Ulrik Twin Log Cabins

Our customer ordered two Ulrik Log Cabins to solve three problems at once. Mr J has been kind enough to share his story of the build with us. Read through his story for inspiration and tips, especially with the detail on Mr J’s timber frame base.

Using one of these cabins for a garden office. Not only providing a dedicated and productive workspace but also increasing his property value. Especially with the current trend of remote and hybrid work, as it caters to the growing demand for functional home offices that don’t take up precious space inside the home.

The second Ulrik Log Cabin is providing both a storage shed and wooden workshop. Giving Mr J his own area to build, create and repair with all of his tools in one place. As the Ukrik Log Cabin measures to 3.80 x 3.80m, there is still ample space inside the cabin for storage. Creating a stylish storage shed to solve the last problem on his list.

These are the finished Ulrik Twin Log Cabins on a timber frame base with decking.

Ulrik 45mm log cabin, also available with double glazing

Ulrik 45mm log cabin, also available with double glazing

The Customer

As well as a lot of other cracking ideas Mr J had an interesting use for our foundation beams, he wrote:

Firstly, I just wanted to say how delighted we are with our pair of Ulrik cabins. Your comprehensive website made the build process an absolute breeze, so I averaged 1.5 days for each including insulation – but not including treatment (almost at the end of 4 coats a piece using Sikkens).

Speaking of which, I thought I’d share a little ‘tip’ I discovered during the build.

I insulated both floor and roof (100mm and 50mm celotex respectively). I’d had a look at your website to see how you trimmed the eaves to cover the 50mm celotex, noting you said that additional wood may be required. Whilst I’d ordered the tantalised, profiled foundation beams with the cabin, as my build was already on a wooden frame they were effectively surplus to requirements. However, as luck would have it they are also very conveniently profiled so that mounting them to the eave edge with the lower ‘lip’ under the roof boards leaves almost exactly 50mm of upstand for the celotex! I just pilot drilled through to hit the roof board ends in the centres and fixed with 60mm screws.

Not only does the end result look perfectly neat, it resists the weather being tantalised! The fact that the lower lip acts as a drip edge is just a bonus. I just need to add the guttering.

Anyway, have attached a couple of pics of the trimming and the ‘twins’ now that they are complete. Who knows, it may result in some additional orders for the foundation profiles! Feel free to pass on with the website if you think it’s useful? I showed my neighbour (who also ordered a Tuin cabin on my recommendation) and he adopted the same approach – well, I helped him build his too after all.

Interesting use of our foundation beams when insulating the roof

Interesting use of our foundation beams when insulating the roof

Below is Mr J’s story, pictures, tips and advice which may also help you in your build. There are a lot of tips and very relevant if you are intending to use a timber frame base for your Log Cabin as well as some good hints on the actual install.

The Preparation

For installation advice, videos and walkthroughs please see the Log Cabin Installation Advice page

The Delivery and Building Process

Mr J gives a good solution here to a rare problem. If build time is critical, brace one side with a spare log or pallet parts to bring the structure square. When the roof boards are nailed on to the top logs and purlins, the twist will always come out

For installation advice and videos showing the shingles please see: IKO Shingles. Please note when using roof insulation you will need to use longer clout nails sourced locally, for more advice on insulating your log cabin please see: Insulating a log cabin roof and floor

The Electrics

Mr J shows very good examples of the neat fitting of electrics to log cabins. This, as well as a handy wood store made from leftover pallets and shingles.

Thank you to Mr J for sending in this post and pictures. There is some great information here and I know it will help other customers with their project.

If anyone would like to send in pictures and a story, we always offer further discounts on products, presents and, in some cases, a cheque.

For all Customer pictorial reviews please see this page: Tuin Customer Blog Reviews

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One thought on “Ulrik Twin Log Cabins

  1. Excellent in depth view into a Log Cabin build I have picked up a few useful tips -I could see the run out on the right hand wall -and I would have been concerned -but now I see how you can pull the cabin structure round ,It has given me more confidence with my forthcoming build.
    I am planning to make a photo Blog of my build as well – its great to look back on such a personal achievement – but it also gives others the confidence to step out of their percieved comfort Zone and have a go at building one for themselves !
    I am more excited than the Grand children at the prospect of the cabin arriving !
    Kind regards and what a great website this is- I can spend days on here, so much vaulable information.

    Best wishes to all Jon

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