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Gabriella 58mm Log Cabin - 5.95m x 4m

Gabriella 58mm Log Cabin - 5.95m x 4m
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The Gabriella Log Cabin made from 58mm thick wall logs and fitted with toughened double glazing, All you need to do is add insulation in the roof and floor to stay cosy all year round. Overall, this cabin measures to 5.95m x 4m.

Under 2.5m in height ideal for UK gardens and great for use as an art studio, garden pub or as an all year round summerhouse. Supplied with EPDM roofing and adhesive.

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The Gabriella Log Cabin made from 58mm thick wall logs and fitted with toughened double glazing, All you need to do is add insulation in the roof and floor to stay cosy all year round. Overall, this cabin measures to 5.95m x 4m.

Under 2.5m in height ideal for UK gardens and great for use as an art studio, garden pub or as an all year round summerhouse.

Enjoy the mass of natural light that will be let in from the three full length panoramic window to the front, accompanied by the fully glazed double door- Made with toughened double glazing to ensure that you can enjoy the view from your garden at any moment.

This building is manufactured using 58mm slow grown Spruce - a variety specially selected for the interlocking construction. For a high quality finish and to comply with strict Dutch standards, Tuin log cabins do not feature a mixture of timbers or finger jointing.

For an all year round cabin, learn more about insulating your Log Cabin.

Supplied with EPDM and adhesive, a high quality and durable roofing material that will last for up to 20 years.

Please note, using a Drainage Outlet for EPDM roofs is highly recommended.

The Gabriella Log Cabin features as standard:

  • 58mm interlocking wall logs.
  • Conical tongue and groove for stability.
  • Wind and watertight connections.
  • Fully glazed double door.
  • Three panoramic window.
  • Toughened double glazing.
  • Quality door and window fittings.
  • Standard foundation beams.
  • EPDM Roofing sheets.
  • Minimum 18mm Tongue and Groove Roof Boards.
  • Fixing kit and instructions.


  • Overall Dimensions: 5.95m x 4m
  • Building Footprint: 5.75m x 3.8m
  • Internal Dimensions: 5.63m x 3.68m
  • Ridge Height: 2.30m
  • Eaves Height: 2.25m
  • Door Height (including frame): -+1.90m
  • Overhang: +-0.2m

Gabriella Log Cabin Optional Extras:

Note that quantities are approximate

  • Easy roof membrane
  • Storm kit
  • EPDM adhesive (4)
  • Air Vent (2)
  • Profiled foundation beams in pressure impregnated timber, hardwood or composite (7)
  • 18mm Wooden Floor (10 packs)
  • 26mm Heavy Duty Wooden Floor (13 packs)
  • Guttering 100mm

Optional Extras - Treatments

Please note, this cabin is supplied untreated, we recommend that the building is treated with high quality paints and treatments. They should be applied strictly to the manufacturer's recommendation. We also offer our own treatments:

  • Carefree treatment (8 2.5l tins)
  • Embadecor Stain (6 2.5l tins)
  • Embalan Paint (6 2.5l tins)
  • Impregnation Fluid (3 2.5l tins)

Quality check:

  • 10 year anti rot promise.
  • Wind and Watertight Log Connection.
  • No Finger Joints in wall logs
  • No Mixed timbers known as Spruce and Pine mix.
  • Slow grown Spruce.
  • Dutch Standards.

Pent Roofing Options:

We offer three different types of roofing for the pent log cabins.

  • EPDM ( Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer ) Rubber roofing which is the best option, Supplied in a single sheet with no natural overlaps ( weak spots ), We supply two types of adhesive with the rubber roofing, A spray glue for the majority of the surface area and also a tube for a fill gun for around the edges. A good extra to consider with the EPDM are the metal modern roofing trims although you can achieve the same result with timber versions instead. EPDM has a lifespan of 20+ years
  • Easy Roofing ( High Performance Polyester Base ) which is the second best option to consider, These arrive in rolls that are 5x1m a piece in sufficant volume for this log cabin. The Easy roofing is supplied with a self-adhesive backing meaning no extra glue is required. This roofing option like the EPDM can be finished off nicely with metal or timber roofing trims. Easy roofing has a life span of 15+ years
  • Felt Roofing Kit, Standard rolls of roofing felt like what you will have seen on sheds in most UK gardens. supplied with clout nails and felt glue for the overlaps. This option has the shortest lifespan of 2 - 3 years and will need replacing over time.

Or you may prefer to use your own roofing option, Not a problem as you can select to purchase this cabin without any roofing atall at a reduced rate under the options tab above.

Approximate Delivery Time: 8 - 10 weeks

Questions? Get your dream log cabin, we'll help you decide!

Chat with our specialists, submit a request here or contact us by phone on 01508 558308.

Pent Roofing Material Supplied as standard with high grade EPDM rubber roofing, This single sheet of rubber spans the entire roof with no overlaps. Other roofing options can also be chosen.
Spruce T&G Flooring Spruce T&G floor options are available with your log cabin in two different thicknesses, The floor kits come supplied with treated floor joists, skirtings for the edges and all the fixings required for installation.
Foundation Beams Foundation beams are used to separate the logs of the cabin from the base/hardstanding that it will sit on.
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Deliveries are carried out by external hauliers or carriers, Log Cabins are delivered with a fully articulated lorry with a moffett forklift.

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For more details on delivery please see the following: TUIN DELIVERIES

Log Thickness
58mm Logs
Overall Dimensions
5.95 x 4.00m
Internal Dimensions
5.63m x 3.68m
Minimum Base Size
5.75 x 3.80m
Log Cabin Height
Roof Type
Pent Roof
Double Door
Canopy or Porch
Window Type
Glass Type
Double Glazed
Multi Rooms
Size Group Width
6 Meters (19'6")
Size Group Depth
4 Meters (13'1")

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6 Reviews  

5 Most recent customer reviews (see all reviews):
Mr. Vince Frangiamore
May 9, 2023
Was pleased how easy it was to assemble and also the quality of the timber cabin.
Would recommend anyone looking for a timber building to check out their vast range
Andrew platts
Nov 13, 2022
Disappointed with the support from Tuin,we had an issue with one section of timber expanding and contracting and frankly Tuin did very little apart from asking for pictures etc.I fitted my own timber weather board across it and gave up asking Tuin as it was too tedious and time consuming.Sorry if this sounds critical but they really weren't much help.
Tuin reply: Thanks Andrew, We're sorry to hear the communications from our side failed to help and am pleased you found a solution, Give the building some time to settle and any gaps will close up

Please be sure to focus on treatment to then help stabilise the logs
Miss. Bev Shervell
Mar 28, 2022
We had our Gabriella cabin delivered at the beginning of 2021 and due to delays from Holland we missed our building slot with the fitters and had to store the consignment for nearly a month. We had the cabin built by one of Tuin’s recommended fitters and although they did a great job with the construction, the epdm roof pooled water and started to lift a few months later. We had to have the roof relayed by a professional roofing company who used a liquid roll-on adhesive - the spray adhesive supplied by Tuin is really not up to the job! They also recommended that we remove the internal outlets that were provided by Tuin and replace with a drip and gutter to relieve the problem of the water pooling. The outlets were not adequate drainage for the size of the roof and they were seated too high. They should have been flush with the rubber and rebated into the ply.

Tuin kindly reimbursed us with the cost of the materials and we had the roof relayed by our own roofer.

We love the cabin and how it looks now but advise anyone who is thinking of a flat roof cabin with epdm to use a professional roofing company for this part of the installation who know what adhesive to use – the cabin fitters are not roofers!!
Jul 24, 2021
We built this over the summer 2020, a family effort followed the instructions and had great fun . Easy to put up we have continued to complete it with decking at the front, enjoying every moment .superb quality came out just like the picture on the website .
Mr. Ian Smithson
Apr 28, 2020
We built the cabin in a day. First thine we have ever done one. We followed the guide and didn’t over think it. We used felt on the roof but it leaked, I can see why this cabin is recommended with EPDM. Had to tweak the frame for the door too.
Great product, easy to build. Gives a great space.
We also used the wood treatment, this covers superbly, yes expensive, but not known any wood treatment that covers this well.
Cheers Tuin team

£7,532.26 Total incl. VAT

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