Dagmar Log Cabin Inspiration

Here is a fantastic journey of the transformation of Mr Staveley’s garden and Dagmar Log Cabin. This time round, I will not even make comments, the pictures speak for themselves.  We LOVE customer feedback – Mr Staveley wrote to me earlier today:

I thought you may be interested as I am 79 and apart from a friend helping me with the roof boards I built in all myself.  Shows that if a 79 year old can build it anyone can!

I bought a log cabin from you in the middle of last year, thought you might like to see the build slide show, attached

Having seen our cabin two people have bought from you ……

I very much enjoyed seeing these pictures … A vision and some hard work really pays off. This is our Dagmar Corner Log Cabin and Mr Staveley’s journey to complete it.

A really amazing journey and transformation. I love seeing these pictures of the Dagmar Log Cabin and the story built around it. We’ve sent Mr Staveley an option of various gifts as a thank you, I think he may opt for the Log Cabin Planters but regardless I thank the gentleman greatly for making my job a little more worthwhile and enjoyable.

Timber Base Frame

I especially loved that Mr Staveley has perhaps taken some ideas from my Timber frame base idea for log cabins.

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  1. I’ve almost settled on a Tuin Log Cabin, and I’m enjoying looking at all the exciting ideas and advice on this site. This particular post is superb – I loved seeing the various stages of the build, and the end result is outstanding. The tea and cake picture towards the end is brilliant !!! Well done Mr Staveley – Truly inspirational stuff.

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