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Geir Log Garage 3.6m x 5.4m - 45mm Logs

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45mm double glazed Log Garage Geir measuring 3.6 x 5.4m. Featuring double doors, single pedestrian door and two opening windows.

Suitable for storing one vehicle, providing a great alternative to a brick built garage.

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45mm double glazed Log Garage Geir measuring 3.6 x 5.4m. Featuring double doors, single pedestrian door and two opening windows. Suitable for storing one vehicle.

Limited Free Shingles Offer

Manufactured using 45mm interlocking logs, this log construction provides a great alternative to a brick built garage. Whilst the thick timber provides natural insulation, a log garage can be customised to suit all styles of garden.

Designed for one vehicle, this garage features wide double doors and single door for pedestrian access. With two side windows allowing natural light to flood inside, convert the remaining space into a workshop.

The doors and windows can be placed in either the left or right hand wall as a unit. The position of the door and window can also be swapped with the door to the front or rear of the Garage Geir

Built using first rate Spruce timber, this variety is chosen for its tight, dense wood grain. Tuin log cabins do not feature a mixture of timber species or finger jointing, the process whereby short lengths of timber are used to create the full log length, to indicate a high quality build.

The Log Garage Geir features as standard:

  • 45mm interlocking wall logs
  • Conical tongue and groove for stability
  • Double door
  • Two opening windows
  • Quality door and window fittings
  • Double glazing
  • Roofing felt
  • Tanalised foundation beams
  • Fixing kit and instruction manual
  • Wind and watertight connections
  • Minimum 16mm Tongue and Groove Roof Boards


  • Overall Dimensions: 3.60m x 5.4m
  • Building Footprint: 3.40m x 5.20m
  • Internal Dimensions: 3.31m x 5.11m
  • Ridge Height: 2.96m
  • Eaves: 2.31m
  • Side Door Height (including frame): 1.88m
  • Garage Door Height (including frame): 1.97m
  • Door Width: 2.57m
  • Rear Overhang: 0.20m
  • Front Overhang: 0.60m

Geir Log Cabin Optional Extras:

Note that quantities are approximate

  • Coloured Felt Roof Shingles
  • Storm kit
  • Shingle Glue (2)
  • Air Vent (4)
  • Profiled foundation beams in pressure impregnated timber, hardwood or composite (6)
  • Guttering 100mm

Optional Extras - Treatments

Please note, this cabin is supplied untreated, we recommend that the building is treated with high quality paints and treatments. They should be applied strictly to the manufacturer's recommendation. We also offer our own treatments:

  • Carefree treatment (12 2.5l tins)
  • Embadecor Stain (5 2.5l tins)
  • Embalan Paint (5 2.5l tins)
  • Impregnation Fluid (3 2.5l tins)

Quality check:

  • No Mixed timbers known as Spruce and Pine mix
  • Slow grown Spruce
  • No Finger Joints in wall logs
  • Wind and Watertight Log Connection
  • 14% moisture content
  • 10 year anti rot promise
  • Dutch Standards

FREE roof Shingles: As a standard building you can select either roofing felt or FREE shingles. We cannot guarantee which colour or shape will be sent. We will always let you know the colour and style following your order. It is rarely possible to change those offered as it is dependant on our stocks.

Free shingles for this Geir Log Garage are made from the same quality as our standard range and made by the same manufacturer. However, they are last years stock and old range colours, also some packaging may not be 'as new'.

For more information and examples of the Geir log garage please view our Geir Showcase Page

Standard Roof Shingles: These are from our standard catalogue range and are available in various colours and styles.

We highly recommend shingles with your log cabin: The final finish is far more superior and turns a shed into a stunning log cabin. Ordinary felt will last two - three years. Shingles will last for at least 15 years and it is unlikely you will ever need to replace them.

Approximate Delivery Time: 14 - 21 Working Days

We also have a Showcase Page for this Log Cabin.

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Roofing - Free Shingles Offer - Whilst Stocks Last Free shingles for this Log Cabin are the same quality as our standard range and made by the same manufacturer. However, they are last year's stock and old range colours, also some packaging may not be 'as new'.
Roofing - Optional Shingles
Foundation Beams Foundation beams are used to separate the logs of the cabin from the base/hardstanding that it will sit on.
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Log Thickness
45mm Logs
Overall Dimensions
3.60 x 5.40m
Internal Dimensions
3.31 x 5.11m
Minimum Base Size
3.40 x 5.20m
Log Cabin Height
Roof Type
Apex Roof
Double Garage Doors
Canopy or Porch
Window Type
Top hung casement window
Glass Type
Double Glazed
Multi Rooms
Size Group Width
4 Meters (13'1")
Size Group Depth
6 Meters (19'6")
Large Wooden Workshop Garage - GEIR - TUIN
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30 Reviews  

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Paul Nicholas Watts
Jul 27, 2023
Update (5 yrs ago) on Geir garage with 2 extra large windows added. We use it as a gym and its as good if not better as purpose built home office / gym type buildings that would have cost 2+ as much. Planning restrictions did not allow us to site anything other than a garage. It went up easily enough - no issues and quite a lot of wood left over that got reused. We insulated the roof with celotex and used Coroline bitumen sheets as long lasting and better look than shingles. A few lessons - 1. we used the plastic foundation beams but should have waterproofed sealed them on to the concrete base as it leaked later. Solved this with the use of aluminum flashing inside and outside. 2. If you have time its best to paint each log before assembly but this is time consuming - however, it will prevent untreated wood being exposed when the logs expand (up to 4 cm). 3. Likewise, make sure any electrical conduits have enough movement for expansion and contraction - can be a lot more than you imagine. 4. We used the Turin paint (green) 2 coats - lasted 5 years so only just ok given the cost but replaced now with Finnish wood paint (undercoat and top) - even more expensive but should last 10 yrs. 5. If building it today I would have used an insulated floor (Celotex under the concrete base) as most heat it lost via the floor and roof.
Mar 22, 2023
Great product. Built and assembled myself. Passers by ask me where it was purchased from, they are impressed by quality. Tips - the instructions are not well written. Make sure you watch the on-line videos for fitting pre-formed base and roof tiles. A spare log is provided but there is no indication what this is for. It is used to for 4 logs between the windows. The kit provides 4 pre-cut logs (instructions list 4) 8 are required. I put battens along side barge boards for added strength.
Derek Clack
Jan 22, 2022
There were a few set backs, delayed delivery due to COVID and wood shortage and glass broken in pedestrian door on arrival, however this has been replaced and paid for by Tuin. It’s been a lot of work painting and treating it. We adapted ours slightly at the front garage door frame, as a design fault means if you put the base wooden frame all the way round the bottom, it creates a threshold to drive over, we cut ours out and created a lintel over the door frame to cover the 2 inches gap. We also had to move the garage door hinges 10ml for the doors to open and shut correctly. We fitted guttering to ours for water run off. Despite all of this extra work and set backs we are very happy with the end result, garage is very spacious and is good quality. But definitely took a lot longer than we thought it would.
Graham Edgar Boyles
Dec 9, 2021
An excellent product that is exactly as described in the blurb. Relatively easy to install, i did it alone in 3 days, not a problem but it would have been much easier with two people.
Very robust and solid, i replaced a large standard type shed with it and there is no comparison, many times better and more useable.
Richard Pearson
Mar 29, 2020
Where do I begin? Delivery lorry broke down somewhere north of York, and so the delivery could not be made on the arranged day. The driver kept us fully informed and working together we made sure that somebody was here to receive the package when it arrived. Everything was unloaded and placed on our drive without issue. Slight problem with damage to one of the foundation beams, but still had enough to continue with the build so did not report the damage.
This is the second building we’ve had from Tuin, so I assembled the same group of friends and family who built the first one. The instructions which came with the Geir garage were not very good to be hones and were certainly not as detailed as the instructions supplied with the Inge log cabin, but we pressed on and with the promise of free food and refreshments the build was completed in 1.5 days.
The floor was completed by two of us the following weekend.
I was not very happy with the garage door supports and lintel – the doors are very heavy and I did not like the lack of support for the doors from the floor. So widening the door aperture, I constructed a 75 * 75 “U” section in the door way and hung the doors from this. I allowed to expansion to the top from the bottom. So apart from the doors, build went as expected.
Will we be buying anything else from Tuin? Yes, the next project is to dismantle the Inge log cabin, and in it’s place erect the Leeds Log Cabin. Approximately the same size with a veranda. The Inge log cabin will be cut in half and used to build an annex onto the back of the Leeds cabin…

£4,461.86 Total incl. VAT

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