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Estimated Around 8 - 12 Weeks

Please Note: All of our standard buildings cannot be modified or changed in anyway. They are all made, in stock and available for very quick delivery. Any amendments to a standard building including glass, sizes, is a bespoke building. Additional doors and windows can though be added. Doors and Windows in a standard building cannot be changed.

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£0.00  incl. VAT 

Welcome to our Bespoke Page, using the form below please select your Bespoke Requirements and submit your drawing.

If you cannot find a Log Cabin that suits your exact needs we can make one for you. Log thicknesses available are 28, 40, 44, 58, 70 and 92mm thick wall logs. Bespoke buildings are only available in Apex, Pent or Flat roof configurations.

Different Log Thicknesses for a Bespoke Log Cabin:

If you are struggling to choose a log thickness that best suits your design then please take a look at our recommendations below on the common uses for each thickness:

  • 28mm: A great choice for cabins on the smaller side of things, commonly used in buildings for storage/sheds. You generally wouldn't choose this thickness if your building has a width span greater than 4m.
  • 40mm: A prominent option for a thicker log while keeping the building cost-effective, the 40mm/44mm log tends to be more the commonly used thickness as it fits perfectly for summerhouse and garden office-type designs.
  • 44mm: The 44mm Log is very similar to the 40mm log however an important thing to note is that to get double glazing on the building does need to be a minimum of 44mm logs.
  • 58mm: Having a thickness of 58mm gives you a much stronger log leading to a more structurally sound building which also makes it a lot easier for heat to be retained in the building, this thickness is a great option if you are looking for 
  • 70mm: Our 70mm log is one of our most substantial log thicknesses, commonly used on larger structures this option is ideal for accommodation and even commercial building use with the thicker log and great for all-year-round use.
  • 92mm: The thickest of our available log options this creates the ultimate building, this is a unique log thickness specially made for the bespoke range.

Customers Sketch:

If you would like us to quote for a bespoke building please send us a sketch of the layout you require, please detail:

  • Log Thickness required.
  • Position of doors and windows.
  • Label the drawing using our Bespoke Windows and doors selection -  Bespoke Windows And Doors
  • Height of Eaves & Ridge Height
  • Floor thickness required 18mm - 28mm if required.
  • Roof material required?

When we receive your sketch we will let you know we have received it and may offer amendments or advice. It will then be sent to the bespoke department in Holland. A quote based on your sketch and requirements will then be provided.

We can offer Luxury Doors and windows for the building which include a thicker frame for better heat retention, multi-point locking system and a one handed tilt and turn window system as opposed to the standard two hand system.

Bespoke Log Cabin Plans:

If you are satisfied with the quotation we will then draw plans for you. There are examples on this page. If you would like more examples, please ask us to ensure they are suitable for you. A set of plans will show each elevation, each wall and all dimensions. An an isometric picture of the building will also be included.

We charge £100 for the plans and this price is of course deducted when you place an order after approving the plans. Should you place an order we ask for 50% non refundable deposit. The remaining 50% is paid just prior to delivery. Should you need to cancel the order we will try to sell your building to recover your deposit and return it to you. Please note, in the summer our staff may take longer to return to you with plans, due to it being an overall busier period.

Please be aware any lead times given with bespoke are estimates as there are sometimes variables that can happen which can delay the building however we will always try be as accurate as possible to ensure complete clarity

When providing quotes please be aware that based on your delivery zone there may be charges for this. you can see more on our delivery here: Tuin Deliveries Information

We can also only provide PVC on buildings 70mm.

Quality check:

All bespoke log cabins have the same standards as our standard ones.
  • No Mixed timbers known as Spruce and Pine mix.
  • Spruce Logs.
  • Wind and Watertight Connection.
  • 10 year anti rot promise.
  • 14% moisture content.
  • Dutch Standards.

Once your plans are finalised and the building production starts we can then provide a more accurate Leadtime, depending on the time of year and how busy the factories are it may be a lot less than the 14 weeks quoted.

Please be aware the plans are NON refundable, once committed to the plans we will be unable to offer a refund for this.

Due to the always fluctuating timber prices, we are only able to guarantee quotes for 7 days, after this point if the change in timber cost is considerable then the price quoted would be subject to change.

With the roofing shingles, in some cases, we will supply more than needed to make sure you have enough on site,

We're currently experiencing a high volume of enquiries, replies regarding bespoke are currently taking longer than normal,

Quotes back can take anywhere from 3-8 working days 

Approximate Delivery Time: Estimated Around 8 - 12 Weeks

Delivery is made via a fully articulated lorry with demountable moffett forklift, More information can be found here; https://www.tuin.co.uk/Tuin-Deliveries.html

A walkthrough of a customers bespoke log cabin garage.
An installers walkthrough of a bespoke Daisy Log Cabin.
An installers walkthrough of a Bespoke Log Cabin.
An installers video of a Bespoke Log Cabin.
Average customer rating:
15 Reviews  

5 Most recent customer reviews (see all reviews):
Peter Davis
Oct 18, 2023
Purchased a “bespoke” corner cabin, took the Asmund design and removed/reduced the windows to make the cabin more secure.
1) Bespoke isn’t really true, you still need to comply with the rules Tuin provide and in some cases getting a bespoke design gives you less options later when creating support.
2) Arrival was fine, articulated lorry must have been parked on main road and the forklift lorry delivered it to the door.
3) Instructions were perplexing. I did make 99% of the cabin on my own but found another person far more useful in deciphering the instructions than in helping the erection of the cabin
4) Implemented a homemade based using 2 x 6 placed on shed legs to support both the cabin walls, and the floor. This should provide an exceptionally long lasting cabin
5) Purchased the embalan timber paint and gave it a few coats. Seems to be doing fine if a little expensive.
6) Opted for free roofing felt. Tuin didn’t send enough roofing felt, I complained and they shipped the final pack necessary to complete the roof
7) To cover the roof we used a pre-fabricated access platform. It would be difficult without a long ladder.
Overall, the cabin feels well-built and hopefully will last a long time and yes we are happy with the final result. The problems with a bespoke cabin not being bespoke. We couldn’t change the base type (e.g eco bearers) or modify flooring meant were disappointed. The instructions left something up to the imagination
Kevin Morrison
Aug 31, 2023
I ordered my custom sized Geir garage back in May and I dealt with Lee. Most impressed with the communication and accuracy of the estimated time of delivery. It arrived in June and well packaged and also in the location I specified as I was not home at the time. The kit went together brilliantly, only one length did not go together well, but as they put one spare in, it caused no issue with the built. I built it myself and it was completed in about 4 days, if you have help it'll be done sooner as the roof takes the most time. I'd recommend following the very handy advice on the Tuin website. This will ensure your build goes to plan. Be ready to spend over £250 on good quality preserver and paint. I did this and have only had one length that has moved about 10mm, considering the heat we had in the summer I am impressed. I'd highly recommend Tuin.
Jane from Oxfordshire
Jul 17, 2022
45mm Stig log cabin is now built and looks stunning.
The foundation beams were not sent with cabin - I thought everything was in the packs but apparently these would have been on top!! So build and therefore painting all got delayed - I was not very happy about this but Tuin paid the installers and sent upgraded plastic beams.

Cabin not yet painted but quality is great and I can envisage many happy hours using it.
It's a fab summer house ☺️
John Munday
Feb 22, 2022
Hi Tuin,
I purchased from you a bespoke log cabin (8m x 4m).
Pallet arrived on time, the driver was very helpful and placed the pallet exactly as I asked. I had laid a concrete base ready for construction which went very well. I was impressed with the quality and fit of the parts. I was anxious to get my cabin built and water tight as bad weather was imminent. As the build continued I realised that there were no roof shingles in the pallet which was something of a surprise as it says all over your website "Free Shingles". I had thought the price to be good but I didn't realise that this did not include a roof or a floor, the "log cabin" was in fact just four walls !
I managed to engage a local roofing company who fitted a rubber roof for an additional £1000 so the roof is now, finally, water tight. The walls have been treated with three coats of Sadolin Superdec in Clover Leaf and are for the most part leak free, there are some knot holes that seep a little if the rain drives against a wall.
The cabin now houses my tools and a new centre lathe and soon to house a milling machine also. Wood burning stove installed and 50mm insulation in the roof make it nice to work in there.
So all good, took longer than expected and cost more than expected but the result is brilliant.

Kim Connor
Sep 15, 2021
Extremely pleased with my bespoke cabin. It was delivered within the timelines and very easy to build.

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