Hot Tub Shelter – Funen Log Cabin with Double Gazebo

My name is Ben, I am a content creator here at TUIN. I have the gratifying task of visiting our happy customers to video and photograph their proud log cabins including this amazing hot tub shelter.

Funen Log Cabin Hot tub Shelter

In Mid-September, I had the pleasure of visiting a happy customer who had purchased one of our Funen Log Cabins. An ideal cabin for a stunning hot tub shelter.

Located in Norfolk, Mr & Mrs Stedman-Jones have renovated their modestly sized garden into a luxury clean, contemporary, and coherent outdoor living space with style!

Although the customers’ garden was previously pleasant, it was the purchase of a hot tub that influenced their decision to make changes.

Needing the clear space and privacy. Mr & Mrs Stedman-Jones completely cleared their garden and paved the entire space ready for a cabin to be sited.

Here is a step-by-step guide on building a concrete base and laying paving slabs.

The Transformation

Funen Log Cabin Hot tub Shelter

Discovering TUIN

It was a recommendation from a builder that put them on a path to find the TUIN Funen Log Cabin.
Initially they came across the Jutka Log Cabin of the same design and layout as the Funen, but with larger footprint. The larger cabin would have struggled to squeeze into their garden, with the edge of the cabin too close to the back door.
Thankfully they then discovered the Funen Log Cabin, which ended up being the ideal size.

Funen Log Cabin Hot tub Shelter from above

Funen Log Cabin with Double Gazebo – Feature Video

Why the Funen Hot Tub Shelter?

As mentioned above, the customer required the peace and privacy of a cabin with the additional covered area to house their hot tub and outdoor seating.
The Funen Log Cabin was the ideal choice. With enough room inside to house a few reclining chairs and two covered outdoor areas, the Funen was the perfect match.

With their hot tub measuring just over 2m², and the width of the Funen gazebo coming in at a touch under 3m, it was a great pairing.

Mr & Mrs Stedman Jones both work from home, they told me they needed to separate their work and home lives. With their new, fresh outdoor living area this separation comes with ease. Stepping out onto the beautifully paved flooring looking across the garden at the Funen log cabin hot tub shelter, it is easy to think you are far away from home/work life.

Funen Log Cabin Hot Tub Shelter
Hot tub and shelter, the perfect pairing.

Ordering & Delivery

Mr Stedman-Jones commented on the ease of the ordering process from start to finish.
He also opted for the additional 26mm flooring ideal for use of the cabin all year round. As well as our composite profiled foundation beams which are made from recycled plastic and will never rot.

Funen Composite profile foundation beam
Composite profiled foundation beam

When Mr Stedman-Jones was looking out of his home office window one morning, he was surprised to see a forklift truck riding down his cul-de-sac carrying a very large 6m long load. Soon realizing this delivery was of course his new log cabin he quickly came down to greet him. The delivery driver who carefully plans his routes wisely didn’t fancy the attempt to turn his large truck around a cul-de-sac. So to the customers (and probably the neighbours) amusement, he used the forklift.

Hot Tub Shelter – The Build

Our happy customers decided to use one of our top recommended self employed installation teams to fit their cabin. Mrs Stedman-Jones commented on their speed, diligence and quality of their work. It took two workmen just two half days to complete the build. So fast in fact Mrs Stedman-Jones barely had a moment to take photos of the progress. We have been recommending these particular installers for many years, who know our products like the back of their hands.

For the treatment of painting of their cabin, Mr & Mrs Stedman-Jones asked a friend of theirs to help. Being such a large cabin, it took the painter five days to complete.
The customers decided on colours to match their already purchased hot tub and rattan table and chairs. They chose Farrow & Ball Plummett and Pavilion Gray mixed with Sadolin wood protection.

Farrow & Ball Plummett and Pavilion Gray


Currently the cabin doesn’t have any electrical cables running into it. However, the customers are planning for this in the very near future. Outdoor lighting will be installed on the wall of one of the gazebos above the seating. The customers decided against the idea of lighting above the hot tub as the hot tub already had lights incorporated.
Electrical plug sockets are also going to be installed for lamps and other homely items.
The customers are also planning on installing an electric wood stove to heat their cabin during the colder months. A woodburner was contemplated, however after considering the potential smoke blowing over to their neighbours, they had a rethink.

The Funen Use

The customer required somewhere separate to their work and home environment, somewhere they can enjoy each others company and relax with a glass of wine or a favourite meal. This cabin provides just that for Mr and Mrs Stedman-Jones.
The customers remarked that the cabin is in use every day without fail. Whether they are enjoying a meal under the shelter, enjoying a soak in the warmth of their hot tub, or simply putting their feet up inside their homely cabin. The Funen log cabin has truly enriched their lives.
They also make a lot of use of their BBQ on a warm, dry (or even wet) summer’s day.


As mentioned above, the Funen was treated with Sadolin wood protection mixed in with their chosen coloured paints, Farrow & Ball Plummett and Pavilion Gray.
We can also provide a range of stains such as our Embadecor Timber Stain.
Available in 14 different shades to suit your style..

stain shades
Available stain shades.

Funen Log Cabin Image Gallery

In Conclusion

Visiting Mr & Mrs Stedman-Jones was a pleasure, it was clear to see how proud they were of their newly transformed outdoor space. Their lives have clearly be enriched by their Funen Log Cabin. Due to the couple both working from home they needed the escapism. That is exactly what they have achieved with their incredible outdoor space.
The amount of thought and attention to detail the couple have put into their garden was apparent from the moment I arrived.
I’m sure they will spend many more happy hours outside, enjoying their beautiful garden.

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