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Some of our customers a lovely people and we love these people, it makes business such a pleasure. Mr Francis is one of these people and has sent us in this great review of his Asmund ‘Man Cave’ log cabin:

Ha ha, how funny…. Currently sat in my Tuin log cabin (aka the Man Cave) watching a movie via the projector and full cinema sound system…. When an email popped in inviting me to write a review…..

My wife recently asked me “will you be spending any time in the house” ummmmm no…. I quite like it in here….

Purchasing the Asmund Log Cabin

I bought the 3m x 3m Asmund log cabin with optional floor, which we installed in the bottom of our garden where it was pretty much dead space. Home office and family movie room was the plan and I have used it every day since it has been watertight! I’m an early riser and will often be out here at 4ish in the morning, fan heater on, cup of coffee and I get to watch the world wake up through the generously proportioned windows.

The Build

Construction was pretty easy, I had to put a few calls into the Tuin team to clarify bits and pieces, they were a great support.

The “ultimate flat pack” arrived and for once, I held my horses and read and then re-read the construction tips. It is a very, very good idea to photocopy the plans onto single A4 sheets, laminate and tape them together with the overview sketch of the cabin in the middle (to keep in mind what the finished article should look like) and each wall taped on the side of the paper representing where the actual wall is, this way you have “perspective” and can 3d model in your mind.

Laminated Log Cabin plans

Laminated Log Cabin plans

Lay the associated bits for each wall in their own piles…. It makes life a lot easier.

I bought water, rather than solvent based decking treatment from screw fix. Prevents dryrot and all the other stuff… It enabled me to paint the boards as they went on… So every square mm of wood, including the tongue and grooves before being placed together has at least one coating of preservative….

Single handed Asmund log cabin build

Single handed Asmund log cabin build

I put the thing together single handed…. Fitting the roof beams was fun, but some clever thinking with a step ladder, washing pole and some clamps got the job done, you just have to be patient and creative!

Creative log cabin building for those on their own.

Creative log cabin building for those on their own.

It is such a nice place to be, fits together lovely, doors flush in the frame, windows easy to operate, the floor has been sat on insulation board and I am planning for a log burner to be installed.

Transforming the Man Cave

Stunning at night!

Stunning at night!

I have now hidden the cables for the 12v lighting!

Hidden electric cables

Hidden electric cables

Family have to ring to enter the Man Cave!

Doorbell attached to Asmund Log Cabin front door

Ring for entry into the Man Cave!

Running the electrics and network cable…. Got the armoured cable myself, laid it and then had an electrician terminate the ends and certify it.


A nice place to be….!

image (10)

Recycled desk made from the pallet the log cabin was shipped on and left over floor boards! Get creative….

Recycled Pallet form the Log cabin delivery!

Recycled Pallet form the Log cabin delivery!

image (12)

Movie night in the Man Cave!

It was a lot of fun building it, very easy and it is paying dividends now!


Thank you Mr Francis, you’ve definitely won one of our goody boxes. Enjoy your ‘Man Cave’ Asmund Log Cabin.

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