Derby Log Cabin Build and Review

Mr F has written a very good article on his experience with us and his building – The Derby 58mm Log Cabin with some great pictures.

I’m always very interested to hear customers journey and thoroughly appreciate his story. It gives us a lot of insight into our service and product and is very much enjoyed by me and other customers considering a similar journey and project.

There was a few surprises for Mr F. A couple of problems to overcome such is normal when building any substantial structure. We also missed a couple of parts and made some mistakes but it’s a good story to read and one we can learn from …

We took a long time in deciding which cabin to buy and who to buy it from. Fortunately I came across the website of TUIN and got very interested in reading reviews from clients and Richard’s blog etc. Finally we decided on which cabin to have, placed the order and arranged a delivery date.

Delivering the Derby Log Cabin

I contacted Richard for the sizes of the packages and then started to get concerned as Richard informed me that it would arrive in one package – 6000mm x 1150mm x 650mm +-1600kg and would probably be on a large lorry with a forklift.

The driver contacted me on the day of delivery, apologising that he would be with us late evening if that was OK with us. Otherwise would we prefer the following day.  We agreed to take delivery asap and as we live in a close, off of a country road. I met him on a nearby main road and took him back to our bungalow by car. He checked as to whether he could get the lorry up our close and wanted to give it a go. Very clever maneuvering got him close to our drive. He offloaded his forklift (very nice piece of kit) and much to my wifes surprise picked up this 6000mm long package, turned the wheels on the forklift and proceed down our drive – It was a side loader, that is what she didn’t expect.

He offloaded the package, had a cup of tea and proceeded on his way with our thanks.

Starting the Build

Next morning my stepson and I opened this huge package and started moving all the parts to our back garden placing the parts in the vicinity of where the cabin was to be erected.

Derby Log Cabin Parts

It is quite daunting when you see all the parts spread out.  However once you start to erect the cabin it goes up fairly quickly.  We did have a problem with a warped board but after checking the website carried on as instructed.  I would agree with a previous reviewer of this product hanging the doors took us a couple of hours before we were happy with the way they closed.  Not difficult, just had to  learn how much to adjust the hinges, before re-hanging the doors each time.

I was not sure how to fit the window as some of the parts were not marked and I could not be sure how it fitted following the diagram.  A quick email to Richard and the problem was solved.  Up onto the roof to finish the planking and then the shingles, they are great.  I have never used them before and I think you will agree they look very professional.

Fitting the barge boards on the gable ends was a problem because we did not have the right timber supplied. Phone call to Karen and replacement timber was arranged for delivery the following day. That’s what I call service. It was impressed on me from the start by the team at Tuin that whatever the problem contact Tuin and they will do their very best to sort it out, and they did.

Untreated Derby Log Cabin

Treatment and Guttering

Now, how to treat the timber. We decided to use Sadolin, not cheap but we want this cabin to last. Seems like a good product, certainly seemed substantial when applying it. Painted inside and out.

Fitted guttering and connected to a large water butt. As suggested by Richard I dug a small trench around the cabin and filled it with gravel, this mainly to stop the splashes when it rains. I did not dig the trench quite wide enough, will widen it at a later date.


However, I then used some UPVC barge board (which had a lip) to cover the edge of the base around the cabin and this went down into the gravel. I then sealed this all the way around the cabin with silicon. So far it seems to have worked and keeps quite clean.

Fitting the Electrics

Next was electrics, dug a trench from the cabin to the back of the bungalow and buried armoured cable, with warning tape half way down the trench (as per instructions from my electrician).

I purchased a couple of LED ceiling lights and arranged for the electrician to connect up the supply and install sockets etc. I gave strict instructions not to nail/screw anything inside the cabin that would hinder expansion of the timbers. Yes Richard, I am glad I read your blog on what to do and what not to do, very informative.

Fuse Box


The floor was next. I used timber joists laid on waterproof membrane, not fixed to the floor or to the cabin. In-filled the joists with fibreglass and topped it with exterior board. Finally my wife chose a laminate floor covering which I then laid. Before I could blink she was moving in, I did not have time to hide the key!

Joking aside we are both looking forward to using this cabin as our studio and hobby room. Curtains are up at the window and blinds have been bought for the doors and side panels and I have got to make a pelmet for the window to match the gable end scalloped fascia.

The Finished Derby Log Cabin

Inside Decoration of a Derby Log Cabin

Derby Log Cabin

We both are extremely happy with this Log Cabin. The team at Tuin could not have been more helpful in making it a very nice experience for a couple of oldies and of course not forgetting a stepson for his help.

Sincere best wishes for continued success in your business.

Thank you Mr F, I thoroughly enjoyed your article and story. It is much appreciated and also helps other people undertaking a similar project. I hope you have enjoyed the present we sent. If you require any other of our products in the future please let me know. I can arrange a further discount for you.

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