidity.
The transparent treatment is very transparent, please be careful to cover fully when treating particularly in the case of the window anddoor beading it is also easy to miss the bottom of the building: As it is very transparent it is easy to miss these areas - please be careful.
Three coats is advisable liberally applied, four coats is better. It is a good idea to treat the doors and windows inside and outside to stabilise the wood and guard against warping.
On log cabins three coats is recommended and pay special attention to all joints and liberally apply in these areas especially the corner joints, windows and doors. Of course it is best to treat the cabin prior to installation but we appreciate this is not always practical.
Minimum order quantity of two pieces. Price shown is for one piece.
Approximate Delivery Time: 3 - 7 Working Days FREE Delivery*
Average customer rating:
(100 Reviews)  

5 Most recent customer reviews (see all reviews):
Mr. Valerio Del Vecchio
Jul 10, 2018
I was a little hesitant because of the premium price of this product however I have to say that it does - and pretty damn well - what is says on the thin.
Easy to paint, has great covering ability and with half 2.5L tub I did my 6 x 8 shed plus 2 gates (2 coats shed, 3 coats the gates) Lately I used it to prime cement base between paving flags before filling with resin bound aggregate.
I used the transparent one and it gives a nice glowing finish to the wood. Have since pressure washed my shed and water wicks away just like it was a car body.
If you're looking for a tough shield to protect your wood look no further.
Mrs. Susan Cartlidge
Jul 4, 2018
We decided to buy this product to protect the exterior of our Log cabin. In clear.
This product resembled painting on soapy water which was was weird.
However WOW! The affect is amazing. After each coat (3) the colour of the wood was more enhanced each time.
We treated the inside with Saddolin which was a little cheaper.
But it does not compare and the result is not noticeably as effective
This is one amazing product. And would recommend it to everybody, in fact I have done already .
Will be buying again.
Mr. Steve Drake
Jun 17, 2018
This is a great product, excellent coverage and easy to use. Will take a while to assess the protection but I am confident it will be good having seen the finish.
Mr. Raymond Pearse
Jun 16, 2018
Ok - this is a review of your colourless Carefree product I have used on my Nora summer house.
Generally I found the product easy to use albeit that because it is colourless it was often difficult to see where the treatment had been applied - particularly after the first coat had been applied.
It was reassuring to see that the initial coat was easily absorbed by the timber.
As far as the physical application was concerned I did find that using a brush for detail and “hard to get to” areas the solution tended to foam. This was also noted when a roller was used on flat areas as the finish had a bubbled surface which, if not brushed out, would leave an orange peel pimples finish.
It seems to do its job in protecting the timber ( I’m leaving the timber “au natural” but time will tell!

Ray Pearse
Paul Watts
May 28, 2018
I bought 10 litres of clear to paint a tannilised 4m by 3m stable - it just allowed for 2 external coats. Goes on very easily. It dries with a hybrid silk - matt finish and adds a light golden tone. Much better than I expected colour wise. Hopefully, it will wear as well as the claims - so far it looks promising.

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