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My name is Ben, I am a content creator here at TUIN. I have the gratifying task of visiting our happy customers to video and photograph their proud log cabins.

christopher log cabin

In late August, I had the pleasure of visiting a happy customer who had purchased one of our Christoffer Log Cabin with Gazebo.

Located in Swainsthorpe, Norfolk, the bottom of Mr Allman’s garden has been transformed from an overgrown disarray of shrubs and undergrowth, to an elegant, tasteful and tranquil area for his family to appreciate all year round.

Mr Allman began the transformation by clearing the area of undergrowth. He layed a thick concrete base topped with stylish paving slabs as a worthy foundation for his Christoffer log cabin with gazebo.

Here is a step-by-step guide on building a concrete base and laying paving slabs.

Christoffer Log Cabin with Gazebo Feature Video

Discovering TUIN

While he was looking for a suitable cabin for his garden, a family member of the customer recommended TUIN. The family member had made a purchase from us before and they were very impressed with our quality and service.
Mr Allman was also influenced by our website. The layout, presentation and our vast range of products won him over. He was also encouraged by the fact that our office and show site was in his neighbourhood, therefore able to come and see the quality of our cabins for himself.

Christoffer Log Cabin Entrance

Why the Christoffer?

While browsing our vast range of cabins, Mr Allman discovered the Christoffer log cabin with gazebo. He felt it was fitting to his requirements. With its modestly sized indoor space and the appeal of a covered outdoor space in keeping with the customers base proportions sealed his decision.
Initially he liked the idea of purchasing two cabins and joining them together as he had seen from previous customers photo. However after consulting with his family he later decided against the idea so he and his family could have more outdoor space for seating and a BBQ.

Our other cabins similar to the Christoffer are the Gunnar featuring a flat roof. The Kwaspa with its longer footprint and thicker 45mm logs. A contemporary log cabin such as the Stig Log Cabin. Along with the Niklas and Kennet which are both very similar to the Christoffer in style but with different dimensions.

Maybe you don’t require the extra porch area, but like the design of the Christoffer?
The Asmund, the Ingrid and the Emma log cabins are all excellent alternatives.

Christoffer Log Cabin wide view

Ordering & Delivery

Our happy customer noted that the ordering procedure was very straight forward with excellent communications from TUIN throughout.
He stated that when he spends large amounts of money on purchases he values human contact. Therefore appreciated the phone call from our sales team regarding the confirmation of his order.

Mr Allman ordered his cabin when there were delays due to the covid regulations at the time. However, he received well recieved communications from the courier company.
He mentioned the excellent, friendly service from our couriers.
The lorry containing his cabin parked up at the end of his driveway, the driver then used a forklift to carry items nearer to his property. The customer proceeded to carry his items around the side of his house to the rear of the property when help was at hand.

The Build

The customer initially considered getting someone in to build his cabin, but he decided he would take on the project himself with help from family members. He was pleased he made this decision as he was surprised at how easily the cabin went together.

Although the customer initially began assembling the logs at the rear of the cabin the wrong way around. After a while the customer noticed things weren’t quite right. At first he was dismayed that he would had to dismantle his progress so far. However was stunned at how quickly the logs could be removed and subsequently rectified.
The customer added that he should have followed the instructions more closely and initial planning was essential. Another issue he came across was when he was towards the end of securing the shingles to the roof, he noticed he was running low and had to order some more. This was due to the customer overlapping the shingles more than was recommended. We have a blog on fitting our shingles.
The rest of the build went smoothly and the customer said he was pleased with his work and felt proud to have completed it himself.

Christoffer Log Cabin aerial photo


Before the foundations were laid, the customer dug a channel the length of his garden from his home to the cabins base for electrical wiring. At the moment the cabin just has one double socket and battery powered lighting. However the customer is hoping to expand this in the future.
The gardens string lighting runs the length of the customers fence from his kitchen to the corner of his garden. Creating an inviting setting for his family and friends when night falls.

The Christoffers Use

The customer remarked that the cabin was used every weekend, without fail, no matter the weather.
The sun rises from behind the cabin across the field to the back of his property. Then as the sun moved around the sky they were able to enjoy its rays while sitting under the porch.
He and his family would often spend an evening sitting out on their porch with a drink watching the sun set and the night sky emerge.
Mrs Allman frequents the cabin for some quiet time, to enjoy a good book and to relax.
Their rattan outdoor seating area is utilised for many family gatherings, BBQ’s, and dining out.
Mr Allman commented that his garden is always preferred within his family for parties such as birthdays, christmas and halloween. They would often decorate their cabin and surroundings to commemorate such events.
The customer initially wanted a TV in his cabin, but after enjoying the peace and quite the cabin provides he decided against it. He has now dedicated the cabin as a quiet area away from the main home.
Mr Allman added that the cabin was an extension of his home, and has made a real effort to make it cosy and homely, with a nice fabric sofa, tables, ornaments and lighting.
The customer’s’ kids and grandkids on occasion have a sleep-out in the cabin. Despite it being one of one of our thinner log cabins and without added insulation, the Christoffer stays surprisingly warm.

Christoffer Log Cabin Dining


The customer finished off his Christoffer log cabin with a high quality urban slate matt wood paint. We can also provide a range of stains such as our Embadecor Timber Stain. Available in 14 different shades to suit your style..

stain shades
Available stain shades.

Roofing Options

As with all of our log cabins we offer the choice of either standard roof felt or chose from a range of IKO felt shingles as roofing options.
Mr Allman opted for black curved IKO shingles, as they have a much more appealing look over felt. They are superior in quality and last much, much longer. They also come in a number of other shapes and colours to match the finish of your particular style.

In Concluson

Visiting Mr Allman was a pleasure, as he showed me around his garden with pride and talked about it with enthusiasm. It was easy to see how happy he was with his Christoffer Log Cabin, and how much it had enhanced his garden for the benefit of his family and friends. The combined indoor & outdoor experience in one cabin is a feature in which he never takes for granted.

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