Customer Detailed Tuin Reviews

We all like to see some reviews and hear other people’s stories, here’s a selection of detailed reviews, some of them also include video walkthroughs and advice.

I recommend you have a look at some of these, they will help with your decisions for the base, delivery, installation and time frames for your building.


If you decide and buy from us and afterward feel you would like to leave a picture review or a story please let us know. We always reward stories with presents, discounts and thanks.

  1. All of the Pictorial reviews in order can be found in the Tuin Review Category of my Blog.
  2. See this page for all of the main website Tuin Product Reviews

Tuin Facebook Page

If you are interested in various installation pictures, base pictures, inspiration etc we have a lot of pictures on our Facebook page you’ll also find some reviews from customers.

Customer Video Reviews

Some customers will send us videos of thier products. We are always very grateful for this and will often send a present or a prize as a thank you.


Reviews on Trustpilot website

Reviews on Trustpilot website

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