Zutphen Log Cabin Tuin Review

Stuart ….. ‘The log cabin builder extraordinaire’ as he now refers to himself was kind enough to send in this story of his journey with his new building.  This is the Zutphen Log Cabin with a 28mm Log Cabin Annexe fitted to the side

We have included all of the pictures that were kindly shared with us as well as his helpful comments as he installed his 28mm Log Cabin.

We at Tuin LOVE this sort of thing as it brings the installation journey to life. For not only us in the office, but more importantly the for the public to get a better understanding of the whole process.

Customers Story

Stuart wrote:

Here’s our ‘journey’ hope you enjoy looking at the photos as much as we enjoyed our ‘Tuin experience’ of the zutphen log cabin
So this is before. As you can see we don’t have the biggest garden in the world all i can say is measure twice.!!
We read all about the importance of the base from your website ..full of good advice.We made sure the base was perfectly level beforehand.


Delivered using a portable forklift made it very easy

Delivered using a forklift made it very easy

Log cabin package wrapped in plastic

Log cabin package wrapped in plastic


The delivery arrived on time and christian our driver was extremely helpful and a master of the forklift truck….

log-cabin-lorry-4 log-cabin-lorry-5
As you can see stuart was very happy ……and a handshake to say thank you

Sorting Logs

zutphen log cabin All stacked and ready to start..


Tea break..


Roof going on ….no problem !
and felted ..all in a day’s work.


Day 2 ..wood treated and extra storage built on.
Installed, treated and ready to work on the inside …almost finished.


Steel profile sheet then  foam blocks on top for added insulation with inch ply boards on top.
Finished floor with electrics installed as well.
Tools needed for the carpet which went down a treat


Time for a relax and a cup of tea !!

Zutphen log cabin



Stuart went on to say:

It is such a pleasure  to deal with a company which has morals and high values, so often these days this is not the case so anything we can do to spread the word is our pleasure.
We have of course already told everyone who will listen about our cabin experience so it will be good to spread the word even further.
In fact as you pointed out so few people actually take the time to reply or provide any feedback, when we were looking at your website the thing we found most useful was looking in the gallery and at your straight talking blog at the cabins that people have already installed

Thank you Stuart …’Log Cabin builder extraordinaire’ we love seeing our customer progress through the journey. We hope you have a great summer with your new building and hope the camera and offers were well received.

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  1. very interesting story to follow ,Im taking delivery of a Peggie Cabin in the next few weeks, Thanks for your time to share your Experiences with us its great to see other peoples projects .

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