Julia Log Cabin Build

Like many of our customers Mr W (Raymondo) has been kind enough to send us in pictures of his project and finished building. This is alway much appreciated as it is very enjoyable for us to see a build progress but also for other customers to see what they are letting themselves in for when undertaking a self build of a log cabin.

Prior to Delivery

I purchased a Julia Log Cabin from you during august this year and have recently completed it.

I must say that the help I received prior to purchase was second to none. The order process was also second to none as was the delivery. The quality of the cabin is exceptional and I am well pleased.

As you can see I am using the cabin as my home cinema …. and it works very well. I am well pleased.

Constructing the Base

Timber Frame base

Unpacking the Julia Log Cabin

Julia Log Cabin Parts and Contents

Building the Julia Log Cabin

Julia log cabin start of build


Fixing the Roof

Outdoor Touches

Flooring and Electrics

The Finished Julia Log Cabin


Julia log cabin

Julia Log Cabin with Aerial


All in all, the time taken to build was as follows.

The Base: 14 hours.  All complete prior to delivery. Total base cost £512.00
The Cabin: 25 hours to erect. 22 hours to finish with 3 coats of paint
outside and 2 coats of paint inside.

Thank you very much Mr W for sending us your pictures and letter, it is very much appreciated, I love your home cinema and am most envious! I hope you enjoy the present we have sent.

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