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Easy Roofing Membrane

Easy Roofing Membrane
Easy Roofing Membrane Easy roof Felt membrane Roof trimming Easy roof membrane, a great alternative to roofing felt or epdm.

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A highly unique product taking all of the problems away associated with felting a roof. No nails are used. No heat is needed to be applied. This product is simply stuck on. It has a 15 year life expectancy if applied correctly. Very Quick and Very Easy. Each roll is 1.0m x 5.0m and can be applied in any direction meaning a lot less waste.

An easier solution to traditional roofing felt and easier to install than EPDM. Ideally suited for flat roofs.


  • ​Manufactured from a high performance polyester Base.
  • Coated with SBS modified Bitumen.
  • The upper surface has a non removable polyethylene film. Slate  Aluminium coloured.
  • Underside is protected by an easy release film which is removed on installation.
  • Can be cut to to size as required.
  • Bitumen Glue can be used for providing additional security when sealing end laps and detail work.
  • Will stick to timber, metal, bitumen, concrete, masonry. It will not stick on PVC or Silicone.
  • Each Roll is 1.0m x 5.0m


  • Minimum application temperature of 10 degrees. 
  • Economical to use with minimal waste.
  • Surface free of dust and dirt.
  • Surface must be dry to adhere.
  • Can be installed across or lengthwise as required to cover the roof so long as 100mm overlaps are maintained.
  • Minimum of 100mm overlap.
  • Release about 200mm of release film and roll on the roof.
  • Roll out evenly and avoid air pockets. Any air pockets can be removed with a brush.
  • Pay attention to getting a good seal on the overlaps. A pressure roller helps this if available.
  • It is recommended to create roof upstands the same as when using EPDM.
  • Please also see this article on EPDM installation as it is very similar in finishing.
  • For detailing additional bitumen glue maybe required.

How much do you need?

  • Ideally allow an additional 300mm all around for trimming and detailing.
  • Example: Log Cabin is 4m x4m. Account for the roof overhangs (200-300mm) both sides
  • Roof Size: 4.6m x 4.6m with overhang
  • With additional 300mm all around for detailing:  4.9m x 4.9m = 24.01m.sq
  • Each roll is 5m.sq so for this building you would need 5 - 6 rolls when allowing for overlaps.

An excellent product to use and replaces roofing felt and EPDM with a very long life and minimum wastage when compared to using felt as it can be placed in either direction regardless of water run off.

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Mrs. Silvia Olenahan
Sep 21, 2017
Easy Roofing Membrane is a very cost effective roof covering and is relatively easy to fit as I had no previous experience with this sort of job. We would recommend good preparation and 2 people fitting it as it is very sticky. As we have only recently fitted it we cannot comment on how it will perform.
Les Murray
Aug 10, 2017
A very good product. As long as you take time to apply and are methodical, it gives a very good result.

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