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We do offer a TUIN Log Cabin installation service for our products but with VAT and all the expenses a company faces we can be rather expensive.

A few years ago, I asked for an alternative and cheaper way of doing things since I don’t like things to cost more than they should.

Yes we can install for you as a company, however we will also give you details of suggested fitters. We take nothing from them and ask nothing from you. This way you get the benefit of a very experienced fitter at a reasonable price.

The Corner Log Cabin Emma installed by Philip

Philip – Independent Garden Building Fitter: TUIN Log Cabin Installation

Philip, our lead garden building installer can be found on his Social Media Platforms . You can also contact him via WhatsApp.

Philip – our lead log cabin installer

Philip – Log Cabin Installation Images

We maintain a list of top fitters, Philip is one of them and these are examples of his work and services. There are also other fitters who offer additional services that we are not able to provide.

Philip Log Cabin Installer Video

Philip is a very professional, friendly and experienced fitter. Moreover, he and his team are extremely knowledgeable about our cabins making his service both proficient and competent. Here is a timelapse of him and his team installing one of our Flow Log Cabins.


Philip travels all over the UK, he’s extremely reasonable and works in a two man team. He can also, (subject to your location), offer the full service including bases and treatment options.

Look out for Philip in our fitter recommendations lists.

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About Richard

Meet Richard, a dedicated professional with a rich history at Tuin, contributing 25 years of experience within the garden timber industry. With an expertise in garden buildings. From design, manufacturing and installation for a range of timber buildings. Sheds to log cabins and all the way up to timber framed houses. In his time he had worked with experts all over europe, and also included his own personal experience of installing and testing Garden Buildings from a range of companies, models and sizes. You will find a majority of his blogs to include expert installation advice for your Log Cabin. Information on how timber reacts to different environments and the best way to preserve your garden buildings.

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