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Our Patricia Deluxe Shepherd hut - Gypsy caravan measuring in total 2.40 x 4.80m with a double door to one side. A really large and imposing garden building. It features metal wheels, axles and H frame. Ample room inside for a number of applications.

Most of our customers will add to this structure, lining it, insulating and producing a Garden office, Summerhouse or accommodation either rented for holiday parks or for private use

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Offer Price: £5,063.65 Total incl. VAT Save £1,241.54
Price: £6,305.20
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Our Patricia Deluxe Shepherd hut - Gypsy caravan measuring in total 2.40 x 4.80m with a double door to one side.  A really large and imposing garden building. It features metal wheels, axles and H frame. Ample room inside for a number of uses.

Most of our customers will add to this structure, lining it, insulating and producing a Garden office, Summerhouse and more.

Also featuring a new panel design allowing you to change the configuration of the windows and doors. Allowing you to move the door to the side panel as well as moving all the windows to one side if you have found the best area to allow light to flood in.

Use 35mm - 45mm Celotex (or similar) insulation in the walls and rockwool in the roof to create an office or accomodation. Line very cheaply with pine face plywood in the roof or 8mm pine cladding for the walls. Please also see the reviews as other customers who sell these as a business fully made also have some useful advice.

Our Shepherd Hut Deluxe measures a very large 2.40 x 4.80m overall. It is manufactured from 19mm tongue and grooved timber on a timber frame and metal chassis. Access is gained into the side double doors via substantial steps.

Supplied untreated, for finishing by yourself in a traditional opaque or solid colour.

The Shepherd Hut Deluxe features as standard:
  • 19mm Tongue and Groove Cladding.
  • Floor and Roof cladding has a rear groove to ensure it does not curl over time.
  • Inner laminated and curved trusses
  • Double Glazed
  • Two small windows, fixed, either side of the door.
  • Opening window - tilt and turn.
  • Two fixed windows.
  • Supplied with standard roofing felt.
  • Substantial painted Metal wheels, axles and supports
  • Substantial Adjustable support legs for level positioning.
  • Steel axles and frames are heavily bolted to the timber subframe
  • Timber Subframe of a very heavy duty construction.
  • Access steps.
  • Double door.
  • High quality window and door fittings.
  • Torx screws as standard including torx bits.
  • All Fittings, screws, components and instruction manual.
  • ALL is cut to size and is extremely precise with little or no tolerance.
  • This product is actually hugely over engineered with metal brackets, 90 degree brackets and plates, all of which is unnecessary in the UK market but does display the massive quality you will receive on order as this is designed for Germany and Holland.
  • Only for static use and props must be used all the time.
Dimensions of the Shepherd Hut - Deluxe:
  • Overall Dimensions: 2.40 x 4.80m
  • Wall Dimensions: 2.40 x 4.80m
  • Ridge Height: 3.26m - (Height with wheels on)
  • Eaves Height: 1.98m
  • 19mm cladding - Untreated Spruce
  • 19mm Roof and floor
  • Roof overhang to the side: +-5cm
  • Roof overhang front: +-15cm
  • Roof overhang rear: +-15cm
  • Center of supporting pins - 301cm x 183cm
  • Diameter of wheels: +-650mm
  • Height from Chassis to centre of the spindle of the wheels: +-325mm
  • Frame Depth: 45mm

Optional Extras:

  • P013094 Internal partition wall with door for Shepherd Hut 360 - 138cm x 198cm
  • P013101 Deluxe stairs for Shepherd Hut with side entrance - 287cm x 134cm x 180cm
  • P013095 Extra stairs for Shepherd Hut - Width: 120cm

Felt Shingles:

Some customers like to use our felt shingles on this building. These will certainly enhance the roof. BUT, you will require seven packs and you must make sure you have the felt layer underneath. We also recommend the use of Felt shingle Glue when applying shingles.


Supplied untreated to enable you to finish to the standard you require with insulation, panelling, lining, painting etc.


Please see this blog post for more details: Shepherd Hut Deluxe Customer Review. Please also see this post for finishing inspiration of your Shepherd Hut on the standard model
Standard Model Video:

Approximate Delivery Time: 14 - 21 Working Days

Questions? Get your dream log cabin, we'll help you decide!

Chat with our specialists, submit a request here or contact us by phone on 01508 558308.

Roofing Felt Roofing supplied as standard, you can choose to remove this option if you plan to source your own roofing material.
Wheel Kit Choose you have wheels included as standard for your Shepherd Hut, or you can remove them.
Room Divider with Door Include an extra internal wall with door for your Shepherd hut
Porch Decking Kit Option of having a Side or Front-facing Decking Porch (Stairs are not included)
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Deliveries are carried out by external hauliers or carriers, buildings are delivered with a fully articulated lorry with a moffett forklift.

Please see the map below to determine what zone you will need to select.

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2.40 x 4.80m
Total Height
Eaves Height
19mm T&G Spruce
650mm Diameter
Roof Cladding
18 - 19mm
18 - 19mm
Min Base Size
239cm x 296.2cm
Roof Overhang
Roof Covering
Standard Roofing Felt
Supplied flat Packed
Only for Static Use
A customer review and video of the Deluxe Shepherd Hut
An installers walkthrough of the Shepherd Hut Deluxe
A customers walkthrough of the Shepherd Hut Deluxe
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24 Reviews  

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Mrs. Germaine Chatterton
Jul 4, 2024
We would just like to thank you for our wonderful shepherds hut! We have not encountered any problems whatsoever. The delivery and customer service were great and we built our hut really quite quickly in spite of the weather, without any problem. We are very happy indeed - thanks again! Would highly recommend Tuin.
Ms. Kay Packwood
Jun 4, 2024
I bought 2 Patricia Deluxe Shepherd Huts back in February 2024 - I have done the majority of building on my own. It has taken me a while but the weather has not helped! I found the instructions easy to follow and all the parts well constructed with precession fitting. I have already recommended the company to friends! I live in a very out of the way place which is not easy to access but the transport company could not have been more helpful. I do also have to thank the friends and neighbours for pitching in too!

I added the tin roof and insulated and clad the interior - just waiting for the stoves to be fitted and then I'm Finished!
Mr. Phillip Marks
Dec 3, 2023
Just unpacked the shepherd hut looking good delivery on time not yet counted the parts
It seems well built delivery smooth
Mr. David Winship
Jun 16, 2023
Disappointed on small things. I expected a lot from Tuin having seen their log cabins in the past and found them to be good products. My shepherds hut is on balance a good product, competitively priced but let down by small details. The overall timber quality does not live up to its billing as it is a pretty standard product available anywhere.
Some specifics - the setup for 600 panels had a 5 to 10mm difference against the 1200 panels. Not insurmountable but frustrating.
The roof t and g was pretty poor with lots of warp twist and cup. The design of fixed lengths meant there was no opportunity to overcome the problems by staggered laying.
Doors - the lock catch plate did not align front to back. The good quality engineered timber in the frame was let down by very rough beading and raw cut planking.
In design terms the structure would be vastly improved by the inclusion of a wall plate to impart rigidity , alignment and strength to the whole.

This might sound like an indictment , which it is not, as any structure like this, that can be erected by a couple of 60 somethings in two days and do the job at a price point is a good buy.
The points i raise are relatively easy to fix.
David Martin
Jun 3, 2023
We have read all the hut reviews with interest and concur with most of what is said. We encountered a few issues which others have not mentioned and we think are worth pointing out:
Fixings - the torx screws are a good idea, but T10? Too small for this scale of project and the bits supplied broke almost immediately. Buy at least 4 more diamond tipped ones. Would also suggest 3.5 mm dia screw is too small - minimum 4mm is better. The supplied wall to floor fixing is too flimsy in our view. We used Timbascrew 6.7 x 100mm with two minimum in each panel.
Warping - this was quite bad on three of the base lengths and present on almost all the base sections. A good 20deg twist over 5 metres on the main lengths. It's correctable but you need a lot of leverage from a 4 ft sash cramp to do it and a lot more 90 deg fixings than supplied to hold it. We also needed 10 coachbolts in each main joist to join it to the small piece - screws won't cut the mustard here if trying to correct a warp. We have a lot of storage space and none of the hut was left outside before use so it should not have warped like that - quality control may be the issue here?
Tools - you need a much bigger toolbox than suggested! Cramps/clamps, a selection of screws/bolt and an impact driver are essential. We also used 55mm floor brads as these hold the floor really well - don't skimp, 14 in each plank as it is the floor that completes the strong base; a sort of monocoque. Expect to have to trim both the final floor and roof planks longways - you need a jigsaw (or cut them by hand if you fancy it!)
Treatment - don't leave the wood preservative until you start building - it's a drag, but your first job is to give at least two coats to all the outside components, especially the end grains. We also stained all the outside and underneath components before starting. Do not skimp on this - you will regret it.
Roof felt - this is very poor quality, so don't even bother. We replaced it with Icopal Anderson mineral cap sheet 1E. It's 10m x 1m so you only need two rolls laid span wise (not lengthwise). Use the clout nails and felting glue - it looks great and you can still add wriggly tin roofing later on top if you want.
Instructions - OK but should be better given the complexity. A few photos of the main joints and completed sections would go a long way to interpreting the drawings. Look at the photos in the website reviews - they really help.
Delivery - amazing. We live in Perthshire and the guy turned up on time with his forklift having parked half a mile up the road - he happily went up our track and placed it precisely where we asked by the barn. Wouldn't even stop for a cuppa.
Overall - we knocked a star off as we had a slight feeling of "that's good enough" with the fixings, wood and felt quality. For the money it should have been better. It would not have cost much to provide higher quality. That said the overall result is very good and came out better than we thought it would.
Finally, Tips - you may well need to plane the doors to get them to fit as the doorway was slightly smaller than the completed door width.
Fit the vent kit from Tuin, one high, one low: it gets hot in there and mould can get a hold quite quickly.
You really do need two people - preferably three - when erecting the walls!

£5,063.65 Total incl. VAT

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