Wooden Shepherd Hut Inspiration

A customer has sent me today a CD of their pictures of our Wooden Shepherd Hut, Gypsy Wagon. In summary, this is their story of the arrival, installation and final finishing of their wooden shepherd hut that you may enjoy. The finish is particularly creative if you have, or are considering this building.

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  • f
  • Perimeter is marked out
  • Shepherd hut arrives.
  • Well packaged and delivered with a de-mountable forklift
  • Shepherd hut Chassis
  • Main outside rails and chassis is installed
  • All the cross members and rails are in and the floor can be laid
  • Floor and veranda is laid
  • Walls and front and rear 'apexes' are fitted
  • Roof hoops are fitted
  • Steps and veranda parts are installed
  • Roof boards are nailed onto the hoops


The beauty of our Shepherd huts / Gypsy wagons is you can customise them however you want. This is why so many customers buy our buildings and several businesses exist because of it.

Up to the last picture above, this was a standard install and now it gets interesting.

Finally, Mr U started to make his own modifications and changes. The following is non standard and not supplied by us but may inspire your own build.

  • Ignoring our supplied roofing felt Mr U is using a corrugated roofing material
  • Paint starting to be applied in traditional colours
  • A stunning oak laminate floor fitted on top of the standard floor
  • Insulation boards fitted in the wall panels.
  • Timber clad lining is being fitted
  • Tongue and groove timber lining - we can also supply lining boards of 18mm and 27mm if asked.
  • Lining complete and starting to paint for the final finish.
  • Further painting

The finished Shepherd hut / Gypsy Wagon.

There has been a huge amount of work in this project but with building of this standard often sold in excess of £10,000 a little work yourself can pay off if you have the time and DIY skills.

Presently, these are the finished pictures:

  • Frosted glass motif in the rear window
  • A stunning writing desk feature
  • Looking towards the rear of the shepherd hut - an amazing finish.
  • The completed Hut - Stunning!

Thank you Mr U for taking the time to photograph and send me these pictures. Also, I hope my present was thanks enough for the creativity you have given.

Likewise, to see other customer experiences, build and ideas with our products, this page links several of them together: Pictorial Tuin Reviews

We also have a new version of this Wooden Shepherd Hut with doors in the side: Wooden Shepherd Hut Deluxe

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  1. Really appreciate the time taken to take and add these pictures. Very interesting. Some reviews are also extremely helpful.

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