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  Log Cabin EXTRAS Wooden Floor Pack for Log cabins

Wooden Floor Pack for Log cabins

Wooden Floor Pack for Log cabins
Wooden Floor Pack for log cabins Log cabin floor joists log cabin floor log cabin floor pack 18mm Floor Pack Floor example Floor example Insulated Floor - Note the secret nailing! Floor example Brown Impregnation Green impregnation Silver grey impregnation FSC Timber

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Cat No 40.5000
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Floor Options

Wooden floor packs in tongue and groove Spruce timber. Available in either 18mm thick timber or for heavier duty use - 27mm. These are suitable for any log cabin regardless of manufacturer.  

If you are ordering one of our log cabins please see the drop down for a 18mm floor on the product page

All the floor packs are tongue and Groove boards in 18mm or 27mm.

Installation Advice:

  • Floors in log cabins should be laid as a floating floor with a 5mm - 10mm gap all the way around the perimeter. Using a block cut to a single measurement helps to keep this even. Tip - two - three off cut shingles together is a handy spacer.
  • Floor boards should be as tight together as possible. Use a block to knock them together. No expansion / contraction gap is necessary as this takes place at the perimeter of the floating floor.
  • If available a Flooring Pull Bar helps to make the joints tight.
  • Nail one nail in each board where it crosses the joists. Towards the join. Two nails is best and recommended.
  • You can secret nails as you would at home, the nails supplied are not suitable for secret nailing.
  • If the floor is in wet conditions such as a hot tub consider treating both sides. Double nail is important.
  • Either in the base or on top of it should be a damp proof membrane.
  • The skirting slat is used to cover the expansion gap. This can be nailed to the wall log allowing the floor to move under it. This could be pinned for neatness (not supplied). These can be fitted flat or upright as required for aesthetics.
  • Lay the floor horizontally or vertically as required. Going away from the door looks aesthetically pleasing.
  • Floor joists evenly spaced across the building no more than 350 - 400mm apart.
  • If you have an uneven base in parts  - off cut roof shingles are excellent for use as packers to level the joists.
  • Tip - mark the walls lightly where the joist are. Lay the boards and nail every three or four boards. Keep it all tight together. Then a string chalk line from mark to mark. This then gives you a lovely straight line and perfect final nailing.
  • Tip - Don't nail the last four - six boards until you have cut the final board to fit. It is best to finish at the door. Once the final boards is in use a wedge or floor pull tool to make the final ones tight and nail.
  • Tip - you may need to cut around the door - or - you could trim the bottom of the door fascia.
  • Tip - The skirting looks nice when a miter is applied, most saws will have this 45 degree angle in the handle.
  • Tip - once you start the floor it is a good idea to work with two people. The one inside will take off his boots so as not to mark the floor with dirt. 
  • Treat as quickly as you can after installation to keep its good looks unmarked. Use a top quality floor varnish or treatment as you would in your house. Carefree protectant is a good treatment for floors. We also use this on decking.
  • Treating the underside of the boards is a good idea if you are not sure of your base. Our impregnation fluid is very good for this.
  • A floor gains its strength from the base and in turn the joists. To support heavy weights double the joists - move them closer together to give more support.
  • For a workshop, machinery etc 27mm is ideal. For 95% of other uses the 18mm is fine but consider additional timber for extra joists in heavy weight areas. Our timber here is ideal: Timber 44 x 70mm
  • Insulation of 30 - 50mm can be used between the floor joists.
  • Off cuts can be used to trim the building as required.
  • Should you need to raise the door due to expansion an off cut of floor board is perfect for this.
  • The joists are ONLY designed for a flat and level concrete / paving base. If you use a timber frame base consider adding joist into the design. Also, if you are using a pier system you will need timber such as: Timber 44 x 70mm to span your piers or make them to the dimensions of the joists supplied.

40.5000 18mm floor kit will cover 2.15m2 :

  • 12 untreated floor boards 1.8 x 9.8 x 210cm.
  • 5 Treated floor joists 4.5 x 4.5 x 115cm.
  • 2 untreated skirting boards 4.2 x 1.3 x 210cm.
  • For a floor calculation - Length x breadth then divide by 2.15, round up for the amount required.
  • Use the outside dimensions of the building for the measurements and you will have more than enough.
  • Example - 4 x 4m log cabin - 4 x 4 = 16 THEN 16 / 2.15 = 8.6 - Therefore 9 packs are required.

40.5001 27mm floor kit will cover 1.62m

  • 4 untreated floor boards 2.7 x 13.5 x 300cm.
  • 2 Treated floor joists 4.5 x 4.5 x 300cm.
  • 1 untreated skirting board 4.2 x 1.3 x 300cm
  • For a floor calculation - Length x breadth then divide by 1.62, round up for the amount required.
  • Use the outside dimensions of the building for the measurements and you will have more than enough.
  • Example - 4 x 4m log cabin - 4 x 4 = 16 THEN 16 / 1.62 = 9.8 - Therefore 10 packs are required.


  • Pressure Treatment in Green, silver grey or Brown - increases lead time by up to 4 - 6 weeks
  • Nail Set - 100 piece of 5mm nails. 10 pieces of 5mm x 70mm screws

Verandas and Canopies

  • Do NOT use the Spruce Floors outside for verandas or canopies untreated.
  • If these are required for outside use they need to be impregnated and a final weatherproof treatment applied.
  • For outside use: Ideally use our Decking Boards in Larch, Pine, Hardwood, Composite or Decking Tiles.

Please Note:

  • So we can keep the price of floors as low as possible we have allowed finger joints within the floor boards.
  • Some finishing may also be necessary such as sanding.
  • Please expect some knots to be within the timber floors.
  • If you require a higher quality floor, cut to size in premium timber please enquire.
Approximate Delivery Time: 3 - 5 Working Days FREE Delivery*
Average customer rating:
(23 Reviews)  

5 Most recent customer reviews (see all reviews):
Gary Mark Morgan
Oct 7, 2017
I would recommend the 27mm flooring, it's extremely sturdy and we'll packed, treat it with 3 coats of impregnation fluid prior to installation.
Scott McShannon
Oct 5, 2017
Recently purchased a wooden floor pack for my Tuin log cabin. This product was excellent and a joy to fit, it finishes of my cabin perfectly. The customer service was second to none when I contacted them for advice on number of packs required for floor coverage. My completed cabin has drawn a lot of interest from friends, family and neighbours, it now seems to be the envy of the neighbourhood.
Brian O'Connell
Aug 1, 2017
Great item, as described and delivered quickly and accurately. Great service all round.
Mrs. Debbie Ager
Jul 10, 2017
Purchased floor pack for my Chloe Log cabin, purchase was made after delivery of the cabin as original plan was to lay heavy duty ply and then laminate. However after building the cabin we decided that laminate would take away the cabin feel so we opted for purchasing the wood floor and to be honest the price of this option was around the same if not less that our original plan. As with the cabin the floor turned up when we expected it and the quality again fantastic and very easy to lay. The edging supplied with the kit just gives that final finishing touch. We had 2 slightly warped planks but it was not a problem as we had spares and even had some left over full length planks and the off-cuts which we made into a large box to hide away my sons weight in the gym section of the cabin. Very pleased with the floor and it looks fantastic would recommend as an addition to your purchase.
May 30, 2017
I was impressed with the flooring. A couple of sections were a little bent, but had enough to finish the floor.

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