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Home Hardware



Garden Hardware range.  Anything you could possibly need to start and finish any garden project.  

The post anchors are very popular and are designed for all our products, gazebos, arches, carports etc in either adjustable models, spike or screw down.

Much of the smaller items are priced to be ordered with a main product order.  If you require just a single item please contact us. Some items can only be purchased in bulk.

We do NOT take any payment or deposit until delivery of your Garden Hardware is arranged.


Tuin Parts
34 Reviews  

All parts are available for our products. This is our spare parts reference page for any parts you require.

Price Varies

Coach Screw
0 Reviews  
Cat No: 39.0150

Zinc plated coach screw DIN571, Seven Sizes Available, Great for Garden Buildings and Structures

Price: £0.12 Save £0.08
Masonry Screw
0 Reviews  
Cat No: 39.0019

Masonry screw with a countersunk head, it is electrolytic galvanised.  Including plug, Three sizes Available

Price: £0.16 Save £0.04
Coach Bolt
0 Reviews  
Cat No: 39.0110

Zinc plated coach bolt. The bolt is DIN603 with a hexagonal nut DIN555

Price: £0.17 Save £0.04
Wood Construction Torx Screw
0 Reviews  
Cat No: 39.0401

Wood construction screw wirth a revolutionary flanged head. This is the perfect screw for any timber construction, pergolas, carports etc. The large head is extremely resistant to breakage.  Uses a Torx bit. Fourteen Sizes

Price: £0.66 Save £0.24
Corner Angled Bracket
0 Reviews  
Cat No: 39.0005

Corner Angled bracket, Available in Four sizes, great for strengthening/Fixing timbers at 90°

Price: £0.75 Save £0.26
Mesh Ties
0 Reviews  
Cat No: 15.2002

Mesh Ties for use with the gabions and mesh screens, Ideal for strengthening your Mesh Design, Priced per piece.

Price: £0.69 Save £0.16
Fence Support Bracket
0 Reviews  
Cat No: 39.0002

Fence Support Bracket, Ideal for fencing these brackets are available separately or in packs of 12,

Price: £0.79 Save £0.18
Joist Hanger
0 Reviews  
Cat No: 39.0010

Joist Hanger, Perfect for holding up those joists, these hangers come in four different sizes to suit.

Price: £1.53 Save £0.35
Garden Gate Latch
0 Reviews  
Cat No: 39.0253

Gate Latch suitable for any of our gates. The traditional style latch with a self closing mechanism

Price: £2.28 Save £0.53
Mounting Kit for Mesh Screens
0 Reviews  
Cat No: 15.2001

Mounting kit for mesh onto timber, each set has four pieces. Ideal for use with our "Garden Mesh" Products.

Price: £2.79 Save £0.77
Stainless Steel Fence Bracket
1 Reviews  
Cat No: 39.0003

Stainless steel fence bracket, Available in one size 30mm x 30mm, 

Price: £3.67 Save £0.62
Lift Off Hinge Spigot
2 Reviews  
Cat No: 39.0210

Lift off Hinge Spigot with a 38mm x 5mm x 100mm plate. 17mm diameter and 40mm long.

Price: £3.74 Save £0.34
Garden Coupling Strip
0 Reviews  
Cat No: 39.0013

Garden coupling strip, great for dam walls, One Size Available 120mm x 40mm.

Price: £4.37 Save £0.73
Galvanised Fence Post Cap
23 Reviews  
Cat No: 6.20800

Galvanised Fence post caps in four shapes and suitable for posts of 7.1cm and 9.1cm.

Wooden Fence Post Cap
10 Reviews  
Cat No: 6.00800

Wooden fence post caps in two styles and four sizes with dimensions of 7.1cm and  Pressure treated to ensure they last for years.

Price: £4.63 Save £0.78
Garden Gate T Hinge
0 Reviews  
Cat No: 39.0204

Garden Gate T Hinge 50cm in anodised steel.

Price: £5.16 Save £1.27
Chipboard Screw PFS+ Fully Threaded
0 Reviews  
Cat No: 39.0129

Chipboard Screw PFS+ Fully Threaded with a double galvanised Torx 17 Head, these are waxed and Tempered and sold in boxes of 200.

Price: £6.99 Save £1.61
Band Hinge
0 Reviews  
Cat No: 39.0200

Band Hinge, Available in Three Sizes, This features Band fittings for your garden gate, Accepts Spiggots up to 17mm.

Price: £7.02 Save £1.12
Turn Button
0 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.1103

Suitable for warped doors either through installation, heat expansion or other forms of weather damage. If doors are left untreated it is a good idea to use this.

Price: £8.04 Save £1.34
Garden Gate Shoot Bolt
0 Reviews  
Cat No: 39.0257

Garden gate shoot bolt lock with an easy use thumb piece.  Lockable with the addition of a padlock. 100mm in length

Price: £8.06 Save £1.34
Copper Fence Post Cap
16 Reviews  
Cat No: 6.60800

Copper Fence Post Cap in two sizes and two styles.  Fits fence posts of 7.1cm and 9.1cm.  Smarten up your fence line with a little style!

Price: £9.52 Save £2.20
Drop Through Bracket for Swings
0 Reviews  
Cat No: 32.0011

A drop through bracket, suitable for use with a range of play accessories but ideal for making a garden swing. For posts with a circumference up to 10cm.

Price: £8.91 Save £1.49
Chipboard Screw Pozidrive
0 Reviews  
Cat No: 39.0061

Stainless Steel chipboard screw with a double-Countersunk head, full thread and waxed with a pozidrive head. Price is for a box of 200 pieces. Pozidrive 2 bit required. Sold in Packs of 200.

Price: £9.73 Save £2.24
Self-Tapping Screw
1 Reviews  
Cat No: 39.0091

Self-tapping Screws, designed to be used with metal work, great for Our Metal Gate Frames, Two Sizes Available, Sold In Boxes Of 200.

Price: £9.73 Save £2.24
Timber Frame Base Pads
81 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.2073

Timber base pads make easy work of leveling your timber frame to be used as the base for your log cabin or garden building. Two sizes are available to cope with most moderate inclines.

Adjustable Spigot
0 Reviews  
Cat No: 39.0211

Adjustable lift off hinge spigot.  This is 17mm in diameter, 40cm spigot, 100mm x 38mm x 5mm plate.

Price: £11.52 Save £3.72
Square Swing Bracket
2 Reviews  
Cat No: 32.0060

Swing bracket suitable for use with square poles measuring 9x9cm, perfect for creating your garden swing, outdoor play set.

Price: £9.81 Save £1.63
Pole Swing Bracket
1 Reviews  
Cat No: 32.0006

Swing bracket suitable for use with round poles up to 10cm in diameter.

Price: £9.87 Save £1.64
Felt Shingle Glue 310ml
103 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.9990

Felt Shingle Glue 310ml for use with our shingles and also recommended during the installation of IKO shingles.

Price: £12.27 Save £2.98