Composite Profiled Foundation Beams

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Richard Greenwood
Jan 29, 2024
This is the third time I've used these., first two times came with a shed kit. The latest let are to replace on a cabin I'm moving which has wooden beams. These are much better and throw the water off well.
Ordered on line and delivered withing a few days
My only gripe would be the cost of them!
Chris Hart
Nov 5, 2023
Perfect product for the job and exactly what I was after! I used them as a foundation layer for a log cabin which was erected on a level concrete base with no fall and therefore less than ideal drainage. "Pressure treated" or not, why would you let your timber bearers sit in a puddle when you could raise them up on these composite beams? Well worth the extra expense! I painted the first layer of timber with bitumen paint too, for insurance!
Jonathan brown
Aug 18, 2023
A great service from the start to finish as spoke to a very helpful lady who expertly advised me and helped me to purchase the right product (which was simple to cut and instal) highly recommended
Pippa Hope
Jul 18, 2023
We were uncertain which foundation system to go with and settled on the composite beams. We have not regretted that decision. They were easy to cut and position. Long term I think they will keep damp and rot away from the cabin which has got to be good. The service of Tuin throughout this build has been impeccable and we are thrilled with the result, our Riina cabin. We are confident that the cabin is going to last as long as any you could buy. We would totally recommend Tuin from our experience of purchasing their products.
Jul 2, 2023
Great concept to stop damp rising up to the cabin wall. My issue was that there is no capillary groove on the underside? Fine if you are on a concrete base, but as I was building on a wood platform base I needed to have a groove cut in the underside to stop water creeping back to the base.The wooden beams have this protection,why not the plastic??
Mr. Gary Connor
Jul 22, 2022
We purchased the composite profiled beams as an extra and are glad we did. They are sturdy and weather resistant and were easy to fix in place. It’s good to know that our cabin sits on these and away from thee foundation flags, helping to prolong the life of the cabin. We also sealed them to the flags inside and out with a black silicone and this helps keep it clean, prevents insects etc.
Alan Aitchison
Jun 26, 2022
Easy to fit, cuts easily and won’t rot
Mr. Mark Miller
May 29, 2022
The rigid hard bearers are a great starting point for our summerhouse. I’m confident they will ensure we have a rot free base for many many years.
David Gibbons
Apr 6, 2022
In my mind these are mandatory and unique to Tuin. Easy to use and will prevent moisture damage to the base of the cabin.
Colin Adams
Jan 4, 2022
These beams were well worth the extra cost over the equivalent wood beams. They were easy to cut to size with a first cut saw. The slope directs water away from bottom edge of bottom plank.
Oct 4, 2021
Overall I am pleased that I upgraded to these foundation beams, simply due to the peace of mind in knowing they'll never rot. However, they did present a few challenges at build time that I hadn't anticipated. First and foremost beware if your cabin has a door frame that sits on the foundation beam (instead of the bottom half-log). You'll need to remove the "upstand" (lip) somehow, which is far from easy. I decided to plane mine off which was hard-going but manageable until I encountered metal splinters embedded in the plastic. In hindsight a saw would probably have been better... on which point this material is very difficult to hand-saw. I'd estimate 5 x the cutting time of an equivalent cross-section of wood, which adds up when you're hand-mitring 6 x corners. I didn't bother with a secondary DPC beneath the beam (because it's plastic after all), but you do need a separate sealant between base and beam. I had a nice smooth float finished concrete base, but the surface contact wicks any water ingress into gaps along the perimeter. A capillary groove would be a good solution the manufacturer might consider (mentioned by someone below), but that would only help if you've been really precise with your base dimensions. A generous bead of sealant did the trick for me.
Apr 29, 2021
Beams lack a capillary groove to underside! Had to have one routed in to avoid water creeping pack to cabin platform that beams were set on. Cannot understand why not used as best building practice dictate this for window and door cills. Otherwise worth the extra over basic wood beam.
Mr. Paul Moody
Mar 10, 2021
This is the second time I've used these on a workshop build, this time using them between a concrete base and CLS timber frame. They are an excellent way of isolating the timber from moisture, highly recommended.
Mr. Paul Clayton
Jul 9, 2019
Worth going the extra mile and changing to this upgrade, can see the benefits and longevity of our cabin.
Miss. Sarah Cutting
Mar 13, 2019
I've now purchased a second item from Tuin and the service is yet again excellent, will continue to recommend Tuin to all my family and friends
Simon hunt
Sep 22, 2018
I would definitely not recommend these, agree with the other 1 star reviewer. Badly bowed and unable to straighten properly, what I did find to be very poor is that for a 6x4 cabin they came in 3m lengths so had to be joined, the composite is not stable in varied temperature, contracts badly in frost therefore comes apart at the joint. Now impossible to get water tight, so in heavy rain water gets in. Very dissatisfied and disappointed. Not sure what to do now to get water tight.
Aug 15, 2018
These composite beams are invaluable. Ok, you spend a bit more for them, but they keep the bottom row of logs off the ground so reduce the risk of premature rot. I wouldn’t fancy trying to replace the bottom row. I now use these for all my wooden buildings. Being composite they are environmentally friendly as they use recycled plastic. The lenghts are easy to cut to length
Mr. Ian Rhoades
Jul 29, 2018
Worth upgrading to this product quality good . Recommend you watch the Tuin video installation guide before cutting the corner mitres
Val Crump
Apr 19, 2018
Fast & efficient service, delivered when stated. Great Product easy to fit well pleased
Margaret Devitt
Apr 5, 2018
Thoroughly satisfactory
Dave Corps
Oct 18, 2017
We purchased these foundation beams to aid the build of our cabin, sadly they only caused frustration as each length was curved to such an extent the lead beams need to be clamped to the composite in order to fix in place. Massively time consuming.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your feedback.
We are sorry to hear these were bowed, being plastic they can easily move but generally they can be pulled back into shape as you did or left in the sun the opposite way to remove any bow.

We can also send out any replacements needed for a next day AM delivery.

We are sorry if this was more time consuming than expected.
Mr. Stuart Robertson
Feb 3, 2017
Very good addition to any log cabin, the concrete base I laid is completely level and there are times when rain water can sit for a few days before it dissipates and the Composite beams are great at protecting the frame of my cabin! Well worth the extra few pounds!!
Jan 23, 2017
I used these for the base of a shed we have erected.. They are easy to install and cut to size. I would buy them again for any other sheds we purchase.

Mr. Martin Smith
Sep 16, 2016
I would like to thank you for your help my foundation Base parts were delivered today. Perfect. Very professional and help full. Every person from sales to technical was very knowledgeable on product. Keep on doing what you are doing and I am sure you will continue to be successful.
Thanks Martin Smith.

This was my reply confirmation that I received my parts in good time and condition. Only small issue was that I would prefer to talk to someone rather than email! When I am finished I will send picture.
Mr. Peter Ward
Jan 19, 2016
Having previously used the composite profiled foundation beams when erecting a Tuin cabin, I realised they would be a perfect start for another project and was delighted to find I could order the beams on their own. Easy to order and delivery was within the 3 to 5 promised.