Bayern Log Cabin – Photography Studio

Hi, my name is Ben and I have the gratifying task of visiting our happy customers and their log cabins.
In early October my travels took me to Ringstead, Northamptonshire where I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs Harvey & her Bayern Log Cabin – Photography Studio.

When Mrs Harvey had the opportunity to purchase a piece of her neighbours land she knew exactly what she wanted to do with it.
As a photographer, she jumped at the chance of having her own garden studio!
A beautiful, large and quiet cabin to capture your subjects in your own back garden is every photographer’s dream.

Bayern Log Cabin Photography Studio – Feature Video


Mrs Harvey’s journey to her idyllic log cabin photography studio wasn’t an easy one. With the area completely over-run by brambles and other shrubs, the task to clear it all was difficult and hard work. Mrs & Mr Harvey spent many days clearing the area, discovering many items along the way. From glass bottles to horseshoes, chains to shoe making paraphernalia the Harveys had a little unexpected trip through history.

Following the leveling of the Harvey’s ground, a concrete base was poured for their new Bayern Log cabin.

In removing their garden wall which was once partitioning the gardens, the Harveys creatively used the bricks as a pathway to their Bayern Log Cabin.

Why the TUIN Bayern log cabin

When looking for a suitable cabin for her photography studio Mrs Harvey came across the Bayern. She immediately loved the look of it and its very competitive price was compelling. She commented that the ordering process was stress free and very straight forward.

The Build

Mrs Harvey commented on how quickly and easily the build process was, with clear concise instructions. Importunely there were 2 logs that had been damaged in transit, however as Mrs Harvey pointed out, TUIN were very quick in sending out replacements as to not delay their build.
The happy customer also purchased our 18mm flooring. They installed this with ease and even fitted double electric sockets into the floor as to not have any cabling on show.

The Transformation

Before & After – A lot of work had already been carried out before the first image was taken. However it is clear to see the incredible transformation the customers have achieved.


As for treatment, Mrs Harvey opted for a natural look. The parts were all painted before assembly with Barrenttine Wood Preserver. Then three coats of Barrenttine Wood Protective treatment, UV protector and waterproofing painted on.

* Please note: We recommend a higher quality treatment option.

We also offer our own recommendations for garden building treatment.

We recommend that our timber structures are treated with high quality paints and treatments. Many of our customers stain their timber cabins with some of our Embadecor Timber Stain, available in 14 different shades to suit your style..

stain shades
Available stain shades.

Roofing Options

Mrs Harvey chose black straight shingles for the roof of her cabin. As with all of our log cabins we offer the choice of either standard roof felt or chose from a range of IKO felt shingles as roofing options.
Many of our customers opt for the IKO shingles, as these have a much more appealing look to them, superior in quality and they last much, much longer. They come in a number of shapes and colours to match your particular style.

The Studio

Having the freedom and space of her own studio, Mrs Harvey’s creativity can flourish. Please find a few images she has captured in her fantastic Log Cabin studio on her website.

Other possible uses for the Bayern Log Cabin

With it’s grand stature and large open internal space the Bayern can be utilised in all sorts of creative ways. A games room for the kids to play in when the weather turns. A garden office, in which the Bayern is capable of housing many desks for you and employees to work from in style. A growing trend currently is garden bars / pubs for the Bayern is more than capable, maybe section a corner for the bar area, then another section for a pool table, dart board and a TV? The possibilities are almost endless with this large versatile space.

For more inspiration have a look at our blog post on the many uses of log cabins.

In Conclusion

With the Bayern Log cabin – Mrs Harvey has created an amazing space for her to focus on her talents as a photographer. A setting where both photographer and subject can feel at ease during a photoshoot.I’m sure the strength and sturdiness of the Bayern will last for many more photographic shoots to come.

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