Emma Corner Log Cabin Reviews

Emma Corner Log Cabin

The Emma Corner Log Cabin has proven to be one of our best-selling Log Cabins. This stylish design boasts sturdy 40mm logs, a convenient corner design and lots of natural light with its windows and double doors. On top of this, the Emma has a low height of 2.5m, allowing it to be built close to the perimeter without planning permission (in most cases).

In this post, we’ll showcase several in-depth reviews of this Corner Log Cabin. If you’re considering an Emma for your garden, we hope that this post provides some clarity.

A Five Star Log Cabin

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Don’t just take our word for it, we have over 300 reviews on our website about the Emma Log Cabin specifically. We are delighted to see so many 5 star reviews for the Emma, with many customers commending its visual appeal as well as its quality and ease to put together. If you have any specific questions about the Emma, feel free to get in touch!

Now you’ve had a look at the general consensus, let’s take a look at some in-depth reviews.

Emma Review 1 – Making the Most of your Garden Space

Emma Corner Log Cabin Space

First up, we have this lovely write up from Mrs M. about her journey to owning their very own Emma Corner Log Cabin:


My husband was adamant our back garden was too small to house a log cabin. With this in mind, careful replanting of a well established Yucca and Hebe, and choosing the Emma corner log cabin, I think we’ve got away with it.

The hardest part by far was the preparation for the base. Due to our garden sloping upwards we had to remove tons of earth and house bricks! We also misjudged the size so had to extend it with block paving at the last minute. The delivery was on time and went relatively smoothly. That being said, our driveway was too small so we had to unload it all from the public pathway which took about 45 minutes.

building the log cabin

Once we began, the actual build took us about 10 hours. The time didn’t include the shingles, I managed those on my own the day after and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. I put 50mm insulation beneath the shingles and the flooring but my husband insisted we had to go out and buy thicker floor beams so as not to ‘crush’ the insulation. This seemed like a waste of money as I had asked Tuin’s advice on this but they were only a few pounds each so I relented. Unfortunately, we now have a shed full of wooden beams which I will not throwing out!

Though there were plenty of logs in the flooring pack, my husband did a great job cutting and laying them. After putting a bit of skirting around he made nice neat ends for my windowsills.


Likewise, the treatment of the cabin was a bind. As a result, I put 2 coats of wood treatment on the inside and out, 2 coats of knotting solution on the outside, 2 coats of VERY expensive paint on the outside, 3 coats of white around the windows and roofline and 2 coats of varnish on the inside walls and flooring. The worst part was the cross sections on the windows, very frustrating as you cannot get the paint round the other side so you can see bare wood from the inside.

We have had electrics put in and I’ve made a path leading to the cabin. Now I think it makes my garden look beautiful and I love it. We are still deciding what to use it for but we’ve just bought a workmate to help us make use of all the extra wood we have.

customer photos

All in all we have had a great experience with this product and would definitely recommend Tuin!

VIDEO TOUR of the emma

Mrs M. was also kind enough to send us a video of their completed cabin. Check out the full Emma tour here:

Emma Review 2 – The Ultimate Pottery Studio

Emma Corner Log Cabin Pottery Studi0

The Emma Corner Log Cabin has a multitude of uses, as seen with our next review from Mr and Mrs A.


Hi all – having pestered you all at various times during the process from pre-purchase through construction I thought you might like to see the end results of my efforts. This piece of garden had been lying as a large weed bed for years, Now, it has my wife’s ‘art/pottery studio’ on site. Having this:

  • Gives her somewhere to work

  • Gives me peace and quiet

  • Means no more weeding, so all in all well worth the money

It has been a lot of hard work and many man hours (a badly infected knee, numerous cuts and bruises, continuing problems with ‘tennis elbow’ and many long hot soaking baths). Despite that, it’s been a very satisfying project, just the little things that take up the time. Constructing the cabin and fitting the roof etc took probably about 16 hours.

our finished cabin

The cabin is very ‘green’ but it fits in well with the rest of the garden. It is also pretty much camouflaged from my neighbours view.

I have also added various bits :

  • Full size gutter which collects rainwater into two 100L waterbutts.

  • A fully functioning sink with running ‘cold grey’ water used for cleaning brushes drawn from the water butts. We did this using a 12 volt marine self priming pump and draining into a ‘soakaway’.

  • Full electrics – digging the trench and laying a 50 metre length of 10mm armored cable at a depth of 2ft was challenging.

  • A mini veranda/step as the cabin sits about 12 inches above ground level due to nature of the sub soil etc.

  • LED downlighters

The cabin houses a small home pottery kiln. Though we had some concerns about heat generated impacting on the timbers etc, these fears were completely unfounded as it generates very little external residual heat.

I attach some photos. Overall, the bottom line is my wife is absolutely delighted with the end result! Also, in terms of value for money, the cabin is unbeatable. As I have said before brilliant customer service which helped us all along our ‘log cabin’ journey.

Best regards

Paul and Joan A

customer photos


All in all, we are delighted with the positive reception of the Emma over the years. Be sure to check out our website if you want to purchase your own Emma Corner Log Cabin.

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