Reviews, product reviews, service reviews;  We all want to read them, we make our decisions based on them.  Sometimes we won’t even buy a product until we’ve found a review.

And this is the problem.  A problem for us at least and more than likely every other company.  Hardly anyone writes them!  The ratio is staggering, it’s close to only one out of one hundred fifty customers who will review a product.  But, if it’s a bad experience, surprisingly it’s less!  The less bit I don’t really mind, infact some products really aren’t good and we remove those with one bad experience and actually really review if the product should stay in the range.

Some though are down to personal assumptions, those we leave be, it’s good to know if there were problems or not even with what we deem to be good products and refuse to take out of the catalogue.

Anyway, I digress

We ….. have come up with a cunning plan.  Not only are we going to sell you a cracking product, we’re then going to give you excellent service, give you advice, back up, support and excellent after sales etc.  After all of that we’ll then send you an email about ten days after you’ve received your order, asking really, really nicely if you’ll review your purchase.

Whether it’s a bad one, a good one, whether it’s used or not as a thank you we’re going to send you this:

We send you this Three Piece LED light set as a thank you when you write a review on products you have bought.

We send you this Three Piece LED light set as a thank you when you write a review on products you have bought.

This is a very handy light LED light, we send you three of them and they’re ideal for around the home, camping, car, etc. We even send you the batteries as well for each of them. They’re jolly useful and you need these!

Three bright LED's in each light

Three bright LED’s in each light

It can be used for anything you want and comes with a sticky pad to attach wherever you need a light.

Technical Stuff:

  • Manufactured from ABS Material
  • 3 LED: 11000 – 13000 MCD
  • 6.8cm x 2cm
  • 28 – 29g
  • Supplied 9 AAA Carbon Batteries


Yup, reviews are a tricky things to get and we rely greatly on our customers good nature, we sell excellent products and try to give superior service;  24 hour answer service, out of hours back up, personal attention etc.  So please, if you could spare the time to write a review we’d be very grateful and other customers will also thank you for it.  And of course you’ll have an amazing light set


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9 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Having searched the internet for many weeks for a log cabin with the best prices I keep coming back to Tuin. Not only are the prices the most competitive but the actual website itself is easy to use and seriously it is the most helpful. Looking forward to placing my order.

  2. Very smooth process from ordering to receiving log cabin. Also the only place I know that will still answer the phone at 8pm on a bank holiday even thought they shut at 5pm. What more can I say

  3. I work for a Landscape Contractor and it is good to know that you provide an excellent, easy to use web site with lots of information on products and options available. It is good to know that you provide the back up to assist if required

  4. Very well laid out site and give you all the information you require. The prices are the best I’ve seen and I’ve looked everywhere.
    The range and sizes should meet most customers needs.

  5. I have enjoyed using your website but it would be great if you could download the PDF file in English
    Many thanks

  6. Very easy to use website, It has given me some great ideas for my work as i’m self employed and will feel comfortable erecting these products for my customers as they look magnificent.

  7. Company provided me with a 2.6 by 2.6 log cabin called the ‘Daniel’
    Helped through the process by Richard at Tuin who was excellent throughout. First class customer service. Thank you.
    Richard Bennett

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