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Victoria Log Cabin 4.1m x 3.0m - 58mm Logs Studio

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Modern in design, the Victoria Log Cabin is made from 58mm thick wall logs and toughened double glazing. Perfect for use as a home office or as a garden studio. Measuring at 4.1m x 3m, the Victoria is also the ideal size for a garden studio. Supplied with EPDM roofing and adhesive.

Designed for UK gardens, the Victoria Log Cabin is under 2.5m in height. Complete this Log Cabin with some insulation in the floor and roof and stay cosy all year around.

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Spruce T&G Flooring:
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Modern in design, the Victoria Log Cabin is made from 58mm thick wall logs and toughened double glazing. Perfect for use as a home office or as a garden studio. Measuring at 4.1m x 3m, the Victoria is also the ideal size for a garden studio. Designed for UK gardens, the Victoria Log Cabin is under 2.5m in height..

Add floor and roof insulation to the Victoria Garden Office Log Cabin and you'll be toasty warm, the mass of natural light thank to the panoramic windows, two of which are also opening. Large, full glass double doors and all in toughened double glazed glass.

This building is manufactured using 58mm slow grown Spruce - a variety specially selected for the interlocking construction. For a high quality finish and to comply with strict Dutch standards, Tuin Log Cabins do not feature a mixture of timbers or finger jointing. Supplied untreated, the Victoria can be customised to match the unique style of each garden. Tuin offers a great range of treatment options including stains, paints and impregnation fluid.

For an all year round cabin, learn more about insulating your Log Cabin.

Supplied with EPDM and adhesive, a high quality and durable roofing material that will last for up to 20 years.

Please note, using a Drainage Outlet for EPDM roofs is highly recommended.

The Victoria Log Cabin features as standard:

  • 58mm interlocking wall logs.
  • Conical tongue and groove for stability.
  • Fully glazed double door.
  • Four panoramic windows.
  • Toughened double glazing.
  • Quality door and window fittings.
  • EPDM Roofing sheet.
  • Standard foundation beams.
  • Fixing kit and instructions.
  • Wind and watertight connections.
  • Minimum 18mm Tongue and Groove Roof Boards.

Dimensions (4.1m x 3.0m):

  • Overall Dimensions: 4.1m x 3m
  • Building Footprint: 3.9m x 2.8m
  • Internal Dimensions: 3.78m x 2.68m
  • Ridge Height: 2.43m
  • Front Eaves Height: 2.36m
  • Back Eaves Height: 2.30m
  • Door Height (including frame): 2.03m
  • Overhang: +-0.20m

Victoria Log Cabin Optional Extras:

Note that quantities are approximate

  • Easy roof membrane
  • Storm kit
  • EPDM adhesive (3)
  • Air Vent (2)
  • Profiled foundation beams in pressure impregnated timber, hardwood or composite (5)
  • 18mm Wooden Floor (6 packs)
  • 26mm Heavy Duty Wooden Floor (7 packs)
  • Guttering 100mm

Optional Extras - Treatments

Please note, this cabin is supplied untreated, we recommend that the building is treated with high quality paints and treatments. They should be applied strictly to the manufacturer's recommendation. We also offer our own treatments:

  • Carefree treatment (8 2.5l tins)
  • Embadecor Stain (4 2.5l tins)
  • Embalan Paint (4 2.5l tins)
  • Impregnation Fluid (2 2.5l tins)

Quality check:

  • No Mixed timbers known as Spruce and Pine mix.
  • Slow grown Spruce.
  • Wind and Watertight Log Connection.
  • 10 year anti rot promise.
  • Dutch Standards.

Pent Roofing Options:

We offer three different types of roofing for the pent log cabins.

  • EPDM ( Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer ) Rubber roofing which is the best option, Supplied in a single sheet with no natural overlaps ( weak spots ), We supply two types of adhesive with the rubber roofing, A spray glue for the majority of the surface area and also a tube for a fill gun for around the edges. A good extra to consider with the EPDM are the metal modern roofing trims although you can achieve the same result with timber versions instead. EPDM has a lifespan of 20+ years
  • Easy Roofing ( High Performance Polyester Base ) which is the second best option to consider, These arrive in rolls that are 5x1m a piece in sufficant volume for this log cabin. The Easy roofing is supplied with a self-adhesive backing meaning no extra glue is required. This roofing option like the EPDM can be finished off nicely with metal or timber roofing trims. Easy roofing has a life span of 15+ years
  • Felt Roofing Kit, Standard rolls of roofing felt like what you will have seen on sheds in most UK gardens. supplied with clout nails and felt glue for the overlaps. This option has the shortest lifespan of 2 - 3 years and will need replacing over time.

Or you may prefer to use your own roofing option, Not a problem as you can select to purchase this cabin without any roofing atall at a reduced rate under the options tab above.

Approximate Delivery Time: 14 - 21 Working Days

Tuin Turnkey Service

Questions? Get your dream log cabin, we'll help you decide!

Chat with our specialists, submit a request here or contact us by phone on 01508 558308.

Pent Roofing Material Supplied as standard with high grade EPDM rubber roofing, This single sheet of rubber spans the entire roof with no overlaps. Other roofing options can also be chosen.
Foundation Beams Foundation beams are used to separate the logs of the cabin from the base/hardstanding that it will sit on.
Spruce T&G Flooring Spruce T&G floor options are available with your log cabin in two different thicknesses, The floor kits come supplied with treated floor joists, skirtings for the edges and all the fixings required for installation.
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Deliveries are carried out by external hauliers or carriers, Log Cabins are delivered with a fully articulated lorry with a moffett forklift.

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For more details on delivery please see the following: TUIN DELIVERIES

Log Thickness
58mm Logs
Overall Dimensions
4.10 x 3.00m
Internal Dimensions
3.78m x 2.68m
Minimum Base Size
3.90 x 2.80m
Log Cabin Height
Roof Type
Pent Roof
Double Door
Canopy or Porch
Window Type
Glass Type
Double Glazed
Multi Rooms
Size Group Width
4 Meters (13'1")
5 Meters (16'4")
Size Group Depth
3 Meters (9'8")

From choosing your building to getting it delivered. See our helpful links to explain our ordering proccess.

An installers walkthrough of the 58mm Victoria Log Cabin.
An installers walkthrough of the 58mm Victoria Log Cabin.
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13 Reviews  

5 Most recent customer reviews (see all reviews):
Mr. Alex Chisholm
Jun 24, 2023
Absolutely delighted with the service. Good communication throughout the delivery process and the administration was very straightforward. Easy to understand instructions and overall a value for money product which I would recommend
Charlotte Mitchell
Mar 28, 2023
Excellent building we built in lockdown and was best thing we have ever done! Transformed our garden experience and a cool alternative to going to the pub for a wine on a Friday night ! Easy to build and have thoroughly enjoyed decorating
Elgan Williams
Feb 14, 2023
The communication with Tuin prior to ordering was very good and delivery was well organised and professional. I decided to use precast concrete 150x125 kerbs as a footing and poured a concrete base within the kerbs at a level allowing for insulation and floor board to finish flush with the door threshold. Once the composite foundation beam was fixed to the kerbs, the cabin was easy to erect. The machining of all the elements were spot on and the pre-prepared windows and door are excellent. I managed to build the cabin and install the roof boards alone in two, short winter days however, it would have been much easier with two!
The quality of the timber is really good and evidently slow grown with little to no warping or twisting. The 58mm thick sections are reassuringly heavy and the completed structure looks and feels solid. I opted to construct a warm roof with a hidden box gutter using 70mm and 50mm PIR insulation board and 11mm OSB for the deck (all purchased separately). I haven’t fitted the epdm rubber roof yet but have a temporary visqueen cover to protect the osb for the time being. Up to now I have been really impressed with everything in regard to this cabin from my first correspondence with Tuin, the quality of the product, accuracy of the kit and the finished(ish) look and feel of the new space. I will update once fully finished, treated and painted.
Thanks Tuin!
Mr. Peter Hume
Jun 16, 2022
No use warbling on . I ordered my log cabin.It was delivered exactly when they said it would. Guy who delivered it was very helpful. All parts were there and undamaged . Quality was superb. Absolutely no complaints
Mr. Kevin Gough
Feb 28, 2022
What a great garden room this is.
The best advice I would give anybody considering a log cabin would be to read (and re-read) the free articles from Tuin, especially those regarding foundations, log expansion and treatments.
With this information the build went smoothly and was enjoyable.
There were some initial delays with the order but this was in the first lockdown when demand went through the roof!
Also, the roof covering had been left off the delivery, but this was supplied within a couple of days once the omission was reported.
We chose ground screws and composite 4 x 2s (supplied elsewhere) for the foundation ring beam (don't forget to check for underground services)
This took 3 of us a day but a fair part of that was doubling up the 4 x 2s to become 4 x 4s
The build of the cabin was completed in less than 2 days and most of that was single-handed.
We opted for EPDM as the roof covering and this took a further half-day for 2 of us, but was very satisfying to fit and will hopefully last much longer than the other offerings.
Some uPVC guttering from the local DIY store was fixed at the lower edge to complete the outside work
We created a suspended floor of composite 4 x 2s and 18mm plywood over a thick damp-proof membrane with 100mm Celotex as insulation.
All mains electrics were in uPVC conduit to allow for the movement in the logs.
We did replace the lock with a higher security Yale euro unit and one criticism would be that the door bolts for the second door are a bit below par - we wanted to swap these out but they are an unusually small size and there is not much timber to take bigger ones.
There were a couple of leaks around the opening windows when we had heavy downpours but these were solved with some clear silicone sealant.
Another criticism is that the windows were siliconed in from the factory (even though they say they are not) which means, if you want to finish the cabin in a dark colour you have to remove the glass to paint the inner edges of the beads and this is much more difficult when it has been siliconed in.
We are into our second spring with this cabin now and it still looks as good as the day it was finished.
Our intentions are to re-treat the outside every spring to make it last as long as we can.
We are over the moon with this log cabin and would recommend to anyone thinking about buying one, to go for it.

£4,424.68 Total incl. VAT

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